Purple Mattress Original and All-New Review & Comparison

The innovative and pioneering brand of Purple puts forward two mattresses that are rather fairly dissimilar to the Purple Mattress Original and All-New Review archetypal mattresses you’ll find in a brick-and-mortar store or online. So which Purple Mattress is appropriate for you? It all boils down to how you desire it to feel like when you get your necessary rest at the end of the day.

Original Purple Bed is manufactured comprising a 2-inch layer of the all-innovative Purple Grid on top of two specially selected polyurethane foam comfort base. On the contrary, All-New Purple Mattress is available in your preference of 2”, 3”, or 4” of the Purple Grid above Purple’s exceptional and luxurious Responsive Support Coils. These coils are structured to work impeccably with the Smart Comfort Grid for improved pressure release and good spinal alignment.

All-New Purple mattress particularly sleeps exceptionally cooler and temperature neutral. You get manifold thickness and firmness options in it. You obtain quite first-rate motion isolation with both the mattresses. Moreover, both are extremely conforming, pain-reducing and are competent in offering immense pressure relief to users; furthermore, you get free shipping in all of the contiguous U.S. Two dissimilar product offerings satisfy the predilections of all mattress shoppers.

On account of the Purple Grid, both mattress options will put forward the systematically delightful soft-where-you-desire-it-solid-where-you-require-it back/body support and comfort you look forward to.

Predominantly, the broader the Purple Grid layer, the extra immersive pressure-conforming your bed is going to offer, giving you an additional buoyant feel, and you’ll obtain greater spinal alignment and back/body support through them. Original Purple Mattress and the All-New Purple use a unique buckling column gel (called ‘Smart Grid’) in their comfort layer. It offers a unique feel that is uniformly pressure-relieving and fresh to sleep on.

As these two renowned mattresses of the same brand are contenders for the #1 spot in the consumer’s choice, the question is which one could be a winner. To be familiar with the outcome, read on through the detailed and Purple Mattress Original and All-New Review distinctive reviews of each.

About Purple

Purple, Inc was founded in the year 2015 following a victorious kick-starter operation that raised over $170,000 in just 45 days. Purple mattresses were first available in the market for the users in January 2016; the New Purple was initiated in 2018. After more than 20 years of meticulous research and development, Purple presented the foremost development in sleep know-how of 21st century. Purple does not run any brick-and-mortar stores.

In the year 1989, two brothers and engineers Tony and Terry Pearce, conceived the initiative whilst fly-fishing in Rockies and thought about partnering to transfigure the sleep industry. Tony’s 13-year familiarity in complicated aerospace materials and Terry’s 20-year knowledge in design, manufacturing, and thriving project management led to a joint venture generating a technology that may revolutionize cushioning at a much lower price tag.

Following a chain of product developments, the breakthrough happened in 1996, when Pearce brothers invented Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This resplendently-soft, hard-hitting material could expand 15 times the resting dimension, was tremendously-durable, and never revealed the body impressions by molding in a contour that would loosen up under pressure points, redistributing force to extra areas to provide astonishing back support.

Specially structured for entire pressure relief and resolute support, Purple’s original grid technology has been utilized and tested meticulously within medical as well as consumer applications for more than 20 years. During that time, the Purple inventors researched the diverse mattress materials to recognize what pairs finest with their life-changing expertise.

They found that memory foam doesn’t constantly provide you the support you require all through the night and normally sleeps hot. Latex foam tends to break down swiftly, leaving you in a trench of high-priced anguish. Furthermore, the traditional spring mattresses don’t alleviate pressure and lead to a huge deal of motion transfer, not to talk about any squeaking. Modifiable air mattresses make you select between hard-bed predicaments and soft bed issues, leaving you with an uncomfortable back, spine, or stiff ligaments/joints. Purple Mattress Original and All-New Review

The ultra-resilient Purple grid technology conceived by the Pierce brothers cradles your hips, back, spine, and shoulders whilst presenting you the body and back support needed by you and the comfort you yearn for. Pair it with energetic, particularly-structured fabric-enveloped coils, and you obtain complete, immersive soothing feeling all night, every night.

