Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete Review

With its direct-to-consumer model, the brand Sleep On Latex understands the competitive target market and its Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete Review potential clientele and their needs for a healthier sleep option. It offers a variety of outstanding features that further strengthens its repute to emerge as a first-rate provider of comfort. If you are looking for an exceptional mattress, narrow down your search to Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress.

If you’re worried that latex might harm your well-being and repose, ease off your worries. The designers and originators of this mattress have paid close attention to shun all the pitfalls of toxicity and have manufactured a pristine latex mattress that is 100% green sourced from Sri Lanka and not detrimental to anybody in any manner. Furthermore, Sleep on Latex is the corporation from Chicago that wholly controls the sewing and assembling of the mattresses, which denotes they are also completely manufactured within the US borders.

Read on through this coherent guide to know how this latex mattress can ward off all your health and mattress investment worries, and you would never regret buying this unique mattress.

About Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

The aim of Sleep On Latex brand is to put together a profitable and sustainable business that offers value to the clientele, suppliers, personnel and the entire community.

Karl Shevick conceptualized and put up Sleep On Latex brand in 2013 and included his brother, Ezra, a year later to grow the business. After becoming annoyed with the class of natural latex foam accessible in the USA, Karl arrived in Sri Lanka to straightforwardly source natural latex foam from a fresh supplier.

After placing the order, the brothers put up their own tiny warehouse and factory in Chicago. As the business grew, the brothers were lucky to find enthusiastic employees, dependable suppliers and faithful customers. In 2017, the business moved into a pristine facility in Niles, IL where all of its products are quilted, sewn, collected and packaged. This gives them complete control over the quality of the products. In 2015, they set out to design and present the world’s finest latex mattress.

Experience the highest-quality latex mattress that has everybody likes. It’s made with all-natural constituents and is extremely comfy and durable. It comes in one complete piece without any assembly required. The result of this procedure is the Pure Green Mattress. This Pure Green Mattress is manufactured in the Chicago factory from 100% natural latex foam, with organic wool plus organic cotton.

Sleep On Latex never uses any inexpensive components, synthetic latex foam, polyurethane foam, polyester fabric, polyester fill or fire retardants.

Sleep On Latex mattress is exclusively obtainable online, either through Sleep On Latex website or through sanctioned online retailers such as Amazon. Presently, only the 9” model is obtainable at Amazon. The company doesn’t operate any brick-and-mortar locations.

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Full Review

Sleep On Latex offers its natural latex mattress under the name of ‘Pure Green Natural Latex mattress.’  The mattress is obtainable in two heights, 7” and 9”, and each model is obtainable in three firmness alternatives.

The review below of Sleep On Latex Mattress found the normal latex to have an exceptional response rate to touch and provides a tad springy feel. At no point can users feel that they are sinking into it at all, but still get adequate motion isolation. The organic cotton is smooth to touch with cover. For a natural latex offering, the price-point is exceptional and ought to be considered for anybody seeking a latex sleep surface.

Read on for the full review of Sleep On Latex Mattress, including user and performance ratings, who this bed is recommended to, and the whole thing you need to distinguish about the mattress.

Material and Construction

100% Natural Latex Foam is sourced internationally and used in Pure Green Latex mattress. Pure Green Latex foam Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete Review is the utmost quality natural latex on this planet. Pure Green latex foam is grown in conjunction with a Sri Lankan natural latex foam unit. This foam is made with simply natural latex and never includes any artificial latex. It is specialized to meet numerous stringent global textile emissions standards. It is engineered to highest performance and aesthetic standards in business.

9″ Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is obtainable in three firmness choices: ‘Soft,’ which corresponds to 3.5 on 1-10 firmness scale; ‘Medium,’ or 5.5; and ‘Firm,’ or 7.5. Firmness is rated on the scale of 1-10. The construction varies somewhat between the dissimilar thickness options. For 9″ thickness mattress, support core components are 6″ Natural Dunlop Latex; the comfort layer components are 1″ Organic New Zealand Wool and 2″ Natural Dunlop Latex; and cover components are Organic Cotton. 7” thickness mattress doesn’t have 2″ Natural Dunlop Latex in comfort layer components.

100% natural latex foam has no poly foam, no artificial latex foam, and no blended latex foam. Quilted cover is made of Organic Cotton and Organic New Zealand Wool which is designed, sewn, amassed and packaged in Chicago factory. Medium Firmness mattress has 6” 34 ILD Natural Latex Foam with 2” 20 ILD Natural Latex Foam along with Organic Wool Padding. It is GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL. No assembly is required; just put the mattress on bed frame, stretch out the plastic wrap, and the mattresses would spring to life!

