Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper Review – Complete Guide

Why must you get a proper mattress topper to ensure an optimal sleep? There are an abundance of explanations to Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper Review - Complete Guide get a hold of a suitable mattress topper; some of the most noteworthy being that it might make your mattress squashier, can transform the feel of any mattress, and may lengthen the lifetime of the mattress. The Tempur-Pedic topper is indispensable in that case since you can rather get that archetypal and substantial Tempur-Pedic memory foam feel, without going all in on a completely new mattress.

Bear in mind that this Tempur Supreme mattress topper will also adjoin some depth to your bed, accurately up to 3”. They also can assist to maintain the cleanliness of your existing mattress, as some toppers are machine-washable.

If you recognize that your mattress is too slender or too dense, a topper is a grand way to switch it up. Tempur toppers are predominantly grand for guest bedrooms, college dorm beds, Airbnb, or even for expecting women who ought to be sleeping on the left side when they have a perceptible bump.

You don’t require a Tempur-Pedic mattress to make use of the Tempur topper, but it is a grand alternative if you become aware of the fact that Tempur-Pedic mattress might get too firm throughout the seasons (memory foam might get firmer in chilly weather), while still obtaining that comforting curve that thick Tempur-Pedic memory foam presents.

Want to find out if it will suit your sleep preferences? Read on through this coherent and detailed guide to determine if it’s worth buying for your home.


When the brand introduced the initial Tempur-Pedic mattress over 30 years back, the company’s innovative proprietary TEMPUR material transformed the way the users all over the world sleep. TEMPUR material is substantially adaptable, reacting to your body warmth, adjusting to your body mass and exceptional silhouette, giving you custom-made spinal support and vertebral alignment, for uninterrupted sleep. The modernization persists in the present day with innovative mattresses, bases, pillows, and much more. Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper Review - Complete Guide

The company’s vision and mission make certain that each product which is offered helps bring the best and optimal night’s sleep. After 25 years of research and testing design, Tempur-Pedic just alters and innovates its cutting edge technology along with second-to-none precision engineering and research and development just to help all sleepers to sleep better.

Tempur-ProForm Supreme Mattress Topper – Full Review

What makes this mattress topper the best in the market? 3 inches of ground-breaking TEMPUR material, the identical one-of-a-kind sleeping technology incorporated in all of its mattresses is also used in this mattress topper. The sleep gadget is backed by 25 years of renowned and iconic Tempur-Pedic innovation.

Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium-firmness measuring 5-5.5 on a scale of 1-10
Warranty: 25-year limited product warranty
Type: Constructed of proprietary cutting-edge TEMPUR material
Ideal for: Back, side, stomach and combo sleepers of every weight category.

Good for light sleepers and insomniacs who are awakened quite easily since this improves sleep pattern and supports REM sleep cycles.

Great for couples who require motion-isolated sleep surface to cut back partner disturbance.

Good for users who like to buy from well-known brands with greater warranty coverage and assurance of durability and quality.

Good for sleepers needing considerable amount of pressure point and back/body pain relief with accurate spinal and vertebral alignment.

Good for users prone to asthma, hives, and skin allergies since hypoallergenic cover is spongy, cozy and is straightforward to remove, rinse and clean.

Minimalistic, space-saving and lightweight mattress topper is ideal for college students living in dorms, guest rooms, RVs, single people, and urban couples.

Sensible choice for users with longstanding and chronic medical conditions with herniated lumbar in addition to cervical disks.

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
Quality of Materials: Proprietary TEMPUR material tested, evaluated, and backed by 30 years of cutting-edge engineering, clear-cut design, and incessant research and development.
Differentiators: TEMPUR technology adjusts to the user’s body mass, shape, and body temperature for night-long ergonomic comfort and correctly personalized support.

Mattress topper produces no noise creating a tranquil environment for constant sleep.

Comfortable, innovative TEMPUR material augments breathability as well as offers the sinking and cradling feel of memory foam. It distributes weight time and again to align the spine and assuages pressure points.

Washable and removable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic cover permits mattress topper to be totally covered and separable for machine wash in cold water. Hypoallergenic cover presents a dirt-free and healthy sleep environment.

Never bunches up during sleep, giving your bed and mattress clean and straight lines all the time.