How have the Pierce brothers made Purple so miraculous? At the same time as mattress technology hasn’t essentially altered in more than four decades, so instead of restructuring memory foam, Purple labored on hard-hitting macromolecular science. After acquiring 30 patents, game-altering or even ground-breaking novelty known as Purple Smart Comfort Grid was conceptualized. At the moment, it comprises 42,000+ long-established reviews and those are escalating day by day among its ever-growing clientele.

The Original Purple Mattress

Original Purple Mattress is faultless merchandise to remove the insomnia and inadequate rest all night long. Purple bequeaths the finest traits of firmness and softness with its pressure-removing Smart Comfort Grid. Wake up revitalized with the world’s foremost no-stress mattress.

Purple Bed is spongy and firm anywhere you need it. It cradles the entire body so you don’t sleep with tender pressure-points, and provides you absolute support for your back or spine so you wouldn’t get up all tender and achy.

Material & Construction

Original Purple mattress contains high-density fortifying support core constituents including 4″ 2 PCF HD Polyfoam, comfort layer elements of 2″ Buckling-Column Gel/Elastic Polymer Grid in conjunction with 3 1/2″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam. All support foam layers are CertiPUR-US certified.

Comfort layer contains 2” Hyper-Elastic Polymer. The grid-like structure of this coating presents cooling, good Purple Mattress Original and All-New Review spring back, in addition to pressure relief. When you move around the bed, you’ll feel the grid walls collapsing under body pressure, causing immense body contouring in spite of your sleeping position. Hyper-Elastic Polymer is temperature-neutral material as it disperses body heat.

The reason why the Original Purple mattress has differentiated itself from the competitor brands is because of this Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This material, which Purple utilizes for the top layers on all of its mattress models, is in reality patented by the founders of this company.

To make it clear, this Hyper-Elastic Polymer is not a foam material. It essentially works more as a gel or silicone-like material. As experienced by the users, this polymer material is extremely flexible, stretchy, and highly responsive. In fact, Hyper-Elastic Polymer is liable to be stretched 15x its actual state and then it will straight away snap back to its position.

Beneath the comfort layer, you get a 3.5” section of polyurethane foam acting as a transition layer. It presents transitional support that slows down the amount and intensity of pressure on the mattress. 4” poly-foam sits at mattress bottom and presents foundational support to the upper layers.

Soft, ventilated cover is composed of 67% Polyester, 29% Viscose, along with 4% Lycra Spandex. This mix of materials absorbs moisture away from your body and promotes airflow all through the layers. Flexible stylish, knit white cover adds to the bedroom decor.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Original Purple’s ‘Smart Grid’ comfort layer contains buckling-column gel allocated consistently on top of an elastic polymer grid. This material matches to consumer’s body such as latex or memory foam, assuaging stress points in the sensitive areas; the Smart Grid always tends to sleep cool. Original Purple’s comfort layer in addition reduces motion transfer incredibly well and the mattress creates no noise while bearing any amount of weight.

Your body desires to recuperate after long days. Quality sleep is essential to general wellbeing and happiness. That’s why Purple provides you exceptionally soothing sleep and repose. Original Purple mattress bestows balanced Purple Mattress Original and All-New Review pressure and sustains appropriate spine alignment. Equally, these present you the ultimate sleeping experience for better recovery at morning and good nightly relaxation.

Purple Innovations has structured this Original Purple mattress utilizing sleep science and leading technology to produce a meticulous trait named as motion isolation. This comfortable Purple mattress gives right spine alignment and good back support. This Original Purple mattress poises pressure from body mass so you won’t sense any movement from others relaxing alongside you. No more getting awakened every time someone else gets out of bed.

Original Purple mattress’s Free Air Flow technology with well-ventilated channels neutralizes high temperatures to keep your body impeccably comfortable and won’t capture heat like memory foam/latex and won’t sink so easily.

You can experience actually huge supportive relief while lying and resting on it. Despite the fact that, you’re expected to sink into its hyper-elastic polymer grid for some instantaneous comfort, the solid foundational foam does an outstanding job of keeping the users lifted over the mattress structure. This combination of materials seems as if it ought to work for the majority of sleepers, though rigorous side sleepers might find the mattress a tad firm for their fondness.

