Vesgantii Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Complete Review

Sleeping on the correct mattress bestows an all-embracing array of health and wellness advantages, from improving Vesgantii Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Complete Review indications linked with chronic sleep disorders to encouraging correct alignment of cervical spine, back, and neck.

When it comes to choosing a new multilayer hybrid mattress, you don’t need to skimp on quality, ergonomic support, and ground-breaking design features. Below you will find rounded up the traits of the best hybrid mattress, and rated in accordance with resilience, comfort, and expediency, among several aspects.

About Vesgantti

Designed in the UK, part of acclaimed collection of the Vesgantti Classic Series, the multilayer hybrid mattresses presented by the brand convey impartial comfort and ergonomic support with finest amalgamation of innerspring coils, first-rate memory foam, and an exceptionally-breathable surface layer.

For a soothing and restorative night’s sleep, the mattresses of Vesgantii brand are engineered to be noise-free and remove sounds that emanate from nightly tossing/turning with independently-wrapped, measured-response pocket coils.

Besides reducing noise levels, the company makes high-density bases providing support and steadiness while helping to line up the neck, spinal cord, hips, back, and shoulders. Other than comfort, the mattresses by the brand feature an ultra-expedient packaging system, arriving compactly-sealed and vacuum-compressed with straightforward un-boxing and assembly.

Verified buyers rate the numerous award-winning Vesgantti Multi-Layer Hybrid Mattress five stars for its protected and hassle-free packaging, receptive innerspring coils, and first-rate softness.

Vesgantti Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Full Review

Combining ergonomic support of pocket springs with memory foam comfort, the Vesgantti Hybrid® mattress Vesgantii Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Complete Review astutely adapts to human body for miraculous, bespoke comfort; it sleeps cool, with ideal hug, bounce and enhanced pressure relief for side, back, stomach, or combo sleepers.

Be assured with the purchase of Vesgantii mattress. It’s conceived by sleep experts and created using finest materials; it’s no disclosure that this is a top-selling brand. Featuring particularly-formulated memory foam, this mattress provides delightful rest every night.

Go through the traits below for the entire review of Vesgantii Hybrid Mattress, including customer and performance scores, to whom this mattress is recommended to, and everything you necessitate to recognize about the mattress.

Material & Construction

Designed in the UK, Vesgantti 9.4-inch multilayer hybrid twin mattress has multiple sizes & available styles, ergonomic structure with ventilated foam and pocket-spring/medium-lush feeling.

Vesgantti®icoils core support layer is designed to keep the spine aligned while removing pressure points. Vesgantti® comfort foams layers have got a comfortable softness that hugs body and keeps pressure off.

Cooling foam core & breathable cover enable airflow and soak away warmth while you sleep so you can keep on staying cool. Styles available are ‘Euro & Box Top’, ‘Pillow Top’ and ‘Tight Top’.

The subsequent material layers are breathable knit fabrics, 100g/M2 Pp Cotton, 2cm Ves®Comfort Foam with slow spring-back, 35g/M2 breathable non-woven fabrics, 2cm Ves®Support Hi-Density Foam, 320g/M2 PK solid-quality cotton and blanket, 20cm high Vesgantti®Icoils, another layer of 320g/M2 PK solid-quality cotton and blanket followed by 100g strong bottom polyester cover fabric with edge support foam and polyester fabrics cover.

Luxury thick-knit fabric contains cotton and polyester offering soft comfort, free breathability, antibacterial nature and anti-static electricity trait.

It is delivered, compressed, vacuum-sealed and tidily rolled inside a box. Tinier size, straightforward to carry, Vesgantii restores in 10 seconds after unpacking. Once opened and restored, it cannot be rolled back again.

Unbox mattress on side, next to foundation/floor. Avoid utilizing a razor-sharp object to unfasten the box as you run the hazard of accidentally slicing the mattress.

Position rolled-up mattress on some solid/slatted foundation and remove outer plastic wrap layer. Mattress already starts to inflate at this point.

Unwrap/fold mattress and tear away inside plastic. If you tear inner plastic over bed, pull it down straight and out like a sock.

Watch Vesgantii mattress expand and assume shape. It may take an hour to fully inflate and some days to completely firm up. Any trivial odor will disperse soon after setup.

Vesgantti bed will work fine on any horizontal, robust foundation. Whether you place it on slats, box foundation or even floor, Vesgantii mattress will sit pretty in any room.

Comfort & Ergonomics

With Vesgantii, get support where you require it most. In scientific terms, through this mattress, you alleviate key pressure points, lessening shoulder strain.

Sleep cool with cooling airflow. Vesgantti’s cooling design endorses airflow and dispels body warmth so you don’t Vesgantii Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Complete Review sweat the mattress.

Ideal-firmness Vesgantti is spongy where you desire it and solid where you require it. The perfect amalgamation of contouring comfort and immense support gives a good nightly rest, just great for sleep. Vesgantii is 4.5 on 1-10 firmness scale, meaning it’s medium to medium-soft.

