Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow – Detailed Review & Verdict 2022

It is difficult to get a restful night of sleep when you are feeling discomfort of any sort. One of the reasons why you Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict feel pain while lying down on your bed may come from the spinal misalignment that can be aggravated when you use the wrong type of pillow.

The Tri-Core Ultimate Foam Cervical Support Pillow from Core Products provides an all-night pain relief by delivering the right level of support to suit your specific sleeping position. It keeps your head cradled gently to promote comfort for hours while maintaining your proper posture so your spine will not be misaligned no matter what position you prefer to sleep in. This pillow has a unique construction that allows you to get a higher or lower level of support with a simple pillow rotation, so you can sleep on your back or side in complete comfort every time.

Ergonomic Design for Back Sleepers

The Tri-Core Ultimate Foam Cervical Support Pillow features an ergonomic design that aims to prevent neck pain and headaches from ruining your blissful slumber night after night. The center portion of the pillow has an indentation on each side where your head is supposed to be placed so it can be gently cradled and supported when you sleep on your back.

The top and bottom edges of the pillow feature neck rolls with varying heights that provide different levels of support for you to choose from. Go for the thicker or larger roll when you feel like you need a higher level of support. By rotating the pillow and using the smaller roll to go under your neck, you will get the reduced support you may prefer to be able to sleep peacefully throughout the night. Flip the pillow to choose the deeper or shallower indentation – whichever feels most comfortable for your personal preference. This distinctive pillow design also you to enjoy supreme comfort no matter what type of firmness you seek for your sleeping pleasure, without the need to switch pillows to suit your changing comfort requirements.

Continuous Comfort for Side Sleepers

The pillow also provides superior comfort for people who prefer sleeping on their side. The shaped center on each Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict side is ideal for back sleeping since it cradles the head while maintaining full support to keep the neck fully supported while you are on your back. However, this indentation may not provide the comfort and support needed by side sleepers. This sleeping position will benefit the most from using the larger parts on the sides of the middle indentation, as these areas are designed to keep the head on an even surface so the spine will be kept in its correct position while you are on your side for hours at a time when you sleep. These surfaces have distinct heights to match your unique comfort requirements so you can sleep continuously without forcing your neck to extend or bend uncomfortably. These areas also come with airflow channels designed to gently cradle your face and ear so you can sleep comfortably for the duration of the night. The channels also work to alleviate the pressure on the jaw area, so it brings superior sleeping comfort even for people who are suffering from an aching jaw.

Adjustable Orthopedic Support

This pillow is crafted to bring continuous support for side and back sleepers who will benefit from having one excellent pillow to match their changing comfort requirements (from side to back sleeping and vice-versa) without needing to purchase 2 separate pillows for long-lasting comfort.  A simple rotation of the pillow can significantly Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict increase the support that your neck will receive when you shift from using small roll side to the larger one that delivers enhanced support and firmness – all while ensuring that your head remains comfortably cradled on the indentation in the middle of the pillow. Another pillow rotation will allow you to continue sleeping peacefully without sacrificing your comfort when you suddenly want to sleep on your side. The wider spaces on the side of the indentation are ideal for side sleeping since that promotes correct spinal alignment while offering a soft, breathable surface to keep the face and ear cushioned for long hours of blissful slumber.

Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow – Highlights
Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict Latest Price
Firmness: Very Firm
Warranty: 10-year warranty with a 90-day replacement or refund policy
Type: Cervical Foam Pillow
Ideal for: People who want to prevent and alleviate neck pain while sleeping

Those who want a pillow that has an adjustable support

Customers who want a pillow that can accommodate comfortable side and back sleeping

Sizes available: 1 size – 26 x 16 x 4 (2.5 for the smaller roll) inches (Width x height x thickness)
Quality of Materials: Polyurethane foam filling, polyester and rayon cover
Differentiators: Nonallergenic

4 distinct support rolls

Surfaces with airflow channels for side sleeping

Comparable bedsheets: CushionCare Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Therapeutica Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow

Mcicesky Memory Foam Neck Support Cervical Pillow

Material & Construction

The Tri-Core Ultimate Foam Cervical Support Pillow is filled with high-quality polyurethane foam that provides Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict continuous support for comfortable back and side sleeping.

This foam is nonallergenic, making it safe to be used by people who are prone to sensitivities or allergy attacks especially with prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals.

Each side of the pillow is fitted with an indentation, with one side having a deeper head cradle than the other. These shaped center portions are designed to keep the head embraced comfortably and in a supportive manner.

The bottom and top parts of the indentations come with neck rolls of varying sizes that you can select from to achieve the neck support that perfectly matches your comfort needs.

This cervical pillow comes with wide flat surfaces on both sides of the head cradle that is ideal for those who sleep on their side. These side portions keep the spine in proper alignment in a side sleeping position and come with airflow channels that relieve pressure and provide gentle cushioning for the ear and face.

It has a unique edge that makes it possible for a CPAP mask and hose to be positioned in an unobtrusive manner over the pillow’s side to avoid interference.

The soft zippered cover can easily be removed when it is time to clean this protective material. It is made from 90% polyester and10% rayon.