Made of 100% Natural Latex Foam, 100% Organic Cotton and 100% Organic New Zealand Wool, the Pure Green Mattress scores a new average in latex mattresses. Sleep On Latex design squad vigilantly crafted this natural latex mattress for ease, beauty, sturdiness, and accessibility!

At the mattress base is a 6″ layer of Pure Green 100% innate latex foam. This 6″ base layer offers a very sturdy, supportive and hard-wearing base. Over the base is spongy 2″ comfort layer of Pure Green 100% innate latex foam. Together, these two pieces merge to offer a mattress which is both comfy and accommodating. Approximately, 1″ of wool is quilted into mattress cover, adjoining additional height and ease.

Company uses only the utmost quality constituents. All of the fabric utilized is 100% organic cotton. The latex foam is made with 100% natural latex and complies with world’s most stern health standards. All of the wool used is organic. Because wool offers a satisfactory fire barrier, company never uses any fire-retardant elements or barrier clothes.

The mattress is shipped in one complete piece. Trying to put together a mattress from manifold pieces of weighty latex foam is tremendously difficult. Latex foam might tear if not handled correctly, the cover can be tough to zip and the foam will budge around giving the mattress an incomplete look. This mattress arrives completely assembled, ensuring best possible appearance and functionality.

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness Obtainable in three firmness alternatives: ‘Soft,’ which is 3.5 on 1-10 firmness scale; ‘Medium,’ or 5.5; and ‘Firm,’ or 7.5.
Warranty: 10-year limited manufacturer warranty
Type: Natural Latex Foam Construction
Sizes Available: Twin, Twin Extra Long (XL), Full, Full Extra Long (XL), Queen, King, and California King.
Ideal for: Good for users seeking a superior value and great durability at a moderate price-point.

Couples needing a responsive enough sleep surface and the feel of latex conforming to bodies with a bit more bounce.

Back, side, stomach, and combo sleepers.

Good for lightweight users (less than 130lbs), average-weight users (130lbs-230lbs) and heavier-weight users weighing higher than 230lbs.

Users needing comparatively cooler surface for undisturbed sweat-free sleep.

Good for partners needing silence and zero motion transfer while bearing weight.

Quality of Materials: 100% Natural Latex Foam, 100% Organic Cotton and 100% Organic New Zealand Wool.

ECO INSTITUT tested product.

GREENGUARD product certified for low chemical emissions.

Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Differentiators Quite thicker latex build accommodates larger and heavier individuals needing spinal support.

Good for couples or partners who need utmost motion isolation compared to other latex brands.

100% Natural and pure latex sourced from Sri Lanka, with no poly foam, no artificial latex foam, and no blended latex foam compared to other brands. It meets stringent global health standards keeping health issues at bay.

Offers superior edge support than the majority all-latex models available now.

Comparable Mattresses: Zenhaven Mattress, Hybrid Latex, Avocado Green, and Ghostbed.
Rating: 4.4/5.0

Comfort & Ergonomics

Pure Green Natural Latex mattress gives ultimate comfort with proper body/back support. Natural latex foam offers Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete ReviewPure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete Review flawlessly pinpointed elastic support. This elasticity permits the foam to fine-tune instantaneously to your each move, ensuring steady support without resistance at all. Other kinds of foam sink as a night goes by, while this latex foam maintains the identical support all night long. Natural latex foam is an enormously durable material, which guarantees this comfort and support will be preserved for many years to come.

All the constituents stay cool. The natural latex foam encloses minuscule air chambers that run all through the foam and permit air to effortlessly circulate throughout mattress. Organic wool and organic cotton are exceptionally breathable materials that also permit easy air circulation thereby reducing respiratory issues.

Pure Green Natural Latex mattress has firmness for each sleep style. Sleep On Latex is forever content to offer bespoke suggestions. Mild firmness is recommended for side sleepers. Experts recommend medium firmness for back sleepers, side sleepers who like sleeping on a harder mattress or couples with diverse sleep preferences. The medium firmness mattress is the most popular choice. The firm mattress is recommended for stomach sleepers or anybody else that favors a very dense mattress.

If you suffer from tremendous sensitivity to fire-retardant chemicals found in usual mattresses, with this mattress you’d have no problems. Sometimes firm mattresses are a tad too hard on hips. With Pure Green Natural Latex mattress, your upper/lower back, spine, and hips are happy with “medium firmness” mattress. The mattress is well-finished and is positively one of the most reasonably-priced green mattresses enhancing your well-being.

