The 12 Main Types of Pillows – Explained and Demystified

With a large plethora of pillows in the market, it can be challenging to identify the most suitable pillow type for you. This article explores in detail all types of pillows, their advantages and disadvantages and who they are ideal for.

When it comes to choosing pillows, it would be extremely helpful to note that there is no such thing as the best pillow type. This is because different types of pillows cater to different sleep positions and personal preference and come in varying materials as well as firmness levels. What may feel like the perfect pillow for one person may bring discomfort to another.

Some people may tend to go with natural materials, while others may place more importance with a pillow that stays cool to the touch. With the numerous types of pillows being offered nowadays, choosing the option that will correspond to your needs and desires can be tricky. To make it much easier for you to get an excellent pillow choice, it is a great idea to get to know the different types that are out in the market. This includes going more in-depth with the various materials used for the pillow fill, their benefits and drawbacks, and their suitability for different applications.

Down Pillows 

The down material used as a pillow filling is sourced from under the feathers of ducks, geese, or swans. Clusters of down result in a pillow fill that feels supremely soft and lightweight, creating a comforting surface that sleepers in various positions will enjoy to the fullest. The fluffiness of down pillows makes them the top choices of people who want a luxurious sleep experience. However, this supple characteristic of the down fill makes for an unsupportive structure. This is the reason why down pillows are often mixed with feathers that will give enhanced strength and firmness.


Luxurious Fluffiness

Down pillows are known for delivering supreme softness that will keep you surrounded all night long. This gentle fluffiness can make your sleeping area feel more luxurious, making you feel like you are resting your head on a bed made with the most inviting clouds so you can be lulled to sleep more quickly.

Good Insulation

Pillows filled with down offer great insulation by trapping air within the material. This means that your sleeping surface will continue to provide a comforting warmth while you sleep for several hours but will not result in extreme heat that can cause a lot of discomfort that will ruin your deep slumber.

No Unwanted Sounds

These soft pillows deliver the comforting structure that your body craves for a restorative sleep without any unwanted sounds, which may be encountered when you use feather pillows. Even when you shift your position while sleeping, you do not have to deal with irritating sounds that can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night.


Allergy Risks

A down pillow will not be an ideal or safe choice for people who have allergies to the down material. Using such a pillow can trigger sensitivities or allergy attacks, which can lead to a great deal of discomfort and even sleepless nights filled with bouts of itching, sneezing, and other symptoms associated with allergy concerns. However, most of the allergy triggers associated with the down result from the unwashed material and are eliminated when the down fill goes through intense cleaning processes.

Not Supportive

The impressive softness of goose or duck down has the downside of not providing adequate support in a pillow structure. This can cause problems for side and back sleepers because the pillow may flatten over the course of several hours. When this happens, the head and neck will feel strained when they are forced to bend to adjust to the suddenly flat pillow structure.

Difficult to Clean and Maintain

Down pillows can be challenging to keep clean and well maintained because most of these product options cannot be machine washed. They instead require dry cleaning which will require a separate trip outside your home and involves extra expenses.

Suitability of Down Pillows

Down pillows are suitable for stomach sleepers, with the superb softness and low height working to keep the head and neck in neutral conditions in this sleeping position. The down pillow will bring superior comfort without forcing the neck to extend backwards in a stomach sleeping position – a problem that can arise when using thicker or firmer pillows.

Down Alternative Pillows

The term “down alternative” refers to the polyester material used as a filling for pillows, providing a fluffiness and luxurious softness that feels almost exactly like real down from ducks and geese. The synthetic down material has a distinct advantage over authentic down in that the former does not trigger allergies in people who are sensitive to the real down used as a pillow fill material.


Feels as Soft as Real Down

Down alternative pillows are designed to imitate the deluxe softness of real down pillows but are safer options for people who are sensitive to the authentic down material. They are also more budget-friendly compared to down pillows.


