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Sealy Response Premium mattresses are quite practically superior to the typical mattresses and you’ll find it in a Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review brick-and-mortar store or online. So is Sealy Response Premium Mattress suitable for you? It definitely boils down to how you want it to seem when you get your required rest each night.

Sealy merges smart innovation, clear-cut engineering and industry-leading testing to guarantee excellence and durability. Feel the Sealy diversity yourself at any local retailer. It does come with incorporated cooling gel and an encased coil structure. If you’ve been doing a meticulous bed research, you recognize that denotes improved temperature management during the night and additional support in the regions that count.

The most impressive characteristics are unquestionably the accurate attention to support this mattress contains in the areas that matter, a hypoallergenic cover, and a universal attention to making this mattress super-resilient.

While it does undergo the distinctive shipped mattress troubles like letting it inflate in peace and some smell after arrival, this mattress has countless extras to compensate for that.

With scores of varying options to select from, you’ll discover customizing an experience is trouble-free. Go through this coherent guide with the details firsthand. As you are familiarized with them, you can settle on yourself if the integrated features are your requirements.

About Sealy Response Premium Mattress

Sealy range of mattresses is proudly built in America for 130 years. Since 1881, the brand has been aiding American families sleep nicely by designing first-rate, trusted mattresses.

It all began in Sealy, TX in 1881. Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, conceptualized Sealy by making cotton-filled mattresses for acquaintances. In 1889, he invented an appliance that compressed cotton. Building upon this machine’s success, he licensed it to other associates to construct mattresses with the name “Mattresses from Sealy.”

In 1950, Posturepedic Technology is conceived. For the last 65 years, Sealy has been at the forefront of mattress Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review expertise. The brand has leveraged the experience and innovations to offer technology that brings profound, targeted support just where you necessitate it.

The line of Sealy Response Premium Mattress carries comfort that’s confirmed to last. Sealy goes above and beyond the industry standards to guarantee your mattress lasts for years to come. All of these mattresses are proudly made in the USA, and are meticulously tested for excellence, comfort, and ergonomic support.

Since Sealy Response mattresses are designed and built in the USA, so as you purchase a Sealy you know you’re sustaining American jobs and families. At the heart of every Sealy Response Mattress, you get the receptive support of an innerspring coil system with extra foam in the peak layer, middle area, creating a support that cradles users.

Sealy Response Premium Mattress – Full Review

The Sealy Response Premium Collection presents outstanding support from elite Posturepedic Technology, promoting profound, soothing sleep, with ground-breaking sleep-enhancing cover technologies.


Sealy Response Premium Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium firmness of 5
Warranty: 10-year manufacturer warranty
Type: Cushion-Firm Euro Pillow-Top with Response Pro Encased Coil System
Ideal for: Back and side sleepers.

Good for couples needing a highly-responsive sleep surface with bounce.

Perfect for any user due to its exclusive Posturepedic Technology™ offering correct targeted support, precisely where users require it.

Great for users searching class and durability at a budget-friendly price-point.

Idyllic for users with sensitive olfactory senses, allergies, asthma, and respiratory illnesses as there’s no intolerable chemical smell.

Good for users who perspire and are susceptible to hives as it is protected from allergens and moisture due to its SupremeLoft Cover with MoistureProtect and AllergenProtect.

Good for users requiring pressure point relief and spinal alignment.

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Queen (Foundation), King, Split King, and California King.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified

for lesser chemical emissions and tested for detrimental substances like ozone-depleting materials, lead, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates.

Differentiators: Supple sinking feel of memory foam, cushioning foam blended well with ergonomically-supportive encased coil system.

No obnoxious new foam smell.

Offers superior edge support due to its HD DURALFLEX Coil Edge System.

Two kind of non-prorated warranty coverage.

Reinforced center supports the heaviest part of the body, where users require it most owing to exclusive Posturepedic Technology.

Comparable Mattresses: Sealy Response Performance, Classic Brands Gramercy, Saatva HD, WinkBed, Allswell Luxe Hybrid and Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid.
Rating: 4.0/5.0

This innerspring mattress offers outstanding full-body support with effortlessness of movement, for that sleep-on-top sensation and the ease you want. The brand utilizes elite Posturepedic Technology to carry the steady, all-over ergonomic support you need, with fortified support under the heaviest element of your body, where you require it most.