As far as your edge support is concerned, you can notice quite a bit of deep compression all the way through the top Smart Comfort Grid, if you scooted closer to the surface of the mattress. While this didn’t essentially make you feel as though you’d roll out of bed, you would notice that you’re not expected to feel as supported at its edge as you would in the center.

Purple is antimicrobial, non-toxic mattress. Naturally antimicrobial without artificial germicides, the materials used protect against allergens, dust mites. Patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer is FDA-certified for protected use, and its foam is certified by CertiPUR-US Certified program, so its materials are completely safe and non-hazardous for utilization by anybody of any age group.

High-tech sleep innovative Smart-Comfort Grid structure produces walls that hold up or fold over, relying on the quantity of pressure delivered at any predetermined time. This presents a personalized sleep experience for every Purple Mattress Original and All-New Review kind of sleeper.

Durability & Warranty

Original Purple Mattress contains a polymer-based buckling-column gel layer. The two principally-crafted layers of support foam underneath are constructed out of high-quality, CertiPur-US Certified polyurethane foam and Purple shields the mattress foam saving it from corrosion, disintegration from high temperature, moisture and premature denting/sinking, which indicates your mattress is an asset that will last for many years.

As users would find it reassuring, the Original Purple mattress is resilient, super durable and quite long-lasting. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is an unbelievably strong material and can endure a lot of abrasion, wear and tear in addition to constant and heavy usage.

Manufactured in the USA, Original Purple mattress is tremendously long-lasting and environment-friendly; all manufacturing merchandise is recycled devoid of creating waste, no lethal chemicals are there with completely recyclable packaging. Users can have the benefit of a 10-year Purple promise warranty together with a food-grade, non-hazardous, recyclable as well as hypoallergenic sleep.

The sleep trial for the Original Purple mattress commences on the actual date of purchase. The mattress may possibly be returned for a refund or exchanged for a new mattress at any time for the period of this sleep trial.

There is not a compulsory break-in period, but Purple advocates testing out this mattress for no less than 30 nights with the intention of breaking it in correctly. If a user opts to trade the mattress, the second model would not be entitled for the sleep trial.

The warranty of the Original Purple mattress will not cover these faults such as indentations that do not measure one inch (1″) or greater; burns, incisions, tears, blemishes and additional kinds of physical damage that happen as a result of owner abuse, inappropriate cleaning, and/or insufficient foundational support; indications of rodents, insect damage, or other infestation; and damage from weather conditions or sun exposure. The Original Purple Mattress

The mattress cover is not comprised in this mattress warranty, and will be guarded under a different warranty for two years after the date of original purchase. Purple holds back the right to fix or replace this cover, based on the nature of a claim. The owner will be needed to shell out transportation and inspection costs for the cover harms.

The warranty is solely offered to actual owners who purchase this mattress from Purple, online, or an authorized dealer and kept the mattress within the US. The warranty can be voided if the mattress is resold or presented to another owner, or if this mattress goes out of the U.S.


The accessible sizes for this Original Purple mattress are Full, Twin XL, Queen, King and California King.


Purchase of the Purple mattress puts no stress while buying or decision-making or on your well-being and predominantly on your wallet. There’s absolutely no need to pay out a high amount as Original Purple mattress is fairly reasonably and moderately-priced. Users can bring an end to compromising between ease and body support and get hold of the best of both worlds with Original Purple bed.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal For?

Original Purple mattress is idyllic for a made to order soft feeling. It is springy where you wish, solid where you need it, you don’t have to select between spongy/firm/regular. It’s first-rate for sleeping cool and temperature neutral, so you would never have to sleep hot and sweating or freeze up all night long.

Original Purple mattress is perfect for back, side, stomach, or combination sleepers who have a weight of 130lbs or higher. Hot sleepers who perspire a lot and get sweaty quite easily typically find all-foam and/or latex beds painful and can definitely go for Purple mattress. Those who favor thicker surfaces with sensible conforming can buy Purple.