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Rating: 4.3/5.0

Material & Construction

TEMPUR-ProForm Supreme 3-inch medium-firm mattress topper is constructed of TEMPUR material and has a removable cover. It is 3″ thick with long-lasting durability.

TEMPUR material was initially formulated to soak up the G-Force of NASA astronauts voyaging into space and now it is protected and transformed by company for sleepers.

Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper is comfortable, ergonomically-supportive and iconic sleep gadget. 3″ of supportive TEMPUR material is ideal for improving practically any mattress type.

This Tempur-Pedic product has legendary TEMPUR material and TEMPUR technology that adjusts to your body mass, silhouette, and temperature for night-long comfort and accurately personalized support. The TEMPUR-Topper Supreme features a detachable and washable cover, which is even dust-mite and allergen-proof.

TEMPUR material has proprietary formulation uniquely responding to any sleeper and adapting to their bodies for perfect support. With 3 inches of first-rate TEMPUR Material, this topper is chunkier than most contenders, and Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper Review - Complete Guide instantaneously promotes the comfort of whichever mattress.

Never try to wash or dry clean this TEMPUR-Topper Supreme. The cover might be taken out and washed in entirely cold water, dried on a colder setting or air drying which is suggested. Never use any chlorine products or any harsh stain removers.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The proprietary cutting-edge TEMPUR material is not characteristic memory foam. The proprietary formulation of TEMPUR has altered the manner the users ought to sleep. And it will do the same for any sleeper who has trouble sleeping owing to materials and fabrics that cause discomfort.

Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper accurately adapts to the user’s body curves no matter the body mass. TEMPUR material acts in response to the body’s temperature, mass, and contour for really bespoke comfort and ergonomic support.

No more trouble with tossing & turning. As it kowtows to the body, TEMPUR material curtails stress points that make you stay awake. It helps you and your partner sleep without interruption. TEMPUR material noticeably decreases motion transfer so your spouse or partner’s movement wouldn’t bother you. Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper responds to the body’s curvature, mass, and form for clear-cut, custom-made support.

Tempur Supreme 3” memory foam mattress topper is designed and structured with the identical stress-relieving TEMPUR material found in the Tempur-Pedic mattresses, this 3-inch memory foam mattress topper conforms and complies to the body shape and curvature to deliver more restful and relaxing experience.

Washable cover is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Bid farewell to dirt, filth, allergens, dust, and dust-mites with a breathable, ventilated, and machine-washable cover. Asthma, hives, and allergies are a thing of past with Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper.

Durability & Warranty

Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper is durable & trustworthy product, in fact, it’s more hard-wearing than the standard memory foam mattress topper; the innovative and proprietary TEMPUR material is designed for years of enduring comfort that won’t ever let you down. Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper Review - Complete Guide

This 3-inch memory foam mattress topper features the proprietary TEMPUR material, so you obtain the identical pressure-relieving comfort and support available in the mattresses. Whether you’re taking this mattress topper on the road trip, or refreshing an older or bumpy mattress, you’ll be sleeping much more profoundly for many years to come. It features a detachable, machine-washable cover and a 3-inch thickness for definitive comfort.

It’s backed by 25 year limited warranty coverage. This Limited Warranty is applicable solely in association with the original purchase of fresh products from sanctioned retailers and extends from original date of purchase of the original product bought. An “original purchaser,” for the objectives of this Limited Warranty, is a person or entity who buys the product straight from Tempur-Pedic or a certified retailer of Tempur-Pedic with the intention of using the merchandise for personal consumer usage and not for commercial/industrial usage and not with the intention to resell the merchandise.

An “authorized retailer,” for objectives of this Limited Warranty, is a person or entity authorized by Tempur-Pedic to sell product straight to original purchasers. A person or entity that procures the product from any source with the intention of reselling the product is an unlawful reseller (“unauthorized reseller”)”.

Tempur Supreme mattress toppers are designed to surpass the uppermost standards and the company stands behind its quality, year after year. Frankly speaking, if your new mattress topper has a manufacturer’s flaw within 25 years of purchase, the company will restore or repair it free of charge. This includes all components of the mattress topper, there’s not any deductible.

How this process works? Pay for a mattress topper from either an official Tempur-Pedic dealer or directly from Tempur-Pedic. Store purchase documents in a secure place to validate the warranty you got with your new purchase. Should you find a warranty flaw, file a claim or call the company to begin the claim process.

