Pillow Sizes – All you need to know – Charts & Guide for 2022

Pillow Sizes chart v1

Choosing the right pillow size does not seem to be a monumental task. This is until you realize that you have several options available and that the “one size fits all” idea may not give you the best in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It is important for your pillow to have the appropriate size so it will provide you with the comfort and support you need for sleeping and relaxation while in bed. The size of your mattress should also be taken into consideration when you are looking at pillow sizes. This is to ensure that the pillow will not be too big or too small in relation to the mattress size.

The size of your pillow will have a significant impact on the overall appearance and feel of your bed or couch (wherever you plan on placing the pillow you choose), so it is crucial to select a pillow size that will perform and look perfect with the purpose that you have in mind.

This article explores the sizes of sleeping and decorative pillows alike, their pros and cons and who they are ideal for.

Sleeping Pillow Sizes

As illustrated on the chart above, there are three sizes of sleeping pillows – Standard, Queen and King. These are discussed in detail below.


Dimensions: This is the most popular and the most commonly available of the pillow size options. These pillows Standard-Pillow-size-v1 measure 20 x 26 inches. It fits perfectly into a standard-sized pillowcase but will still be able to fit well into a queen-sized pillowcase that will leave a few extra inches of fabric on the edges.

What is this Size Ideal For?

The size can be used comfortably by children as well as adults who do not have a broad-shouldered body structure. It is an ideal size option for people who are fond of squishing the pillow for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

However, a standard pillow size may not be suitable for those who tend to toss and turn during the night. This is because the pillow may be too small and will not have enough coverage to accommodate the frequent movements, resulting in the person waking up without a pillow to support the head and neck after several hours of shifting from one sleeping position to another during the night.

A standard-sized pillow is an ideal option for people who want a plush sleeping surface that will conform to the shape of their head and can be fluffed up to suit their changing needs several times during the night. This pillow size may bring a higher level of comfort to people who find it uncomfortable to sleep on queen- or king-sized pillows because of their bulkier sizes and heavier structures.

Standard-sized pillows can also be ideal choices for people who prefer having a pillow placed on top of their faces (on a back-sleeping position) to block out the light and noise in their environment for a more peaceful sleep experience. The lighter and smaller profile of a standard-sized pillow will work great for this purpose, filtering the surrounding sounds and light without compromising overall comfort. Bigger pillow sizes such as the queen and king-sized pillows will be too heavy to be placed over the head, causing discomfort and may make it difficult to breathe normally.

A standard-sized pillow is an excellent choice for people who want to have the comfort and support of a high-quality pillow but do not want to spend too much for this experience. The popularity of this size makes it readily available, so you will not need to spend a lot of time shopping around to search for a standard-sized pillow. It also has a lower price tag compared to the bigger pillow sizes, making it a more economical pillow option.

What Mattress Size is it Suitable For?

One standard-sized pillow will fit well into a twin or twin XL-sized mattress.

Two pillows of this size will be needed to cover the width of a full or queen-sized bed. Two standard-sized pillows that are placed side by side will cover the width of a double-sized mattress perfectly.

You will need 3 standard-sized pillows to suit the spaciousness of a king-sized bed, and also to ensure that you will be surrounded with enough pillows to accommodate the needs of you and a loved one with whom you may be sharing the big bed. If you use just 2 standard-sized pillows on a queen-sized bed, you may be leaving several inches of pillow-free space in the middle or on the sides, which can leave your head unsupported especially when you tend to move frequently while you sleep.

A standard pillow can also be used with bigger pillow sizes in a stacked manner to enhance the aesthetics of your sleeping area. The smaller standard-sized pillow can be placed in front of the larger pillows for a neat appearance that can elevate the look and feel of your bed setup.

The standard pillow will turn out to be a superb choice because its size enables it to fit into any mattress or bed size. You will just need to place two or more of these pillows on the bed depending on its size. Standard-sized pillows can also be used in tandem with larger pillows to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of the bed arrangement.


Dimensions: A queen-sized pillow has the following dimensions: 20 x 30 inches. This pillow size will work fit in wonderfully inside a queen-sized pillowcase with full coverage and protection, without the excess fabric hanging queen-size-pillow-v1 over the edges and without the pillow looking like it has been forced to fit inside the case. But since queen-sized pillowcases may not be as easy to find, this pillow size can also be used with a king-sized pillowcase.

Placing this queen-sized pillow inside a standard-sized pillowcase may involve a tight fit, but it will produce a firmer pillow structure that can deliver a higher level of support. If the pillow that you purchased is especially thick and a queen-sized pillowcase is not available, you can go for a king-sized case instead.

What is this Size Ideal For?

The 4-inch length enhancement compared to a standard pillow size makes the queen-sized pillow a great choice for people who want to have more pillow surface area to surround their heads on both sides.

