Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper Review

The Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Mattress Topper has been designed and constructed by the Pacific Coast Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper Review Feather Company with the aim of providing the highest possible quality product to the purchaser. The company has been perfecting its methods and technologies since 1884 and has been successfully bending European craftsmanship with modern and innovative technologies. The result is the world’s highly durable, very fluffy and high-quality products including this mattress topper along with others like pillows, comforters, blankets and feather beds, etc. The manufacturer has created very cozy and comfortable natural feather products which feel a lot better than the synthetic down alternative products mostly available in the market these days.

Materials and Construction

The manufacturer has chosen very high-quality natural fill for this mattress topper and also for its other products. This natural fill outshines among the rest of the polyester and synthetic fill products available in the market for mattress toppers.  The company sources its materials very responsibly. It is a family-owned company and feels socially responsible to the communities concerned with the production and sales of the company’s products. The company has got a global team which ensures that strictly high standards are followed to ensure perfect product quality.  The quality assurance process starts very early at the sourcing of the materials and ends at the finished product. The company utilizes its extensive expertise spread over more than a hundred and thirty-five years to construct the products, including the mattress topper in such a way that it exudes top quality and is very durable. This mattress topper like all te other company products stays with the purchaser for decades and does not deteriorate in its performance provided it is maintained and cleaned properly according to company recommendations.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Mattress Topper contains 100% cotton and has got an extra layer of a luxury layer of soft quilting. Inside there are Resilia feathers which provide the sleeper Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper Review with a very high quality of support besides the perfect level of softness for a comfortable and deep night’s sleep.  The feathers provide support to the hips and the shoulders. This mattress topper is ideal for anyone who does not want to purchase a new mattress and would want to rather continue with the old one. The mattress topper would convert it into a luxurious, soft and very cozy feather bed which would provide ultimate comfort to the sleeper.

The mattress topper has got curved edges, and the addition of the soft quilting works wonders when it comes to gauging its softness and the luxurious feel. While the Resilia feathers provide support to hips and shoulders as mentioned earlier, the soft quilting enables a very soft, cozy and relaxed feel which enables the sleeper to fall asleep faster than usual. The soft quilting is deeply relaxing and cradles the sleeper into sleep with its very soft but highly supportive feel. The mattress topper is 3-inches thick which means it is extra fluffy and has got a high degree of loft. The fluffy feathers are stashed aptly in the mattress topper so that their softness is accompanied by a high level of support as well.  The body demands this type of support when one lies down on the bed, and this is what the Resilia feathers are instrumental in providing forthwith. The mattress topper has got a Baffle box design which ensures that the fill stays in its confined areas and does not create any lumpiness in the bed especially when the sleeper moves over it in the night during sleep. The movement of the sleeper on top of the mattress toper does not cause the Resilia feathers fill to lump anywhere on the mattress topper.

The cotton cover or barrier weave has got a thread count of 230, which makes it very high quality and durable. Any thread counts above 200 are considered to be possessing high quality, and at the same time, this thread count ensures that the cover or barrier would be breathable as well.  The 100% cotton weave barrier ensures that the Resilia feather fill would never poke out of the barrier to cause annoyance for the sleeper. While, it is possible to find many mattress toppers with the barrier weave feature, yet this mattress topper is unique in the sense that the soft quilting on the top is everlasting as the level of softness remains the same for the exterior part of this mattress topper Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper Review regardless of how long it is used.

The 230-thread count ensures good enough breathability for the mattress topper to reinsure that it would enable airflow through it to provide a very cool sleep surface to the sleeper. The airflow wicks away sweat and moisture and is instrumental in keeping the sleep surface cool and dry in summer nights but warm and dry in the winter nights. Moreover, in the summer nights which are warm, the cotton also absorbs sweat and moisture which is then wicked away. This produces a cooling effect and ensures that the sleeper has a very deep and comfortable rest throughout the night. Thus, the Barrier Weave® feather proof fabric serves as an ideal barrier to the feathers inside and still manages to keep the mattress topper breathable.

The Resilia™ feathers are also a trademark of the Pacific Coast Feather Company. These feathers are very fluffy and are very resilient in comparison to normal feathers. These feathers go through specialized processing which makes them fluffier than other feathers, and the level of resilience is also enhanced after the process. At this point, itis important to mention here that down and feathers are two different materials. The feathers on the duck or the geese are the outer covering of the birds. The feathers are the ones that have got quills. In terms of their properties, they are water repellent. They enable the bird to fly, and this means they are tough and can offer support as well. The down is different. The town lies under the outer covering in birds, and these are usually located on the belly of the bird. The down is fluffy, and it is also very light. The feathers of a bird are obtained, therefore from the wing part of the bird and the back of the bird as well. The structure of the feathers is rather flat as compared to down.  The quills normally run down the middle of the feathers. The support level from the heavy structure of the feathers is higher as compared to the one obtained if down is used.  This would also be longer lasting support. Thus, to provide a high level of support along with the 3 inches of loft and the softness of the mattress topper, the Hyper clean® Resilia™ feathers act as ideal fill for this mattress topper in providing both comfort and support on top of the sleeper’s old or new mattress.

