Signature Sleep Justice Mattress – Ultimate Review

The Signature Sleep Justice 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress has been designed and constructed to provide a very Signature Sleep Justice Mattress Review comfortable and deep rest. It is a perfect blend of the cool gel memory foam and highly supportive independently encased coil springs. Together, they provide the ideal balance between comfort and support. One can enjoy the coolness produced by the infusion of gel beads into the memory foam as these are instrumental in keeping the body as cool and comfortable as possible. Proper spinal alignment is guaranteed by the combination of this gel memory foam with independently encased steel coil springs. The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, and at the same time, it conforms to the federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 safety standard. The mattress is delivered in compressed form after rolling it and vacuum seal it for the convenience during transport.

Materials and Construction

The Signature Sleep Justice 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress has been constructed using high-quality materials which include gel-infused memory foam, Comfort Foam pillow top, fire retardant barrier, four layers of high-density support foam and a layer of Comfort Insulator pad which helps to relieve pressure points. This is followed by a 10-inch thick layer of independently encased coil springs. All of these are enclosed in a highly breathable knit fabric cover which allows for air circulation through it and keeps the body and the mattress cool. It wicks away the sweat and moisture and creates a dry and cool sleep surface. The microenvironment created on top of the mattress is conducive to a deep and restful sleep as it is soft and breathable.

Immediately after the cover, this mattress contains a layer of Comfort foam pillow top. This layer enables a high level of comfort. The comfort foam is a higher density foam as compared to memory foam and is used to provide comfort to the body. This layer of foam provides a certain level of support as well. The body feels comfortable but does not sink into the mattress. The comfort foam layer is a Polyurethane or Polyfoam layer which is used as a comfort foam layer under the cover. Polyfoam; at alchemical level, is quite similar to memory foam in many respects. However, polyfoam provides a quicker bounce back as compared to memory foam, and as such, it is quite resilient.  It never lets the body sink into the mattress as the memory foam would tend to do.  This enables people with big bodies and heavyweight to use this mattress with comfort and ease. It can offer a high level of support to the hips and shoulders, and this is very important for side sleepers. Thus, this mattress is very comfortable and supportive for sie sleepers besides being well suited to back and stomach sleepers as well. The high-density Comfort foam is also known as HD Polyfoam.  Normally, its density is between 1.5 and 1.7 pounds per square foot. As compared to conventional foam, this HD polyfoam used as comfort foam is more durable. As in this mattress, it is used in thin layers and tandem Signature Sleep Justice Mattress Review with other fine foams. Here, it is used with four layers of higher density support foam and gel memory foam.

Immediately under the Comfort Polyfoam layer, there is a layer of fire-retardant material. The mattress conforms to the Federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 safety standard. This is a fire-related safety standard for mattresses and mattress pads.  The full name for this standard, which is the unabbreviated form is ‘Title 16 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1633’. It is an act of the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the United States Congress. It has been effective since July 1, 2007 and is an official act, as such.  According to this standard, the purpose of this act is to ensure reduction of deaths as well as injuries related to mattress fires. It aims to reduce these by limiting the size of the possible fires which are generated by a mattress set conducted in the form of a 30-minute test. This safety act also protects businesses and organizations as they have to bear the liability in case of loss of life or property due to fires. They have to be liable to any injury or death caused by mattress fires, and the consequences could lead to serious financial losses or even complete shutdown of the business organization or its facility. As a requirement under this act, all mattress manufacturers are required to take their mattress prototypes band subject them to this 30-minute flammability test. The procedure is strictly followed, and the test is done over an open flame. In case the mattress passes the test, it is considered approved and ready for distribution. Mattresses which fail the test cannot be manufactured until they are modified to meet the act criteria ad when they meet the standard, they are allowed to be distributed. Mattresses that pass this test can state a label which states that the mattress conforms to this act. The labels also bear the name and address of the manufacturer, and therefore, the purchaser can easily conform this by locating this label on the mattress.

Below the fire-retardant layer, there are four layers of high-density support foam. This is also HD polyfoam with a higher density as these are required to support the body and the upper layers of the mattress. As a support foam, HD polyfoam is used below the comfort foam layer. Most of the pressure is already absorbed by the comfort foam layer at the top.  Thus, the support layers last foe a very long time and they not degrade over time as well. High-density polyfoams usually very hard to find in plush versions. Mostly, it is firm, and that is why it is used in the four support Signature Sleep Justice Mattress Review layers in this mattress.  These four layers provide both support and comfort to the body especially in conjunction with the gel-infused memory foam layer which lies underneath these four support foam layers.  These layers maintain their firmness for long periods as they are better in quality as compared to conventional polyfoam. When their characteristics are combined with the coil springs at the bottom, the result is a very high level of support, comfort, and durability. The resilience of such sleep system is very high.

