Snuggle Pedic Mattress Review

Snuggle Pedic MattressWe all know how important restful sleep is for all of us. In today’s fast paced world, we cannot afford to remain inactive and lazy but lack of sleep can make us feel unproductive and lethargic throughout the day.  Many of us complain of sleepless nights or in some extreme cases insomnia as well. There are many factors which need to be in accordance with each other for us to get a sound sleep. Noise, light, environment, stress etc. are some of the reasons behind sleepless nights. However, the most important factor of a good night’s rest is the bed we sleep on.

Mattresses have been a part of our lives since countless generations. The snuggle-pedic mattress is one such timeless product even though it has not been around for that long. A 100% USA manufactured mattress, the Snuggle pedic mattress is unlike any other of its kind. With great support and efficient air flow, this mattress is quite a revolutionary product, which is available at almost half the cost of other premium mattresses. 

Construction and Design of the Snuggle pedic mattress review

Manufactured in the USA, this mattress is designed for the ultimate human body support. The mattress is great at maintaining posture even when one is balled up tight like an infant. With age comes various aches in the bones, joints and muscles. Snuggle-Pedic mattress by Relief-mart ensures a plush yet firm support to the body posture. The softness helps in pampering the spine and other joints.

Made from only the best materials that are Centi-PUR US certified ensures that the mattress is environment friendly with absolutely next to nil V.O.C levels. This mattress is designed to give the feel of a foam/gel mattress with the accessibility and ease of movement of a traditional mattress. For this, the Snuggle-pedic mattress has an extra firm lower layer with a pressure relieving surface to provide maximum support. Flex-support technology applied to this mattress has provided the same pressure relief which the best memory foam mattresses or a gel mattress gives.

Snuggle-pedic mattress comes with a patented airflow transfer system which combines both ventilation holes and ventilation channels to provide maximum breathability. The developers of this mattress have also ensured a unique connection between the airways to keep the mattress and the person using it cool throughout the night.

The best part of the construction of Snuggle-pedic mattress is the free zipper cover it comes with. This zipper removable cover system allows for adjustments to the mattress firmness and layers. This ‘kool-flow’ mattress cover is also washable and very convenient. Snuggle-pedic mattress takes only about an hour to expand and gives out absolutely no odor or smell. As compared to other mattresses of similar kind, Snuggle-pedic has a firm construction and design. The breathability of the mattress is extremely good, with the surface of the mattress always cool to touch.  It allows for zero ripple effect which means that a bounce on one side of the mattress would hardly be felt on the other end. This proves to be extremely helpful for people who share their bed with others. 

Performance of Snuggle-pedic mattress

The Snuggle-pedic mattress has a high bounce tendency which does not let up even under extreme weight. The Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) is approximately 17 for top comfort layers and 36 for bottom base layers. This means that Snuggle-pedic mattress can comfortably be used by a person weighing about 5oo lb. or an overall weight of 1000 lb., with absolutely no trouble.

The height is perfect at 10 inches and various layers, including separate ones provided for firmness and comfort, ensure maximum support with minimum discomfort. As the mattress is created out of hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant materials which are also environment friendly, there is absolutely no gassing. Manufactured in USA by Relief-Mart, only the highest quality and standards are maintained.

People have different preferences; many a times we end up paying loads for customizations. Relief-mart, with their customer centric approach, delivers the Snuggle-pedic mattress with a cover that doubles up as a layer controller. The special cover system also allows for any firmness adjustment which a person needs. The mattress, by default, comes with a surface that is firm yet comfortable to suit all body types.

With a customizable height of 10 inches, the Snuggle-pedic mattress weighs only 68lb., which makes it easy to handle and very convenient to use. The ventilated Snuggle-flex comfort layer uses 3lb. density memory foam and channeled base layer has 1.8lb density polyurethane. This allows the manufacturer to give a 20 year warranty.