The materials used in the construction of the Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Mattress Topper have proven quality and the craftsmanship of the manufacturer who has more than one hundred and thirty five years’ experience in producing high quality products for the bedding industry ensure the sleeper that not only he/she would be cradled and allowed to feel cozy and dry on this high-quality mattress topper, the mattress topper would also be able to offer the required level of support which needs to be provided as the softness and fluffiness of the mattress topper is spread over a thickness of 3 inches which is quite high.

The use of the Resilia feathers also provides other advantages to the sleeper. If the mattress topper is being used in cold climate, the feathers would keep the sleeper very warm throughout the night and enable a very comfortable sleep even during cold nights.  The cover of the mattress topper in conjunction with the warmth provided by the feathers and its high level of breathability would enable a dry sleep environment which would further add to the comfort provided by warmth of the feathers. Thus, the use of the right cotton weave barriers and the Resilia feathers, the sleeper gets to have a perfect night rest with lasting comfort.

Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Soft and Fluffy
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty; 30-night comfort guarantee, allergen-free warranty
Type: Mattress pad
Ideal for: People with old and worn-out mattresses who want to refresh them. Sleepers who prefer the soft feel and those with allergies.
Sizes available: Twin, Full, Queen, and King
Quality of Materials: Certified by American down and feather Association, Resilia feathers and 100% 230 TC cotton weave barrier
Differentiators: Cool, soft, fluffy, breathable, thermoregulating, hypoallergenic and supportive
Comparable Mattresses: Duck and Goose CO Plush Durable Premium Hotel Quality Mattress Topper

SOPAT Extra Thick Cooling Mattress Topper

Rating: 3.8/5.0

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Mattress Topper is very comfortable, and it ensures comfort and Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper Review ergonomics for the sleeper in many different ways. As far as the softness of the mattress topper is concerned, it is luxuriously soft. The Baffle Box design ensures that the feathers stay perfectly in place and no lumps are created anywhere on the surface of the mattress topper. The thickness of the mattress topper is 3 inches, so that translates to 3 inches of softness and luxury. However, such softness cannot be sustained unless thee is adequate support from below as well which is provided to the body to keep it from sinking into the mattress topper. The hips and the shoulders of the body need to be supported properly otherwise the sleeper would not feel comfortable despite the softness of the mattress topper. The use of Resilia feathers in the mattress topper as a natural fill ensures that this support is adequately provided. As compared to down, the feathers provide a higher level of support and thus keep the body forsaking downwards.

The support to the body can come from the sleeper’s mattress which lies below this mattress topper however, that level of support might or might not be sufficient. There, this mattress topper ensures provision of support on its own. The right support enables the right type of comfort combined with the luxurious feel and softness of the mattress topper. There are many other ways the mattress topper enhances the comfort level. It is highly breathable due to the 230 thread count 100% cotton weave barrier. The airflow enabled by the barrier wicks away moisture and sweat and also draws heat away from the body. This means that the body heat is dispersed away from the body and the mattress topper enabling a very cool and dry sleep environment on top of the mattress topper. In the winter months, the dryness continues, but the cool is replaced by the warmth supplied by the Resilia feathers.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Mattress Topper comes with an Allergen-free warranty. In case, for any reason, if the purchaser is not satisfied with the allergen-free nature of this mattress topper, it can be returned to the manufacturer without any hassles. The mattress topper is hypoallergenic so the dust mites, allergens, mildew, and mold, etc. do not live and thrive in this product. This is very well suited for people who have allergy issues and who normally wake up on traditional spring beds with a stuffed nose or skin irritations. The reason is that a typical traditional spring bed would contain at least up to a million dust mites which albeit, harmless, still contribute toward Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper Review the development of allergies.  This matress toper would not let the dust mites live inside it thereby providing a lot of relief and comfort to the sleeper. Even the assurance that the mattress topper is allergen-free leads to worry-free sleep for those who are prone to allergies.