Right under the four layers of high-density support foam, there is a layer of gel-infused memory foam. The gel infusion in memory foam enables the memory foam layer to provide a very cool and highly breathable memory foam layer, which keeps the sleep system cool and dry. The enhanced air circulation due to the gel infusion and open cell structure of the ensuing memory foam construction wick away moisture and sweat. This makes the mattress clean and sanitary. The aeration ensures that the gel-infused memory foam layer would be free of allergens dust mites, bacteria, mold, mildew, etc. This makes the gel-infused memory foam layer hypoallergenic, and thus this mattress can be used by people who have allergy issues and who normally wake up with stuffed noses and skin irritations on conventional mattresses. The same characteristic is enabled in high-density polyfoam layers above this gel-infused memory foam layer as the higher density of foam produces a structure which is dense, and it does not let the dust mites live and thrive in it. This is very much unlike traditional coil spring mattresses which might even contain a million dust mites die to the empty spaces within them. The gel-memory foam layer also relieves pressure points.

Ay the bottom of the mattress, there is a 10-inch layer of independently encased coil springs which are made out of 15-gauge steel. These are flexible and highly durable. The coil springs have got edge support in the form of a high-density support foam layer. This ensures that the dust mites would not be able to enter the coil spring area of the mattress as well.  Therefore, this area of the mattress is also free of dust mites like the rest of the mattress.  The coil spring layer is responsible for the support to the body and the upper layers of the mattress. It ensures a high level of bounce back and does not ket the body sink into it. It also enables motion isolation. The coil springs directly under the weight of the body are compressed, but the ones not under the body do not. When the weight shifts, the coil springs that are exposed regain their shape, and thus the mattress prevents motion transfer. This is ideal for couples who have different sleep schedules. As one sleep partner gets up, the other one would not be disturbed or woken up by the movement of the first partner.  The coil spring layer is also instrumental in providing a high level of support and enhances the durability of the mattress.  The combination of HD polyfoam, gel-infused memory foam, and independently encased coil springs make this mattress cool, comfortable and highly supportive and durable.

Signature Sleep Justice Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Firm but comfortable air mattress.
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty.
Type: Hybrid Mattress (Gel-Memory Foam, Comfort and Support Foams, and Coil springs)
Ideal for: All types of sleepers, whether they sleep on side, back or on the stomach. People with allergies.
Sizes available: Queen and King
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US certified foams, Conformance to federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 safety standard.
Differentiators: Cool, Comfortable, moisture-wicking, temperature regulating, and supportive.
Comparable Mattresses: Olee Sleep 13-inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 14-Inch Mattress

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Comfort & Ergonomics

The Signature Sleep Justice 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress provides a high level of comfort due to the presence of Signature Sleep Justice Mattress Review the breathable and softcover, the comfort foam layer and the gel-infused memory foam layer. The soft and breathable cover ensures comfort through providing a soft surface to sleep on which is made dry and cool by the breathability of the cover. The sweat and moisture from the body as well as the soft sleep surface are wicked away by the air circulating through the cover. The comfort layer s another source which enables the body to be supported in such a way that it does not feel that it is sinking in the mattress. The resilience and the bounce-back of the comfort foam layer provides a high degree of comfort.  The gel-infused memory foam layer ensures further breathability and enhances the level of coolness and dryness in the mattress. The sleeper can enjoy a very comfortable ad deep rest throughout the night without the need to toss and turn due to discomfort. The body heat is dispersed, and the temperature of the sleep system is aptly regulated.  The same is true for moisture management as gel-infusion enables airflow through the sleep system which dries away the moisture and keeps the sleeper comfortably cool and dry. In the winter, it enables warmth and dryness.

The gel-infused memory foam also possesses all the characteristics of regular memory foam, so it cradles the body and molds to its shape. This body conformance enables the body to stay perfectly comfortable due to the excellent ergonomics generated as a result of the action of the gel-infused memory foam. The pressure points are also relieved and especially for side sleepers; this is a great blessing as their hips ad shoulders usually feel the most pressure on traditional mattresses. On a traditional mattress, when the mattress applies upward force against gravity which is trying to pull the body down, the pressure points like hips, shoulders, knees, and heels, etc. come under severe stress. That is why, often, on a traditional mattress, people wake up with numb legs and sore muscles. On this mattress, due to the presence of gel-infused memory foam, the pressure points are relieved, and the stress is taken away from these points to bring a lot of comfort to the body.

The mattress also distributes weight evenly throughout the surface of the mattress. This s, unlike traditional mattresses which concentrate the weight on pressure points. The ability of the memory foam to cradle the body in combination with the comfort foam layer and the four layers of high-density support foam, the body gets the Signature Sleep Justice Mattress Review required amount of support as well as comfort.  The mattress is comfortable, but it does not let the body sink into the mattress due to the bounce back from the comfort foam as well as the support from the four support foam layers and the coil springs base layer. The body conformance characteristic in the mattress dies to the presence of the gel-memory foam increases this level of comfort as it tends to take the shape of the body to keep the spine aligned in a neutral position and relieve pressure points.