A queen-sized pillow works well for people who are prone to restless movements while sleeping. This longer pillow ensures that even when you turn side to side frequently throughout the night, you will always have a pillow to keep your head in a supported and comfortable position. You will not have to worry that you will end up sleeping directly on the flat mattress, which can happen if you are a restless sleeper using a smaller pillow.

Queen-sized pillows are excellent choices for those who prefer a larger pillow that brings a touch of lavishness to the sleeping area. The enhanced length of the queen-sized pillow provides a more generous sleeping surface for you to enjoy so you will not be limited to only a few extra inches on the sides of your head to move around in.

What Mattress Size is it Suitable For?

Two queen-sized pillows that are positioned side by side will cover the width of a queen-sized mattress beautifully.

This size can also be used on smaller mattress sizes such as twin or double, especially if the sleeper prefers to have a longer pillow to enjoy for comfortable sleeping and relaxation moments while in bed. A queen-sized pillow used on a twin or double-sized mattress can also give the bed a more luxurious aura with all the additional plush surfaces to surround you.


Dimensions: King-sized pillows have dimensions of 20 x 36 inches. This is the largest pillow size that is most suitable for use on a king and California king-sized bed. A king-sized pillow will properly fit into a king-sized king-size-pillow-v1 pillowcase. Due to its longer dimensions, this pillow will not be able to squeeze into a standard-sized pillowcase.

What is this Size Ideal for?

A king-sized pillow is ideal for use as a back support pillow to make it more comfortable for you to stay in a sitting position while in bed. It can also serve as sort of a plush desk where you can place the things you are working on, such as your laptop. The king-sized pillow can also support your tablet or book when you want to read for a while in an upright position without leaving the comfort of your bed.

This pillow size can also be used as a body pillow since it is long enough to provide some people with a comforting presence to hug while sleeping on their side. However, the extra weight of the pillow may involve too much effort to move across the bed, which can be especially difficult for people with limited mobility or those who have a small or weaker body structure.

In some cases, the enhanced length of the king-sized pillow can have a bad effect on a person’s posture while sleeping. It can then be used instead to deliver an additional lift to smaller pillows that can be stacked on top, so you can still get the support that you need to be able to sleep in a comfortable way without compromising your correct spinal alignment.

On the other hand, the generous length of the king-sized pillow may be the best choice for a person who is prone to extreme tossing and turning while sleeping for long hours at night. A single pillow in this size can ensure that the person will maintain a fully supported head, neck, and spine even with repeated movements across the width of the bed, with no worries that the sleeper will end up suffering from discomfort due to sleeping directly on the mattress for the better part of the night.

If it will not be used as a sleeping pillow due to its added weight and extra length, a king-sized pillow can instead be used for decorative purposes. It can be used as a background for smaller pillows that can be stacked in front to give your bed a more interesting layout.

What Mattress Size is it Suitable For?

Two king-sized pillows that are stationed side by side will provide the perfect coverage for the width of a king- or a California king-sized bed. This set up will ensure that when they are used for sleeping, the king-sized pillows will provide complete coverage so your head will always be supported even when you move across the bed’s width while you are asleep – with only a few meager inches left pillow-less on the sides.

A king-sized pillow can also be used with a twin-sized bed. The length of this pillow provides coverage for the entire width of the twin bed. The king pillow can be used as a decorative background that will support smaller (standard-sized) pillows that can be placed in a stacked structure in front.

Body pillow

Dimensions: Body pillows come with the standard measurements of 20 x 54 inches, but some pillows are being body-pillow-v1 offered in longer or wider designs. They come with their own protective and/or decorative pillowcases since it may be challenging to buy a pillowcase that will perfectly fit a specific body pillow brand. The size of the body pillow allows it to provide support from the head all the way to the knees to maintain a neutral spine condition while sleeping.

What is this Size Ideal for?

Body pillows are ideal for side sleepers who will benefit from the extra support to keep the head, neck, legs, hips, and knees in comfortable positions while sleeping on their side. They can be positioned to keep the head supported and then curve around the body before being positioned between the knees. This position delivers optimal support so maintain good body posture in the side sleeping position so discomfort can be prevented even with several hours of deep sleep.

It is an ideal pillow choice for people who sleep on their side but are starting to experience pain on their hips and knees. This is because when the unsupported top knee starts to sag while on a side sleeping position, the hips are subjected to additional pressure – which can last for the duration of the night, depending on how long the sleep cycle will be. The body pillow works to keep the top leg fully supported to prevent sagging so that the hips and the spin can maintain a properly aligned position for hours at a time.

