Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress – Review

This mattress from Oliver Smith is made with high-quality materials that will bring you the most comfortable sleep Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress - Review experience while ensuring that you are not exposed to harsh chemicals and components that can be harmful to you and your loved ones’ health. A key feature of this mattress is its superb back support, which works by relieving pressure points so your body can stay in a naturally comfortable position, resulting in uninterrupted sleep without body aches. In addition, it also includes organic materials which are ideal for those who have allergies or are sensitive to harsh chemicals. This Oliver Smith product lets you enjoy the excellent features of a high-quality hybrid mattress with the attached sky-high price tag.

What Makes Up this Oliver Smith Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress

These are the components that make up this high-quality mattress.

Pocket Coil System

This Oliver Smith hybrid mattress is equipped with individually pocketed 15-gauge steel coils that work to provide you with firm support in the most comfortable manner possible. The 600 steel coils are individually encased and covered with a special, thickly padded fabric that ensures the coils will not make any unwanted noise or squeaking when you move while lying down on the mattress surface. As the coils are encased in their own pockets, they help reduce motion transfer by confining the effects of the movement to a specific zone. This means that the movements of a person will not disturb the deep slumber of the partner sleeping on the other side of the mattress. In addition, the pocket coil system also works to keep the spine in a natural and properly aligned position to prevent painful body parts such as the neck, shoulders, and back. This supportive coil system ensures that you can enjoy several hours of undisturbed sleep regardless of the position you use when you go to sleep.

Cooling Memory Comfort Foam

This mattress features 6 inches of cooling memory foam which is 100% Green Foam Certified, which allows you to enjoy the superb qualities of this product without exposing yourself or your loved ones to potentially harmful materials. The non-toxic foam is an ideal choice for those who tend to have allergy attacks or are extremely sensitive to harsh chemicals which may be present in the foam used by other mattress brands. Instead of using petroleum- Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress - Review based components, this green foam mattress relies on castor beans and soy to come up with a more natural finished product without adding in harmful components. In addition, this memory foam material works to dissipate the heat and lets it out, preventing the overheated sensation which may be felt if the foam retains heat inside its construction. While this memory foam layer welcomes your body with supreme softness, it also works to provide the firmness you need so you will not sink in uncomfortably when you fall asleep on this surface.

Organic Cotton Cover

The organic cotton cover of this Oliver Smith cool memory foam and innerspring coil mattress is designed to offer a naturally breathable layer of protection for your mattress, which also works to enhance your overall comfort. If features a ventilated fabric pattern which ensures that air flows freely into and around the mattress surface, making it cooler to lie down on so you will not have to deal with an uncomfortable overheated sensation even when you stay in the same position when you sleep for several hours during the night. The soft texture of organic cotton that makes is such a welcoming surface to lie down on, making your sleeping hours even more pleasurable.

Comfort Plush Feel

This mattress offers a comfort plush feel which is a great feature especially for those who have problems with back pain. This comfort plush feel is the result of combining the soft surface of the memory foam with the firm support brought to you by the innerspring coil system. A mattress which is too firm will be uncomfortable on your back – and your whole body – since you will most likely be using it for long hours when you sleep. The unforgiving surface of a too-firm mattress will develop pressure points which can result in an aching body when you wake up in the morning. On the other hand, a mattress which is too soft will not have the support that your body needs to be able to say in a Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress - Review comfortable position for several hours during the night. It is highly recommended for use by those who sleep on their side and back, this mattress offers a plush surface that offers firm support without sacrificing the comfortable softness that your body will love.

The luxurious sensation is enhanced even further by a Euro pillow top layer on this mattress. This layer feels like a thin layer of a pillow which works to make you feel like your body is being hugged in the most comforting manner, enabling you to have an indulgent night’s every time.

Material & Construction

The cover of this mattress is protected with a cover made with 100% natural organic materials to enhance your comfort every time you use this surface to sleep on, without exposing you to the negative effects of harsh chemicals and components.