Durability and Warranty

The mattress topper contains materials Hoch are highly durable. Its build quality is very high, and the seams are strong and tough.  The build quality and the use of high-quality materials ensure long life for any product. Therefore, this mattress topper is highly durable, and as long as it is maintained and kept clean according to the recommendations of the company, this product would last for a very long time. As far as the life span of its constituent materials is concerned, the Resilia feathers which are a natural fill and obtained from birds last easily for eight years and can even go on for as long as 12 tears if maintained properly.  Thus, when the matress toppers arrive at home, the sleeper can rest assured that it would be there for a very long time and would continue to perform at its best.

The seams in this matress topper have been stitched to ensure a long life for the product. The seams also ensure that the feather would not be falling out and creating a  nuisance for the sleeper.  This mattress topper, is, therefore, trusted by international hotel chains the world over. The manufacturer has already supplied 2 million of these mattress toppers to many leading hotel chains and also to the very exclusive luxury hotels which want to ensure that their guests are treated like royalty and the comfort provided to them matches this criterion.  One reason why the hotel chains’ guests keep returning to them is the comfort and luxury provided to them by their bedding which includes the mattress topper and its soft and luxurious feel.  It is for this reason that the hospitality customers of the Pacific Coast Feather Company rely heavily on this mattress topper to ensure perfect night’s rest for their guests.

The durability of the mattress topper can also be gauged from the fact that American down and feather Council Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper Review certified has certified this product. The American down and feather Council is an association of those manufacturers who use natural fill in their product lines which include down and feathers.  This council is always endeavoring to make sure that the quality of the products offered by their members increases all the time and continues to cater to the rising needs of the populace.  They also ensure that the products ae accurately labeled.  This makes the purchaser feel confident when he/she reads a certain label pronouncing a certain quality, accreditation or conformance to standards. This mattress topper mentions on the label that it is a great way to refresh an older mattress. This is exactly what it does, and the owner of the old mattress does not have to set aside a large outlay of funds to purchase a new mattress. The mattress topper can refresh the old mattress and make it feel like new or perhaps even better at the mattress top as it creates a perfectly cool, soft and supportive sleep environment which lasts for a very long time.

The mattress topper can be maintained very easily as it can be dry cleaned and even machine washed. However, this might not be possible at home so industrial machine wash might be required. If it is cleaned at regular intervals and maintained well, it would last for a very long time. There are no hassles involved in maintaining it.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Mattress Topper carries a 5-year limited warranty. It must be mentioned here that there is an allergen-free warranty as well, which enables the return of the mattress topper to the manufacturer. The 5-year limited warranty covers defects due to materials and workmanship. It, however, does not cover regular wear and tear, buts, burns, etc. The issues that arise due to mishandling or during transportation are also not covered. The warranty starts from the date of purchase and proof of purchase s required to claim the warranty. The manufacturer also offers a 30-night comfort guarantee and the mattress topper can returned to them during this period if the purchaser is not satisfied. Pacific Coast Feather Company Mattress Topper Review


The mattress topper is 3 inches high, and it is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes.  The Full size is 14.12 lbs. in weight, and its dimensions are 75 x 54 x 3 inches. The Twin size weighs 8.5 lbs., and its dimensions are 75 x 39 x 3 inches. The Queen size has product dimensions of 80 x 60 x 3 inches and weighs 18.01 lbs. Finally, the king size is available in dimensions of 80 x 76 x 3 inches and weighs 20.5 lbs.

Who is it Ideal For?

The Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Mattress Topper is well suited for those people who have got an old mattress which is not comfortable anymore or they would like to change the feel of that mattress. The mattress topper would refresh the old and worn-out mattress and give it a soft, luxurious and comfortable feel with adequate support. People with allergy issues can use it too as it carries an allergen-free warranty. It is good for all those people who want to have the comfort and softness of natural fill without the associated allergy issues.


  • The mattress topper makes use of natural Resilia feathers.
  • The mattress topper has got a 230 thread count 100% cotton barrier weave.
  • The mattress topper is breathable and provides a cool and dry sleep environment.
  • It does not let the feathers leak out to annoy the sleeper
  • The mattress topper has been certified by the American down and feather Association.
  • The mattress topper provides adequate support due to feather fill.
  • The product is hypoallergenic and carries an allergen-free warranty.
  • The product carries a 5year limited warranty.


  • Some people find it a bit bulky.


The Pacific Coast Feather Company 55877 Mattress Topper is a fluffy, soft, and luxurious 3-inch thick mattress topper which is filled with natural Resilia feathers. It provides both softness as well as support. It is breathable due to the 240 thread count 100% cotton weave barrier which prevents the feathers from leaking out but keeps an airflow maintained through the mattress topper. It is durable and is certified by the American down and feather Association.  It is hypoallergenic and provides natural ill of feathers without the associated allergies.

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