What Are Adjustable Beds, What Are Their Uses And Advantages?

…because the secret to a perfect night’s sleep lies in that right position!

Do you struggle to catch up on beauty sleep at night? An adjustable bed might help you doze off comfortably!

What Are Adjustable Beds, What Are Their Uses And Advantages?

Also known as a recliner bed, an adjustable bed is anything but a hospital bed. The poor thing is accused of being similar, when in reality, it’s not. Although mainly developed for the ill and feeble, adjustable beds have now paved their way into modern bedding must-haves. They are suitable for everyone’s use at home. Almost all leading mattress brands now have a dedicated product line for adjustable beds.

What Are Adjustable Beds?

What Are Adjustable Beds, What Are Their Uses And Advantages

Adjustable beds have unique types of mattresses that are designed to sit on top of a motorized base. The motor base allows you to customize your bed’s alignment for maximum comfort. The bed has buttons on its side so you can elevate the head and foot sections as desired. Since each section’s elevation can be adjusted according to your comfort level, adjustable beds help you achieve the most comfortable position for sleeping.

Whether you have a health concern in which you benefit from raising your head or just need to read a book or use your tablet comfortably, an adjustable bed will help you achieve that perfect elevation. Likewise, if you need to keep your feet elevated above your head, an adjustable bed will lift them to just the right height.

What if you raise both the head and foot sections of an adjustable bed? You’ll achieve a zero-gravity position, which comes with its own set of advantages!

With that being said, the benefits of using an adjustable bed do not end here. The modern mattress serves everyone – the healthy and young as well as the injured and sick.

Advantages and Uses of Adjustable Beds

What Are Adjustable Beds, What Are Their Uses And Advantages?

There are tons of benefits you can reap by using adjustable beds. Let’s have a look at a few:

Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep has got a lot to do with your sleeping position. In an uncomfortable one, you’ll only end up tossing and turning all night long. With an adjustable bed, you can find that perfect sweet spot. As a result, you’ll sleep better at night and be happier, healthier, and more productive during the day.

Provides Pain Relief

Joint pain is a normal part of aging. As you grow older, conditions like arthritis and sciatica start pouring in, and ongoing pain becomes your next-door neighbor. Joint pain can hinder your day-to-day tasks and limit your range of movement. One way to get over chronic pain associated with these conditions is to try taking pressure off. This can result in less pain and increased mobility. Adjustable beds help by allowing you to change your positions and angles, giving your joints much-needed rest and the ability to recover better while you sleep.

Improves Blood Circulation

Adequate blood circulation improves mobility in your joints and prevents the buildup of fluid in your lower body. If you suffer from edema or are pregnant and need to keep your feet elevated to prevent swelling, an adjustable bed will enable you to lift your lower body comfortably. People who stay standing all day at work too may develop edema. To prevent this, they also need to keep their feet elevated and likewise, improve circulation around the upper back by positioning the bed’s headrest upright.

Read Better

Reading, watching TV, and using a tablet can be a real pain when you’re doing it from a bed. You are trying to lie down, and the next moment you are struggling with fixing pillows only to find not a single comfortable position. That’s where adjustable beds come in. By elevating the head section of your adjustable bed, you (and your back) will be at ease forever.

Change Sleep Positions

If you and your partner like to change sleep positions for a comfortable night’s sleep, an adjustable bed is your best bet. Unlike a hospital bed, an adjustable bed is a full-fledged twin-sized mattress so you both can have your space without being uncomfortable.

Snoring Problems

Snoring happens when your airways get blocked while you sleep. Elevating your head prevents your airways from blocking, thus preventing snoring.

Relaxing Massage

Some newer models of luxury adjustable beds also come with a massage system to give your back and lower body a soothing and relaxing massage. With this tool, you’ll loosen up your muscles and relieve pressure from your joints before dozing off to that perfect beauty sleep.

Health Benefits

From mobility issues to back problems, fluid build-up to injuries, post-operation recovery, acid-reflux and digestive issues, adjustable beds pack a whole bunch of health benefits for you and your family.

Key Takeaways

  • Adjustable beds or recliner beds have motorized bases and special mattresses.
  • They allow you to adjust your bed by elevating your head and foot positions.
  • The motorized base can be purchased separately and used with another mattress.
  • An adjustable bed has simple button controls for adjustment.
  • They are excellent for relieving chronic pain and relieving pressure off joints.
  • Adjustable beds improve blood circulation and prevent fluid buildup in your feet.
  • Some recliner beds come with a massage mattress that helps open up your muscles, allowing you to sleep better.
  • They are different from hospital beds and come in a range of sizes, materials, designs, and price ranges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are adjustable beds the same as hospital beds?

A: Not at all! First, hospital beds are for bed-ridden patients. Adjustable beds are not. While hospital beds are used for elevating and lowering the patient’s body out of bed, adjustable beds are not. Unlike hospital beds, adjustable beds do not have retaining rails. With adjustable beds, you can self-adjust your bed with simple controls. Also, hospital beds are designed to keep a single patient at a time. Adjustable beds come in different sizes and different models. From basic beds to high-end luxury products, there’s always an adjustable bed to fit your needs. In terms of comfort and ease, hospital beds are nowhere close to adjustable beds.

Q: Can you use a regular mattress on an adjustable bed?

A:  Definitely! Most adjustable beds are designed to be compatible with all types of mattresses – foam and innerspring included. While some brands sell a complete package including mattress and base, others sell the base alone as well. If you are planning to use a regular mattress on an adjustable bed, make sure to check the size guide and firmness level that goes best with the base you are buying. For those who want to avoid hassle, purchasing a bed/mattress combo is the best option.

Q: Do adjustable beds have a weight limit?

A: Yes. Adjustable beds do come with weight limit guidelines. This is because the bed does not adjust well to your requirements if you exert higher than the stated pressure. Since most adjustable beds come with an optimum weight limit, it’s not really a problem for most people.

In case you require a higher weight limit, you can look out for adjustable beds that come with added features such as extra reinforcement for bed frames or hard-wearing motors. It’s best to always check weight guidelines from different manufacturers before making a purchase.

Q: Are adjustable beds noisy?

A: Adjustable beds do make some noise when you change their position, but the noise is not too loud and is well tolerated. Other than that they are not noisy.


If you are looking for a perfect blend of health and lifestyle benefits, look no further than an adjustable bed. It’s easy to use and helps you customize to the sleeping position that is most suitable for you. With an adjustable bed, you can sleep comfortably all night every night.

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