PerformaSleep Mattress – Complete Review

PerformaSleep comes with one variety of all-foam mattresses that was constructed with athletes in mind. In ways of PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review what materials it contains, it has a few appealing technologies. Conceived as well as designed by mattress industry experts, the PerformaSleep mattress was outfitted with technology specifically aimed to present a superior recovery system for active bodies. The objective of PerformaSleep is to support constant peak athletic training throughout superior, higher-quality sleep.

Copper Technology is intended for cooler nights with healthier balance. The CopperCool Technology infused within the top layer of the mattress assists to dissipate excess body heat, provide variable support, and eradicate any moisture. The material of PerformaSleep Enersorb also provides you that bounce you need to assist you to move freely all through the bed and not feel like you are stuck inside a hole as with conventional memory foam mattresses.

So, is this mattress ideal for you? Read on to find out how it will add to your well-being and fitness prior to buying.

About PerformaSleep

The PerformaSleep mattress was purposely manufactured for people having an active lifestyle that require to recover fast. The manufacturer understands that you care intensely regarding your health and wellness, with food consumption as well as exercise, sustaining a good sleep is an utter key to an active, full life. Manufactured as a tool intended for your healthy lifestyle, providing you more than 8 hours of sleep in the day under which circumstances your body gives best possible performance in everything you do. The mattress transfers no motion in order that you cannot feel whichever movement in the mattress. The company is proud to say that every single PerformaSleep mattress is manufactured in the USA ships speedily from its warehouse to your doorstep.

The brand’s mission is to put sleep within your programming for 100 nights as well as let you see the difference within your workouts and your everyday routine. If you’re not absolutely satisfied, the company gives you a full refund. Manufactured by a top layer of CopperCool gel, a material that is, in fact, cool to the touch. No need of PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review flipping to the “cool side” of the bed. Prepared with the world’s softest and most sturdy fiber so far, Tencel, this mattress is completely smooth giving for a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

PerformaSleep Mattress – Full Review

The sleep technology by PerformaSleep was produced by three layers to relieve muscle tension, increase recovery, in addition to soothing hard-working bodies. The mattress infused by CopperCool gel technology, sustains the back and joints, upholds a comfortable temperature, as well as aids recovery. Enersorb technology gives better support throughout by making a pressure gradient across the body intended for the speedy response to movement; strapping base layer is made of high-density foam for greatest support. Buy with confidence as the mattress foam is CertiPUR-US certified and backed by a 10-year warranty.

PerformaSleep Mattress – Highlights
PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium-firmness measuring 5-6 on a scale of 1-10
Warranty: 10-year limited product warranty
Type: Foam construction comprising CopperCool Gel-Infused Technology.
Ideal for: Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who lead an active and dynamic lifestyle.

Back, stomach, and combination sleepers of each weight category.

Good for couples who require a receptive, not too flexible, extra bouncy sleep surface to curtail partner annoyance in addition to amorous activities.

Perfect for sleepers who toss and turn in excess since it isolates motion extraordinarily.

Great for users coveting top-grade durable mattress with amazing ergonomic benefits.

Pleasant for consumers needing to alleviate muscle tension, soothe and relax their hard-working physique along with boosting recovery.

Good for athletes and fitness freaks who sweat profusely and need cool surfaces such as this CopperCool gel-technology infused foam with cool airflow lowering temperature of the sleep surface.

Good for sleepers necessitating immense and chronic back pain relief plus precise spinal alignment.

Great for patients recovering from any surgical procedure particularly those who need the medium firm support yet with a subtle softness of layered foam.

Sizes available: Queen and California King.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified eco-friendly foam which is free of ozone depleting chemicals, flame retardants, lead, heavy metals, and phthalates for improved interior air quality. It meets or surpasses high standards for resilience, longer performance, and zero emissions.
Differentiators: Therapeutic natural healing and ailment-alleviating restorative goodness of Copper.

CopperCool Technology infused gel foam prevents heat surge for a cool, serene, and fresh sleeping surface.

Copper has tremendous anti-microbial as well as anti-viral features that will impede any bacteria from spreading excessively.

Generous 11” 3-layered construction for colossal ergonomic support and extraordinary joint/muscle/bone/body/back pain alleviation.

3-layer Enersorb foam structure of PerformaSleep mattress supports the heaviest human beings needing more than enough support.

Mattress generates absolutely no sound or noise creating a soothing environment for interruption-free sleep.

Enersorb foams of PerformaSleep gives tremendous edge support compared to the other mattresses of similar structure available now on the market.

Enersorb foam is tremendously responsive and bounces back quite quickly as opposed to the customary memory foam mattresses.

Enersorb technology creates a pressure gradient across your body reacting to movement.

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Rating: 4.5/5.0

Material & Construction

The mattress is a 3 layer foam mattress; the base layer is prepared out of high-density foam. It has Enersorb Technology in the central or core layer that unlike conventional memory foam mattresses doesn’t generate sinkholes within the mattress.