It’s a firm bed that sinks just adequately to support you but won’t consume you entirely like a memory foam one. It’s an added benefit that it’s one of the healthiest beds available, with no added chemicals and fire-proofing substances.

Durability & Warranty

100% durable Organic New Zealand Wool offers the mattress with an exceptional micro-climate. Wool also has normal fire-resistant traits and offers the mattress with a normal fire barrier. This permits the mattress to qualify for federal fire regulations without any usage of fire-retardant chemicals or fire-barrier fabrics. Wool is supplied from Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete Review organic farms that preserve humanitarian animal standards. Free-range sheep graze on organic land and are not habitually treated with antibiotics, wormers and pesticides. Organic wool surpasses stringent prerequisites on toxicity and biodegradability.

The long-lasting cover contains dual layers of 100% organic cotton. The fabrics on mattress outside and quilt-backing are 100% organic cotton. Many mattress makers (even those supplying “organic mattresses”) use low-priced poly-propylene quilt-backing. Polypropylene is a low-priced synthetic fabric which has diminutive stretch and makes mattress less comfy. Organic cotton’s much better for situation, being grown without the use of poisonous pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Organic cotton meets stringent requirements on toxicity, durability, and biodegradability.

Pure Green Natural Latex mattress is a resilient and long-lasting ECO INSTITUT tested product; it is GREENGUARD product specialized for diminutive chemical emissions; and it has been also tested for detrimental substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Sleep On Latex combines consumer-friendly policies with first-rate consumer service to generate grand customer experiences. Orders placed on the business days prior to 3 PM CST Monday-Friday ship out on the same day. All products include free shipping within the contiguous US.

King Size Mattresses and Organic Cotton Covers (4″-12″) need an additional business day for shipping.   The vast majority of products are shipped through FedEx and occasionally shipped through UPS, USPS, or Freight if required. You don’t need a signature for delivery. Users can inquire about estimated shipping time of precise items prior to ordering. Company accommodates particular shipping requests. Users receive an e-mail with shipment tracking number if a label is created for the shipment.

Company ships to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada and other countries upon request but won’t be accountable for the price tag of any duties, taxes, and customs costs while shipping to a foreign country (comprising Canada). The shipping charge covers just the cost of shipping the item.

If requested, company can speed up the shipping of a piece. The expedited shipping costs will depend on item, so Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete Review please contact them and get detailed information based on your circumstances.

Many of the items are vacuum-packed or roll-packed. If this is the case, your product will be enclosed in a stocky plastic wrap and put in a box. Take care while cutting open that plastic so as to not to damage the item.

Customer Support agents work in the Niles, IL factory and are available six days per week. All products can be returned free of charge, no questions posed. All mattress returns ought to be requested within 100 days of receipt. You can exchange a purchased item for a different item. The maker accepts both returns and exchanges. In case of an exchange, the company simply applies a refund as a credit towards a dissimilar item. Opened products are never returned to warehouse. The company will kick off a refund as soon as an item is shipped back. It can take about 5 business days for any funds to show up in account. Company can only agree to one item returned/exchanged per customer per 1-year period.

Sleep On Latex offers a 100-night sleep trial for every mattress order. This sleep trial necessitates a 30-night mandatory break-in period. Customers won’t be entitled for a complete refund until they have slept on it for no less than 30 nights.

Sleep On Latex offers a 10-year warranty for Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress. This warranty is utterly non-prorated. Warranty coverage commences on the original purchase date. Sleep On Latex will, at its solitary discretion, mend or restore mattresses with imperfections for as long as warranty is applicable.

Sleep On Latex will cover all shipping plus handling charges for returning mattresses to buyers, while owners are accountable for shipping and handling charges for sending mattress to Sleep On Latex. This warranty is not accessible to mattresses utilized in commercial facilities.

The warranty will cover the following defects such as, noticeable sagging or serrations in sleep surface measuring one inch (1″) or profound and substantial flaws in mattress that lead the latex to tear or crack notwithstanding appropriate handling and support.

The warranty will not cover perceptible sagging or serrations in sleep surface that don’t measure one inch (1″) or deeper; consumer dissatisfaction owing to changes in their comfort predilections; burns, cuts, shreds, stains, and additional kinds of material damage that happen owing to offensive handling and/or insufficient support. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete Review

This warranty is solely offered to original owners who procure their mattress from Sleep On Latex or any sanctioned retailer. Those who purchase or acquire their mattress from original owner or any non-authorized retailer will not be entitled for warranty coverage. Warranty is non-transferable.