It comes with a memory foam layer which is 100% Green Foam Certified that ensures you will not have to worry about strong odors which are often present in mattresses treated with chemicals or synthetic materials.

The base is composed of 15-gauge pocket coils which are individually encased to provide you with the support and bounce you are looking for to get the most comfortable sleep experience.

Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium-firm/Comfort plush
Warranty: 20 years
Type: Organic Hybrid Mattress (cool memory foam and pocket spring)



Ideal for:

Preventing an overheated sensation through the night, with a ventilated memory foam layer and a breathable organic cotton cover.

People looking for non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials in their mattress.

Individuals who have back problems, as this comfort plush surface keeps the back aligned properly and offers a soft yet supportive surface.

Reducing motion transfer, with individually pocketed coils that isolate motion so it does not affect another person sleeping on the other side of the bed.

People looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress at an affordable price

Sizes available: Twin, full, queen and king
Quality of Materials: High-quality organic cotton cover, Euro pillow top layer, cooling memory foam, pocket spring coil system



Cooling memory foam prevents overheated sensation when sleeping

Organic cotton cover is highly breathable to keep you feeling comfortably cool and protected from allergy attacks

Euro pillow top layer enhances comfort

An ideal mattress for those with back pain issues

High-quality features offered at an affordable price

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Rating: 4.1/5.0

Comfort & Ergonomics

The cool memory foam layer of this mattress works to keep the heat away from your body so you can stay cool and Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress - Review comfortable when you sleep on this surface for several hours during the night. This memory foam layer is also ventilated, encouraging proper air flow so the material remains cool and does not trap heat – which otherwise can be transferred to the mattress surface and to your body.

Its pure organic cotton cover also works to keep your body temperature regulated so you will not feel overheated even when you remain in one position throughout the night. This cover enables the air to circulate freely so the heat is not trapped on the surface that you will lie on when you sleep. The organic cotton material is naturally hypoallergenic and will be a welcome treat for your skin with its soft texture – without the harmful chemicals. This ensures that you and your family are protected from allergy attacks when exposed to synthetic components that can trigger your sensitivities or allergies.

The independently encased steel coils are responsible for reducing motion transfer, keeping the effects of each occupant’s movements confined in a localized zone so that they will not disturb the other person occupying the same mattress. This means that even when you move around on the mattress a lot, you will not interrupt the deep sleep of your partner on the other side of the bed. On the other hand, the steel coils in their individual pockets bring about a welcome bounce which contributes to the sensation that you are sleeping on a mattress filled with clouds, so you can sleep in the most relaxing manner possible.

This mattress features a soft pillow top layer which offers superb softness in the most luxurious manner, making the surface that you sleep on feel like it is cradling your body lovingly as you get in your much-needed rest throughout the night.

The steel coil pocket spring system works with the memory foam layer to keep your spine in a properly aligned position regardless of the position you use when you sleep on this mattress. By maintaining a neutral position for your spine, you significantly reduce the risk of experiencing aching body parts such as your shoulders, neck, and back. In addition, these 2 layers work together to relieve pressure points that tend to develop when you sleep on an unyielding surface, such as a mattress that is too. You will wake up completely refreshed and free from pains after sleeping for several hours on this comforting yet supportive surface.

Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress - Review

Durability & Warranty

This mattress is ideal for use with a variety of bed bases, including a box spring and slat foundation. You can even forego the base and use this mattress as is, on the floor.

It offers firm edge support which keeps you from feeling like you are about to fall off the edge of the mattress every time you stay in this part. Also, this support feature enhances the durability of the mattress by taking on the role of keeping the product intact from the edges.

It comes with a 20-year warranty.


The Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress is available in the following sizes: twin, full, queen and king.

Who is this mattress ideal for?