The VesComfort® foams and Vesgantti®icoils are particularly and ergonomically designed to keep spine aligned whilst removing pressure points. Adapt perfectly to each point of body; it’s science you sleep on.

It is supported by scores of excellent and stainless individual pocket spring, every spring works autonomously to present an all-over and standard support to 7 body components such as feet, legs, hips, waist, shoulders, neck, and head. Exceptional shock-absorption and flexibility cater vertebra well, help fine-tune and correct the sleeping posture by stretching vertebra.

Vesgantii suggests 200lbs per person or 400lbs total for this hybrid mattress, and 150lbs per person or 300lbs total for the memory foam mattress. Prepare yourself for the greatness to unfold. The mattress is soft, chunky, smooth, and just perfect, you don’t feel any springs and sewing on it is immaculate.

Vesgantti Luxury Support System comprising opulent multilayer foam and pocket-spring support system provides better body support, but also absorbs more strain coming from your body and spring, presenting more buffers for body. Fully calm down your muscles, significantly improve your sleeping quality!

Durability & Warranty

Vesgantti foam is tested and certified by CertiPUR-US® and BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified to satisfy elevated standards in substantial performance, content, interior emissions and ecological stewardship. Vesgantii Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Complete Review

It is normalized by Consumer Product Safety Commission for low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and no emissions for interior air quality (below 0.5 parts/million).

CertiPUR-US® foams are made with no ozone depleters, mercury, PBDE flame retardants, lead and added heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates standardized by Consumer Product Safety Commission.

No more uncomfortable showroom experiences; just purchase online. Your body might require up to 4 week’s time to get habituated to a fresh mattress.

Get 10-year limited mattress warranty. Who and what does it cover? Your new Vesgantti original mattress is covered by this 10-year limited warranty which gives you precise legal rights. You might have other rights, but those diverge across states. Warranty isn’t transferable and covers only if you are new purchaser and present owner of the mattress (the “Product”) and purchased it straight from the website at VESGANTTIE.COM ,,, it is put exclusively to regular household use. The limited warranty merely applies during the stage in which mattress is owned and managed by original purchaser of mattress. Please retain purchase receipt so you can present it if required.

In addition, because brand cannot handle global shipping and logistics expenses, your mattress should be in the United Kingdom (or US/Germany warehouse) when you desire to benefit of warranty.

Warranty is limited to material imperfections resulting from flawed materials or workmanship in merchandise you have bought.

Warranty covers subsequent imperfections, provided that they take place or appear in conditions in which you have handled, preserved, and utilized the merchandise merely for its projected purpose and have not subjected it to circumstances liable to cause worsening or harm beyond standard wear. Vesgantii Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Complete Review

Non pro-rated warranty covers noticeable indentation or sag larger than three-quarters (3/4) of one-inch in foam. This refers to indentation that is noticeable when no weight is applied. Please note that “standard wear” assumes and necessitates that your mattress is constantly supported by appropriate foundation adequate to support distributed mass of your body and the mattress. Any physical flaw in foam material that makes it split or fracture under circumstances of standard household use and suitable handling is covered. Fabric tearing or stitching unraveling is covered.

Limited Warranty does not cover alterations to your mattress that are caused by or result from usual wear and use. Nor does brand cover marketable use, or alterations caused by or emanating from circumstances or usage that go further than the commonplace, intended preservation and household usage of a mattress, reclining and sleeping. For example, don’t take Vesgantti mattress for a ride down the staircase or a river.

If within the initial 100 nights of getting delivery of your fresh Vesgantti you’re not wholly satisfied, for any rationale, you may return it for a complete refund. Please note that before you return the product under 100-night trial policy, reach out to the support team for a shipping label to return the merchandise to Vesgantti. The company will issue your reimbursement once the returned manufactured goods have been received. The company will be incapable to refund shipping fees that the user paid for the original delivery.

The returned mattress or topper will probably be donated to charitable trust. If a pickup of the Vesgantti mattress is required, Vesgantti will cover the associated charges. However, since the brand can’t handle global shipping and logistics expenditures, your mattress must be in the US (or United Kingdom/Germany warehouse where you purchased the mattress from) at the time you desire to take advantage of 100-night trial policy.

The Vesgantti 100-night trial policy is limited to one return per family for each year, and it ought to be exercised straight with Vesgantti no later than 100th day following product delivery for which you would like a refund.

As noted above, the 100-night trial policy applies only to original buyers of authentic Vesgantti Products who bought their product(s) straight from the website at VESGANTTI.COM (the 100-night trial policy might not apply, or possibly will apply in a different way via on Amazon, you can get in touch with the VESGANTTI Amazon customer service). The 100-night trial policy therefore only applies all through the period in which the merchandise is owned and managed by the original purchaser of that mattress. Please retain the purchase receipt so that you might present it to the company if necessary.