Original Purple bed employs a Smart-Comfort Grid (made out of hyper-elastic polymer) that is squashy where you would desire it and a supportive solid feel where you need it most, irrespective of your physique type or what The Original Purple Mattress position you sleep in, it cradles your hips/waist/shoulders so you wouldn’t sleep with painful hot-spots and presents complete support for your upper/mid/lower back so you do not wake up tender and sore every other morning.

Original Purple mattress would be grand for any person in need of profound pressure relief. The Smart Comfort Grid employed in its innovative design offers the sleeper with unbelievable comfort and is particularly great for any person who sleeps in manifold positions all through the night.

Original Purple mattress gives an all-foam feel to users who prefer a bit of comfort provided by foam. The foam base on this mattress gives sleepers the foam feeling that they might be used to. This foam base must provide plenty of support to users suffering from pain or people who are in dire need of surgery while helping alleviate pressure in areas like back, hips and shoulders at the same time.

Original Purple mattress gives an all-around fit for any bed. While the newer models might offer manifold firmness options, this Original Purple mattress is great since it fits the requirements of a broader array of individuals. So, if you and your sleeping partner have changeable sleep inclinations, this may better go with what both of you are seeking because of the straightforwardness of its design.

Original Purple mattress is perfect for couples who need zero motion transfer and minimal sleep disruption. It isolates motion to a levelheaded degree and cuts down all night-time sleep disturbances. Purple kowtows intimately, and a large number of consumers report greater spinal alignment and targeted stress relief. It presents edge support and proper sinking feel. Purple mattress is almost silent while bearing any amount of weight, so if one user is heavy, the Original Purple will easily accommodate that person.


  • Polyester, Viscose and Lycra spandex cover
  • Silent while bearing any weight
  • Tender under waist/hips/shoulders and supportive under upper/lower back, notwithstanding your sleeping position on this mattress
  • Works best with pliable sheets together with mattress protector
  • Suitable temperature-neutrality
  • Practically eradicates all pressure spots
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • 100-night no-tension guarantee
  • Shipping to all 48 contiguous US states free of cost


  • Not appropriate if consumers weigh lesser than 130lbs
  • Consumers might feel a chemical smell if they’re too sensitive to any scent
  • Not suggested if you desire a mattress that seems spongy/less firm


The Purple Original is noticeably pressure-relieving and unbelievably breathable. It is known to offer wonderful conforming support.

The Original Purple Mattress is a unique and foremost offering and merges the elastic polymer fortified with buckling column gel on top of two layers of poly-foam. As a medium-firm feel, the Purple appeals to the majority of shoppers and predilections. It conforms exceptionally and personally to the body’s receptive points, such as waist, shoulders and upper/mid/lower back. This bed is expected to be long-lasting enough to remain in top shape for at least 7-10 years.

The All-New Purple Mattress

The New Purple mattresses are consistently rated among the coolest mattresses on the market. The All-New Purple The All-New Purple Mattress mattress, as a hybrid bed, is a preferred choice among the well-informed mattress shoppers. Purple has again made use of its Smart Grid technology in its comfort zone that adorns these hybrid mattresses. The All-New Purple mattress is available in three thicknesses that are 11″, 12″, and 13″, and firmness ranges between medium soft (4.5), medium (5.5), as well as medium firm (6.5) depending on the model you choose.

Overall, user experiences and expert testing demonstrate the All-New Purple mattress to be of the supreme quality and winner of many different awards.

Material and Construction

Hybrid All-New Purple mattress weighs in between 122lbs-168 lbs depending upon the thickness and available size. Firmness rating is 6.5 (medium firm) for 11”, 5.5 (medium) for 12” and 4.5 (medium soft) for 13” thickness. Cover components are 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex.

Support core components consist of 7 1/2″ pocketed coils. Comfort layer components contain 2″ ‘Smart Comfort Grid’ Buckling Column Gel, 3″ ‘Smart Comfort Grid’ Buckling Column Gel and 4″ ‘Smart Comfort Grid’ Buckling Column Gel for 11”, 12”, and 13” mattress respectively.

The All-New Purple mattress will work fine on any horizontal, well-built foundation. Whether you place it on the Purple PowerBase or platform, box foundation, slats, modifiable bed, or even any floor, your All-New Purple mattress will be appealing in any room.

