Peach Skin Sheets – Complete Review 2022

The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats are the best bed sheets ever produced for a variety of reasons. These sheets are Peach Skin Sheets Review versatile and perform many functions. They help people who suffer from night sweats and relieve them of the related discomfort that results due to this issue. They are very soft and are also hypoallergenic. They are the softest bedding available in the market, which exhibits hypoallergenic properties. These are ideal for people who sleep hot and bring a lot of relief to them.

Instead of spending their night drenched in sweat and getting bothered not just by the wetness but by the odor as well, they get to have a perfectly dry and comfortable night’s rest throughout the night. This allows them to sleep soundly and recharge themselves properly. They wake up in these sheets, totally refreshed and full of energy in the morning. On a similar note, people with allergies who face a lot of issues on other bedding and often wake up with skin irritations and stuffed noses sleep deeply in these sheets without any fear of getting any allergy-related symptoms when they get up in the morning.

Materials and Construction

The PeachSkin Night Sweats sheets are made out of an athletic grade, highly breathable, and high-performance fabric which has been specifically designed to enhance airflow and moisture wicking from the body. This property is instrumental in taking the sweat and moisture away from the body as a result of the circulating air through the sheets. This keeps the sheets and the body dry and do not let sweat or moisture accumulate at any time. This leads to a lot of comfort for the sleeper who would otherwise be bothered a lot due to heat, moisture, and sweat throughout the night. Disturbed sleep in the night would lead to a disturbed day as well, leaving the individual tired and lethargic at all times. The use of these bedsheets ensures that the night is spent in the most comfortable manner possible without any discomfort arising out of sweat or moisture accumulation.

The night sweats are also temperature regulating. The circulating airflow through the bedsheets disperses body heat into the surroundings and draws it away from the body and the sheets. This creates a perfectly serene and comfortable sleep surface on top of the bedding which is ideal for any sleeper. The surface stays at the desired sleep temperature and improves sleep quality. Sleep quality is crucial for a person’s physical and mental health, and having a perfect night’s rest ensures a day full of vitality and vigor. This is true for a person’s physical as well as mental faculties. Peach Skin Sheets Review

Modern technology and high tech have influenced life in every way. Not only have the high-tech revolution been witnessed in the area of electronics or engineering, but the fabrics have also become a lot better than before in the last decade with the help of high tech.  High-tech does not necessarily refer to only Artificial Intelligence, Computers, Advanced electronics, avionics, etc. but has revolutionized other areas of life as well. Bedsheets and clothing are no exceptions and have a lot to do with high-tech as well. Moisture-wicking fabric is highly underrated in this sense. This fabric has been revolutionized by technology and is a perfect example of how science and high technology impact every aspect of human life including such items as clothing and bedsheets.

Moisture-wicking fabrics have got a special way in which they are woven. Gaps in the weave are permeated with moisture from various sources and this way; the moisture is forced to find the outer layer of the material. Thus, a path is laid out for the moisture to follow as it goes out towards the outer layer.  This leaves a material or fabric which is essentially moisture-wicking because it does not retain any moisture but ensures that it finds a way out.  It transports it to the outer layer of the bedsheets and when it reaches the surface, it is evaporated into the surrounding air. In case of other materials like cotton, some moisture can get absorbed inside the material, and it can get trapped over there. This would make someone sleeping in a sheet of this material hotter than he/she already was. This is exactly opposite of the moisture-wicking action of the moisture-wicking fabric, which tends to cool the sleeper down. Moisture-wicking fabric can best be compared with a burning candle that keeps drawing the wax upward so that it keeps burning for longer and brighter. In case of the moisture-wicking fabric, it is the sweat or moisture which is drawn up and not the wax.

The process of sweating has a lot to do within the context of the human body, and it needs to be understood, and only then one can appreciate the moisture-wicking effect of the Night Sweat bed sheets. Sweating is just a natural way of the human body through which it regulates heat.  It is well known that a lot of the human body is made up of water. However, one must understand that most of that water is stored in the human skin.  If the body temperature starts to go up, this activates the sweat glands, and the water stored in the skin starts to draw the heat out of the body via this water, which appears on the surface of the skin in the form of sweat. This the reason sweating in a normal Peach Skin Sheets Review way and normal amounts is perfectly normal. It is an essential process of the human body however; it is not entirely necessary that the human body would be able to cool down to the perfect sleep temperature as a result of sweating alone. If a person is sleeping in sheets that are not breathable, the sweat will get trapped in between his/her skin and the sheet material. It would not be able to evaporate properly and therefore, the body would not be cooled down at all. It is also important to note that even if the non-breathable sheet is not there, only some sweat will evaporate by itself; the rest would drip down the body and drench the individual, causing a lot of discomforts. It is, therefore, very important to use moisture-wicking fabric in sheets that aid the natural process of sweating and helps in evaporating the sweat causing coolness for the body. When the sweat is completely removed as it appears, the body sleeps cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The use of moisture-wicking fabric in the bedsheets makes these sheets ultra-cool, and they perform the same way as has been described above.  They easily wick away the sweat and moisture in the night. The sleeper stays within these sheets and remains cool because of their very high breathability and the ability to wick away sweat and moisture.  The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweat sheets employ a 21st-century SMART fabric, which is the result of high-performance and advanced sleep technology employed in the area of textiles. The sheets have got athletic grade performance, which means that they do not absorb sweat like cotton or other fabrics but wick away the moisture.  This leads to a thermoregulated sleep experience, which ensures that the sleeper shall stay cool and cozy at the same time.

