Types of Adjustable Beds - A Detailed Guide

With time, there are tons of improvements and innovations introduced to us. These innovations aim to make our lives easier by catering to our needs, including our comfort levels, affordability, and aesthetic preferences. When one might notice changes in the technological arena, certain elements are likely new in the world of furniture as well.

Types of Adjustable Beds - A Detailed Guide

One new advancement is adjustable beds. Not just that, there are also different types of adjustable beds available. Most commonly seen in clinics and hospitals, these have recently gone through a high-demand surge as manufacturers started selling them paired with high-quality mattresses. With so much more flexibility and tons of other features, it seems like adjustable beds are taking the world by storm.

Before we jump into the details and the types, let’s first take a brief look at what adjustable beds are.

What are Adjustable Beds?

Types of Adjustable Beds - A Detailed Guide

As the name indicates, adjustable beds are different from your average bed in one major sense: they can be adjusted according to your preference. Whether you are lounging, watching TV, reading, or taking a nap, an adjustable bed can be molded and angled to your desired level so that you can have the utmost comfort.

The beds are operated with the help of a remote control and come with a mechanical base. This base is essential for it grants you space where you can lie down and kick all your worries away for the night. Sure, you would be thinking that a mattress can be flopped and pushed according to your need as well, but it can never stay put at a particular angle. For that, one must get their hands on an adjustable bed, which is either purchased separately from a mattress or as a combined unit.

Not only are adjustable beds known for comfort, they are also known to be stress relievers, as they help in loosening sore muscles. Furthermore, studies show that an angled pillow or raised head can do wonders for other issues such as snoring.

Types of Adjustable Beds

Types of Adjustable Beds - A Detailed Guide

Before you jump into the decision of buying an adjustable bed, you should be aware of the basic types that are available out there.

In general, you will find adjustable beds of two basic categories: profiling and lifestyle. Both types come with a ton of features and the ability to be adjusted, but there are specific differences in each. These differences are outlined below to help you get a firm grasp of both. That way you can make a wise purchase decision according to your needs.

Profiling Beds

Types of Adjustable Beds - A Detailed Guide

Profiling beds are also known as variable posture beds and have various elements and features that differentiate them from lifestyle beds. First off, they offer a great deal of flexibility as compared to an adjustable bed. As you can deduce from the name “variable posture bed,” these are perfect when it comes to providing enhanced posture support.

This is done by including a lot of features that you might not find in an adjustable bed. They can also be adjusted to various heights and positions. All types of adjustable beds are navigated with the help of remote control, but some of them can be adjusted manually as well. More than often, a headset is used for adjustment purposes so that people can move their bed while they are in it.

Lifestyle Beds

The second category is lifestyle beds. Since these beds fall under the adjustable category, you can move these around as well, but the adjustability is a tad bit limited. More than often, you will find that just the head portion of the bed can be moved. Other than that, you won’t be able to alter the height or adjust the positioning.

Since they offer a limited amount of adjustability, these beds are called lifestyle beds, as they are perfect for anyone who wants to get a luxurious piece of furniture. If you are buying a bed for comfort, then lifestyle is for you, but if you want something that helps with health conditions, then you should go for a profiling bed.

Sizes of Adjustable Beds

Types of Adjustable Beds - A Detailed Guide

Moving on, like regular beds, adjustable ones also come in several sizes:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Dual or Split

To elaborate a bit further on the size of the bed, we would suggest you take a look at the number of people who will be sleeping in the bed. A single bed is suitable for anyone out there who will be sleeping alone. It won’t take up too much space in your room and will be the cheapest option as well. Secondly, a double bed is a good pick for those who will be sleeping with a partner or just need more space for themselves. Moreover, you can opt for a split or dual bed as well. As the name indicates, it will be good for two people, but both the users will have the option to manage their settings individually without affecting the other.


Now that we have covered the width and length, it’s time for the height of the bed.  The height will determine how tall your bed will be, and it’s an essential factor to keep in mind. People who have a back issue or any other bone problem will find it hard to climb in and out of the bed if it is taller.