A body pillow brings numerous advantages for pregnant women so they can sleep in a more comfortable manner. The pillow can be used to support the weight of the belly so that it does not force the back and hips to be bent at an unusual angle, which can happen when the belly drags the pregnant lady’s weight (in a side sleeping position) down towards the mattress if there is no extra support to provide help. The body pillow can relieve the pressure on the hips and spine, making sleeping during pregnancy a much comfortable experience without additional pain to deal with.

Body pillows are ideal bed companions for people who are suffering from acid reflux. Sleeping on the side can reduce the symptoms associated with acid reflux, but the additional lift provided by the body pillow can work to further decrease the discomfort that is experienced by those who have acid reflux issues. By gently lifting the body in a fully supported manner, the body pillow also helps improve blood circulation that will bring a lot of benefits to your health and well-being.

A body pillow can also be used to raise the height of the smaller pillows on your bed. The body pillow can be positioned on the base of the headboard and then topped with the smaller pillows to achieve the height that feels most comfortable and supportive for your specific sleep requirements. This setup is especially useful when you want to enhance your pillows’ height but do not want too many pillows stacked one on top of the other on your bed.

You can also use a body pillow to keep your lower back supported while sitting up in bed. This will prevent your back from feeling strained and uncomfortable, especially when you need to stay seated in bed for long stretches of time.

Body pillows can also serve as decorative pieces for your bed. You can choose one with a beautiful print to serve as an accent piece amongst the other pillows that you already have on your bed.

What Mattress Size is it Suitable For?

Body pillows can be used on any mattress size, as long as there is enough space for the sleeper to move comfortably even with the addition of the body pillow. In the case of the body pillow, it may be more important to focus on the support and comfort that it brings rather than how it will look in relation to the mattress size.

However, when used for decorative purposes, the body pillow will work well from a full-sized mattress to the larger mattress options. This is because the length of the body pillow fits perfectly across the width of the full or double-sized mattress, while the bigger mattresses will be able to accommodate the body pillow’s measurements without any effort.

Decorative Pillow Sizes

Decorative pillows are categorized in throw pillows, as well as in sofa and sectional pillows.

Throw Pillow (18 x 18 inches)

What is this Size Ideal for?

These square throw pillows are on the smaller side of the throw pillow spectrum of choices. Their size makes them throw-Pillows-v1 ideal accent pieces for small sofas that have a contemporary profile that does not involve too many frills. The square pillows are ideal for placing on streamlined sofa designs because the throw pillows will not look or feel too big and out of place against the minimalistic sofa structure.

These pillows can also be stacked along with larger square pillows on a larger couch to bring together an elegant and well-thought-of layout.

The 18 x 18-inch throw pillow is also suitable for use with a low-profile chair. The pillow can be used to match the upholstery of the chair, while a complementary color or print can bring a delightful pop of color to an otherwise plain-looking chair setup.

This square throw pillow can even be used as a decorative addition to smaller-sized beds (from twin to a double), especially if they come in aesthetics that will either blend in harmoniously with the beddings or serve as an accent piece with interesting colors. Several throw pillows can be placed in front of the sleeping pillows on bigger beds for a stunning arrangement.

Throw Pillow (24 x 24 inches)

What is this Size Ideal for?

This larger option for a square throw pillow will serve well as eye-catching accent pieces for sofas that are more Throw Pillow generously sized. The pillows can be used on the ends and the middle portion of the sofa for an ornamental touch that will give more life to the relaxation and socialization activities in this area.

This size can be used as the base or frame for smaller throw pillows that can be placed on each corner of the sofa. The layout will result in a balanced appearance that will bring together the entire sofa and the area it is placed in.

These bigger throw pillows are ideal for embellishing your existing bed setup. Two or more of the throw pillows (depending on the bed’s size) can be positioned against the headboard to serve as a stunning backdrop for your sleeping pillows and beddings to make your sleeping area look and feel a lot more interesting.

Sofa & Sectional Sofa Pillows (22 x 22 inches)

What is this Size Ideal for?

Pillows in this size will serve as great accent pieces for larger sofas or sectional sofas. They are considered mid- sofa-and-sectional-pillows-v1 sized in terms of square or throw pillows used for decorative purposes and will work well with a sofa or sectional with the corresponding proportions. The pillows can be placed on the corners as ornaments that will not get in the way of comfortable seating on the sofa.

These pillows can also be arranged in a seemingly haphazard manner across the length of the sofa or sectional. This can create a more casual tone to the living room or family area, making it a place that invites people to let their hair down and simply chill for hours at a time.

Square pillows in this size are suitable for use on sectionals and sofas along with the larger square pillows. They can be lined up throughout the piece of furniture’s length to create a riveting depth to the space, but it is important for the colors and patterns to work together harmoniously so that the setup will not turn out to have a clashing appearance.

Sofa & Sectional Sofa Pillows (24 x 24 inches)

What is this Size Ideal for?

