Toddler Bedroom Color Ideas - A Detailed Guide

Let’s face it: a toddler or a baby’s bedroom color choice is more about how you feel rather than about what your toddler prefers. And since this phase passes rather quickly, parents should not go overboard.

Toddler Bedroom Color Ideas - A Detailed Guide

The good news is that you can go wild with your color choices when selecting your toddler’s bedroom colors. After all, you can easily change them.

In this guide, we will discuss some trending toddler bedroom color ideas for you to consider during your home decoration project. A beautifully decorated nursery or toddler’s room is a great way to stimulate your baby intellectually and introduce it to the wonderful world of colors.

Best Toddler Bedroom Color Ideas for 2021

Toddler Bedroom Color Ideas - A Detailed Guide

Instead of simply selecting one color for your toddler’s bedroom, you can choose a theme. A theme will help you use different colors and can even make the selection of accessories, furniture, and other décor elements a lot easier as well. Here are some trendy toddler themes for this year:

1. Gender-based

Many parents simply choose the easy way out and select either pink or blue color for their toddler’s room. A boy-themed blue room or a girl-themed pink room is always an easy and attractive way to make a toddler feel happy and comfortable in the space.

Girl shades popular for 2021 are the classics like pink, lavender, and purples. For boys, trending colors for the year are blue and red.

2. Neutral

Neutral colors like white, yellow, beige, green, aqua, orange, etc. are some other popular choices for toddler rooms. You can pick one of these colors first for the walls and then look for matching bedding. Alternatively, you can pick the bedding first and then choose the wall paint colors. The furniture you add to the room can also make a difference. These days, baby furniture is made of wood and stained white or you can get it in natural cherry, oak, pine, or walnut finish as well.

3. The jungle theme

The jungle theme could also be modified as the Noah’s Ark theme or the animal theme. It is a great way to teach your toddler about different animals. Most boys and girls from 2 to 5 years old love animals. So, you can paint a wall or window with animals peeking in. Also, choose rugs, carpets, and furniture with animal prints.

For the Noah’s Ark theme, you can paint a rainbow on the ceiling with a dove carrying an olive branch at one end.

4. Winnie the Pooh theme

This is another beloved theme for young children. The colors used here primarily include bright yellow, red, and orange. Paint a large tree on the wall and add a pot of honey that Winnie so loves.

5. Stars and moon

Stars and moon represent nighttime or bedtime, and what could be a better theme than that to calm energetic toddlers? You can get creative in this theme: add planets, or follow patterns of the constellations. The colors used in this theme are primarily navy blue, yellow, orange, etc. You can paint the stars and moon or even buy sticky ones. Just make sure that the sticky objects won’t fall or be easily pulled off.

6. Sesame Street theme

You can use a myriad of colors in this wonderful theme: red, blue, yellow, and so on! You cannot go wrong with this theme and can get as creative as you like.

These days, you can easily find wall murals and decals or stencils for these themes.

Some More Tips for Decorating a Toddler Room

Toddler Bedroom Color Ideas - A Detailed Guide

Keep it simple

Decorating your toddler’s room can be a fun project, but you must always keep in mind that your toddler will outgrow this phase very fast. Soon your school-going kid will be complaining about the ‘baby’ room and would want something different.

So, keep the decorations simple. Your child will soon develop his/her own taste and would want things changed. By using simple themes from the start, changing the decorations won’t require too much money or drama.

Choose wallpaper instead of paint

Instead of painting the room, you can go for wallpapers. These are available in beautiful shades these days and you can always find something to meet your needs.

Wallpapers are also less of a hassle, as they do not have toxic fumes or smells like paints have.

Select a neutral palette

A neutral theme is better off in the long run and can be easily changed when your child’s needs change. Baby blue may be cute when your child is a toddler but not when he is seven!

Similarly, select neutral furniture. A fairy bed might seem like a great idea for a small girl but it’s not for a pre-teen!

Add lots of pictures

Focus on creating memories for your kids. Add pictures of near and dear ones – like grandparents and pets – so your child knows who is who growing up.

Add a personal touch

Parents can add their personal touches to the toddlers’ rooms through pieces of framed embroidery,  hand-made quilts, wall art, paintings, etc.

Create a focal point

Toddlers love spending time gazing at hanging stuff. So add plenty of mobiles which can be dream catchers, a string of shells, or safe hanging lamps. These can entertain your wee bub for hours.

Use decals

Decals are easy to remove and come off without damaging the paint or the wallpaper underneath.

Spice up the décor

Once you have all the basics in place, you can choose your pillows, throws, curtains, artwork, etc. These objects are a little more age-specific and are easier to upgrade.

Maximize the storage

Your toddler’s toys and clothes will grow exponentially, so do account for extra storage. Use the area under the bed, tops of wardrobes, behind the door, etc.

Let your toddler have a say!

When you are planning the painting of a baby’s nursery, you can do what you like, but for older kids in the age group of 4-6 years, you can work with your child and plan things together. Not only will this help you foster a close bond with your kid, it will also inspire your kid’s creativity. Moreover, your child will love the fact that you sought his/her help!

Use washable colors

Toddlers with crayons won’t hesitate to mark your walls. So go in for washable or easy-to-clean wall paint. This way, you can reduce the damage done.

FAQs on Toddler Bedroom Colors

Q: What is the most calming color for fussy toddlers?

A: Earth tones like brown and beige with off-white walls are considered calming colors for toddler rooms. You can choose brighter colors for the trims and accents, but avoid entirely painting or wallpapering the walls with bright, saturated colors, as they can be over-stimulating for toddlers.

Green is another popular choice for toddler rooms. While it is refreshing, it is also calming to their young minds.

Q: Is orange a good color to paint a child’s room?

A: Yes, orange and children go hand in hand! Studies show that children that like orange in their rooms, crayons, and clothes are generally very outgoing, sympathetic, and friendly.

Children also respond well to orange. To them, orange is as “friendly as a freckle,” and as “giddy as a giggle.” That is why orange is used so extensively in lollipops, candy, toys, and other kiddie favorites.

Orange is also the first of the secondary colors that kids discover after their initial attraction to brighter primaries like red and blue. It is particularly appealing to the age group of 3- to 6-year-olds.

Specific shades of orange such as peach and apricot are wonderful in kids’ bedrooms as they are nurturing, inviting, and create the perfect setting for some Sunday cuddling.

Q: Do kids cry more in yellow-colored rooms?

A: Yes, some past research has shown that babies and young kids cried more in yellow-colored rooms. However, interior designers are now refuting this “unfounded rumor” and more and more of them are using yellow in nurseries and toddler rooms. They believe that there is no credible research on this theory. Many also feel that yellow is a luminous, happy, and intellectually stimulating color for toddlers.

Conclusion – What Are the Best Toddler Bedroom Colors?

If you are planning to paint your toddler’s room, you can opt for the classic blue or pink based on your child’s gender. Alternatively, you can break these stereotypes and go in for neutral choices like yellow, orange, red, and off-white.

Some calming colors for highly energetic toddlers bouncing off the walls are baby blue, relaxing green, and other pastel shades that make the room serene and tranquil.

Keep in mind, as your child grows, so will their tastes! If they’re old enough, you may want to let them help you choose a color.

We hope this brief guide helps you select your toddler’s room colors.

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