Features of an Adjustable Bed

Types of Adjustable Beds - A Detailed Guide

Now that you have a firm grasp on your bed measurements, the next important factor is the features provided. This is the perfect way to ensure you get the most out of your bed at the right price.

Manual or Remote Controlled

First off, one fundamental question is whether you want to adjust your bed manually or through remote control. Manual adjustment can be a bit tiring, and you will have to get up from the bed to set it according to your preference. Meanwhile, automatic ones can be controlled through a headset and are much more convenient, as you can adjust them while in bed.

Battery Back-Up System

If you are getting an automatic bed, then it will operate using electricity. The only issue with this is that if you face a power supply cut, you will be deprived of using the adjustability feature. For this purpose, adjustable beds now come with a battery backup system that will keep you going for a while.

Heat Pad Technology

The next feature up is for those of you who want to add luxury and comfort. There are various adjustable beds out there that come with the feature of massage and head pad technology. These are also used for medical purposes as they provide relief from pain and swelling.

Positioning Features

All these beds will come with different position features. You can either get just a ‘head up’ bed that raises the top half of the bed. Or you can opt for the ‘head and foot up’ with which you will be able to alter both the position of the top half and the bottom half. A wall-hugging tech will ensure that your base remains next to the wall no matter how you position it. Last but not least, there is neck tilt as well, so you can watch your favorite shows without straining.

Memory Settings

This feature ensures that all your favorite positions are getting stored in the memory. The smart adjustable base will keep track of all your positionings and save the ones you like so that you can go back to that exact incline without any hassle.

Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

Types of Adjustable Beds - A Detailed Guide

The most important component, which, when combined with the adjustable base will give you relief and comfort, is the mattress. A good mattress for adjustable beds should have the ability to bend and mold itself to the contour and shape of the base. All this while ensuring that the structure and support don’t get compromised. There are four basic types of mattresses used for adjustable beds.

Latex Mattresses

As the name indicates, these mattresses are made out of 100% latex. Some beds might also have foam or spring in them to provide a durable and supportive surface. A latex mattress will last you around 10-20 years and is eco-friendly as well. The breathable material is perfect for pain relief, as the buoyant support will have you covered.

Memory Foam Mattresses

The next famous type of mattress is memory foam. These mattresses will automatically mold according to the shape and contour of your bed as well. These are known to be the best for relieving back pain, as they provide pressure point relief and lumbar support. Moreover, they’re known to do wonders for better and more restful sleep because of the support and comfort provided.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses come with pocketed coils and two inches of foam. These complement adjustable beds perfectly because of the various foam layers. Furthermore, both combined will ensure that your mattress lasts a long time, as there won’t be problems with springs breaking or foam tearing. These types of mattresses will give you the best of both worlds with support and softness.It is important to remember that innerspring is different from hybrid mattresses. How so? The type of coils used differs. Hybrids have pocketed coils, while innerspring have Bonnell coils. Upon further inspection, one might notice that innerspring is comparatively stiffer and won’t be a good fit for adjustable beds.

Airbed Mattresses

Last but not least, we have airbed mattresses available for adjustable beds. These mattresses come with inner air chambers that are filled with air; the user can adjust the support by adding or reducing the amount of air pressure.

What seems to be a trouble for users is that sometimes bending of the bed can lead to an involuntarily decrease in the air pressure. As a result of this, the amount of support provided will also go down, making the bed stiff and limp. Air bed mattresses are suitable for certain specific adjustable beds and should be used just for those.

Bottom Line

When purchasing an adjustable bed, try to keep in mind all the above-mentioned factors to get the best out of the deal. These beds are perfect for adding an element of luxury and comfort that regular beds lack. Moreover, they won’t just have an aesthetic appeal, they are known to work wonders when it comes to relieving stress, back pain, swelling, etc.

The convenience levels will also be higher if you keep the various features in mind. Find the right position and give your back a break as you watch TV or read before bed.

We hope this article has helped you decide whether an adjustable bed is right for you!

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