The synthetic polyester microfiber material used in down alternative pillows is hypoallergenic. It can safely be used by people who prefer to sleep on a plush surface but do not want to be exposed to the allergy risks that can come with using feather or authentic down pillows.

More Affordable

Down alternative pillows offer the comforting softness that is associated with real down pillows, but at a lower price point. This allows you to get all the benefits of the pillow’s premium softness while staying on a set budget that does not involve a shockingly high price tag.


Less Durable

Down alternative pillows are expected to have a much shorter lifespan which can last for just a few years. This makes them less durable compared to other pillow types, including real down pillows. This may not be the most suitable pillow type for those who want to use a product for several years.

Prone to Clumping

Down alternative pillows tend to clump when used for several hours. This results in the pillow losing its original structure and can lead to pain when the neck is forced to bend in an unnatural angle when the pillow becomes a lot flatter in the course of the night.

Suitability of Down Alternative Pillows

Down alternative pillows are suitable options for those who want to sleep on a richly soft surface but do not want the expense that comes with buying a real down pillow. These pillows bring a comforting plushness to your sleeping surface in an affordable package.

They are great choices for people who are allergic to down but still want to experience the ultimate comfort brought by a luxuriously soft pillow. The fill is made with a synthetic material that will not expose you to allergy triggers associated with authentic down.

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows get their filling from the feathers that are sourced from the back and wing areas of ducks and/or geese. Feathers are flat with quills going through each piece and are different from the down that comes from under the feathers and is used in a different pillow type. A feather pillow also delivers a comforting softness and fluffiness just like down, but the stronger feather material gives this pillow type the firmness and shape retention quality that is missing in down pillows.


Holds its Shape Longer than Down

Feather pillows tend to retain their shape for a longer period of time compared to down pillows. You can expect a feather pillow to maintain a firmer shape for several hours so your head and neck will continue to be supported while you sleep and you will not need to worry that you will wake up with your head already lying on a completely flat surface.

Soft and Lightweight

A feather pillow offers a remarkable softness that is comparable to down pillows. This softness can promote deeper and more comforting sleep experiences that have a touch of luxury that other pillows may not be able to offer. These pillows also have lightweight profiles that will make them easier to maneuver across the bed as needed without too much effort needed on your part.

More Supportive than Down

The stronger structure of feathers (compared to down) provide the enhanced support needed to keep the head and neck in neutral positions for a longer period of time while you sleep. Feathers are often added to down pillows so they can offer not only the delectable fluffiness but also the firmness to keep the body adequately supported during slumber time.


Quills Can Poke

Quills are part of the feathers’ structures and help give their firm structure. However, these quills can at times be felt through the pillow and poke the sleeper, causing sleep interruptions because of the discomfort that these incidents bring.

Allergy Concerns

Feather pillows may cause irritations for people who are allergic to duck and geese. These pillows may cause frequent sleep disruptions that may lead to daytime sluggishness and a tired feeling because of overall sleeplessness caused by the allergy trigger.

May Have Unpleasant Smells and Sounds

A pillow filled with feathers may emit strange smells, especially if the feathers have not gone through meticulous washing before being used as a filling material. The structure of feathers may also produce scrunching sounds when you move, which may cause you to wake up when you change your position in the middle of the night.

Suitability of Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are suitable for people who want to enjoy a luxurious pillow but are not too keen about the high prices that go with down pillows. These pillow options provide a more affordable way for you to enjoy sumptuous softness in your sleeping area.

Cotton Pillows

Cotton pillows used to be more commonly available before polyester became a more popular pillow filling material. Cotton can be enjoyed more often as a material for beddings and the outer casings of pillows. A cotton pillow presents a chemical-free option so you can be sure that the surface you will be sleeping on will not be filled with harsh substances or chemical that can induce allergies or sensitivities.


Comfortable Firmness

It might be surprising to know that cotton pillows are not entirely soft. In fact, a cotton pillow has a comfortable softness that is firmer compared to a down pillow. The pillow will keep your head and neck surrounded with a welcoming softness while retaining a supportive firmness that aids in ensuring that your spine will be aligned properly as you sleep.