Material and Construction

USA-made Sealy Response Premium 14-Inch Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top Mattress has a 1-inch SealyCushion extra-soft foam and 1-inch SealySupport Foam Pillow-Top plus Response Pro Encased Coil System for additional targeted support.

Firstly, it has SupremeLoft cover with MoistureProtect and AllergenProtect; this high-loft, resilient knit Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review breathable fabric with performance improvement designed to absorb moisture away from body throughout night. It protects from widespread allergens like dust and dander.

Sealy Response Premium gives zoned support. Reinforced center supports the heaviest component of your body, where you require it most. SealyCushion Air Foam is cushioning foam constituted with peaks and valleys to permit extra airflow, and additional softness for additional comfort.

SealyCool high-quality gel memory foam is used in quilt and comfort layers, in a variety of comfort inclinations, supple, resilient support.

Response Pro HD DURALFLEX Coil Edge System is a high-density, stretchy coil border surrounding the mattress for enhanced edge support, more functional sleeping surface and enhanced durability.

It has outstanding support from elite Posturepedic Technology plus the innovative cover technologies. Its customary, innerspring alternative responds to each movement and offers an outstanding level of support, including special Posturepedic Technology.

Precisely-engineered coils give best night’s sleep. Sealy uses sophisticated, accurately-engineered coil systems to endorse appropriate alignment while bringing a “sleep-on-top” sensation. The elite Posturepedic technology offers steady, all-over support you desire, with fortified support under the body’s heaviest part.

Sealy Response Premium innerspring mattress offers brilliant full-body support from special Posturepedic Technology promoting profound, relaxing full sleep cycles, with ground-breaking sleep-enhancing technologies.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Sealy Response traditional innerspring mattress responds to body movements and offers an incomparable level of support, including its elite Posturepedic Technology. Exclusive to Sealy, Posturepedic Technology offers right targeted support, exactly where you require it.

Posturpedic Technology is developed with the assistance of orthopedic specialists; it targets the heaviest body core with toughened support that holds you so your body stays horizontal while you sleep. Posturpedic Technology uses extra foam in the mattress quilt area for support. Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review

Response coil design gives the ideal balance of comfort and deep-down support for an advanced night’s rest, tempered for the greatest quality. 5 coatings of excellence & comfort are felt all night long.

Good posture is significant, and it’s positively been the subject of conversation in diverse settings like school and office. So why must your spine suffer during resting hours, as that’s where you use up a big part of your day?

With Sealy’s Posturepedic technology, the brand has made sure to strengthen the components of the mattress that slump the fastest. What does that denote? It interprets into a more resilient bed and improved ergonomic posture without any additional exertion.

Sealy Response Premium mattress offers a world of support so those who frequently get backaches and body pains and a dejected morning from their mattress can discover solace in this product.

Who hasn’t nearly fallen out of the bed after rolling over and landing on the floor after that? The mattress edges are habitually the saggiest part and it doesn’t get better with age.

With its DuraFlex Edge System, however, your new Sealy Response Premium mattress is dense in all the correct places, saving you a horrible tumble and fall after a good rest.

If you’re someone to use the edge of your bed as a place to wear your shoes, or the place where you gradually wake up from your sleep, this mattress won’t ever let you down. Toss and be seated to your heart’s content.

A diminutive aspect, but side handles actually do make it easier to shift this mattress if the need arises. When you need to toss or shift your bed, having handles on the mattress removes some of the huffing and hauling out of the process.

Cushion-firm Sealy Response Premium has firmness level of 5 rated on a scale of 1-10. Edge support is the scale to which the mattress perimeter bears body weight. In many cases, mattresses might sink if weight is applied. This sinkage, frequently called “roll-off”, impact how strongly you may sleep to the bed edge. Premium innersprings present firm edge support.

The mattress temperature all through the night is impacted by how much body heat is preserved. Several aspects influence temperature-neutrality including fabric composition, layer depth, and heat dissipation via airflow. Sealy Premium retains little body heat and sleeps comparatively cooler. Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review

You get multiple layers of comfort to alleviate back/body pain. You get 1-inch SealySupport ultra-firm foam, first-rate foam for a greater supportive feel and SealyCool Cooling Gel Memory Foam for additional flexible, sturdy support.