Vesgantti Multi-Layer Hybrid Mattress has many size variants, Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Queen. Mattress dimensions of Twin are 39” X 75”X 9.4”; Twin XL measures 39” X 80”X 9.4”; Full is 54” X 75”X 9.4” while Queen measures 60” X 80”X 9.4”.


Wallet-friendly Vesgantti Multi-Layer Hybrid Mattress in its obtainable variants are remarkably and sensibly-priced; there isn’t any excessive cost. The mattress has a budgeted low-cost as compared to the current competitor brands. Purchasing this mattress puts no stress on user or on purchaser’s wallet.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal For?

Vesgantti gives most advanced pressure-reducing ergonomic support to users with chronic back/body/joint/muscle pain issues. Amalgamate the receptive comfort of foam with top-to-toe ergonomic support from its patented pocket springs, acclimatizes to body to dynamically decrease all of pressure points, which means it cradles you just precisely, all night.

Vesgantti has motion isolating dynamic response structure. Individual receptive support coils naturally isolate motion, so you won’t feel your partner/spouse or pets if they wiggle about. Vesgantii Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Complete Review

Vesgantti sleeps cool with cooling airflow and is good for users needing breathability. Comfort-Stretch and breathable cover, ventilated foam and egg crate foam endorses airflow and dispels body heat so you won’t sweat all night in humid weather or scorching summer.

Ultimate lavish slow spring-back foam constructed of high-density and first-rate temperature-receptive material, comfy and breathable, can restrain bacterial and parasitic intensification and oust the steamy sweat from contact surface amid you and mattress so as to keep the body comfy and dry while sleeping.

Ultra-quiet Vesgantti has built-in first-rate individual pocket spring and sluggish spring-back foam, can efficiently soak up noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning while asleep; no getting awakened by noise, no disturbing companion even if you’re an overweight user and efficiently trim down your turning times, you sleep soundly and serenely.


  • Multi-layer hybrid mattress
  • Dual layer premium memory foam
  • Noise-free inner pocket-spring coils
  • Breathable surface layer to distribute reasonable comfort and support
  • High-density base
  • ​Noise-free pocket spring inner coils
  • ​Multi-layered CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam
  • ​Slow spring-back foam surface layer
  • Pure materials, no toxic substances
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • 100-night risk-free trial
  • Free shipping in the US


  • Getting this mattress to metamorphose from its intensely vacuum-wrapped structure to its ultimate flat mattress state is a bit of a trick
  • Quite heavy
  • Lacking carry-handles, it’s rather unwieldy


Vesgantti Multi-Layer Hybrid Mattress has first-rate, heavy-duty foam with bounce of coils. This mattress is tremendously breathable and draws heat off the body for a continuously cool sleeping surface. It gives deep compression relief and pressure-point discharge; it lessens soreness, and brings comfort in every sleeping position for an invigorating night’s sleep.

Is this mattress accurate for you? It’s softness, bounce, and comfortable depth makes this one of the highly-rated products. If you are looking for a mattress for pressure point relief and made of materials that won’t harm you or the environment, consider this flawless, reasonably-priced choice to benefit from the restful sleep.

A Quick Summary

Below you can find the amazing traits of the Vesgantii hybrid mattress summarized concisely.

Vesgantii Multilayer Hybrid Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium to medium-softness of 4.5
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Type: Construction comprising Ves®Comfort Foam with slow spring-back and Vesgantti®Icoils core support layer.
Ideal for: Back, side, stomach, and combo sleepers.

Couples needing a extremely-responsive sleep surface with the medium-soft feel of memory foam with good bounce and spring-back feature.

Good for average-weight and heavier-weight users due to a strong coil support.

Consumers requiring practically cooler, well-breathable surface for incessant sweat-free sleep.

Good for users requiring pressure point relief and spine alignment owing to even weight distribution of pocket-spring coils and slow spring-back memory foam.

Good for spouses requiring zero motion transfer at night.

Grand for users with lung issues as there’s no loathsome chemical smell.

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Queen.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified

for no chemical emissions, low VOC, and tested for harmful things like ozone-depleting substances, PBDE flame retardants, lead, mercury, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates.

BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified to meet elevated standards in physical performance.

Differentiators: Sinking softness of memory foam blended with advanced pressure-reducing top-to-toe ergonomic-support of patented pocket spring coils.

Vesgantti mattress satisfies strict universal health standards with its authentic CertiPUR-US and BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 certification.

Offers superior edge support than the majority multi-layered hybrid models obtainable currently.

Can support heavy or overweight users perfectly.

Pet- and partner-friendly motion isolating dynamic response structure.

Comparable Mattresses: AmazonBasics Reversible Coil Mattress,

Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, and Linenspa 6-Inch Innerspring Mattress.

Rating: 4.6/5.0


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