CopperCool Gel Foam on the top layer infuses gel foam within the copper to offer superior recovery. The mattress comes in what basically looks like a refrigerator box, covered in plastic, being sealed tight. While you open the box and cut the wrapping, the mattress almost expands and begins growing.

The mattress appears clean, by nice stitching with minimal logos, intended for those of you new to the foam mattress, the construction is essentially broken down about a few layers. A number of beds contain a couple of layers, maybe a few more, however more doesn’t essentially mean better; the PerformaSleep mattress features two major layers, however, is broken down into three layers. PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review

The first layer features 2″ of their CopperCool Enersorb foam as this layer of foam is infused with Copper, which has been implemented throughout history like a healing agent, but it is vital to living. Not just that, but it’s as well naturally anti-microbial, thus unlike most beds, the PerformaSleep shouldn’t be getting horrible over time. Copper is moreover cooling as well as works with the gel within the first layer toward dissipating heat, maintaining you nice and cool while you sleep.

The second layer is another 2″ of Enersorb foam which completes the top comfort layer of this mattress. Dissimilar to old-fashioned memory foam mattresses, you won’t get jammed in bed or feel similar to you are lying within quicksand. The Enersorb foam is extremely responsive and bounces back pretty quickly, which is great for amorous activities. Essentially, these sorts of two layers are in one area where the magical ergonomic relief actually happens.

The bulk of the bed is prepared with 7″ of PerformaBase support foam which is essentially the foundation of the mattress, forming the total height of the bed 11″. You don’t contain to utilize the PerformaSleep by a box spring, but you would like some kind of strong platform for it. The entire mattress is manufactured proudly in the USA, including the cover and the foam is CertiPUR-US certified.

So far, there are no troubles in regards to the stitching ripping or definite parts of the bed sagging with any user. Intended for that, the manufacturing, up to this point, has been brilliant. One of the big selling points for the PerformaSleep Mattress is the foam gel layer that’s mixed with Copper. Copper, intended for the inexperienced, has been used in joint sleeves for years because of its claimed restorative properties.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The PerformaSleep Mattress is outfitted for the serious athletes with exclusive cooling and comfort features that create an actually relaxed sleeping experience. The mattress ranks itself as a medium-firm sleep gadget. Although it’s an all-foam bed, the product’s firm enough like a traditional innerspring and will provide you a sense of bounciness PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review with responsiveness. By being firmer than the additional similar ones in the market, it’s proper for back and stomach sleepers. That is particularly important since it relieves the spine’s pressure as well as the back will be completely supported throughout the entire night. The most ignored recovery technique in today’s fast-paced world. People are continually coming to the site looking for the newest and greatest gizmo to relieve their aches, pains and get them back into the gym faster. The difficulty with this idea is they’re just treating the indication and overlooking the actual problem. The real difficulty is just that people are overtraining, not eating, as well as not sleeping. The mattress gives superior recovery and more energy to attack the day’s challenges.

The foam mattresses available on the market, for some time, however in recent years have begun to go off in popularity. Foam mattresses feel wholly different than sleeping on top of what you have been in the past years. They don’t have a similar kind of bounciness or “push-back” similar to spring mattresses do and more directly resemble sleeping on a large, firm pillow. You as well won’t sink within the bed like you would in your old, loose mattress. There is some getting used to as well as you might lose some sleep for the first few days or so even as your body fine-tunes with; it’s normal to feel like they’re too firm originally. Think about it like while you go on vacation as well as can’t fall asleep on the hotel bed.

The comfort layer on the PerformaSleep, in fact, feels similar to the polymer elastic layer, just cozier, the PerformaSleep still contains responsiveness thus you don’t get stuck. Foam is famous for its generally lower support, particularly in the edges. Though, the ideal combination of PerformaBase, as well as Enersoarb foams, gives enormous stability while lying on the surface. You won’t experience as if you will squash off the PerformaSleep or into the bed’s center.

It is superior for rejuvenating the joints and muscles of the active athletes. Moreover, it’s a fact that mattresses draw a lot of bacteria that stay along with inhabiting their entire surfaces. The copper features anti-microbial and anti-viral features that will stop the bacteria from spreading more. The copper moreover adds toward the mattress’s PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review ability mattress to get rid of the heat, making you have a comfortable night of slumber.

The mattress offers nice support in the edges. It’s not as steadfast as in the center, as well as you can experience a higher compression since you sit on the sides, however, it’s quite reasonable for foam mattresses. Consequently, we think that the overall mattress’s firmness will offer you the preferred support and you will be fairly pleased with its performance.

PerformaSleep is a mattress manufacturer that ships a mattress inside a box that focuses on assisting athletes and the highly active to have a superior night’s sleep so that they can recover correctly. They use an all-foam design with the adding up of technologies like copper-infused foam. In general, their customers have positive things to say regarding PerformaSleep.