The Original PeachSkinSheets SMART Fabric has got a lot of other qualities as well besides its ability to thermoregulate due to moisture-wicking properties. The fabric is resistant to stains, and it is also highly durable. The 1500 thread count of the fabric means that it would last for a very long time. The higher the thread count, the stronger is the fabric. However, there has to be accommodation for breathability as well. Therefore, the thread count is optimized at 1500 and not increased to a very high value.  Durability and breathability have a trade-off, and the 1500 thread count value is just ideal to have the best of both worlds of durability and breathability. As far as its stain resistance is concerned, it is not due to the addition of any chemicals. The Night Sweat fabric is naturally stain resistant. The fabric is also hypoallergenic and suitable for use by people who have allergy issues and who do not sleep comfortably in ordinary sheets.

Peach Skin Sheets – Highlights
Price: $$
Thread Count: 1500
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty against defects due to material, finish, and workmanship.
Type: Moisture-Wicking High-Tech SMART Fabric Bedsheets
Ideal for: Those people who sleep hot and sweat in the night, for everyone in summer nights and for those who have allergies or prefer to sleep in a sanitary environment
Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL Dorm, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split King
Quality of Materials: High-quality thin but durable 1500 thread count athletic grade, highly breathable and high-performance fabric
Differentiators: Thermoregulating, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, anti-pill, stain, and fade resistant, shrink and wrinkle-free, pesticide-free, and durable.
Comparable Products: Comfort Spaces Coolmax 3 Piece Set, Moisture Wicking, Geometric Pattern Smart Bed Cooling Sheets for Night Sweats

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Rating: 4.4/5.0

Comfort and Easy Maintenance

The use of the PeachSkinSheets night sweat sheets brings a lot of benefits to the sleeper, and these; lead to a lot of Peach Skin Sheets Review comfort for him/her. The sheets are ideal for use by people who have sensitive skin. There are many such people, and there are a variety of factors that lead people to have sensitive skin.  Some people suffer from chronic conditions, and their skin is affected as a result. In other cases, something in the environment bothers a certain person’s skin and makes it allergic to it. The ordinary sheets might lead to the exacerbation of the issue, and the sleeper with sensitive skin might start to get rashes for no reason at all. The PeachSkinSheets SMART fabric in these sheets has been constructed in such a way that is very gentle and soft on the skin. As a result of its highly gentle nature, the people with sensitive skin can sleep very comfortably on these bed sheets and enjoy a full night’s rest without any discomfort due to any sensitive skin related issue.

The other benefit that brings the maximum amount of comfort to the sleeper is the ability of these sheets to wick away the moisture instead of just absorbing it. The sweat and moisture are brought to the surface of the sheets and are then evaporated into the surrounding air. This wicking away from the sweat leads to perfect sweat and moisture management, and the sleeper stays perfectly sweat-free throughout the night. The sheets also ensure that the sleep environment stays at the desired temperature even in hot summer nights.

The Night sweat sheets are also pill-resistant.  On many ordinary sheets, little balls keep appearing all the time, and these are a source of nuisance. In the south of the United States, these are termed ‘roly-polies.’ They tend to give a bad look to the sheets and also have an effect on the peace of mind of the sleeper as well as the quality of sleep. The Night sweat sheets do not pill, and the sleeper can have a comfortable, worry-free sleep throughout the night. The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweat sheets are also wrinkle-free. Even when these sheets come out of the dryer, they do not have wrinkles on them.  This makes the life of the owner of these sheets very easy and comfortable. He/she does not have to struggle with the iron at all. It is no longer necessary to cope with messy-looking sheets. Night sweats are an Peach Skin Sheets Review ideal solution to such issues.