Comfort & Ergonomics

All-New Purple mattress has multiple firmness options with bespoke firmness levels of 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5 for dissimilar mattress thicknesses. Manifold firmness levels suit individuals with diverse needs. Motion isolation is exceedingly good. All-New Purple mattress owners find the bed utterly removes any movement from the partner/spouse and any expert testing method backs this up.

Conforming is exceptional. The Smart Grid system is planned to kowtow to the body’s profile and users report feeling ergonomically supported without any sacrifice of comfort. Points of pressure are decreased with the All-New Purple mattress. The All-New Purple Mattress

Temperature neutrality is quite outstanding with the All-New Purple mattress. Customer data exhibits the All-New Purple disperses body heat very efficiently. The testing lab demonstrates sleepers stay cool on the bed. The breathability and ventilation power is exactly right and therefore the mattress doesn’t cause any uncomfortable feeling of suffocation for asthma patients or users with history of respiratory illnesses.

Cooling airflow lets users sleep cool. With a temperature-neutral, open grid plan, the Purple Smart Comfort Grid endorses airflow and scatters body heat so you won’t sweat the bed.

Off-gassing is not an issue with All-New Purple mattress. Customers do not state any issues with off-gassing and expert testing demonstrated this to be true.

The All-New Purple mattress is engineered for all body types as it astutely adapts to a human body for mind-blowing, bespoke comfort. Get pressure-reducing ease and support. The Purple Smart Comfort Grid acclimatizes to your body to dynamically diminish all the pressure points, which denotes it cradles you just correctly, throughout night. Smart Comfort Grid instantaneously responds to support a body’s natural shape.

Motion-isolating dynamic response is obtained with All-New Purple mattress. The Purple Smart Comfort Grid naturally isolates motion, so you won’t feel your partner or even pets when they wriggle about. Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid is intended to flex under pressure with dynamism so your shoulders and hips are appropriately cradled and supported.

Find accurate adaptive comfort for any body type. All-New Purple mattress is ideal for sleepers of all profiles and sizes. It’s great for heavy users or lightweights and treats each body-type right. Moreover, it’s the comfiest bed for any sleeping position. By acclimatizing to all the pressure points in any sleep position, Purple feels remarkable whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper.

With the All-New Purple mattress, you can have a pleasant mix of pressure relief and body support. While you’ll without doubt sink all the way through the Comfort Grid a tad, the buoyant lift of its pocketed coil structure will put a stop to users feeling stuck within the mattress which happens a lot in the memory foam beds. This ought to satisfy a broad range of sleepers, chiefly those who sleep in manifold positions all through the night.

When it comes to solid edge support, the All-New Purple mattress definitely has beat the Original Purple. Lying all the way to the surface of the newer Purple, you feel exceedingly secure, thanks partially to the edge support foam and its supportive pocketed coil structure equally.

The insertion of the responsive pocketed coils here ascertains a largely bouncier construction than its precursor, The All-New Purple Mattress which facilitates to position the sleeper accurately on top of the mattress. Even for this additional buoyant lift, the New Purple even has the profound contouring of the Original mattress with a lot of rewarding, a more targeted relief of pressure.

Another big dissimilarity from the Original mattress is the adding up of edge support in the All-New Purple mattress, which facilitates to generate a more steady structure. This will be particularly important for those users who plan to share the bed with a partner, kids, or spouse as it’ll permit you to use the whole surface area of this mattress.

Unlike All-New Purple mattress, usual memory foam is closed-cell polyurethane foam which does not permit trouble-free airflow and is repeatedly used as insulation owing to its heat-maintaining abilities. This, in turn, can cause an overly-hot sleeping experience.

The more your body heat triggers the cells, the more a memory foam warms up and caves in under pressure, and the less soft cushioning it can offer. This isn’t the case with the All-New Purple mattress.

Latest Price Of The All-New Purple Mattress

Durability & Warranty

The Smart Comfort Grid of All-New Purple mattress is crafted from first-rate Hyper-Elastic Polymer that’s prepared proudly in the US. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer resting on the pocketed coils and the strengthened perimeter make for an exceedingly durable bed. Expert testing finds it ought to offer above-standard durability.

