PrimaSleep Wave Mattress – Complete Review

A PrimaSleep Wave mattress is quite practically superior to the typical gel-infused mattresses. So is PrimaSleep PrimaSleep Wave Mattress - Complete Review Wave Mattress appropriate for you? It unquestionably boils down to what you desire for your necessary rest every night.

A PrimaSleep Wave mattress amalgamates stylish innovation, unambiguous engineering and market-leading testing to certification brilliance and resilience. Feel the PrimaSleep Wave diversity by testing it out. It comes with incorporated cooling gel-infused memory foam structure. This denotes enhanced temperature management throughout the night and added support in regions that matter.

The most striking characteristics are indisputably the precise attention to ergonomic comfort this mattress offers in the areas that count, a hypoallergenic construction, and a worldwide attention to making this mattress extremely-resilient.

While it does entail the characteristic shipped mattress issues like letting it inflate in some time and some chemical smell upon arrival, this mattress has limitless extras to balance it.

With scores of changeable options to choose from, just go through this coherent guide with all firsthand information. As you are accustomed to the mattress, you can reconcile yourself if the incorporated features of PrimaSleep Wave are your prerequisites.

About PrimaSleep

PrimaSleep Wave mattress is an innovation and offering of Grantec Korea Co., Ltd. The company specializes in manufacturing the highest-quality home furnishings and home improvement products along with the comfort- and support-promoting soothing sleep gadgets for the well-being and good health of users. The brand’s mission is to offer the most dependable & ground-breaking products that result in most gratifying sleep experience.

At PrimaSleep, sleep experts understand that individuals vary when it comes to sleep preferences, and that’s why they’ve generated a multiplicity of reasonably priced premium mattresses to satisfy the needs of their valued clientele. Be it soft, firm, cooling, and unbelievably comfortable, you can obtain the mattress that you wish at a price PrimaSleep Wave Mattress - Complete Review you can manage to pay for.

PrimaSleep constructs every mattress using only unparalleled materials with foams that are checked and certified to convince the specific criteria for performance, inner chemical emissions, and ecological impact. On top, every mattress has a matchless knit cover that works at the side of the memory foam layers to get the most out of cooling and comfort.

Treat yourself to the comfiest mattress you can ever relax and sleep on. PrimaSleep mattresses gratify the enviable standard of being just accurate.

PrimaSleep Wave Mattress – Full Review

The PrimaSleep Wave mattress offers exceptional support from its novel technology promoting deep, calming sleep, with revolutionary sleep-enhancing cover and core materials.

This gel-infused mattress offers exceptional full-body support with softness, and smoothness of movement, for a soothing sensation and sinking, cradling feel. The brand uses selected technology to carry the secure, all-embracing ergonomic support you require, with strengthened support under the body core, to support your spinal cord and vertebra.

Material and Construction

Blue-colored PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress with 10” height has the perfect top layer to support your bodyweight; it preserves your body shape to relax in the best condition. Soft gel-infused cooling memory foam supports body with soft comfort.

I gel scatters temperature accumulation to uphold a constant mattress temperature. HD foam averts defection of memory foam. 3-layer structure offers support and stress relief, a wonderful solution for wakeful nights. It has Polyester jacquard cover followed by Dura I gel foam, Dura HD foam, Dura HD convoluted foam and another layer of Dura HD foam.

PrimaSleep 10-inch Wave gel-infused memory foam mattress has I gel infusion, ventilation memory foam that are breathable and help you sleep in correct temperature. The non-temperature sensitive foam and pressure-relief substances adapt to your body silhouette, mass and temperature.

I gel performance materials lower temperature and improve ventilation with convoluted HD layer. The foam is designed to perk up its toughness with an outstanding breathability and pliability compared to other commonplace memory foam available commonly in the market.

Comfort & Ergonomics

PrimaSleep Wave turns out to be fantastic and comfortable, medium-soft, does rise to 93/4 -10in. For users living in tropical climates, it can be significant that this might not be too hot, and so far no user complaints have been recorded. Just place a board on the frame since this mattress if laid straight on the wire frame itself, users might feel the bars. It does require a rock-hard base under. But once it is done, users get overwhelmed with the excellence and how it compares to the feel of other mattresses.