This Limited Warranty does not include a normal charge in softness of TEMPUR pressure-assuaging material Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper Review - Complete Guide which does not influence the pressure-alleviating qualities, comfort preference, physical mistreatment or harm to the structure and/or its cover material, counting but not restricted to, burns, and severs, tears, fluid damage, or blemishes and products sold by resellers who are not sanctioned retailers. However, if there is a warranty flaw not caused by abuse or harm, then the mattress topper would be covered under the typical warranty. Replacement of accompanying piece in the Tempur-Pedic topper is not possible where only a sole piece is defective, except the accompanying piece is also defective. It’s not valid for floor models or demonstration models (“demos”) sold at discount.

Users are entitled to free shipping. Purchase any accessory directly from the company and obtain UPS ground shipping free of charge. Free shipping merely applies to UPS ground shipping; upgraded shipping is not a component of this offer. Place an order online, put in items to the shopping cart and free shipping will involuntarily be applied to your order. Or else, place an order on phone. Call a Sleep Expert at the given phone number to place an order. The Sleep Expert shall apply free shipping to the placed order.


Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper has 2 different style names including Medium and Cooling. The different size variants of Tempur Supreme mattress topper available are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

For whom it’s ideal?

Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper is helpful and practical choice for users with longstanding and chronic back problems with herniated lumbar as well as cervical disks along with surgical fusions to address these troubles. They might have tried numerous latex foam and memory foam in addition to latex foam/memory foam blend mattress toppers, but this one is straightforwardly the best choice with proper contouring support.

Light and insomniac sleepers can find it useful as it dramatically improves sleep pattern supporting all REM sleep cycles and is very relaxed and supportive. Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper Review - Complete Guide

Individuals who care for the body contouring support of memory foam would appreciate this Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper as it truly cradles the body without any difficulty.

All types of sleepers of any weight category whether they prefer back, stomach, side or combo sleeping will prefer this topper. It feels solid at first, but still presents pleasant pressure relief.

This is a multi-use topper since this compliant mattress topper is not merely the ideal way to improve your own bed, but also augments comfort in guest rooms, dorms, for road trips, and more. Not only this supports the single users and couples, it is great for kids and overnight guests who need a comfy surface to lounge, rest, or nap. Since it is lightweight and easily transportable, it is good for traveling in RVs and long road trips. College students may find it idyllic for dorms owing to its minimal, space-saving lightweight nature.

Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper is ideal for users that like to purchase only from big, renowned, and well-established brands who are confident of the quality, class, and durability of the products they sell. Risk-averse shoppers will prefer it since Tempur Supreme 3” mattress topper comes with 25-year limited warranty coverage.


  • Proprietary TEMPUR material gives the indistinguishable pressure-relieving ergonomic comfort and support available in the Tempur-Pedic mattresses
  • 3″ thick with longer-lasting resilience
  • Ergonomic relief for chronic back problems including herniated lumbar, cervical disks
  • Helps in all REM sleep cycles
  • Adapts to user’s body curves and temperature
  • Body contouring and spinal support of memory foam
  • Good for back, stomach, side or combo sleeping positions
  • 25-year limited warranty coverage and free shipping to original purchasers
  • Perfect for guests, kids, dorms and RVs
  • Removable and machine-washable outer cover


  • Not ideal for budget shoppers who want to spend way below for a topper
  • Not recommended for individuals that favor more neutral, yielding foam feel in place of memory foam
  • Hot sleepers might find it less than comfy as this is not a cooling topper
  • Particularly heavy users who want an even thicker mattress topper may not like it


Nearly 95% consumers divulge a sanguine and positive experience with this Tempur Supreme mattress topper Tempur-ProForm Mattress Topper Review - Complete Guide regardless of their mattress kind, comfort penchants, and sleeping position.

As any consumer does with the products he’s buying or looking to buy; the professional bedding assessments predictably necessitate comparing them with added equivalent products. Considering tremendous build quality, consumer experience, or resilience, this Tempur mattress topper has a concrete edge over the competitor brands selling now at the market.

Tempur has created a sensible mattress topper that gives enormous pain/pressure relief with an elevation of barely 3”. The memory foam topper keeps you relaxed, ache-free and your bed comfy. If you have a mattress that has become too firm, unbalanced or a bit saggy, buying this Tempur Supreme mattress topper would be a brilliant selection.

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