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Teen Bedroom Colors - A Detailed Guide

Every teenager’s room should be a comfortable retreat – a relaxing place s/he can escape to from the hectic outside world. The colors you choose for your teenager’s room should reflect his or her personality and favorite activities in addition to providing ample light for reading and studying.

Teen Bedroom Colors - A Detailed Guide

If you or your teen aren’t happy with their current room or you are decorating or painting your entire home, then find out which colors to choose for your teenager’s room.

(Make sure you consult your teen before making your color choices. After all, every teen would want his or her room to reflect their personal choice and not someone else’s.)

Teen Room Color Schemes to Set the Mood!

Teen Bedroom Colors - A Detailed Guide

The main colors you select for your room will transform the occupant’s mood. For people of this age group, instead of selecting a single color, it is best to go in for a theme or a specific decorating style that involves different colors.

For example, if your teen likes the seaside, you can select colors such as aqua, turquoise, and shades of blue and green. Alternatively, go in for shabby chic, gothic, rock, or other themes that your teen is into.

Here are some popular themes and color ideas to consider for teenagers’ rooms.

English Cottage Theme

An English cottage theme is ideal for a teenage girl’s room. It involves the use of pinks and greens in delicate floral prints or even stripes and plaids. Use elegant chintz fabrics in the bedspreads with these pastel colors. You can accessorize the room taking your teen’s likes into account. Paintings, rugs, vases filled with flowers, and crystal chandeliers are some popular accessories for this age group.

Seaside Theme

This is another popular theme for teen boys and girls. As expected, you can go in for blue, aqua, tan, yellow, and shades of green. Use comfy rattan or wicker furniture with sturdy fabrics. Keep window treatments airy and light and go in for accessories like seashells in various shades and sizes, nautical-themed figurines, wooden boats, lighthouses, dolphins, portholes, fishing nets, and so on.

Shabby Chic

This theme may be more popular with girls. It involves the use of soft whites, pastel pinks, muted grays, faded greens, and mostly white furniture. In fact, the furniture may be sanded to appear worn. You can add accessories such as mismatched china, crystal chandeliers, vintage lacy linens, and soft floral bedspreads.


The southwestern theme is characterized by the use of cactus greens, adobe reds, and sandy neutrals with accents of bright yellows, dusty oranges, and turquoise. You can also get your teens involved in the decoration by making hand-painted tiles for the floors and walls. For accessories, go in for large-sized wrought-iron pottery. Use leather and suede in the fabrics and opt for over-sized furniture made of iron and wood.

Romantic Theme

A feminine and romantic-themed teenage girl’s room can use reds, pinks, floral prints, and flowing fabrics. The bed can have a canopy and lacy spreads. There should be minimum angles and more curves and smooth lines in the room. The romantic-themed room can have plenty of heart-shaped pillows and pink or red rugs. Use small-scale furniture in this theme.

Tropical Theme

This is another neutral theme for boys’ or girls’ rooms. It involves the use of sky blue, olive greens, browns, earthy tones, and accents of red. The theme is also characterized by animal prints. Bamboo blinds are a great idea for this theme. Opt for accessories like jungle-themed lamps, Hawaiian luau wall art, pineapple clocks, and other tropical-themed, large-scale accessories.

Western Theme

This décor features the use of honey-colored wood, gray stone, and black wrought iron metal. The primary colors you can use in this theme are brick reds, terracotta, forest greens, navy, etc. In this theme, the furniture used is large-scale and generally rustic. For your fabrics, go for leather, suede, old Indian blankets, and throws.

6 Easy Tips To Choose Teen Bedroom Colors

Teen Bedroom Colors - A Detailed Guide

Know when to use dark or light

If the room is small, go for lighter shades to make it appear bigger. Conversely, for a larger room, use darker colors to make it cozier. Light wall colors can also increase the light in the room for reading and studying.