Most high-quality cotton pillows are hypoallergenic, especially the ones that are labelled and certified as organic. These pillows are crafted without using strong chemicals so you can be sure that you are sleeping on a surface that is as healthy and as safe as possible for you and your loved ones. Cotton pillows are great for those who want to have a chemical-free sleeping environment and prefer to avoid being exposed to harmful substances.


Cotton pillows are naturally absorbent and breathable. They allow air to continuously pass through the material so heat accumulation can be stopped before it can give you that unwelcome feeling of extreme warmth, especially when you have already been sleeping for long hours.


Tends to Turn Flat and Lumpy Easily

Cotton pillows have the tendency to lose their original plump structure over a short period of time. They can also easily develop lumps that will bring discomfort while you sleep. Unfortunately, when a cotton pillow flattens, there is no way to bring it back to its initial comfortable and supportive profile.

Needs Regular Cleaning

The absorbent quality of cotton has its downside – a cotton pillow easily absorbs sweat from your body while you sleep and lay down on this surface. This can quickly make the pillow unhygienic and prone to mold or bacterial growth. As a countermeasure, you will need to regularly clean the pillow, but this can take too much time and effort that you may not need when using other pillow types.

Suitability of Cotton Pillows

Cotton pillows are suitable for people who prefer an eco-friendly and chemical-free product for their sleeping surface. Most notably, certified organic pillows are guaranteed to bear no traces of chemicals or harsh substances that can be harmful to your health.

These pillows are suitable for those who often feel too warm when sleeping, especially for extended periods of time. The breathable cotton material allows air to move generously through the pillow so it will not contain residual body heat that can disturb your peaceful slumber.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has the distinct ability to follow the curves of your shape. This results in a customized feel that can bring you enhanced comfort and protects you from discomfort by preventing pressure spots from developing on body parts that are in contact with the pillow. Memory foam pillows have a firm structure that provides strong support. When you move your head off the pillow, it quickly goes back to its original shape.


Conforms to your Curves

Memory foam pillows are responsive, allowing them to quickly adapt to the curves of your neck and head. This results in an amazingly comfortable sensation that will make you feel like the pillow is created to follow your unique contours.

Relieves Pressure

Memory foam works to distribute the weight evenly on the pillow’s surface. This works to relieve pressure points and keeps you protected from feeling the pain that comes from body parts that are pressed too strongly into an unyielding surface.

Provides Ample Support

The dense structure of memory foam can easily provide the support that the body needs to maintain a correctly aligned condition. No matter what sleeping position you are fond of, the memory foam pillow will help ensure that your head and neck are fully supported to maintain your proper posture even while you are fast asleep.


May Come with a Strong Odor

Some memory foam pillows come with a strong chemical smell that is a result of the way the material is manufactured. This odor will eventually dissipate but may nonetheless still be offensive to the person sleeping on the memory foam surface.

Can Retain Heat

Memory foam is not the most breathable material so there is a great chance of heat retention. This can cause night sweats and an extremely warm sensation that can disrupt your sleep frequently for the duration of the night. Some memory foam pillows are enhanced by materials with cooling properties such as gel infusions or cooling gel beads that address the heat retention issue.

May Be Too Firm for Some

A memory foam pillow may not be that comfortable for those who prefer a softer surface to sleep on. The dense memory foam material can force the head and neck to stay in unnatural positions, such as for those who sleep on their stomach.

Suitability of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are ideal for people who sleep on their sides or back who will benefit the most from the conforming and supportive properties of memory foam. People who sleep in these positions will have their head and necks kept in neutral poses to prevent discomfort.

These are also great choices for those who want a customized feeling once their heads hit the pillow, which also works to provide ample support to prevent spinal misalignment while sleeping.