Durability & Warranty

The motivation behind the Performa manufacturing is the young, busy as well as active persons that cannot run away from the everyday life’s speedy pace. The team of designers has crafted this product to assist the athletes to recover from injuries and to support their athletic way of life.

The Performa Sleep is prepared with the most recent durable technology along with high-quality materials to present a durable and reliable mattress. Moreover, it’s infused by copper that will in addition increase the health product’s advantages. The brand’s objective was to bring an innovative product, and the company believes that it has exceeded everyone’s anticipation.

Because the manufacturer is genuinely confident of the mattress’s features, they have created this product to present it to you as well as to impact your choice about your next purchase. The PerformaSleep construction is fairly simple, and it’s readied out of three straightforward layers. The materials as well as the technology used, are fairly advanced, and they add to the overall PerformaSleep product’s high-class.

The designers of PerformaSleep realized their thought by creating a totally comfortable and stylish masterpiece tailored for the individuals with an active lifestyle. The mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified with PerformaSleep foams being everything tested, and as such, they are extremely eco-friendly. Backed with CertiPUR-US certification, PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review it meets the exact standards for emissions, performance, as well as durability.

The PerformaSleep stands behind its excellence, and it gives a 10-year warranty for the product. It guarantees to cover for 100% of any manufacturing defects all through the first 18 months of use, along with as the mattress gets older, it gives less coverage. Nevertheless, the warranty won’t cover any defects due to inappropriate installation or use.


The PerformaSleep mattress comes in two variants including California king that comes in 83.5″ x 71.5″ x 11″ dimensions and the Queen size comes with product dimensions of 79.5″ x 59.5″ x 11″ and weighs about 88 lbs.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal?

If you have an active lifestyle, then you got all covered as the PerformaSleep mattress is constructed to fit the sleeper by a dynamic lifestyle. It offers huge stability, and its primary role is to supply great support toward your back, neck, and joints. It will effectively help your body to complete recovery, and you will feel revitalized and relaxed all through the day and the night.

The mattress does not contain a too-soft surface, as well as it won’t make you sink into it too much. As a result; it is appropriate for back or stomach sleepers since it provides brilliant support in the back, waist as well as the shoulders.

You want the least motion transfer from its carefully designed layered structure; the bed gives fairly good motion isolation. That is vital when you share your bed with a partner. You will want to ensure that you don’t get bothered while you sleep as they tend to toss as well as move a lot. The foam stops the movements as of being transferred, and you sleep peacefully.

Even though it is not the firmest bed available, it’s still fairly firmer as compared to other products. Therefore, if you are to be liable to sleep on your side, it could have an unpleasant feeling for you since it can cause higher pressure PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review within your shoulders and your hips. What’s more, you can experience the firmness more as your body is not that muscular with you weighing less than the normal persons.

There are a number of users that have stated superior back pain relief by this mattress, though others have had issues. If you are standard in body weight, you will likely experience the best back sleeping. Moreover, there may be an adjustment phase.

Even though the copper-infused top layer will maintain most people cool, a number of athletes generally have extremely warm body temperatures, particularly after workouts. Those that exercise in the evening prior to bed or live within a very warm environment may still experience some heat from this mattress. This is a superior mattress for the athlete on a budget. For those that are extremely active, it possibly will make sense to invest in a bit more cooling.


  • Features best blend of comfort with support and breathability owing to fine materials
  • Featuring 0% interest financing by no extra charges or inability to utilize coupons
  • Top layer is infused by copper for removing the heat
  • Features 2″ of CopperCool Enersorb foam layer has a prominent role in the body in ideal shape
  • The cover layer is the manufacturing of TENCEL material, which is naturally soft, sturdy, and moisture-wicking
  • Comes with 100-night sleep trial with 100% money refund
  • PerformaSleep gives free shipping for all of its products all through the USA
  • The foundation layer is the thickest layer sustaining durability and stability
  • Immense stability and edge support
  • Brand gives good back pain relief by this mattress
  • PerformaBase layer provides support toward the spine, hips, as well as shoulders
  • The mattress gives quite good motion isolation


  • The mattress might still be firm for some people
  • A little bit on the heavy side on 88lbs
  • Some of the arthritis-ailing purchasers found this mattress slightly raising the issues


Availing a full night’s sleep is not just invaluable for the best athlete, but for the standard consumers as well. Since PerformaSleep Mattress - Complete Review human bodies aren’t fairly as well-conditioned, everybody uses one-third of their lives sleeping, thus it would make sense to overdo a few more dollars intended for a nice mattress. The standard selling rate of a queen-sized PerformaSleep mattress with which you can as well get 0% financing on top of approved credit.

It’s not the commonplace mattress you can discover out there but it’s also not the most expensive and falls in line with the commonly boxed beds. If anything, the mattress features a 100-night trial period, you just contain to stick it out for at least 30 days thus your body can adjust. If for several reasons you don’t like it, you can file a return and they’ll schedule a charity to approach and pick it up for donation in order that at least someone in requirement will end up with a pleasant mattress.

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