Purple’s proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer stays fine at least as long as commonplace mattresses and is guaranteed for a period of 10 years under Purple’s non-prorated non-transferable full warranty coverage. Users get 100 nights sleep trial to test the All-New Purple mattress out. If they are not satisfied, which happens quite rarely, they are entitled to full refund by the company, the company will pick it up.

All-New Purple mattress is not compressed and ships by means of free white glove delivery. All-New Purple mattress is moreover offered with free of charge in-home setup and previous mattress removal. The company ships mattresses at any place in the US and Canada. HI and AK shipping fees are computed at checkout.

The warranty coverage will embark on the date of purchase. Purple can, at their solitary option, patch up or substitute mattresses with imperfections for as long as its warranty is valid. The All-New Purple Mattress

According to the Purple warranty, the mattress ought to be utilized on a stiff, horizontal, solid-surface, non-springy foundation (whether non-moving kind or the adjustable kind) adequately strong to stay flat and solid under the mass of the mattress and its consumers, onward from the date of delivery to the date of its warranty claim without disruption. Additionally, Queen-size mattresses and bigger ought to be utilized on foundations with no less than five legs and center support. Any failure to do so would void the warranty.

The warranty will cover the subsequent imperfections. Perceptible indentations that are deeper than one inch (1″) and do not come back to their actual shape after complete recovery from load. The mattress ought to be resting horizontal on the floor when an indentation is measured. Cracks, rips, and other types of harm that occur in spite of appropriate usage and foundational support is entertained within the warranty.


All-New Purple Mattress is available in a number of sizes. Twin Extra Long (XL), Queen, King, and California King come in three thicknesses namely, 11″, 12″ and 13″.


All-New Purple Mattress is quite on the expensive side as compared to its predecessors and other comparable models available in the market now. But irrespective of the high price-point, the All-New Purple Mattress is worth purchasing for its amazing attributes.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal For?

All-New Purple mattress received the subsequent grades among sleepers of dissimilar weights and favored sleep positions. Although these ratings are quite subjective, and everyone has changeable experiences on dissimilar mattresses, sleeper ease and spinal support are the most significant factors when it comes to choosing a mattress.

All-New Purple Mattress is good for hot sleepers. For lightweight users less than 130lbs, it gives good support for side sleepers, very good support for back sleepers and good support for stomach sleepers. For average weight users The All-New Purple Mattress weighing between 130lbs-230lbs, it gives excellent support for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. For heavy-weight users weighing greater than 230lbs, it gives good support for side sleepers, excellent support for back sleepers and fine support for stomach sleepers.

As All-New Purple is a very responsive mattress, it offers good springy feel and bounce back couples find appropriate for amorous activities. The strengthened perimeter presents firm edge support, whether you are resting, sleeping or are seated near the edge of your bed.

There are no grievances of noise with the All-New Purple mattress, nor did any expert testing ever displayed any issues. Therefore, people who are light sleepers or have insomnia can be highly benefitted by this mattress. No more waking up and having trouble falling asleep when your spouse moves out of bed. It is proven scientifically to limit the movement anybody feels on the bed.

All-New Purple mattress is outstanding for all body profiles and sleeping styles. It has give in the spots where you sink further into this mattress, like your shoulders, waist and hips, simultaneously giving you upper/mid-back/lower-back support. 4″ model is good for heavier sleepers and the 2″ for users who are lighter in weight.

The testing process of experts found the New Purple must also be great for those who haven’t found the accurate comfort in a conventional memory foam or innerspring mattress. It’s perfect for users who sleep hot and necessitate a mattress to disperse heat in a better manner. If you have sensitive pressure points that require getting calmly cushioned against, particularly, in your shoulders, waist, hips, upper and lower back, this All-New Purple mattress is good for you.

Anybody suffering from chronic back pain or spine disc problems needing to have surgery for their back concerns knows just how significant the correct mattress is for general healing. All-New Purple mattress will offer the support that your body requires in this potentially excruciating time. If you don’t opt for it, your healing time will be longer, and you’ll awaken sore and painful more often. This doesn’t have to be the situation with the All-New Purple mattress.

