Top 6 Best PlushBeds Mattresses Reviews in 2022

PlushBeds approach with the philosophy of ‘good sleep and health.’ The company has been gaining a reputation for Best PlushBeds Mattresses its amazing quality of natural and organic products since 2008. The aim of PlushBeds is to provide top-quality mattresses without compromising on any aspect of it, even if it means a higher price range. The quality you get is worth the price you pay for the product. PlushBeds has introduced three types of mattresses for different types of the customer base – the Botanical bliss, Natural bliss, and Luxury bliss. Each of these ranges offers different features and qualities. The Botanical bliss offers adaptive firmness, the Natural one is a great choice for vegans, and the Luxury bliss is a blend or hybrid featured with coils. The best part is that all three of them come with around nine different ranges of sizes, three different heights, and four different levels of firmness.

PlushBeds has ensured that each of its products has passed the quality tests, making them certified for environmental practices such as low emissions, usage of organic materials, and other sustainable practices. PlushBeds guarantees you to deliver products that are clean, healthy and high quality with the durability of 25 years.

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Types of PlushBeds Mattresses

PlushBeds features latex mattresses with an emphasis on natural and organic materials that are generated sustainably. As discussed above, they have three different models of mattresses as of now:

Botanical Bliss Collection

It features comfort systems layered with GOTS certified organic wool on the top and three different layerings of natural Dunlop latex, and a cover with high-quality organic cotton. There are three different sizes – 12 inches, 10-inches, and 9 inches. Users can modify the firmness of the mattress by rearranging the order of the layers, setting it to ‘Firm (7.5), Medium Firm (6.5), or Medium (5.5).

Natural Bliss Collection

It features natural Dunlop latex support core and an elastic, stretchy organic cotton cover. It is a 6-inch mattress and does not have any comfort layer. The 8-inch mattress comprises a comfort system of one layer of natural Talalay latex, while the 10-inch mattress has two of these comfort layers. It is also available in four sets of firm setting.

Luxury Bliss

It is a 12-inch latex hybrid mattress featured with a comfort system. The comfort system includes 3 inches of certified organic Dunlop latex enveloped around a coiled support core. Firmness is around 5.5 (Medium).

All types of mattresses from PlushBeds (and their parts) are USDA, GOTS, GOLS, GreenGuard Gold, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

The features like motion transfer, temperature neutrality, adaptability, and firmness choices are major advantages that make these mattresses better than any other brand. PlushBeds have mattresses for all kinds of sleepers, especially those who want to switch to organic material.

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Which PlushBeds mattress will suit you?

Based on different customer reviews, we are suggesting PlushBed mattresses on the basis of the sleeping position of a person. It should be noted that the suggestions are subjective, and the experience of these mattresses can vary from person to person.

The two main factors you should be considering while choosing the PlushBeds Mattress are support it gives to your spine and comfort it provides while sleeping.

PlushBeds offers a wide range of firmness options and thicknesses to adapt to the needs of most sleepers with Top 6 Best PlushBeds Mattresses Reviews in 2019 different weights and preferences of sleeping positions.

If you are someone somewhat on the light side of the weight and prefer to sleep on the sides, then you will need a soft mattress while if you are on the heavier side and prefer to lie on your back or stomach, then you will need a firmer mattress. One size does not fit all, so you will have to consider the kind of body type and preference of sleeping position. You will also need to consider the material that you would prefer in your mattress. PlushBeds’ latex mattresses are available in so many options that it is not possible for anyone to not find the right choice of their bed.

If you are a side sleeper You need to make sure that your mattress relieves pressure, has enough firmness, gives proper contouring to your body, and provides enough support to your back. Also, your body weight should fall on your shoulders and hips when you tend to sleep on your side. You need to ensure that your mattress is capable of curving around these body parts and also support your torso and neck. In general, latex is a kind of material that works well for side sleepers. However, PlushBeds offers various levels of firmness in all the models. The hybrid models work best for side sleepers as the body is supported at the top and from the base with the help of the coiled layer. This is why Luxury Bliss mattress from PlushBeds will be the right choice for you. Still, you can choose other medium-firm models too.