SupremeLoft Cover with MoistureProtect™ and AllergenProtect gives a soft feel structured to soak off moisture throughout the night and shield the mattress from regular allergens. Total weight capacity is 600lbs.

DuraFlex durable edge system is a high-density, supple coil border encircling the mattress for improved edge support, more functional sleeping surface and improved durability.

Durability & Warranty

Premium mattress comprises regular poly-foam and gel memory foam comfort layers. The support core is constructed of pocketed coils, and its cover is knit from SupremeLoft fabric.

Durability specifies how long any product sustains structure, providing ease and support before it starts to worsen. The usual mattress lifespan is 6-8 years. Sealy Premium innersprings have reasonable lifespan than competing models.

It’s designed and built in the US for ultimate durability and quality. Getting acquainted with your new sleeping surface can take some adjusting. Give the mattress time to “break-in.” Any new product odor is risk-free and will dispel in a couple of weeks.

You can sleep with certified confidence as you’ll rest assured discerning the performance foams utilized in this Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review mattress are 100% CertiPUR-US certified. CertiPUR-US certification indicates they are made with no ozone-depleting substances, lead, mercury, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde or phthalates standardized by Consumer Product Safety commission. It is low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), indicating superior indoor air quality.

Get 10-year warranty and comfort which you can rely on. Moreover, there’s 100-night risk-free trial. If you are displeased with this mattress, you can return it for a complete refund up to 100 days from date of receipt.

Warranty coverage begins on the original purchase date. Two kinds of warranty coverage are available. Products with 10/10 label will obtain non-prorated coverage for the whole 10-year warranty duration. Owners won’t have to compensate for extra charges for replacing a flawed mattress. However, they will be accountable for shipping and hauling fees; these bills will never surpass typical freight costs.

Products with 5/10 label will obtain non-prorated coverage for the first five years. From the years 5-10, owners will shell out a prorated cost to substitute their faulty mattress. This charge is computed by multiplying the original mattress cost and the number of years the mattress is owned, and subsequently dividing the product by 10. For example, a mattress priced at $700 and owned for 7 years will result in a prorated cost of $490 during that full coverage year.

If a mattress has been ceased for production, Sealy will utilize the most analogous mattress in their present line to compute the prorated cost.

Replacement mattresses will be guarded under the identical warranty as the original model. Owners who desire to upgrade will shell out the difference in cost between the original product and the upgraded model.

Sealy mattresses are structured for usage with certain sorts of foundational support. A queen- or king-size mattress should be held with a bed framework that has a ‘firm bridge bar comprising a supporting leg’ and no less than 5 legs or as a minimum 5 ‘evenly-spaced hardwood slats’. Sealy will annul the warranty if the mattress is utilized with an insufficient support system, or if it is found to be in unhygienic condition. Floor or demo models aren’t eligible for Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review warranty coverage.

The warranty will cover the subsequent mattress flaws comprising noticeable serrations or sagging in the surface that measure 1 1/2″ or deeper.

The warranty will not cover indentations or sagging that don’t measure 1 1/2″ or deeper. This is considered typical abrasion. It won’t cover mend or replacement requests that happen owing to changes in the owner’s comfort inclinations; burns, severs, tears, blemishes, and other kinds of bodily harm that occur because of owner mistreatment, unseemly cleaning, and/or insufficient foundational support.

Warranty coverage is wholly extended to original owners who purchase their mattress straight from Sealy or a sanctioned Sealy retailer. Those who purchase or acquire their mattress from an original owner or an unlawful Sealy retailer shall do so ‘as is’, and won’t be eligible for warranty coverage. Amazon customers will be entitled to a 3-year limited warranty offered through the website.

Sealy Response Premium mattresses are accessible for purchase at brick-and-mortar locations. Customers ought to refer to retailer’s delivery policy where they acquire their mattress. Customers who acquire their mattress through Amazon may have the mattress delivered and set up in the room of their preference at no extra cost. Sealy mattresses are obtainable through third-party retailers, so shipping is established by the place you purchase from.

Customers who purchase their mattress through Amazon can organize a free delivery that comprises set-up, packaging and old mattress removal.

Sealy does not present old mattress overhauls, but will work with clientele to arrange for these pieces to be picked up by a neighborhood donation center. Customers must ask about old mattress removal from retailer where they buy their Sealy model.