Pure Green Natural Latex mattress has many size variants. For 7” or 9” thickness, the Twin size measures 38W” x 75L”, Twin Extra Long (XL) measures 38W” x 80L”, the Full size measures 54W” x 75L”, the Full Extra Long (XL) measures 54W” x 80L”, while the Queen and King has dimensions of 60W” x 80L” and 76W” x 80L” respectively. And lastly, the California King measures 72W” x 84L”.


Wallet-friendly Pure Green Natural Latex mattress and its available variants are extremely sensibly-priced; they don’t have any exorbitant price tag. The mattress has a mid-range budgeted cost as compared to the available contemporary brands. Purchase of this mattress puts no strain while choosing or decision-making or primarily on the user’s wallet.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal For?

It’s good for users seeking a good value and great durability which appears to be exceptional at a moderate price-point for 9-inch Pure Green mattresses; although the company has been in business since 2013, even if its lifespan past five years hasn’t been fully evaluated. It’s great if you’re looking for an incredibly affordable latex mattress.

Pure Green mattress minimizes motion transfer to a highly noticeable extent, even as much as the majority thicker latex mattresses. If you sleep with a partner and desire to limit the movement you sense on the bed, you can go for this mattress.

Due to its multiple thickness and firmness options, the Pure Green Natural Latex mattress offers conforming and pressure relief which is appropriate for most sleepers.

According to most couples who possess a 9-inch mattress, its sleep surface is responsive enough for amorous activities. If couples love the feel of latex conforming to their bodies like memory foam, but with a tad more bounce, this would be perfect. According to clientele, the 9-inch Pure Green mattress is almost silent while bearing weight.

Temperature neutrality is great. Some all-latex models can trap heat, but this 9-inch Pure Green Natural Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Complete Review mattress retains lesser body heat and sleeps comparatively cooler for undisturbed sweat-free sleep in hot and humid summer nights.

Off-gassing is good. Odor complaints are negligible among 9-inch Pure Green mattress owners, and many say the odors are neither extremely strong nor enduring. Expert testing process found the mattress must also be great for users if they are looking for an innate eco-friendly mattress.

Due in part to the smaller-than-average profile, the Pure Green mattress offers better edge support than the majority all-latex models.

What type of sleeper is best suited for this mattress? Based on customer feedback, the Sleep On Latex Mattress has received the subsequent grades among sleepers of dissimilar weights and favored sleep positions. Although these ratings are subjective, and that each person has changeable experiences on diverse mattresses, sleeper comfort and spinal support are the most imperative aspects when it comes to picking a mattress.

As far as side sleeping is concerned, this latex mattress gives very good, brilliant and good support for lightweight users weighing lesser than 130lbs, average-weight users weighing about 130lbs-230lbs, and heavyweight users weighing more than 230lbs respectively. For back sleepers, it gives fantastic, superior, and good support for lightweight, average-weight and heavyweight users respectively. For stomach sleepers, it gives good support for lightweight, average-weight and heavyweight users.

As you can observe, the Sleep On Latex line of mattresses are a grand choice for back and stomach sleepers of every weight category, experts are apprehensive of recommending the 7” Sleep On Latex model to heavier shoppers, since it’s likely to lack the required support, but the 9” firm model must be great.


  • Pure Green Natural Latex sourced from Sri Lanka
  • Multiple heights to select from, according to preferences
  • Multiple firmness levels at 3.5, 5.5, and 7.5
  • Great conforming support and pressure relief
  • Price-point is moderate and below-average compared to the latest latex models
  • Free shipping in all of the contiguous US and Canada
  • Sleep On Latex mattresses are compressed, vacuum-sealed, boxed for shipping
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • First-rate product for back pain
  • Sleep trial is 100 nights, warranty is 10 years
  • Same day shipping
  • Online availability convenience, no hassle of physical stores
  • Proper weight at 115-145lbs


  • 9” mattress might not be adequately tall for some sleepers
  • Limited edge support
  • Mandatory 30-day break-in phase for sleep trial
  • Significantly heavy, need a few individuals to carry it
  • Quite strong rubber smell, dissipates slowly


Sleep On Latex’s Pure Green Natural Latex mattress is a high-class latex option at an unassuming price-point. The bed is obtainable in three firmness settings and two height alternatives, permitting clientele to select the combination that finely fits their necessities and preferences.

The bed uses a clear-cut construction, innate Dunlop latex, and quilted organic cotton. It scores well in the majority performance categories and Sleep On Latex has a concrete reputation in the mattress industry now.

A Quick Summary

Below you can find the exceptional benefits of the Pure Green Natural Latex mattress summarized concisely.

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