If you are a back sleeper – You are already sleeping in a position that keeps your spine properly aligned to your body without causing any pain or soreness, which is why it is important to have a mattress that can keep your spine straight and does not let it sag too low. You will need a mattress that is medium to firm. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss and Luxury Bliss both fall in this category and are great for optimal contouring and support for your body.

If you are stomach sleeper – Even though the position is not recommended by health physicians and can badly affect your body since it puts a lot of pressure on your hips, chest, and spine, the right mattress can help your body to Top 6 Best PlushBeds Mattresses Reviews in 2019 relieve that pressure and allow you to sleep soundly without affecting your body parts. You will need a mattress that has an adaptive top layer to envelop your body. It should not be too soft to let your pelvis sag inside it because it can create problems in your lower back. So, medium-firm to firm mattresses will be the right choice for you, and PlushBeds offers that in the Natural Bliss line.

Why should you choose PlushBeds mattresses?

You should choose PlushBeds if –

  • You are looking for an eco-friendly, organic, and natural stuff in your mattress.
  • You want options in terms of firmness and thickness
  • You are suffering from lower back pain

How PlushBeds Mattresses are better than others?

Comparing the PlushBeds with similar brands in terms of price, composition, durability, and firmness, you can certainly say that PlushBeds mattresses offer a good range of products that are high in quality.

  • The company offers an extensive range of latex mattresses with choices for every kind of sleeper.
  • Their Luxury Bliss mattresses are just right for people who weigh less and prefer to sleep on the side position, whereas the Botanical Bliss mattresses are for heavier people or who prefer to sleep on the back or stomach.
  • PlushBeds mattresses are made of eco-friendly material and give cool and soundless sleep to users.


Another factor that makes PlushBeds mattresses reliable is its 25-year limited warranty on Bliss mattresses for any manufacturer defect. PlushBeds ensures that they get you replaced or repaired the product for free if it is damaged within the first ten years. After 15 years, you will need to pay a certain amount for the repair, or you will get a refund based on the time period for which you have used the product. The warranty is valid only if you are the original owner of the product. Visible indentations of at least 1 ½ inches on the surface of the mattress and any physical damage that puts a crack on the latex is covered under warranty.

Best PlushBeds Mattresses Reviews in 2022


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Luxury Bliss Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress
Best for Stomach or Back Sleepers $$$$ 4.7
2. Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Mattress
No off-gassing or harsh odors $$$$ 4.6
3. Gel Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress
Superior pressure relief $$$ 4.6
4. Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress
Resilient Construction $$$ 4.5
5. Plushbeds 8″ Natural Latex RV Mattress
No Fillers and Non-Toxic $$$ 4.4
6. PlushBeds Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress
CertiPUR Certified $$$ 4.3

1. Luxury Bliss Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress

The Luxury Bliss mattresses are a combination of perfectly individually wrapped steel-motion technology-based coils. The mattresses have got a certification for the organic latex layer. The premium spring mattresses have got a really pliable structure that is made in such a way to prevent dilapidation of the inner material.

Design and Material

The design of the mattresses could be observed as something worth it. The various designs that are exposed to the mattresses are quite welcoming, unlike others that have plain surfaces.

The material which is used to furnish the Queen’s mattresses is pure latex, and that too, which has got a certification mark for it. Besides, the spring system inside it controls the equilibrium whenever there arises of the disequilibrium on any side.

Comfort and Durability

The extreme comfort derived from the mattresses is something very hard to put into words. It is no less than a five-star hotel bed experience. Perhaps it could be even better here you have a certification for everything. Sleepers could never get up with any kind of pain that might make their bodies experience undesirable pain.

The durability of the item is one such aspect of it that stands up to the mark. Ranging from the inner material to the outer coatings, everything is durable enough. So it does not matter how much sleepers hit it; there is always going to be the same comfort as in the normal course.