Memory Foam with Cooling Gel

Memory foam has the tendency to trap heat and cause discomfort for the person sleeping on this surface. To address the heat retention problem, some pillows are made with memory foam that is infused with cooling gel to make the product more comfortable to sleep on even for several hours of continuous slumber.  These pillows bring all the conforming and supportive benefits of memory foam without the excessive surface heat issues.


Stays Comfortably Cool

The cooling gel added to the memory foam works to give these pillows a more comfortable surface to sleep on. This gel keeps the temperature regulated on the surface to keep it comfortable and cool for a long time, and also helps in dissipating residual heat before it can accumulate and bother you with intense warmth that will disrupt your blissful slumber.

Customized Comfort

Just like a memory foam pillow, those that have the cooling gel enhancement quickly conform to your shape for a customized feel that will bring outstanding comfort. You will feel the remarkable comfort as soon as you lie down on this surface, with the pillow quickly going back to its original structure once you get off the surface.

Offers Continuous Support

The memory foam pillow with cooling gel keeps the neck and head fully supported so the spine remains in proper alignment while you sleep in your favorite position.


Chemical Smell

Memory foam products may come with a strong chemical smell that can cause a lot of irritation especially for people who are sensitive to strong odors. The unwanted smell will go away after a few days but may still cause an uncomfortable sleep experience.

Uncomfortable Firmness for Stomach Sleepers

The firm support that memory foam brings discomfort for stomach sleepers. This is because the dense pillow will keep the neck bent backward in an extreme angle in relation to stomach sleeping and will result in a painful neck and shoulders upon waking up several hours later.

Suitability of Memory Foam with Cooling Gel Pillows

Pillows made with memory foam and cooling gel are great choices for people who often feel too warm when sleeping. The cooling gel keeps the pillow’s surface cool to deliver all-night comfort without the hot and sweaty feeling.

They are ideal for people who prefer the conforming support that only a memory foam pillow can bring but do not want to deal with retained heat that can be an issue with the original memory foam structure.

Shredded Memory Foam

Shredded memory foam is used for pillows that have an adjustable loft. The memory foam is cut into pieces that will be used to fill in the pillow’s structure. These pieces can then be pulled out or added to, making it possible for the pillow’s height or thickness to be adjusted easily to achieve the desired pillow loft so that it brings customized comfort and support.


Adjustable Firmness

The shredded memory foam inside a pillow allows for an adjustable firmness so you can achieve the level of support that feels perfect for your needs and personal preferences. By removing or adding some of the shredded memory foam, you can get to the pillow thickness you want without needing to change pillows for your varying needs.


Shredded memory foam pillows have multiple foam pieces as the fill material. Instead of one block of foam that can trap heat, the shredded memory foam fill allows air to pass through so the pillow has a more breathable structure compared to a regular memory foam pillow.

Softer than Regular Memory Foam

Pillows made with shredded memory foam have a softer construction compared to the density offered by standard memory foam pillows. This makes them more comfortable to use for people who find regular memory foam pillow to be too rigid.


May Not Offer Enough Support

The shredded memory foam pieces may not offer the same level of firm support that a single piece of memory foam can provide. This may cause some discomfort when the head and neck are not completely supported for long hours while sleeping.

Can Feel Inconsistent

When the shredded memory foam pieces are scattered in an uneven manner, the pillow can feel inconsistent especially when you move from one position to another on the pillow’s surface. One part of the pillow may feel full while another seems much flatter, which may cause the neck to be bent in an awkward manner.

Can Produce a Strong Smell

Even when shredded, the memory foam in these pillows can still have an off-gassing potential. The chemical smell is expected to dissipate shortly after opening the pillow’s packaging, but it can still be bothersome for a lot of people, especially those who are sensitive to strong odors.

Suitability of Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

A shredded memory foam pillow is suitable for people who want to be able to customize the firmness level of their sleeping surface.

It is also ideal for those who like the conforming properties of memory foam but do not want to be bothered by the extreme heat that can be experienced when using regular memory foam which can trap heat.


