Types of Hammocks - A Detailed Guide

A few hours of sleep in your bed can restore your energy after a tiring day, but there are other places and things you can relax on aside from your mattress. A hammock is easily associated with scenes of the beach, a farm, or a picturesque lake – but why go that far, when you can easily set up a hammock in your own backyard?

Types of Hammocks - A Detailed Guide

Hammocks have always been associated with complete and effortless relaxation. A hammock consists of netting or a piece of fabric that is attached to two points using a sturdy material such as a chain or a length of rope. While it may be considered as a place to relax for a short while, some hammocks are also designed to be strong enough to hold a person’s weight for hours to encourage a sound sleep experience in an outdoor setting. Hammocks now come in a wide variety of materials that correspond to the changing needs and demands of hammock lovers all over the world. It is a good idea to learn more about the different types of hammocks if you are planning on setting up one of your own, so you can fully maximize your choice for personal relaxation.

Types of Hammocks

Types of Hammocks - A Detailed Guide

Rope Hammocks

Types of Hammocks - A Detailed Guide

A rope hammock may be the first image that pops into your mind when you come across the word “hammock.” This surface for relaxation is created with a net that is made of either polyester or cotton ropes. Polyester may be the more suitable choice if you are looking for the more durable option, since the material can be exposed to the elements and resist mold and mildew growth. Choosing polyester will enable you to enjoy the hammock for years without deterioration setting in.

On the other hand, a cotton rope hammock may be your best bet if you want a more flexible material to lie down on. A spreader bar is attached to both ends of the hammock to keep the structure flat and prevent it from curling into itself. This will make it much easier for you to get in and of the hammock and will allow you to enjoy some peace without the rope bunching around your body. A rope hammock will work marvelously during hot summer days because the net structure allows maximum airflow to keep your body cool while you relax. However, this may not be the best choice for cooler weather, since the continued airflow can make the user uncomfortably chilly with long use.

Quilted Hammock

Types of Hammocks - A Detailed Guide

A quilted hammock may bring more comfort compared to a rope hammock because of the way it is built. Quilted hammocks often come in a reversible design, with two layers of fabric that can be filled with a softer material in the middle. The reversible structure adds a nice aesthetic to the hammock and ensures you’ll have two sides to fully enjoy. The solid fabric can be more comfortable in colder weather compared to a breezy rope hammock. It is also the safer hammock choice when you plan on relaxing with your children, since their legs and arms will not get tangled up or push through the material – something that may be a problem when using a rope hammock. The quilted hammock has a spreader bar on both ends to keep it open and make it convenient for you to get in and out. It should be noted that this type of hammock may not be ideal for hot climates, because the material and design can retain heat.

Camping Hammocks

Types of Hammocks - A Detailed Guide

Camping hammocks are built with materials that are durable and often offer some level of water resistance. This makes them perfectly suited for use in various scenarios that can be encountered while camping outdoors. Nylon is a popular material used for camping hammocks because it’s mildew resistant, lightweight, and can conveniently be cleaned with a quick hosing down after your trip. A camping hammock is designed to be lightweight, so it won’t be difficult to carry around for an entire day of hiking while you are on your way to the campsite. This type of hammock has a portable structure that can easily be maneuvered and set up when necessary, providing you with a comfortable place for lounging or sleeping without requiring too much time and effort. It can be attached to two trees, but some brands come with their own built-in stands. The lightweight and durable material of this hammock, however, may not provide the right level of support that your body needs to relax comfortably.

Woven Hammocks

Types of Hammocks - A Detailed Guide

Woven hammocks combine form and function, providing you with a place you can relax or doze off while showcasing striking colors and patterns that reflect the culture from where the specific design originated.

Mayan Hammocks are built with lightweight yet sturdy materials and often have spectacular designs and vivid colors. The strong material may look flimsy, but it can actually hold a significant amount of weight. The most common materials used for Mayan hammocks are cotton and nylon, with nylon being the more durable option and cotton the softer choice. A Mayan hammock is usually constructed without a spreader bar, so the edges can be closed to make you feel like you are in a cocoon when you want a bit more privacy. The downside of a Mayan hammock is that a lot of things – such as buttons, zippers, and even a fingernail – can be snagged on the weave of the fabric, which can lead to significant damage.

Brazilian Hammocks can come in a wide variety of colors. These woven hammocks have a tighter weave and can be used both indoors and out. These hammocks are often constructed using nylon that lends a superior strength to the entire structure, providing reliable support to make your relaxation experience a more comfortable one. Brazilian hammocks do not usually come with spreader bars and have a portable profile that makes them convenient to set up in a variety of settings.

Fabric Hammocks

Types of Hammocks - A Detailed Guide

Fabric hammocks use materials that dry quickly, making them ideal choices for setting up on the beach or by the poolside. The materials, including vinyl and other polyester blends, may have a waterproof coating to protect the hammock from quality deterioration from the constant exposure to saltwater or chlorinated water. These hammocks often come with spreader bars to ensure that the structure maintains a flat profile so it won’t be difficult to get in and out.

Key Takeaways

  • Hammocks can be enjoyed not only in vacation spots but can also be easily set up and enjoyed in and around your home.
  • The type of hammock you choose should have the materials and design that are suitable for the activity that you have in mind, and for the location you want to relax in.
  • Rope hammocks are ideal for warmer weather because of the airiness of the net structure, while quilted hammocks work well in cooler climates because the solid structure can retain more heat.
  • Woven hammocks come in vivid colors and patterns, with different kinds of weaves that result in varying textures and levels of support for you to choose from.
  • Fabric hammocks are ideal for setting up by the poolside or on the beach because their fabrics dry easily, while portable hammocks are lightweight and water-resistant and are suitable companions for camping trips.


Q: Can you sleep for hours on a hammock?

A: It depends on your comfort preference and how much support the hammock material can offer. If the hammock can support your weight and you feel comfortable enough, you may find yourself snoozing on the hammock for a few hours.

Q: Are hammocks for outdoor use only?

A: No, there are some hammock styles and materials that are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Woven hammocks can be used indoors because they are comfortable enough to be enjoyed for longer hours of lounging or sleeping.

Q: How can you set up a hammock?

A: Hammocks can be set up in several ways. You can wrap the ends around tree branches so that the hammock swings lazily between the two trees. Some hammock styles also come with their own stand that either needs to be set up separately or is already built into the hammock’s structure.

Q: Can a hammock accommodate more than one person?

A: Some hammocks can support more than one person, but it is best to check the weight limits first to make sure they can safely accommodate you.


Finding the right hammock to suit your needs can be confusing when you are faced with many choices. With a little time and effort, you can familiarize yourself with the available choices so you can have an easier time deciding on which style or type will bring you the most benefits with your hammock investment.


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