Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review

The Signature Sleep 8 Inch Coil Mattress has been designed and constructed to allow tight sleep night after Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review night. It is reversible as both its surfaces are exactly the same in terms of content, quality, and performance. The mattress has been made out of very high-quality CertiPUR-US certified foams. The central layer of the mattress consists of independently encased coil springs which are instrumental in isolating motion on the surface of the mattress. The sleep partners sleep soundly on it as neither is disturbed by the movement of the other. The coil springs are covered on both sides by high-density foam, which can evenly distribute body weight across the entire surface of the mattress. These foam layers also relieve pressure points from the head to toe. This mattress has been constructed to comply with the federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633. The mattress is delivered to the customer in compressed and rolled form after vacuum sealing it. This allows for a lot of convenience and comfort.

Materials and Construction

The Signature Sleep 8 Inch Coil Mattress has got two layers of high-density foam. One is on top of this mattress, and the other one is on the bottom of the mattress. The mattress does not have a top or bottom as it is reversible. The top and bottom layers of foam are exactly the same. The mattress can be flipped when required and can be used with either side up.

In the last decade, the use of high-density foam, which is polyurethane foam of high density has grown very popular in the mattress industry as well as other build and design industries. Many other materials which had been used earlier in many products are now getting replaced with high-density foam. This material has also exhibited insular properties with regards to both sound and heat. High-density foam is elegant and beautiful to look at. Although it is not seen in the mattress, yet the shape that it gives to the mattress along with its cushioning and even weight distribution properties make it a very suitable material for use in mattresses. The high-density foam mattress is very easy to maintain well. The high-density foam layers on both the top and bottom of the mattress ensure that Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review whichever side is used to sleep on, the weight of the body would be evenly distributed and the tissue points which include the hips, shoulders, neck, head ad knees would be relieved of any stress. This type of foam is also very long-lasting and stands the test of time very easily. It is solid and robust and can last for decades if properly taken care of. As a result of easy maintenance, the cost of maintenance in the long run for the mattress is also reduced.

The weight of the body has a lot of impact on the top layer of the mattress. For this reason, it is directly related to the durability of the mattress. The material used in the top layer of the mattress needs to be such that it would tend to last for a very long time. If low-density foams used in the top layer of the mattress, the top layer would start to degrade very fast, and the mattress would not last for a long time. Low-density foam would start to degrade just one year after use. Therefore, the manufacturer has ensured that the top layer of the mattress is composed of high-density foam and not low-density one as it is designed to last for decades. The same is the case with the bottom-most layer of the mattress, which is also made out of high-density foam. The reason is that this mattress is reversible and can be used on either side. When flipped, the bottom layer would be on the top, and it would have to bear the weight of the body. The use of high-density foam in the bottom layer serves its purpose when the mattress is flipped.

High-density foam used in this mattress can last for a very long time, and it also boasts a very high level of compression and performance. It is also not very costly and does not add too much to the price of the mattress. At the same time. It offers pressure point relief. When a person sleeps on any surface, the gravity tends to take him down while the surface on which the person is sleeping tries to apply a push back in the upward direction. This often causes a lot of stress to develop at specific parts of the body like the head, neck, shoulders, hips, and the knees. This high-density foam tends to relieve this pressure; otherwise, the sleeper would get up with numb legs in the morning, and the muscles would be sore. The ability of the high-density foam to relieve these pressure points enables the individual to get up refreshed and fully energized after a deep and sound night’s rest.

The two high-density foam layers on the top and bottom of the mattress have allayer of individually pocketed coil springs in the middle. These coil springs are made out of 15-gauge steel and are very robust, flexible, and strong. Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review There is a total of 800 individual coil springs, and each one of these is independently encased. The reason these are individually wrapped in pockets is to ensure that the mattress isolates motion and not transfer it. When a couple sleeps on this mattress, only those coil springs are compressed which are directly under the two bodies. When one sleep partner moves on the mattress or gets up from the bed, coil springs under him/her would bounce back to their original position, and thus the motion is not transferred to the other sleep partner who is still on the mattress. This is an ideal benefit for couples with different sleep schedules. The motion is isolated and does not transfer over to the other sleep partner.

The mattress also includes a breathable soft knit fabric cover. This is included to provide a soft surface and to ensure breathability. The cover allows for air circulation through it, which wicks away the sweat and moisture from the body and keeps it cool and dry. The absence of sweat and moisture ensure a very comfortable and deep sleep throughout the night.  The combination of the breathable cover, the high-density foam layer on the top and the coil spring layer ensures that the body remains extremely comfortable throughout the night. The pressure points are relieved, and the weight of the body is evenly distributed. The coil springs provide ultimate support for the body and add to the comfort level. They aid to prevent the body from sinking into the mattress by providing a push back. When the mattress is flipped, the characteristics and the properties remain exactly the same.