Latex comes from the sap of rubber trees. Pillows made from latex have a firm structure that provides all-night support to keep the body in proper alignment in any sleeping position. At the same time, these pillows are also responsive to your movements, easily bouncing back to the original structure in an adaptive manner. They are also known for their strength and durability to provide you with years of supportive and comfortable sleep experiences.



Latex pillows, and natural latex pillows in particular, deliver excellent durability, allowing you to impressive product features for a longer time compared to other pillow materials. They resist impressions with a responsive nature that enables the pillows to go back quickly to the original structure to prevent premature deterioration.


The latex material offers responsiveness that makes the pillow resistant to lasting indentations. The material also offers a bounciness that makes it easier to shift positions without too much effort involved.

Firm Support

Latex pillows have a firm structure that provides reliable support for the head and neck. This keeps your body in proper alignment while you sleep so pain on the shoulders, neck, and head areas can be prevented when you sleep for long hours.


Allergy Risks

Latex pillows can bring discomfort to people who have latex allergies. The sensitivity to latex can cause sleep interruptions or even sleepless nights, as well as skin irritations that can have lasting effects.

Can Be Too Hard for Some People

The firm structure of latex pillows may not be the best choice for those who prefer a fluffy pillow to sleep on. This type of pillow may also bring discomfort for those who sleep on their stomach who will benefit more from using a much softer pillow.

Suitability of Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are suitable for people who want a welcoming surface to sleep on but do not want the sinking in feeling that a memory foam pillow brings.

These are great choices if you are looking for durable pillows that will retain their impressive functionality and aesthetics without deterioration for a long time.


Hybrid pillows contain a blend of materials to achieve the maximum comfort and support needed by different types of sleepers. These pillows may have two sides that feature different materials to cater to varying sleep preferences. Some hybrid pillows also come with adjustable features that let you get to the pillow structure that you want in an effortless way.


Personalized Comfort

A hybrid pillow comes with features that allow you to customize your sleep experience so you can have enhanced pleasure while you slumber peacefully. These features can be offered through adjustable pillow heights and dual-sided structures that address different sleep requirements – all with the goal of providing sleepers with the most personalized level of comfort possible.

Temperature Regulation

There are hybrid pillow choices that come with temperature regulation qualities to ensure your all-night comfort by preventing overheating. Some of these pillows have one side with a cooling material, while others have a breathable cover that will bring great comfort by preventing a hot and sweaty sensation.


May Be Difficult to Maintain

Blending two or more materials for creating a pillow may result in a more challenging cleaning and maintenance procedure. Some hybrid pillows may require extra care for cleaning to protect the materials from being damaged in the process.

Suitability of Hybrid Pillows

Hybrid pillows are suitable for people who want to experience the benefits of the two or more materials involved in one outstanding product.

These are great choices for those who want the freedom to adjust the pillow’s thickness as they see fit with a fill material that can be removed or placed back in for modifications.


Buckwheat pillows are traditional Japanese pillows that are filled with the outer covering of buckwheat seeds. The material fill material brings firm support that some people say feels like a packed bean bag, closely adapting to the shape of the neck and head for a customized level of comfort. Also called Sobakawa, buckwheat pillows are also great for those who want the freedom to be able to adjust the pillow loft to suit their specific comfort requirements.


Firm Contouring Comfort

The buckwheat fill material feels firm but has the ability to conform to the curves of your head and neck. This results in a more personalized and comfortable sensation that also works to maintain your correct spinal alignment while you sleep for hours throughout the night.

Adjustable Loft

The buckwheat hulls can be added to or reduced to adjust the loft of the pillow. This adjustability allows you to modify the firmness level of the pillow as you see fit so you can experience absolute comfort while sleeping on the pillow height that feels perfect for your needs.

Regulates Surface Temperature

The structure of the small buckwheat hulls allows generous airflow to pass through the pillow so it will not build up heat within. This makes the pillow maintain a cool to the touch surface that will keep you sleeping peacefully with no interruptions caused by temperature spikes.


