What is a Plush Mattress? How does it compare to a firm one?

In the mattress world there a ton of different designations. You got firm, luxury firm, plush, ultra-plush, pillow-top, What is a Plush Mattress? euro-top, euro-pillow top – it can get confusing. One of the prime questions is – how do we understand this? How do we simplify this? The best way to explain this is – you have 3 styles.

Firm mattresses, plush mattresses, and pillow-top mattresses. Firm mattresses and plush mattresses are called the crown tops or tight tops in the industry. This means that the mattress does not have a noticeable extension on it and is rounded off at the top.

Firm mattresses are – well – firm! They are designed to provide firmness and comfort, just like a luxury cushion. But when it comes to construction – they have a rounded top with no noticeable extension.

Firm mattresses are stitched in a way where it is usually tight. You see the tufting or the buttons on the top of the mattress in a close configuration. So that they work with the materials to create a very firm and exceptional feel.

On the contrary, plush mattresses are the exact same way from the cosmetic or construction standpoint. Except they are made of different comfort materials that are designed to give you a softer feel. And those can range anywhere from the firmer side of the medium all the way up to very soft. But from the construction standpoint, they resemble a firm mattress.

They are very similar in design they still have the rounded top with no noticeable extension. On a plush mattress, the tufting or buttons are going to be usually spaced out a little farther. So that you get What is a Plush Mattress? more of the body enveloping feel from the quilt layer.

Then you have what are called pillowtop mattresses. These have a noticeable extension in varying thicknesses. It is a noticeable extension on top of the mattress that looks like a pillow – hence the name.

Within the pillowtop category, you have several different styles. You got a summit top, box top, euro top, euro pillow top, etc. They all are pillow tops cosmetically the only difference between them is they noticeable are stitched differently.

Scale of Firmness

Mattresses are rated on a comfort or firmness scale. Scale rating 1 is extra-soft. The mattress conforms to the body and the sleeper sinks deep into it. Rating 2 – 3 is soft. The sleeping surface conforms to the body but not as much as rating 1.

Rating 4 is medium soft. The mattress is firmer than the previous level. Level 5 is medium and the surface is firmer than the previous. Level 6 is a medium-firm. The mattress sinks a little and conforms moderately.

Level 7-8 is a firm mattress with no sinking and minimal conforming. Level 9 – 10 stands for an extra firm mattress where there is no sinking or conforming. Plush mattresses range from 1 – 5.

Construction of a Plush Mattress

Every mattress has a comfort layer that hugs and comforts you while you sleep. And a support layer that gives a steady firm base for your body to lie down on. But various manufacturers may add features like a euro top, box top, antibacterial layer, fire-retardant layer, etc. But mostly it is; What is a Plush Mattress? How does it compare to a firm one?

A Top Layer – that is the thinnest layer on the top. It determines the overall feel of the mattress. It may be made of convoluted foam or latex, polyfoam gel foam, etc.

A Comfort Layer – is the 2nd thickest layer designed to comfort. It is made of poly foam, visco-elastic gel foam, etc.

A Supportive Layer – made of base foam. It is the thickest layer designed to support the weight lying on it. The firmness of the support layer can be modified according to the firmness of the foam or latex layers included therein. This contributed to the firmness comprising of soft, medium, and firm categories. In this case, the plushness is due to the top layer.

Types of Plush Mattresses and Comfort

Plush mattresses are available in firm, medium, and soft range. The top layer in all of them could be plush. It feels as though you have topped the mattress with a soft topper. Thus, all types of sleepers can enjoy a plush mattress.

There are various types of plush mattresses according to materials and construction. They are available in various firmness. These materials and constructions are matched to sleeping styles.

There are plush memory foam mattresses with firmness level – soft. It is recommended for side sleepers. There are plush innerspring mattresses in soft to the medium-firm range. They are recommended for side and back sleepers.

Plush hybrid mattresses of “soft” firmness rating are recommended for side and back sleepers. Plush hybrids with pillow tops of “soft to extra soft” rating are recommended for side sleepers. Plush innerspring mattresses with a pillow top of “soft” rating are recommended for side and back sleepers.

Plush Mattresses and Sleeping Styles

You should pick corresponding qualities of the mattress such as the materials, the design, and firmness. There are What is a Plush Mattress? How does it compare to a firm one? back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, or combination sleepers. Usually, back sleepers prefer firm mattresses. More pliable or softer mattresses are good for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. These mattresses help align their spine in a neutral position.

Stomach sleepers also called free fallers require something firm. Firm mattresses with a plush top layer hold their respiratory tract open for easy breathing. It also prevents the sag which may create pressure and pain on joints.

Side sleepers can use medium-firm mattresses with a plush top. The reasonable amount of sinkage allows healthy spinal alignment supported by adequate firmness.

Back sleepers can opt for a firm mattress with a plush top. It is the best sleeping posture.

Plush Mattresses and Health Issues

An incorrect choice of a mattress can cause backaches, hip pains besides neck and shoulder issues.

Memory foam mattresses are an excellent remedy that relieves pressure points. They soften due to body heat cocooning and relieving pain. The varying levels of firmness allow correct spinal alignment. Usually, firm to medium-firm mattresses are recommended but always consult your physician. You could pick one with a plush top or a plush top layer.

Hip pain is caused due to various reasons but it may be aggravated on a firm mattress. Thus, medium and soft mattresses are recommended. Mattresses with a plush surface are a good compromise of mixing luxuriant softness with firmness.

Neck and shoulder pain are alleviated by using a firm mattress with strategically places pillows. Plush mattresses with a firm supportive layer should do the trick.


A plushy bed feels comfortable and sturdy at the same time. A plush mattress offers support and comfort like What is a Plush Mattress? sleeping on a cloud.

Mattresses are categorized into comfort levels ranging from firm to ultra-plush. Plush mattresses fall within the mid-range of the spectrum. They may have foam cushioning for better pressure point relief.

There is a wide range of plush mattresses made of various materials and constructions. There are organic Talalay latex, innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. Choosing the right plush mattress will bring you a good sleep and an abundance of health benefits.

A plush mattress is much like a pillow top in lending stability due to structural firmness. Plush mattresses have padding and quilting throughout the structure. The padding lends the plush softness and quilting holds the material in place. The padding gives the feel of plushness despite the firmness. Thus, here is the answer to – what is a plush mattress?

A plush mattress has a flexible and soft foam core which is a perfect compromise between a firm and super plush mattress. The surface offers a pillow-soft comfort while the foam layers support your weight.

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