For users who have terrible back problems, it is important to get a consistent mattress that wouldn’t make the back any worse than it is by now. PrimaSleep Wave mattress is unbelievable as users get no back pain since purchasing it and sleep magnificently each night. It is a tad firm but not in a shocking way, it is strong so you will not sink in, yet still spongy while sleeping.

A lot of people might say how solid this bed is. In contrast, it is very plush comprising perhaps a 6/10 firmness. Edge support is comfy yet sturdy and sitting on the edge definitely has a squashy effect that is astounding. The core and the edge can cradle users like an infant.

Using PrimaSleep Wave mattress, users get the best sleep of their lives. No tossing or turning and no waking up in the middle of the night. The toughest part about getting out of the bed is just that it is so brilliantly comfy. And the back pain you’ve been having? It will not be there any longer and won’t return in the future too. You can let your dog as well as cats relax and stretch in the PrimaSleep Wave mattress, and they agree that this mattress is amazing.

It’s comfortable and a very first-rate size as needed. There is a trivial chemical smell that will go away as you let the mattress inflate initially. If you come to know that people had difficulty with fiberglass, then don’t remove the cover. It is provided to defend the mattress from some liquid spills, and it isn’t meant to be removed.

Durability & Warranty

PrimaSleep Wave mattress comprises I gel memory foam comfort layer. The support core is constructed of multiplelayers of Dura HD foam and Dura HD convoluted foam.

Durability denotes how long any merchandise maintains structure, providing easiness and support before it begins to worsen. The customary mattress lifespan is 6-8 years. PrimaSleep Wave mattresses have levelheaded lifespan than competing brands. It’s designed and manufactured for ultimate resilience and quality. Getting familiar with your new sleeping surface will need some adjusting. Give it some time to break-in. Any product odor is harmless and will disperse in some days.

You can relax with certified confidence as you’ll be comfy knowing the performance foams employed in this mattress are 100% CertiPUR-US certified. CertiPUR-US recognition designates they are finished with no ozone-depleting materials, mercury, lead, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates normalized by Consumer Product Safety commission. It is low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), signifying advanced disease-free PrimaSleep Wave Mattress - Complete Review indoor air quality.

Get 10-year warranty with PrimaSleep Wave along with durability which you may rely on. Moreover, there’s a 100-night risk-free trial. If you are unsatisfied with this mattress, you can return it to the company.


PrimaSleep Wave mattress has many size variants including Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King catering to different sleep requirements of users.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal For?

When people elucidate that it is both spongy and firm, they are completely right. The first 2” are soft, while the rest of the mattress is supported by firmer foam. This allows even small 120lbs users to sink in but not keep on sinking in. Even lightweight, average-weight users actually feel like they’re supported in the ways they require to be. As a result, users never wake up in any pain and sleep all the way through the nights. Users won’t comprehend how much they could have been suffering on a bad mattress until they get a new PrimaSleep Wave mattress! PrimaSleep Wave Mattress - Complete Review

It is even a very comfortable mattress for partners. You don’t find your arm getting painful or losing circulation in the cuddling positions. For anybody looking for a mattress for two, PrimaSleep Wave Mattress helps. The “medium” feel of both spongy and firm has kept couples very happy, if you’re someone who loves a spongy bed, and your spouse firm.

What type of sleeper is suited for a PrimaSleep Wave mattress? Based on customer feedback, it receives fine grades among sleepers of divergent weights and preferred sleep positions. These ratings are subjective though, and everyone has varying experiences on different mattresses.

As far as sleeping on the side is concerned, this PrimaSleep Wave mattress gives brilliant support for lightweight users weighing lesser than 130lbs, average-weight users weighing just about 130lbs-230lbs, and heavyweight users weighing higher than 230lbs. For back sleepers, it gives ample support with some sink to sleepers of every weight category. For stomach sleepers, it provides comfy sinking feel and support for lightweight, average-weight users and fair support for heavyweight sleepers.

Certain mattresses are comparatively noisy whilst bearing weight. Others are virtually quiet. Material composition is customarily the preventive factor for noise probability. PrimaSleep Wave mattress creates no noise. So users seeking total silence without getting disturbed might have found the best deal.


PrimaSleep Wave Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium firmness of 6 on a scale of 1-10
Warranty: 10-year limited product warranty
Type: Dura I gel foam, Dura HD foam, and Dura HD convoluted foam construction.
Ideal for: Back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Good for couples needing a vastly-responsive sleep surface in addition to minimal partner disturbance during sleep from noise of movement.