This pillow size is ideal for larger sofas and sectional sofas that will benefit from the splash of color or eye- Pillow sizes catching pattern that the pillow brings. It is a suitable choice for generously stuffed sectionals or sofas since the furniture setup will probably look out of place when much smaller pillows are placed on them instead.

The pillow is suitable for use alongside smaller square pillows to create a more interesting layout on the sofas or sectional sofas. The pillows with different sizes can be stacked or placed side by side for a riveting aesthetic that still manages to maintain a balanced look.

The more generous proportions of this pillow can also be used as a makeshift desk in a pinch. You can set the pillow on your lap or directly on the sofa and use it to support your laptop or tablet. This allows you to work on something or go online for a few minutes while ensuring that your gadget stays in a relatively flat surface. However, it is important to keep the pillow balanced and fully supported at all times to prevent the laptop or tablet from accidentally sliding off the surface.


Q: Are queen pillows ideal for queen mattresses?

A: Yes, queen pillows are suitable for use with a queen-sized mattress. Two queen-sized pillows can be positioned side by side to cover the entire width of the queen mattress. This will ensure that the top portion of the mattress Pillow sizes will always have a pillow to keep you supported while you sleep, even when you shift positions frequently throughout the night.

Q: Are king-sized pillows recommended for Cal King Mattresses?

A: Yes, two king-sized pillows will work wonderfully to provide support for the entire top portion (closest to the headboard) of a California king bed. Even when you toss and turn while asleep, you can be sure that you will have a supportive and comfortable pillow under your head when using these sizes of mattress and pillow.

Q: Is it comfortable to sleep on a king-sized pillow?

A: Sleeping on a king-sized pillow can be comfortable for people who tend to move frequently while sleeping. This pillow size is also ideal for those who like to have wide spaces on both sides of the pillow surrounding the head area. However, a king-sized pillow may be too big, bulk, or heavy for some people, who may benefit more when using this pillow option for support when sitting upright on the bed.

Q: What makes a standard-sized pillow unsuitable for restless sleepers?

A: A standard pillow can deliver the support needed by restless sleepers to rest comfortably, but it lacks the extra space to accommodate the sleeper’s movements while asleep. When using a standard pillow, a restless sleeper may end up sleeping directly on the mattress after a few hours of tossing and turning. This may result in discomfort because the neck is forced to bend down to lay flat on the mattress, without a pillow for support. Pillow sizes

Q: Will a queen-sized pillow fit into a standard-sized pillowcase?

A: Yes, but it may be a tight fit. But this can be a good thing if you want your pillow to have a firmer structure. Placing the queen-sized pillow inside the standard-sized pillowcase will plump up the pillow, which can then provide you with stronger support while you sleep.

Q: Is it okay to use a king-sized pillow on a smaller mattress?

A: Yes, this pillow size will work well on a twin-sized bed. The king pillow will cover almost the entire width of the top part of the mattress with only 2 inches of space left without a pillow. This will be an ideal arrangement for a person who sleeps restlessly on a twin bed, ensuring that there will be a pillow to provide support for the head and neck.

Q: Can a standard pillow be used with a queen-sized pillowcase?

Q: Yes, the standard-sized pillow will fit into a queen pillowcase, but there will be extra space inside, and some fabric may be left hanging on the edge. The size difference will generally not cause any problems with the pillow’s comfort and functionality.

Q: How else can a king-sized pillow be used in bed?

A: This pillow size can be used as a base to increase the height of the smaller sleeping pillows. The king-sized Pillow sizes pillow can be positioned on the mattress at the base of the headboard, with the other pillows stacked on top of it to achieve the enhanced height that will feel most comfortable for your preferences.

Q: Can I benefit from using a body pillow even if I am not pregnant?

A: Yes, a body pillow can make your sleep experience more comfortable, especially if you are a side sleeper. This pillow type supports your top leg so it will not sag uncomfortably towards the mattress when you sleep on your side. With the top leg fully supported and lifted, your hips and spine maintain their correct alignment. This will in turn protect you from long-lasting discomfort while you sleep.

Q: Will it be okay to sleep on a decorative throw pillow?

A: Sleeping on a throw pillow may bring discomfort because its size is not enough to provide the support your head and neck need for comfortable sleep. If the throw pillows are on your bed, you can use them instead for support – on your back for extra support or between your knees to relieve the strain on your hips when you sleep on your side.


Pillows are now offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Choosing the pillow size that fits your personal preferences will go a long way to ensure that you will enjoy the most pleasurable sleep experience without being disturbed by discomfort. The appropriate pillow size will also work to enhance the visual appeal of your bed. The best products in this category have been selected to help you determine which pillow size will match your comfort and aesthetic requirements for your bed setup.

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