Sealy Response Premium mattress has many size variants including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Queen (Foundation), King, Split King, and California King.


The Sealy Response Premium line presents a sleep solution at an affordable price point. Sealy mattresses are sold through diverse retailers countrywide being available at several brick-and-mortar retail locations across the US, along with This Sealy mattress carries a below-average budget-friendly moderate price compared to contemporary innerspring mattresses.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal For?

What kind of sleeper is top suited for a Sealy Response Premium mattress? Based on consumer feedback, it has Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review received the subsequent grades among sleepers of dissimilar weights and favorite sleep positions. These ratings are individual, and everybody has varying experiences on dissimilar mattresses. Sleeper comfort and spinal alignment or support is the most vital factor while picking a mattress.

As far as sleeping on side is concerned, this Sealy mattress gives very excellent, brilliant and fair support for lightweight users weighing lower than 130lbs, average-weight users weighing roughly 130lbs-230lbs, and heavyweight users weighing greater than 230lbs respectively. For back sleepers, it gives exactly the similar kind of support offered to side-sleepers of all weight categories. For stomach sleepers, it provides fair support for lightweight and average-weight users and poor support for heavyweight sleepers.

Certain mattresses, predominantly those with coils, can be relatively noisy while bearing weight. Others are practically quiet. Material composition is habitually the restrictive factor for noise potential. Innersprings from Sealy’s Premium collection create a fair amount of noise. So users seeking silence might have an initial issue of getting habituated.

Mattresses that are bouncier and more receptive tend to be superior for amorous activities, as they’re easier to alter positions on. On the contrary, unresponsive mattresses may cause couples to have trouble changing positions. Sealy Premium is known for its bouncy sleep surface, and is responsive enough for couples.

Conforming refers to the extent to which a mattress shapes to or cradles the body contours. This helps assuage pressure point pain, especially on back, hips, neck, and shoulders. Sealy’s Premium collection offers fair conforming and adequate pressure relief.

Most new mattresses give off chemical odors after being removed from initial packaging. Off-gassing odors are considered non-hazardous, but can be unpleasant nevertheless. Sealy Premium collection produces negligible off-gassing smells, though odor potential is rather elevated compared to other models. So it’s good for users with sensitive olfactory senses, allergies, asthma, and respiratory illnesses. Since Sealy Premium is protected from allergens and moisture, it’s good for users who perspire and are prone to hives.

Motion isolation is a measure of how efficiently a mattress soaks up motion across sleep surface, preventing partner interruption. Sealy Premium collection absorbs or minimizes motion moderately.


  • SupremeLoft Cover with MoistureProtect™ and AllergenProtect™
  • SealyCushion Air Foam for breathability
  • SealyChill Gel Memory Foam for comfort
  • Encased HD Coil System
  • DURALFLEX™ Edge System
  • Sealy innerspring offers tough edge support
  • Relatively cooler sleep surface
  • Wide range of Response Premium mattresses available varying with respect to dimension, height, and firmness rating to accommodate a wider range of clientele
  • Widely available online and at brick-and-mortar locations across US
  • Below-average price-point compared to comparable models
  • No noticeable chemical smell


  • Performance issues comprise below-average sturdiness
  • Relatively elevated amount of off-gassing
  • Poor support for heavyweight stomach sleepers
  • Limited noise reduction
  • Mattress pricing details are inadequate due to changeable costs across retailers
  • Sealy offers 5-10 years of non-prorated warranty coverage at most, which is lower than most mattress sellers who offer no less than 10 years of non-prorated warranty coverage


How Sealy Response Premium Mattress compares to other beds? As any customer does with merchandise he’s considering, Sealy mattress assessments logically involve comparing it with other comparable products. Be it composition, firmness, or cost, it’s important to understand how Sealy Response Premium mattress is a step ahead of other beds.

Choosing this means selecting a mattress that has done everything to be the comfiest bed obtainable. Thanks to its hypoallergenic, moisture-drawing and cooling gel features, experts recommend this mattress mostly to people with allergies or who swelter straightforwardly in other foam mattresses.

The only users who can’t be impressed by the assortment of extras this mattress offers are the hard-core minimalists who just don’t need extras. Even then users can’t deny the comfort of a classy mattress. Either way, if you’re looking for something exceptional, it’s worth giving this Sealy mattress a shot.

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