May Emit a Strong Smell

Some buckwheat pillows come with a strong odor that is more pronounced when the packaging is first opened. However, this smell will eventually dissipate after a few days of using the pillow.

Can be Too Heavy

When filled to full capacity, buckwheat pillows can be quite heavy and difficult to move across your bed. This may be a problem for those who like to shift their pillow from side to side while sleeping.

Suitability of Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat pillows are suitable choices for people who want to maintain their proper posture even while sleeping. These pillows promote better sleep by preventing pain caused by spinal misalignment, especially when you stay in the same sleeping position for several hours.

They are ideal pillows for those who want to be able to adjust the pillow’s height from time to time, as the need arises. The number of buckwheat hulls can be reduced for a flatter pillow structure or can be increased for a higher and firmer pillow to sleep on.

Water Pillow

A water pillow provides a high level of comfort as it efficiently adapts to the weight of your neck and head, keeping them supported to prevent pain in any sleeping position. As the water inside the pillow gets displaced in response to your movement, your neck is gently cradled, and your head is kept lower so your body stays in correct alignment while you sleep.


Customized Support

Water pillows provide you with the specific level of support that is required by your sleeping position and the weight of your head and neck. The water filling is displaced and quickly works to adapt to your unique needs so you will enjoy all-night comfort and support. You can also add or remove some of the water filling to achieve the pillow firmness that you prefer.

Maintains Proper Neck and Spine Alignment

The water displacement that goes on inside water pillows keeps the spine and neck in properly aligned positions. Whatever movement you do while you are lying down on this surface, the pillow’s water filling responds so proper spinal and neck alignment are maintained.

Prevents Pain

As the water pillow keeps your spine and neck in correctly aligned positions, you will be able to experience non-stop comfort for the rest of the night. This pillow protects you from feeling pain by preventing your spine, head, and neck from settling in unnatural positions that can lead to a lot of discomfort.


Excessive Weight

A filled water pillow can be extremely heavy. It can be difficult to move on the bed and can be a problem for people with mobility problems.

Too Much Noise

Some water pillows make loud noises when the filling is being adjusted, such as when some of the water is removed to reduce the firmness level of the pillow.

Top Layer’s Comfort Differs

The comfort offered by a water pillow is affected by the material used on the top layer. Your overall comfort level may vary according to the quality and type of material on the top surface.

Suitability of Water Pillows

The adjustable profile of a water pillow makes it suitable for all sleeping positions, because this pillow can be modified to suit your sleeping preference.

A water pillow is ideal for those who constantly move while sleeping. It guarantees superb comfort no matter what position you move to throughout the night, as the water filling displaces to respond to your movements.


Cervical pillows come in ergonomically designed structures to keep your neck and head in fully supported positions. This promotes correct spinal alignment that allows your body to stay in a comfortable posture. A cervical pillow works to prevent neck pain and can relieve existing pain so it can be stopped from worsening. The materials used for crafting cervical pillows range from memory foam, water, polyester, and latex.


Decreases Neck Pain

Cervical pillows are designed to reduce discomfort by keeping the head fully supported so that the neck will not feel pressure and excessive strain in any position. It also prevents the development of new neck pain and protects existing pain from further worsening.

Maintains Correct Spinal Alignment

By keeping the neck and head completely supported, the spine stays in correct alignment to prevent body pains from disrupting your sleep so you can enjoy the benefits of deep, rejuvenating slumber for the rest of the night.

Delivers Long-Lasting Comfort

Cervical pillows are designed to provide supreme comfort to make it possible for you to sleep continuously in any position you prefer without feeling pain or discomfort.


May Take Some Getting Used To

Cervical pillows come in a unique structure that may feel awkward or uncomfortable when they are first used. However, the discomfort or awkwardness will go away within a few nights of using the pillow, which will then work its magic to prevent neck pain and deliver continuous comfort.

Suitability of Cervical Pillows

Cervical pillows are suitable for people who are suffering from neck pain and want to find relief from this discomfort, allowing them to enjoy deep, restful sleep night after night.