Will small and average-sized users like the All-New Purple mattress? Yes, in reality, the All-New Purple beds may be an overstatement for these body types. If you fall into the diminutive or medium-sized group and you just desire the gel-like feeling Purple beds are recognized for, you can almost certainly save yourself an amount of money and go with the mattress.

Are the All-New Purple mattresses ideal for heavier individuals? If you weigh in excess of 250 pounds, the All-New Purple mattresses are unquestionably viable options. This bed encloses 7.5″ pocketed coils, which is something heavier users will almost always want to look for. As a general rule, coils (whether they’re fraction of an innerspring system or independently-wrapped) are tremendously resilient and offer additional support than denser foams that a lot of online mattresses make use of for their foundation.

Coils put forward bi-directional support, which is a nice expression that essentially signifies the coils compress but also shove back against pressure. Given this, users can perceive why beds with coils are superior for handling all the additional stress heavier sleepers put on a mattress each night.


  • 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex
  • ‘Smart Comfort Grid’ Buckling Column Gel
  • 7 1/2″ pocketed coils within support core
  • Excellent conforming support for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Ideal for heavier individuals
  • Proven systematically to limit motion transfer
  • Purple Smart Comfort Grid acclimatizes to body to diminish all pressure points
  • Almost silent while bearing any amount of weight
  • Available sizes are Twin Extra Long (XL), Queen, King, and California King
  • Sleep trial of 100 nights
  • Non-transferable 10 year warranty
  • Online availability
  • Complimentary in-home setup and previous mattress removal


  • Relatively heavy and hard to move it around across rooms, narrow spaces, or hallways
  • High price-point for the New Purple mattress
  • Not for users who move frequently
  • Low profile might cause difficulty while getting in and out of bed


The All-New Purple Mattress is a definitive no-compromise mattress. The company has made some pleasant and pioneering improvements over the Original Purple mattress. There are manifold reasons why the All-New Purple Mattress models make it to the list for the Best Hybrid Mattresses available currently in the market.

If you’re exhausted of choosing between the conventional innerspring or memory foam mattresses out there, it’s highly recommended giving the All-New Purple models a try, and moreover, its durability and new-age engineering and strong construction will keep it going year after year.


Equally, both the Original and the All-New Purple mattresses include brilliant attributes designed by state-of -the-art engineering with unwavering and consistent research and development which are second to none. If you’re a potential buyer, have a methodical look regarding what each of these innovative mattresses can offer you as its valued consumer.

Mattress Comparison – The Original Purple Mattress Vs The All-New Purple Mattress
Features: The Original Purple Mattress The All-New Purple Mattress



Having a medium-firm feeling and rating of 6.5 on a 1-10 firmness scale, the Original Purple appeals to the majority of shoppers, particularly to the users liking mattresses on a bit firmer side. All-New Purple mattress has manifold firmness options with modified firmness levels of 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5 on a 1-10 firmness scale for different mattress thicknesses. These diverse firmness levels suit users with diverse needs for softness and firmness.



10-year Purple promise warranty together with non-toxic, recyclable, durable sleep experience which guarantees long-lasting use. All-New Purple mattress is guaranteed for a span of 10 years under Purple’s non-prorated non-transferable complete warranty coverage. Users acquire 100 nights sleep trial to test the All-New Purple mattress.
Type: Hybrid construction based on Hyper-Elastic Polyme and Polyurethane and Smart Comfort Grid technology. All-New Purple mattress has a Hybrid construction based on Smart Comfort Grid technology.









Ideal For:

Original Purple mattress is good for sleeping temperature neutral, so you wouldn’t sleep sweating profusely or freeze all night long.

Ideal for personalized soft feeling where users want it.

Fine for side, back, stomach, or combination sleepers who weigh 130lbs or higher.

Original Purple mattress is good for users who desire denser surfaces with sensible conforming.

Smart-Comfort Grid provides squashy and an accommodating firm feel to hold hips/shoulders and offers full support for your upper/mid/lower back.

Ideal for couples as it cuts down night-time sleep disturbances by minimizing motion transfer.