You can also opt for one wall in a different shade, generally darker, if you want to make a narrow room appear wider. The converse is also true: make a wider room appear narrower by painting the longer wall in a lighter shade to make it appear to recede in the distance.

Here are some more tips to make a small room appear larger:

  • Use solid-color upholstery
  • Paint the door trims and walls in the same shade to unify the space
  • Make sure that the window treatments’ color blends in with the wall color.
  • For curtains, use solid colors or small prints. If using printed colors, make the background of the curtain match the wall color.

Know your color temperatures

Colors have a temperature and you can choose from warm or cool schemes. Whether you opt for the former or the latter, you can select two or three colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Use this color wheel to know which two colors look good together.

Some great pairs include red and orange or blue, and blue-green and green. Alternatively, if you do not want a warm or cool scheme and wish to keep things neutral, go for opposite or complementary colors like red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and violet.

Test before you finalize

Always test the paint on a small patch of your wall before you finalize it. You can paint a piece of poster board on a wall and hang it up to get an idea as to how it will appear.

Make sure to observe how the paint changes with changing daylight. Also note how the color is affected by the artificial lighting in the room.

Make gradual changes

If you are not sure of the outcome of the scheme, you can make small changes in the beginning. This can include simply changing the accessories, cushions, bedspread, comforters, pillows, etc. Next, you can try painting just one wall or adding color by changing the window treatments like blinds and curtains.

Don’t ignore the power of color

Painting the walls in your favorite color is certainly one way of selecting your bedroom colors. However, the change can be dramatic – so you must choose carefully. Sometimes, you might find a color you normally love might overpower the room. Instead of a positive effect, it can induce negativity or may even cause stress or headaches.

Always consider the existing elements

Always take into account your existing furniture colors. This can also help you choose whether to keep the walls light or dark. Objects will be more visible and prominent against contrasting backgrounds, so if you have dark furniture, opt for lighter walls and vice versa.

FAQs on Teen Bedroom Colors

What is a good color for a teen girl’s bedroom?

Teens these days love brighter colors like orange, bright blues, purples, magenta, browns, red, yellow, green, and navy. You can also go for black as an accent color or a primary color used with bright pops of other accents. Some popular girls’ colors in 2021 include pink, yellow, red, gold, lime green, lavender, violet, and light orange.

What colors are good for a teen boy’s bedroom?

Teenage boys usually prefer bright blue, green, warm brown, red, beige, rich navy, cobalt blue, emerald greens, etc. Some other popular boys or masculine colors for 2021 are earthy colors, white, orange, and black.

What should a teenager’s room include?

In addition to a cozy and comfortable bed, a teenager’s room should have a desk, a reading lamp, plenty of posters, a full-length mirror, an area rug, several pillows, shelves for books, etc. You can also accessorize with standing or hanging lamps, some indoor plants, clocks, bean chairs, plush toys/cars, vases with flowers, chandeliers, etc.

How can I make my room look more ‘teenage’?

Upgrade to a larger bed. Add in some new bedspreads. Change the posters from your pre-teen days to current teenage favorites. Add bolder colors in the throws, rugs, and pillows. These simple changes can go a long way in making the room more “teenager-friendly.”

What is the best-sized bed for teenagers?

Teenagers’ rooms can do with twin XL beds. They are the same width as twin beds but approximately 4-5 inches longer to accommodate growing teens and taller kids.

Conclusion – Teen Bedroom Colors

Your Teenager’s bedroom can be designed keeping in mind a child transitioning from a boy or girl into a young man or woman.

You can choose one of the schemes above or go in for the classic teenage favorite colors like purples, blues, oranges, browns, reds, and greens. You can also choose the bed as the room’s focal point and select accessories that will help transform the room into a calming, relaxing, and fun retreat for your teen.

Always check with your teen before you select their bedroom colors. We hope this article helps you and your teen come up with a great space for them to study, grow, and have fun!

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