They are great for ensuring that your spinal alignment is maintained so you can prevent body discomfort while sleeping for long stretches at a time.


Q: What is the best pillow type for me?

A: It will depend on your comfort preferences because the suitability of a pillow type is unique to an individual’s Types of Pillows - Explained and Demystified 2020 needs and desires. A down pillow is an excellent choice if you want a luxuriousness plushness on your sleeping surface. Choose a memory foam with cooling gel pillow if you want the conforming comfort while avoiding an overheated feeling. On the other hand, a shredded memory foam pillow is a superb choice if you like the idea of being able to adjust the loft of the pillow as you see fit.

Q: Is a down alternative pillow better than a real down pillow?

A: The main enhancement that you can enjoy with a down alternative pillow over an authentic down product is that the former choice is hypoallergenic. The down alternative pillow can provide you with the lavish softness you want without the allergy risks that may be present in real down pillows (especially if you have a known allergy for the down material).

Q: Will a cotton pillow be the best choice if I am looking for a soft pillow?

A: A cotton pillow does provide a comforting softness, but you might be surprised that it also exhibits a firm structure that keeps you fully supported. Down and down alternative pillows are also excellent choices if you prefer a soft pillow to sleep on.

Q: Can I enjoy using a memory foam pillow if I easily feel warm while sleeping?

A: A memory foam pillow tends to trap body heat within its structure, so it may not be the best pillow type if you quickly feel warm while sleeping. A better alternative for you would the pillow made with memory foam and a cooling gel because the gel infusion works to dissipate heat to keep the surface to sleep on comfortable and cool all Types of Pillows - Explained and Demystified 2020 night long.

Q: Why does a cervical pillow have a different shape compared to other pillows?

A: Cervical pillows are built with unique shapes because they are designed to address spinal alignment issues, preventing neck pain from worsening or developing altogether. The indentation in the middle of the pillow is used to cradle the head gently while sleeping while maintaining full support for the neck to keep if comfortable for the whole night.

Q: What makes a memory foam pillow better than a regular memory foam pillow?

A:  A shredded memory foam pillow is made up of cut-up pieces of high-quality memory foam. This pillow type provides more breathability compared to a pillow made from a single piece of memory foam, making it mode suitable for people who easily feel too warm while sleeping. This pillow’s loft of thickness can also be adjusted by removing some or putting more of the shredded memory foam fill, so you can effortlessly achieve the pillow support that you need.

Q: How is it like to sleep on a buckwheat pillow?

A: Sleeping on a buckwheat pillow is like sleeping on a more tightly packed beanbag. It has the ability to conform to the shape of your head and neck while providing a firm level of support to keep you sleeping comfortably throughout the night.

Q: How will a water pillow make my sleep more comfortable?

A: The water filling inside the pillow quickly adjusts to your movement. You will feel constantly supported and comfortable as the water conforms to the shape of your neck and head, no matter what position you sleep in or shift to for the rest of the night. Types of Pillows - Explained and Demystified 2020

Q: Is a latex pillow suitable for long-term use

A: Yes, a latex pillow is known for its durability so you can expect it to last for a long time. The latex material resists body impressions and indentations so it preserves its functionality and aesthetics longer compared to the other materials used for crafting pillows.

Q: What makes a hybrid pillow a good choice?

A: A hybrid pillow combines the best features of two or more materials to create a pillow that keeps the surface temperature regulated to provide you with non-stop comfort. Some of the high-quality hybrid pillows also come with adjustable lofts, allowing you to quickly adjust the pillow’s thickness height to the that feels superbly comfortable, following your unique preferences and needs.


The most suitable pillow type will depend on your personal preferences and unique comfort requirements. The pillow type that might feel great for a loved one may not feel as wonderful when you are the one using it, so it is important to take into consideration your own inclinations when it comes to choosing among the various pillow types. The best products in this category have been selected to help you decide on the type of pillow that will bring you great comfort and support night after night.


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