If user weighs over 250 pounds, the All-New Purple mattress is unquestionably a viable option. This bed includes 7.5″ pocketed coils and heavier users will always prefer it.

It’s perfect for users who sleep sweaty and call for a mattress to disperse heat in a proper manner.

If you have sensitive pressure points requiring calm cushioning against, this All-New Purple mattress is perfect for you.

All-New Purple is responsive mattress and offers springy feel and bounce back, so it’s good for amorous activities of couples.

The fortified perimeter has firm edge support, whether you rest, sleep or sit near the edge of your bed.

People who are light sleepers or suffer from insomnia are extremely benefitted by this mattress. No more waking up frequently and having trouble staying asleep when your partner moves out of bed.

All-New Purple Mattress is good for lightweight, average-weight, and heavier users irrespective of the back, stomach, side or combo sleeping positions.

Category: Original Purple mattress is a moderately-priced mid-range bracket product that’s easily affordable. All-New Purple mattress is a top-of-the-range luxurious product with an expensive price tag.



Quality Of Materials:

4″ 2 PCF HD Polyfoam.

2″ Buckling-Column Gel/Elastic Polymer Grid.

3 1/2″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam.

Soft, breathable cover consists of 67% Polyester, 29% Viscose, and 4% Lycra Spandex.

Cover components include 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex.

Support core components include 7 1/2″ pocketed coils.

Comfort layer components enclose 2″ ‘Smart Comfort Grid’ Buckling Column Gel, 3″ ‘Smart Comfort Grid’ Buckling Column Gel and 4″ ‘Smart Comfort Grid’ Buckling Column Gel for 11”, 12”, and 13” mattress respectively.










Key Differentiators:

The Smart Comfort Grid of the Original Purple mattress is set on two first-rate layers of polyurethane foam base.

The reason Original Purple mattress feels somewhat firmer is the foam base over which it is set.

Slightly firmer feel is for those users who favor a firmer sleep surface.

Less bounce comes with perfect motion isolation; the foam is physically less springy and a bit more motion-isolating than coils, so you’d feel your partner budge less in the night.

Smart Comfort Grid appends a medium-firm support layer underneath the Purple grid.

Highly recommended for back sleepers and average-sized users.

The Original Purple Mattress is shipped directly to your doorstep, for free. It’s valid in the contiguous* US and Canada.

Top layer has 2” Hyper-Elastic Polymer material in Smart Comfort Grid with non-hazardous polyethylene co-polymer powder coating.

Base layer has 4” 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam.

Cover has knit fabric with 30% viscose, 65% Polyester, and 5% Lycra.

The Smart Comfort Grid of the New Purple Mattress is set on independently-encased Responsive Support Coils.

Smart Comfort Grid feels the same as the Original, but the Responsive Support Coils in the base give a bit more ease under the pressure points, which leads to a somewhat softer feel than the Original.

It’s more immersive, the coils are structured to compress under precise pressure points, so you sink into this mattress for a more immersive comfort.

Bouncier with near-perfect motion isolation, independently-wrapped coils make it more responsive to movement, without sending motion across the whole mattress.

Users get higher edge support; both its coils as well as auxiliary foam border offer outstanding edge support all around the mattress.

Better adapted to each body type; the responsiveness of coils coupled with Smart Comfort Grid adapts readily to all body types and sleeping positions.

The All-New Purple Mattress comes with your preference of white glove delivery along with old mattress removal or complimentary standard shipping.

Top layer has 2”, 3” or 4” Hyper-Elastic Polymer Smart Comfort Grid* on 1/2” 2.0 density polyurethane foam with harmless polyethylene co-polymer powder coating.

Base layer has Polypropylene fabric-encased Responsive Support Coils on 1″ 2.0 density foam.

Top layer has knit fabric containing 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex. Side panels are quilted, woven fabric with 99% Polyester, 1% Spandex.

Comparable Mattresses: The Original Purple mattress is most comparable to the available foam mattresses, like the Layla and the Leesa. The All-New Purple mattress, as a hybrid build, is most comparable to the higher-end, luxurious hybrid mattresses like the WinkBed and the DreamCloud.

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