Additional information

The mattresses can weigh up to 130 pounds with dimensions of 80*60*12 inches. The odorless support system is something that is quite amazing about the product. Some of these aspects of the Queen’s mattresses make it stand out from the rest.

The fact that it is odorless and has coatings on it makes it viable for all types of use. Also, it does not cause any allergies, so it is safe too.


  • The material is pure latex.
  • The firmness instilled in it.
  • The odorless support system.
  • The coatings on it.

2. Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The structure of the ultra-luxurious item is incredibly designed, keeping in mind the firmness and excessive Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Mattress toughness all over. The main aspect for which the item gets distinction marks is the structure of the item only. After having a look at the item, one can easily make out how great it would serve after hitting it.

Design and Material

The design of this item is something incredibly hard to be escaped from. The smoothness that your eyes can get after having a glimpse of these mattresses is terrific. The shape which has been given to these mattresses provides a very classic look. Just types of designs seem quite impossible to be found in others.

The materials in which these mattresses are made up of prove out to be pure latex. Pure latex is a material that is eco-friendly and does not cause any side effects on the human body.

Comfort and Durability

If asked to mention something as comfortable as a heavenly bliss, then it would surely be these mattresses. Any time you surmount the mattresses and lie on it, you can always feel warmth and coziness oozing from it in excess.

The durability is up to the mark and can be tested well with the passage of time. Most of the mattresses become uncomfortable with the passage of time, but with this, it is always the move upwards.

Additional information

The mattresses can weigh up to 140 pounds with an exact dimension of 84*72*12 inches. The firmness of the mattresses might vary from medium to hard, depending on which model you are going for. The temperature stabilizing technology makes it a perfectly advanced one and undoubtedly one of a kind.


  • The height of firmness earned.
  • The natural and pure material.
  • The pressure control technology instilled.
  • The heat and moisture dissipation.

3. Gel Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress

The prime aspect of this prominent brand is that this sofa bed mattress will not tend to shrink or sag. It will always Gel Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress return back to its initial form and state after the pressure is lifted. The reason behind this ultra-technology is the cell structure, which is well-knit and distributed evenly throughout the item.

Design and Material

The design of these mattresses is just like all of the other mattresses, but it does not exactly function like those. The various mechanics which are associated with it tend to uplift its efficiency and effectiveness.

The material which these mattresses are made up of is pure latex, which poses any threat to the human body and at the same time, to nature as well. Though there does not arise any point of getting away from it, but in case you go for something else after some time, you need not worry about its scraps adaptable to the environment.

Although the design of the product is quite good, it does not come in the form of a sofa. That’s the only drawback that it has.

Comfort and Durability

No matter how old it gets, it will always give you the same pleasure as it does in the initial stages. Comfort and pleasure are the same as loving ones embrace. You could even get away with your body pains arising out of exertion after lying comfortably on it.

The durability of the item is going to stand the hardships of time without any questions. You can always trust this brand name only when it comes to the durability affair.

Additional information

The mattresses tend to bring about an extraordinary pressure control system. This facet of it is in connection with the one that is medically proven. Besides that, the brand is being medically recommended for the patients of back pains and other bone aches.

Maintenance of temperature is one of the most classic features of this mattress, which is why this product is one of the favorites of users.


  • The temperature equilibrium tendency instilled.
  • The pressure control technology updated.
  • The natural and latex filled.
  • The durability of the item

4. Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress

Here comes an even more advanced mattress that truly turns out to be a worth-buying one. The tough pressure Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress control system of the mattresses enables it to stand a high pressure without getting spoiled in either sense. These mattresses are best in class due to the exquisite structure that it has. Also, it makes it so comfortable for the person resting on it that you don’t need to worry about buying some other mattress for years.

Design and Material

The matter which the item is made up of is natural and pure latex. It implies that you can be very assured of the absence of fillers at any time. The perfect dimensions make it compatible with all types of beds out there. It means that you do not need to worry in case you have an extra-large bed.

Comfort and Durability

One of the most fascinating and worth-mentioning facts about the item is that the luxury derived from it while sleeping is not less than the 5 Star hotel ones.