The high-density foams used in the mattress in the top and bottom layers are CertiPUR-US certified. This is a third-party independent laboratory verification that the foams utilized in this mattress do not contain any harmful chemicals and are free of such chemicals as flame retardants, PBDEs, phthalates, TDCPP or TCEP, formaldehyde, mercury, etc. This certification is provided for foams and gives a fair idea about their content and performance.  A CertiPUR-US certified foam is certified for its contents as well as for its performance. Thus, the performance of the high-density foam layers used in this mattress is certified as well. The certification also ensures that the foams contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) at a very low level and that their emissions are well under control and within acceptable limits. This is important for health and wellness at home and also ensures that the room air quality Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review would always be good

The mattress also meets the 16 CFR 1633 Federal flammability standard. This refers to the Title 16 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1633 for mattresses and mattress pads. It is an act of the US Congress in conjunction with the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). This standard was put into effect from July 1, 2007, onwards. The purpose of this act by Congress and CPSC is to ensure that deaths and injuries due to mattress fires are reduced by putting limitations on the size of the fire caused as tested on a mattress for 30 minutes. It is important to comply with this safety standard as it saves homes and other places from the hazards of fire and its consequences. It is also important for organizations as the organizations become liable for death or injury that talks place on its premises. As a requirement enforced by this standard, every mattress manufacturer has to put the mattress prototype through a 30-minute test for flammability. It is conducted on an open flame after following a strict procedure. If the mattress passes the test, it is considered compliant to the 16 CFR 1633 Federal flammability standard, and it is permitted to be distributed. This mattress conforms to this test.

Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness Medium Firm
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty from DHP as a part of the Mattress Warranty Program
Type: Hybrid Mattress (Foam plus Coil Springs)
Size Available: Twin, Full, Queen, King
Ideal for: All types of sleepers including side, back and stomach sleepers,
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified foams and 15-gauge Coil Springs
Differentiators Breathable and supportive. Conforms to CFR 1633 Federal flammability standard.
Comparable Mattresses: Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress – Medium-Firm Feel

Signature Sleep Mattress, King Mattress, 10 Inch Hybrid Coil Mattress

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Comfort & Ergonomics

The comfort provided by the mattress results from the use of the soft knit breathable fabric cover on the mattress Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review and the high-density foam layer on the top of the mattress. The soft, breathable cover ensures comfort by wicking away sweat and moisture away from the body and ensures that it remains dry and cool throughout the night regardless of whether it is summer or any other season. In the winter nights, the body would be kept warm and dry. The soft, breathable cover ensures that a sweat-ree and moisture-free microenvironment for sound sleep is created on top of the mattress, which provides temperature regulation for the body and manages the moisture as well. The top layer of the mattress ensures that the body’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress.  In traditional spring mattresses, the bodyweight would essentially be concentrated on those coil springs which were directly under the body. In this mattress, the top high-density foam layers distribute it evenly throughout the surface f the mattress. This provides a lot of comfort to the body.

The top layer provides comfort by relieving the pressure points too. In traditional spring mattress, as the weight was concentrated right under the body, the knees, shoulders, and hips were stressed too much resulting in the individual waking up with sore muscles or numb legs in the morning. With this mattress, the weight is evenly distributed, and the knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and head are properly supported, and the stress on these body parts is released. This enhances the level of comfort for the body.

The ergonomics of the mattress are related to the use of the heavy steel coil springs which are very flexible and robust. They get compressed under the weight of the body, and when the body shifts, the coil springs bounce back to their original shape. This way, the mattress cradles the body and molds around it. The body is fully supported by the coil springs as the coil springs offer the ultimate level of support because of the strength and durability. The coil springs ensure that the body does not sink into the mattress. The level of comfort is also related to the level of support offered by the bottom part of the mattress. The use of coil springs under the top cover and high-density foam layer ensure that the body is always fully supported. The support is quite evident at the neck, head, knees, hips, and shoulders and is instrumental in enhancing the overall comfort and ergonomics provided to the sleeper by this mattress. In the case of couples, the mattress provides comfort by ensuring that there is no motion transfer and that the movements of one sleep partner are isolated from the other and vice versa.

The fact that the foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified and that the mattress conforms to the CFR Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review 1633 Federal flammability standard is also a great source of comfort. The mattress is free of any harmful chemicals which can prove to be detrimental to the health and wellness of the sleeper. The absence of formaldehyde, PBDEs, phthalates as well as flame retardants ensures the sleeper that he/she is resting and sleeping in a healthy environment and that the VOC emissions are also within acceptable limits and under control. The room air quality remains at a good level, and this ensures further comfort to the sleeper. The conformance of the mattress to the CFR 1633 Federal flammability standard is also a source of great satisfaction as the mattress has passed the mandatory 30-minute flammability test which the manufacturer has undertaken on this mattress to ensure that it conforms to this federal standard.