The pillow can be used with any standard-sized pillowcase that can provide further pillow protection and can make this ergonomic pillow a suitable match to the rest the beddings’ aesthetics.

Comfort & Ergonomics

This cervical pillow helps prevent or ease neck pain and headaches associated with abnormal spinal alignment, enabling you to sleep for long hours without suffering from body pains when you wake up the next morning.

The pillow indentations on each side of the pillow will keep your head cradled in a gentle manner to provide Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict continuous support and comfort in a back-sleeping position.

One side of the pillow features a shallow indentation, while the other side has a deeper one. These varying depths allow you to choose the one which feels just right in response to your specific personal comfort preferences, as well as to the level of cervical correction that you want to achieve at any given time. Simply flip the pillow get to the head cradle depth that you prefer.

The bottom and top edges of the head indentation are framed with neck rolls that will give you the right amount of support to maintain a good posture even when sleeping. Each side of the pillow has 2 different sizes or thickness options that provide varying levels of support. This brings the neck roll support options that you have at your disposal to 4 so you can customize the neck support that you need for continuous sleep comfort and pain relief.

If this is your first time to use a cervical pillow, it is best to use a smaller neck roll first that will work to gently ease you into the feeling of using this ergonomically designed pillow. You can gradually increase the support that you are getting, as well as the level of cervical correction you want to achieve, by changing to the bigger neck roll.

The flat side portions of the pillow that surround the indented area in the middle are designed to bring non-stop comfort for side sleepers. These surfaces work to keep the neck and spine correctly aligned while you sleep and are equipped with airflow channels that keep the face and ear cushioned while you slumber on your side for hours.

The flat side panels’ channels also work to relieve the pressure on the side of your face so you can be protected from feeling the pain that may come when your face is pushed into an unforgiving surface for long stretches of time. These areas also promote a more comfortable sleep experience for people who are suffering from jaw pain.

CPAP users will have an easier time enjoying uninterrupted sleep when using this pillow, which has a distinct edge that keeps the CPAP hose and mask draped effortlessly over the side in a manner that will not get in the way of comfortable sleep. This edge also helps by keeping the mask from moving so it will not cause too much pressure Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict or discomfort while sleeping.

The cover is made from a soft polyester and rayon material that keeps your head and face surrounded with an inviting texture even without the addition of a separate pillowcase. This material is breathable, allowing air to move freely on the surface to constantly disperse heat before it can bring a great deal of warm discomfort that can cause sleep interruptions.

The pillow uses a special molded foam that delivers a superior firmness to provide long-lasting support that will allow you to sleep deeply throughout the night without waking up to muscle pain and a strained neck, which can be expected when you sleep with an improper posture.

Durability & Warranty

This pillow comes with a 90-day replacement or refund policy.

It has a warranty period of 10 years, giving you an idea of the high-quality functionality and aesthetics that you will be able to rely on continuously for years of comfortable and pain-free slumber.


This pillow comes in one size, with dimensions of 26 x 16 x 4 inches (Width x height x thickness). The smaller rolls have thickness measurements of 2.5 inches.

Who is this Pillow Ideal for?

This cervical pillow is ideal for people who want to put an end to painful nights of sleep caused by bad posture while in bed. It is ergonomically designed to keep the neck fully supported using neck rolls of different sizes/heights, providing the firmness level that you need to specifically address your own comfort preferences while sleeping on your back. The pillow’s contoured design also helps alleviate headaches by providing a specially indented portion in the middle to keep the head gently cradled, while ensuring that the neck is supported to promote a correctly aligned spine as you sleep for long hours throughout the night.

It is an ideal pillow for those who sleep on their sides who want to experience a pain-free slumber in this position. Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict The wide side panels provide a flat surface for you to sleep on to ensure that your neck and head will both have the support needed to maintain a good spinal alignment, without forcing your neck to bend too low or extremely high, so you can prevent pain from setting in and ruining your restful slumber. The channels built into the pillow’s side portions work to cushion your face and ear in a comforting manner so these parts will not feel discomfort even when you tend to sleep through the night without moving from this original side sleeping position.

This pillow is ideal for people who want to have a customized sleep experience that will keep them comfortable in a side and back sleeping position, as well as for CPAP users. With a simple flip of the pillow, you can alter the feel of your sleeping surface because each side features a head cradle with a varying depth that will embrace your head’s curves in the most comfortable manner. Each side of the pillow is also equipped with 2 different sizes of neck rolls, so you have a total of 4 neck roll sizes or heights to choose from. Depending on your unique anatomical structure and your comfort needs, you can select the neck rolls that corresponds to your inclination so you can personalize the support level that you will get from the pillow to allow you to enjoy a restorative without interruptions due to discomfort.