The Night sweat sheets are equipped with very deep pockets and have got elastic all around them. This ensures a very easy and comfortable fit over foam mattresses of all types regardless of whether they are made of memory foam, PU foam, Gel-infused memory foam, latex, coil springs, etc. Even the double pillow-top mattresses can be easily accommodated in these sheets. The PeachSkinSheets colors are also very strong, and they do not fade with time. The colors which deep continue to stay as such and the rich ones stay rich at all times.  The white sheets do not get a grey tinge and also do not become dingy. The Night sweats stay both colorful and fresh all the time, even if they have been washed several times. The performance continues to satisfy the sleeper and enable very cool and comfortable sleep throughout the night

The Night Sweat sheets are very quick to dry after they have been washed.  Medium heat is sufficient to dry these sheets. It would not take them more than 20 minutes on the average to completely dry them out on the medium heat cycle. The PeachSkinSheets are also very soft from the day they arrive at the sleeper’s home. They do not require to be broken in, and as such, there is no break-in period at all. As soon as they are taken out of the package, they are ready to be laid on the bed and used for a cool and dry full night’s rest. The sheets do not shrink at all after washes.  This characteristic s very useful as when these sheets have to be put on or fitted to the mattress once again, there is no has shrinkage at all. The washed sheet would fit the mattress as easily as a new sheet. The sheets do not slip yet they are very soft.  They are not slippery at all. This means that they would not slide off the sleeper’s bed. They do not snag and are free of spandex as well.

Durability and Warranty

The Night Sweats are very durable and last for a very long time. They are very strong and have got a thread count of 1500. The large thread count ensures a high level of durability due to the strength achieved by having more strands Peach Skin Sheets Review or fibers woven closer to one another. Ordinarily, even sheets with 300 thread count are considered god quality, and any sheet above 1200 thread count is considered to be having very high quality and performance. This increases the durability of the sheets.

The sheets are also very durable due to the thin but very strong fiber used in their construction. The high technology used in the process of weaving these sheets also ensures that they achieve a high level of moisture-wicking characteristics, which make them even more durable and strong. The reason is that this property allows them to wick all the sweat ad moisture out of the sheets leaving them cool and dry both inside and outside. This way, the sheets remain clean and odor-free.  The hypoallergenic nature of these sheets also enables the dust mites and allergens to stay away from these sheets. The sheets stay free of harmful and toxic substances, dust mites and do not have chemicals in them to make them stain-resistant. The absence of all these irritants, chemicals, sweat and moisture enables a healthier environment to exist within these sheets. This leads them to have a very long life. Thus, besides the materials and the construction of the sheets, their characteristics also contribute to increasing their lifespan and make them highly durable.

The sheets are very strong in the face of daily use, and even if kids and pets use them they stay perfectly well.  These sheets can easily bear the rigors of everyday life. even if pets lie down on these sheets, the pet hair will not weave into the fabric of these sheets.  The Night sweats have been designed and constructed in such a way that they can easily bear the claws and paws of the pets and not lose their durability at all.

The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats provide a 1-year limited warranty against defects due to materials and workmanship. These include defects in the finish as well. If the defect is confirmed within the first year of purchase, the manufacturer shall replace the sheets at no cost all and bear the shipment expense both ways. Claims can be lodged with the manufacturer along with a photo of the defect in the sheets. The manufacturer shall replace only the defective sheet and not the entire set. The manufacturer warns that the sheets need to be washed separately and should never be washed with other items such as towels, jeans, blankets, etc. otherwise, the anti-pill finish of the sheets would breakdown.


The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweat sheets are available in Twin, Twin XL Dorm, Full, Queen, King, California King, Peach Skin Sheets Review and Split King sizes.  Although they do not contain any Spandex yet they are highly elastic at the edges and can fit all types of mattresses, including the ones with double pillowtop.

Who are they Ideal for?

The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweat sheets are ideal for use by those people who tend to sleep hot or those who live in warm climates. These sheets offer perfectly cool and dry sleep environment to hot sleepers and others even in summer nights. The sheets are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial and, as such, are ideal for everyone but exclusively for those who have allergy issues or who prefer to sleep in a germ-free sanitary environment.


  • The Night Sweat sheets are moisture-wicking as a result of high technology weaving.
  • The sheets are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.
  • The sheets are stain and fade resistant.
  • The sheets do not pill or shrink.
  • The sheets are thermoregulating.
  • The sheets are strong and durable with 1500 thread count.
  • The sheets are easy to wash and maintain.
  • The sheets are super soft from day one.
  • The sheets are wrinkle-free.
  • The sheets dry quickly and do not shrink.
  • The sheets are pesticide-free.
  • The sheets are protected against pet hair weaving into them.


  • Some people find these soft but a bit too thin.
  • Some people do not find these to be cooling in very hot weather.


The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweat sheets are aimed at hot sleepers and those who sweat in the night. They are also good to use in summer nights for everyone. The sheets are thermoregulating, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, anti-pill, shrink and wrinkle-free, stain and fade-resistant, durable with 1500 thread count and do not contain pesticides. They are affordable and provide a lot of comfort in a serene sleep environment.

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