Finally, the hypoallergenic nature of the gel-memory foam as well as the due to the dense structure of the high-density memory foam, the mattress is rendered free of allergens, dust mites, mildew, mold, etc. this is also a great source of comfort as the mattress remains clean and sanitary. This feature also enables its use by people who have allergies or other skin related sensitivities.

Durability and Warranty

The durability of the mattress is directly related to the quality of materials used in it and its build quality. The manufacturer has employed skilled artisans and engineers to build and test the mattress, and it has passed third-party tests as well. The build quality, as well as its contents, are very good. All the foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. This is a third-party independent laboratory certification which certifies that the mattress does not have any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, PBDEs, mercury, lead, other heavy metals, phthalates, or any flame retardants. At the same time, the certification also ensures that the mattress has well-controlled emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These emissions are within limits, and thus, the quality of the room air in which the mattress is going to be used is guaranteed.  The CertiPUR-US certification is related to both the contents of the mattress and its performance. This certification ensures that the mattress would be durable as it is high quality and certified. The absence of harmful chemicals increases its durability as well.

The conformance of the mattress to the federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 safety standard also ensures durability. The mattress has passed an open flame test for 30minutes, and this says a lot about its ability to Signature Sleep Justice Mattress Review withstand fire.AS such, it is both safe and durable. The hypoallergenic nature of the mattress due to the presence of high-density foam as well as gel-infused memory foam ensures that it would stay clean and sanitary and that it would reel dust mites, allergens, mildew, mold, etc. The absence of such irritants also makes it more durable as it would not be harmed by these irritants. The infestation of organisms can degrade the performance of the mattress over time and also cause odor, which would make its use unbearable in the bedroom. The hypoallergenic nature of the mattress ensures that this issue which would lower its durability would not arise. Thus, the mattress has a good standing both against harmful chemicals as well as allergens and dust mites, etc.

The durability of the mattress is also related to how well it is kept clean and maintained. The mattress can only be spot cleaned, and only water-based products can be used. No chemicals or bleach are recommended as they would harm the mattress affecting its life. In case of a large spill, the liquid can be oozed out by using a piece of cloth and applying pressure over it. Afterward, it can be air-dried. Application of heat would harm the foams in the mattress, and the pressure-relieving properties of the gel memory foam used in the mattress would be degraded. Therefore, electric blankets and heating pads must not be used on this mattress. As far as placing the mattress on a bed frame or foundation is concerned. The placement should be on a solid base which does not let the mattress sag. The bed frame or the foundation must hold the mattress properly to prevent it from sliding or wobbling. When the mattress arrives after purchase, it should be kept in an airy place preferably with the fan on, and it should be allowed to take its shape and off-gas for a few days. The process air inside the mattress which gives odor would be replaced with cleanroom air during this time. It should not be covered with bedding while off-gassing. If all these precautions are taken for keeping the mattress clean and maintaining it, it will last for a very long time.

The warranty on this mattress is provided by Dorel Home Products (DHP), and it is warranted for ten years. This is a limited warranty which covers defects due to materials and workmanship. The defects due to mishandling and during transportation, etc. are not covered. Burns, cuts, wear, and tear, etc., are not covered either. The mattress would be replaced during warranty period however, shipping and handling of $75 would be charged for adult Signature Sleep Justice Mattress Review mattresses.


The Signature Sleep Justice 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress is a 14-inch high mattress, and as such, the total height of the sleep system would be this height plus the height of the bed frame or foundation base. If this comes out to be too much, a low bed frame or a foundation could be used. The mattress is available in only Queen and King sizes. The Queen size is

80 x 60 x 14 inches and weighs 103 lbs. while the King size has got dimensions of 80 x 60 x 14 inches and its weight is 127 lbs.

Who is it Ideal for?

The Signature Sleep Justice 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress is suited for all types of sleepers regardless of whether they sleep on their sides, back or on the stomach. It is also suitable for people with allergies as well.  It is good for people weighing under 230 lbs. But might not be sufficient for those who are very heavy and weigh above 230 lbs. Such very heavy individuals might require an even thicker mattress.


  • The mattress has got a soft and breathable cover.
  • The mattress has got a fire-retardant layer.
  • The mattress has got a body-conforming, cool, and breathable memory foam layer.
  • The comfort foam offers a good bounce back.
  • The high-density support foam does not allow dust mites to live inside it.
  • The coil springs offer a high level of support and durability to the mattress.
  • The foams in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified.
  • The mattress conforms to the federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 safety standard.


  • Some people complain of too much off-gassing.
  • Edge support is not considered adequate.
  • Information on individual layer thicknesses of foam is missing.


The Signature Sleep Justice 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Mattress is a good hybrid mattress which is cool, comfortable, moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and supportive. It uses more high-density polyfoam as compared to memory foam. It is good for all types of sleepers regardless of their style of sleeping. It is suited for allergy-prone people as well as it is hypoallergenic.

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