  • Ergonomic design for easing and preventing pain on the neck, head, and shoulders
  • Equipped with 4 different neck roll sizes/heights for customized support and comfort
  • Each side is built with an indentation to keep the head gently cradled while you sleep on your back
  • Comes with flat side portions to promote proper spinal alignment for side sleepers
  • A special edge allows the CPAP hose and mask to drape snugly over the side to keep them in place

Tri-Core Ultimate Vs Tri-Core Original Pillow

Both pillows from Core Products International are designed to provide enhanced comfort and support for back Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict and side sleeping positions. However, there are a few distinct features that differentiate these two amazing cervical pillow choices

Fill Material

The original Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow is made with a polyester fiber fill in an ergonomic design. While the pillow offers a very firm structure for delivering continuous neck support, the fill material still retains some of the softness associated with polyester fiber as a filling option.

Meanwhile, the Tri-Core Ultimate Foam Cervical Support Pillow is made with polyurethane foam that has a distinctively firm and solid feel to maintain a good spinal condition while sleeping on your back and side.

Single-Sided vs Double-Sided Use

The original pillow comes with one side that has a shaped center to keep the head cradled gently while you sleep on your back. The top and bottom edges of the pillow offer 2 different levels of support to provide you with the firmness level that you are most comfortable with. Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict

On the other hand, the foam version of the cervical pillow features 2 sides that can be used for varying levels of comfort and support needs. Each side has 2 neck rolls that bring varying levels of support, for a total of 4 neck roll options. Both sides of the pillow have indentations in the middle to cradle the head, but one side has a deeper center. This pillow option offers a higher level of sleep comfort customization with more neck rolls and head cradle choices.

Raised Areas for Side Sleeping

The original cervical support pillow comes with raised areas on the sides to bring superior comfort for side sleepers. These areas are made with the same polyester fiber fill and work to keep the spine correctly aligned while you sleep.

The foam cervical support pillow also has raised sides catering to side sleepers, but these areas are enhanced with airflow channels that relieve pressure to prevent pain even when the face and ear areas are pressed to the pillow for a long time. These built-in channels also offer increased comfort that can be enjoyed even by side sleepers who are experiencing jaw pain. When it comes to delivering supreme comfort for side sleepers, the foam cervical pillow option may be a better choice.

Size Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict

The Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow comes in 3 sizes that correspond to the different anatomical sizes of sleepers. The standard size (24 x 16 inches) offers a firm & gentle support in a full-sized pillow that most men and taller women may prefer. The midsize (22 x 15 inches) delivers a firm & gentle support that is ideal for children over 10 years of age, most women, and petite men. The petite size (19 x 12 inches) comes with firm support that may be most suitable for petite women and children aged 6 to 10 years old.

The Tri-Core Ultimate Foam Cervical Support Pillow is available in only one size (26 x 16 inches) and comes in a firm profile. With just one size offered by the foam option, the original cervical pillow may be a better choice for those who prefer a pillow with different sizing varieties to choose from to suit their specific needs.


The Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow is a decent choice for people who want to use only one pillow that can cater to their varying needs, especially when it comes to shifting sleeping positions from back sleeping to side sleeping, and vice-versa. There are pillows that are specifically designed to bring comfort and support for side sleepers only or are equipped to deliver these benefits solely for back sleepers. The Tri-Core Ultimate Foam Cervical Support Pillow offers the best of both worlds by providing a comfortable sleeping surface for both side and back sleepers. Even when you tend to shift from sleeping on your side to turning on your back (or the other way around), you can use just this pillow that ensures you will be able to enjoy a restful experience without experiencing pain. You will not need to buy a separate pillow to cater to each specific sleeping position, as this cervical pillow can easily be flipped and rotated to keep you comfortable in your preferred sleeping manner.

This is an excellent pillow option for those who use CPAP machines to be able to sleep soundly and safely Tri-Core Ultimate Pillow - Detailed Review & Verdict throughout the night. The pillow’s construction includes a special edge that keeps the CPAP hose and mask draped in an effortless manner to the side. This allows you to continue sleeping peacefully without being bothered when the hose suddenly gets in the way of your pillow, especially when you move or shift positions during the night. The pillow’s edge also helps maintain the mask’s proper position on the face to prevent it from slipping or exerting too much pressure on the face, which can cause sleep disturbances and pain.

This is also a sound choice for people who want to gradually ease into the habit of using a cervical pillow to ease pain and address neck and shoulder discomfort. This pillow is built with 4 different sizes of neck rolls that provide varying levels of support to prevent pain in the neck as it is kept in correct alignment while you sleep. If you are using a cervical pillow for the first time, it is best to stick to the smaller neck rolls that will help you adjust slowly to using an ergonomically shaped pillow for sleeping. As you get used to transitioning from a conventional pillow to this special type, you can move on to the larger rolls that deliver a greater level of support for increased cervical correction, and if you discover that the stronger support provides you with a more comfortable way of sleeping compared to the milder support level offered by the smaller neck rolls.

About Core Products

Core Products International was established in 1988 as a result of the discomfort experienced by the company’s founder and president, Phil Mattison. When discovered that his incorrect sleeping position was the culprit for his pain, Mattison teamed up with his chiropractor to create a pillow that will work to keep the spine properly and fully supported. Since that first pillow’s launch, the company has offered various pillow products that continue to deliver outstanding cervical support to keep customers sleeping in the most comfortable ways possible.

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