Durability and Warranty

The Signature Sleep Contour mattress has been designed to last for a very long time. The materials used in it are of very high quality, and in terms of their manufacture, they are long-lasting materials. The high-density foam used in the top and bottom layers of this mattress are durable because of their high density. Lower density foams are usually degraded in the very first year of use of they are used on the top layer of mattresses. In this mattress, the top layer and the bottom layer (which becomes the top layer when the mattress is switched) are both made out of high-density foam. The higher the density of the foam, the better is its quality, and the higher is its durability. The use of highly durable and high-quality high-density foam in the top and bottom layers of the mattress ensures its overall durability. The top layer does not degrade over time even after years of use as it is strong and robust. \

The durability of the top ad bottom layer of high-density foam is further certified by the CertiPUR-US certification. Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review The foams are certified not to possess any harmful chemicals which could degrade the performance of the mattress. These include chemicals such as flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, PBDEs, mercury, ozone depleters, etc. All of these chemicals are not just harmful to human health and wellness. They can also degrade the performance of the mattress over time. The third-party independent laboratory testing and certification ensures that the mattress is not just certified for contents but also its performance. The conformance to the CFR 1633 Federal flammability standard also points towards higher durability as the mattress has been test6ed on an open flame for 30 minutes after following a strict prescribed procedure as a part of a flammability test required for this conformance to the federal safety standard.

The coil spring layer in the mattress is an epitome of the durability of the mattress; The coil springs are made out of 15-gauge steel, and this makes them very flexible ad robust. They tend to last for decades without any degrading in their performance. These are high-quality spring coils which have been designed to offer the right amount of push back to the body, and they are highly resilient and take their shape immediately after the bodyweight on them is removed or shifts. The coil springs are central to the durability of this mattress.

The durability of the mattress is also related to the way it is cleaned and maintained. As it contains foam, it should only be spot cleaned, and no chemicals or bleach should be used. In case of a large liquid spill, a piece of cloth could be utilized to press against the spill, and the liquid should be oozed out. Then, it can be air-dried and no heat should be used; otherwise, the pressure-relieving properties of the high-density foam could be affected. As such, electric blankets and heating pads should not be used on this mattress.  The mattress should also be placed on a solid foundation or bed frame to ensure that it does not sag after a few months of use. The bed frame or the foundation must also hold the mattress properly ensuring that the mattress does not wobble or slide.  The cover is not removable, and it cannot be removed and washed. The mattress should be kept in an airy room upon arrival. And unpacking. It needs to expand and off-gas.  The mattress should be kept uncovered with any bedding, etc. for at least 72 hours preferably with the fan turned on. The process air is thus given off, and the room air replaces it in the Signature Sleep Mattress 8 Inch Coil Mattress Review mattress. The mattress stops giving any smell and becomes available for use.

The mattress carries a 10-year limited warranty from DHP (The Signature Sleep warranty link takes the web site visitor to DHP website where it lists the warranty for Signature Sleep mattresses to be for ten years. This is listed in the form of a table as a part of the Mattress Warranty Program) for this class of mattresses. The limited warranty covers defects due to materials and workmanship. The defects due to mishandling or during transportation are not covered. Burns, wear and tear, cuts, etc. are not covered either. The manufacturer would replace the mattress if found defective, and only a $75 charge for shipping and handling would be applied.


The Signature Sleep 8-inch Coil Mattress is 8-inches high, and the height of the sleep system would be this height plus the height of the bed frame base or the foundation base.  The mattress is available in only four sizes. These are the Twin, Full, Queen, and the King sizes. The Twin size mattress weighs 42,9 lbs. And its product dimensions are 75 x 39 x 8 inches. The Full size weights 59.4 lbs. And its size is 74 x 54 x 8 inches. The product dimensions for the Queen size are 80 x 60 x 8 inches, and the weight is 68.2 lbs. The Kingsize mattress weights 90 lbs. And the product dimensions are 80 x 76 x 8 inches.

Who is it Ideal for?

The Signature Sleep 8 Inch Coil Mattress has got a soft, breathable cover on top and a high-density foam layer. It is a medium-firm mattress and can be used by those who prefer medium-firm to firm mattresses. As for sleep patterns, it can be used by all people regardless of whether they sleep on their stomach, sides, or the back.


  • The mattress has a soft knit fabric cover which is breathable.
  • The mattress has got a high-density foam layer on the top and bottom of the mattress, which ensures even weight distribution and pressure point relief.
  • The mattress is reversible.
  • The mattress has a coil spring layer with its 800 coil springs made out of 15-gauge steel.
  • The mattress is highly durable.
  • The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified.
  • The mattress conforms to the CFR 1633 Federal flammability standard for fire safety.


  • Some people complain of sagging after six months of use.
  • Some people feel a lack of support in the middle.


The Signature Sleep 8 Inch Coil Mattress is a breathable and supportive mattress. It is CertiPUR-US certified and conforms to the CFR 1633 Federal flammability standard for fire safety. It has also been tested for it. The mattress is good for all types of sleepers. It is reversible and can be flipped to increase its durability further.

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