Additional information

The mattresses can support sleepers up to a maximum weight of 250 lbs. The matter which these mattresses are made up of is biodegradable and completely eco-friendly. While sleeping, the mattresses do not initiate any kind of pain into the body, which might eventually prove out to be very dire as happen in most of the brands.

The non-smell or odorless support system makes people feel comfortable not only while sleeping but also while being in the bedroom. Besides all that, the mattresses have got the gold guard certification mark, which proves their competency even without actually going for it.

Being ultra-luxurious in fashion, this mattress is selected widely by many people from all over the world. The temperature stability system is an added factor for the sale of the product.


  • The various dimensions that the ultra-luxurious item comes in.
  • The varieties of coatings can easily be fetched.
  • The temperature stability system which

5. Plushbeds 8″ Natural Latex RV Mattress

One could have an illimitable mattress in the consumer market, but in almost all of the cases, it is hard to grab the Plushbeds 8" Natural Latex RV Mattress desired one. All of us need a comfortable mattress to go through the jest of the night with coziness and warmth. Latex RV mattress is one such mattress that turns out to be no less than a pack of comfort that one expects from a mattress.

Design and Material

As the name suggests, the latex RV queen mattress is made up of pure latex that is quite beneficial to the human body. Unlike others, it does not cause the creepy pain in the body after one leaves the bed. Design is quite satisfactory for all types of consumers.

Durability and Comfort

The durability of the queen mattress is its plus point or perhaps something that marks a thick line of discussion between it and others. The medically proven special pressure relief system makes it earn extra marks. The system is inbuilt in the item and helps one get rid of the usual unbearable pain arising from terrible exhaustion.

Additional information

The fresh form technology which is incorporated in the product makes it odorless and devoid of any hard-to-stand squalid smells. The adaptable construction of the item makes its life longer as compared to the conventional obsolete mattress.

The item has got a weight of a perfect 80 pounds, and its dimensions in the normal course turn out to be 80*60*8 inch.

Considering everything of the item, it proves out that it will not be fair to go for another item. Besides all the cons of the item, it still sounds unprofitable to lose the perfectly natural Mattress with the state-of-the-art-mechanisms.


  • The instant delivery service provided.
  • Great durability
  • Responsive after delivery services.
  • High-quality material.
  • Amazing support and pressure stability.

6. PlushBeds Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress

The PlushBeds Memory Foam Sofa Bed and Mattress is a perfect duo for those looking for a combination of the Sofa PlushBeds Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress and mattress. The resilient structure of the all-serving furniture provides an option for those homemakers who observe a paucity of enough space in their homes. The flexibility of the sofa-cum-mattress makes it an apt one to be placed right anywhere, at the place, and definitely at any time. Unlike most of the space that is certainly not a combination of sofa and mattress, these sofas are quite lighter relatively. That is why it can be used over king size beds. One can feel comfort and relaxation when lying on these mattresses.

Design and Material

The beautiful structure of the sofa-cum-mattress makes it hard to step back from purchasing it. Besides, there could be n number of colors; the sofa-cum-mattress could be fetched in. The brand is green gold mark certified, so definitely, there is no issue when it comes to the quality of the furniture. The foam used in the brand is all made up of natural latex. As a consequence, you can feel the pleasure of comfort and coziness anytime you hit it.

The material used to make up this sofa and mattress duo is very durable and could easily stand the passage of many years. It simply implies that unlike other furniture, it’s show and durability will not fade with the passage of time.

Comfort and Durability

The best part about the exotic brand is that it is medically proven. People complaining of some back-pain issues, knee pain, pain in any body part due to excessive tiredness could mitigate their pain after taking the support of this sofa-cum-mattress.

Additional information

The weight that the sofa-cum-mattress could support it up to 250 lbs, within this particularly specified limit, the comfort derived from it would be as incredible as in normal course. The memory foam, in turn, also enhances the level of comfort that a mattress should provide.


  • The cleansing system is quite complicated
  • The unsatisfactory dimensions of it
  • Discomfort after single-set purchasing

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