Snuggle-pedic mattress is highly compatible with any adjustable bed base. It is a unique design created from over 15 years of mattress making experience.  Relief-mart has ensured that the construction of this mattress suits all body types. Regardless of age or body structure of a person, Snuggle-pedic mattress is designed to provide maximum support and comfort. The foam used, ensures there is absolutely no disturbance to a partner due to the movement of another. This proved true even in the case of extremely heavy set people. 

Added features and benefits of purchasing Snuggle-pedic mattress

Relief mart provides an option to customize the mattress as per individual needs, if required. Snuggle-pedic mattress is manufactured in a South Carolina facility which allows the manufacturer to offer this feature. However, it is imperative that the customizations be conveyed before a product is shipped. Snuggle-pedic mattress is created out of special foam which allows for necessary softness yet remains unyielding. This provides maximum comfort without the sensation of drowning.

Relief-mart is famous for providing exactly what they advertise. This is the greatest advantage of purchasing from this brand. Dimensions, weight, height, quality of materials used etc. are as marketed, with no nasty surprises post purchase. 

Cons of Snuggle-pedic mattress

Every mattress is unique with their own set of pros and cons. Here are a couple of areas where the Snuggle pedic mattress could have been better. These disadvantages are not based on comparison with other mattresses as those are lacking in these areas too.

  • Comfort Pads

If you are a fan of comfort pads, then be advised that this mattress gets warm. Comfort pads tend to block breathability of air through the mattress, increasing the body’s temperature. However, with a soft upper layer the need for a comfort pad is greatly reduced.

  • Customization

Relief-mart provides for individual customizations to the Snuggle-pedic mattress. A down side to this is that the customizations need to be informed before the mattress is shipped to the seller.

  • Packaging

Snuggle-pedic mattress comes rolled up in a vacuum sealed convenient box. However, it takes at least 2 people to lift the box. 

Pros of Snuggle-pedic mattress

There are many advantages of purchasing the Snuggle-pedic mattress that overshadows its limitations. The ones that matter are: –

  • Optimal temperature

Snuggle-pedic mattress, with its patented airflow transfer system, ensures a unique cooling experience to the person using it. Ventilation channels and holes aid in flow of air and breathability of the mattress.

  • Competitive pricing

This mattress is priced very competitively at almost half the cost of other premium mattresses. Relief-mart has ensured the same standards of quality and material used, yet managed to keep the pricing down. This has been made possible by procurement and manufacture done in USA.

  • Firmness and support

Snuggle-pedic mattress, with its layers and foam, provides the right combination of support and comfort. No night is wasted on tossing and turning due to uncomfortable postures.

  • No Gassing

The mattress is created from high quality Centi-PUR US certified materials, which prevents any smell of gas. The materials used are also environment friendly.

  • Convenient cover

Snuggle pedic mattress comes with a convenient cover which is useful in firmness adjustment as well.

  • Warranty

There is a 20 year warranty to this mattress which covers many kinds of defects and damage.

  • Trial and Return period

A big advantage of Snuggle-pedic mattress is that Relief-mart has provided a 90 nights no question asked return period. The mattress also comes with a 4 month trial period.

  • USA made

A fundamental USP of Snuggle pedic mattress by Relief-mart is that it is created right here in the US, in South Carolina facility. This provides for great control over the manufacturing process, quality and set standards. 

The Verdict

The advantages of the Snuggle-pedic mattress outweigh the shortcomings that are anyways due to the limitations of the industry, as no mattress in this category offers those features. The 20 year warranty, with a 4 month trial period, is enough to make one try out this mattress. Added features and benefits provided by Relief-marthas swayed many users to give highly positive reviews for this product.

Snuggle-pedic mattress is one of a kind product, with its roots based in the USA. Made with high quality dust & mite resistant and hypoallergenic materials, this mattress has carved a niche of its own. The mattress also provides basic comfort and support; created to suit all body types, Snuggle-pedic mattress is extremely comfortable for all people especially when you also get the best mattress toppers.

The competitive pricing is what makes the Snuggle-pedic mattress by Relief-mart a must purchase. Combine it with the exceptional customer service and you have a great product in your hands.

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