Perfect for any user as it absorbs and minimizes motion exceptionally.

Great for users seeking class and resilience at a wallet-friendly price-point.

Idyllic for consumers with responsive olfactory senses, heat rashes, asthma, hives, skin troubles, and respiratory illnesses as there’s no excruciating chemical smell.

Good for users who perspire a lot and are prone to breaking into hives as it is sheltered from allergens and moisture due to its Dura I Gel infused memory foam.

Good for sleepers requiring immense pressure point relief and correct spinal alignment.

Perfect for lightweight and average-weight sleepers preferring any sleeping positions.

Sizes available: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified foam means there are

lesser chemical emissions and checked for injurious substances like ozone-depleting materials, PBDE flame retardants, lead, mercury, heavy metals, formaldehyde as well as phthalates.

Differentiators: Spongy I gel-infused memory foam supports spine and body weight with comfortable softness.

Offers reasonable conforming and sufficient pressure relief by cradling your body curves.

I gel scatters temperature as well as heat buildup to preserve a steady mattress temperature and cooler sleep surface.

I gel performance materials lower mattress temperature and perk up ventilation with the convoluted HD layer.

HD foam averts memory foam deflection thereby enhancing support and durability year after year.

3-layer construction for ergonomic support and immense strain relief.

No obnoxious new foam smell after unpacking of the mattress.

Offers superior edge and core support along with a supple feel.

Reinforced Dura HD base foam supports the heaviest part of your body, where most people require it.

Even smaller lightweight 120lbs users sink in but never continue sinking in, they are well supported.

PrimaSleep Wave mattress generates no noise creating a pin-drop silence and totally calm environment at night for undisturbed sleep.

Medium-firm feel of both soft and firm tends to keep the couples with different firmness preferences pleased.

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Rating: 4.4/5.0

Mattresses that are bouncy and more amenable tend to be finer for amorous activities, as they’re simpler to change positions on. In contrast, unresponsive mattresses may make couples have trouble shifting positions. PrimaSleep Wave Mattress is known for its bouncy gel-infused memory foam sleep surface, and is responsive for couples.

Conforming means the degree to which a mattress shapes to or cradles your body curves. This helps lessen pressure point pain, particularly on back, waist, hips, neck, and shoulders. PrimaSleep Wave offers reasonable conforming PrimaSleep Wave Mattress - Complete Review and sufficient pressure relief.

Off-gassing odors are considered harmless, but can be disagreeable nonetheless. PrimaSleep Wave produces insignificant off-gassing smells. So it’s fine for users with receptive olfactory sensation, asthma, allergies, and respiratory sicknesses. Since it is protected from allergens and dampness, it’s good for consumers who sweat and are vulnerable to hives. There’s no appearance or smell of mold whatsoever.

Motion isolation means how competently a mattress absorbs motion across the sleep surface, preventing partner disturbance. PrimaSleep Wave’s memory foam absorbs and minimizes motion extremely. Sleep surface of the PrimaSleep Wave Mattress is extremely cool for hot and sweltering summer nights and particularly tropical weather.


  • Perfect top layer supports bodyweight, maintains body shape to rest in the finest condition
  • Soft gel-infused memory foam supports body weight with softness
  • I gel disperses temperature/heat buildup to preserve a constant mattress temperature
  • HD foam prevents memory foam deflection
  • 3-layer construction for ergonomic support and strain relief
  • Offers complete sleep cycles every night
  • Great mattress for couples
  • Supports back, side, stomach and combo sleepers
  • Full motion isolation
  • No noise in bearing weight
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • It doesn’t last too long
  • Let it inflate for nearly the full recommended time of 48 hours, the expansion time is quite slow
  • Quite a hefty haul
  • Can’t roll it up once opened


How PrimaSleep Wave Mattress contrasts with other beds? As any consumer does with products he considers, the mattress assessments rationally entail comparing it with the equivalent products. Be it construction, inflexibility, or price tag, it’s significant to appreciate how PrimaSleep Wave mattress is one step ahead of its peers.

Selecting this mattress means getting the plushest bed accessible in the market now. On account of its hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking cooling gel-infused features, experts advocate this mattress mostly to users with allergies or who perspire quickly in foam beds. Users can’t deny the comfort of this classy PrimaSleep Wave mattress. Either way, if you’re seeking something outstanding, it’s worth giving this mattress a shot.

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