The comfort firm or medium firm feel of this mattress makes it an ideal choice for people with back issues. It is equipped with independently encased tempered steel coils that work to evenly distribute the weight through the surface to prevent the development of pressure points on body parts such as the back, shoulders, neck, and hips. On the other hand, the memory foam material ensures that you will have a comforting surface to sleep on without sacrificing firm support. The euro pillow top also works to give you the sensation of being cradled lovingly when you lie down on this mattress, adding an extra layer of indulgent luxury that your body will love. Sleeping on this Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress - Review mattress will give you an uninterrupted night’s sleep and you will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

It is a great mattress for those who are wary of using mattresses which may have been treated with harsh chemicals. The Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress is made with non-toxic foam which is 100% Green Foam Certified, and with a 100% organic cotton cover. These materials will not pose any harm to you or your loved ones’ health and are made with non-toxic materials so you can rest assured that you can enjoy the superb features of this mattress without getting exposed to potentially harmful chemicals lurking in the materials. This mattress is a great option if you want to avoid allergy attacks and sensitivity issues.

This mattress is suitable for those who have issues with feeling overheated during the course of several hours of sleeping through the night. This overly warm sensation may be caused by a mattress which does not let air freely circulate through the material, or when the mattress itself retains heat – which then travels to your body. The cool memory foam of this mattress keeps the material properly ventilated so air can properly run through it to keep the heat dissipated. In addition, the natural organic cotton cover has natural breathability which contributes to the cool sensation which you will enjoy even when you sleep for several hours barely changing positions so you will avoid that uncomfortable overheated feeling.

It is an ideal mattress for those who want to put an end to back pain especially in connection to their sleeping comfort. The mattress is designed to keep the spine properly aligned through several hours of sleep regardless of the position when sleeping, so you will feel ache-free and totally refreshed when you wake up in the morning. The layers of this mattress ensure that your body will get the firm support it needs to be able to stay in a comfortable position for hours and work to bring the most comforting surface to sleep on.


  • Made with 100% natural organic foam, which is the highest-rated non-toxic foam
  • Uses 100% Green Foam Certified foam that is hypoallergenic and free from toxic components
  • Cooling memory foam layer encourages breathability to maintain a coolly comfortable sensation through the night
  • More affordable compared to other brands’ mattresses with similar features


  • Some customers noted that this mattress tends to be too soft, and as such may not be the best choice for those looking for a firm mattress surface.


This is a great mattress choice if you are looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress which combines the comforting Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress - Review softness of a memory foam surface with the firm support offered by a pocket spring layer – all at an affordable price point. This mattress lets you enjoy the feeling of being lovingly cradled by a Euro pillow top layer on top of a cushioning memory foam layer so you can have the most indulgent sleep experience possible. Moreover, you will enjoy firm support coming from the innerspring layer, so your spine stays in a neutral and properly aligned position without sacrificing your comfort. These high-quality features are yours to enjoy without the high price offered by other brands with similar qualities, which may cost up to twice the price of this Oliver Smith mattress.

This is a suitable option if you are looking for a mattress that will not trigger allergy attacks, which may be the case when using a mattress that has been treated with harsh chemicals. Choosing this organic mattress which does not use non-toxic materials will ensure that you and your loved ones are protected from the harm that can come from toxic components, which may be used by other brands in manufacturing their mattresses.

This Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress is a good choice if you would like to stay cool and comfortable even through several hours of sleep and want to avoid going through an overheated feeling which can disrupt an otherwise sound sleep. Its ventilated memory foam works to keep the air properly circulating through the material so the heat does not stay inside the surface and will not go to the surface to bother you with an uncomfortable overheated sensation. In addition, this mattress has an organic cotton cover which works as a naturally breathable surface that feels soft and cool to the touch to keep you feeling comfortable and sleeping as peacefully as possible through the night.

This mattress is a great choice if you want the added luxury of having a pillow top layer aside from the comforting surface of the memory foam layer. It features a Euro pillow top layer which feels like a layer of thin pillow that works Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Memory Foam & Spring Mattress - Review to hug the contours of your body, making you feel like you are being lovingly cradled as you sleep for long hours to refresh your body after a long day. The materials used in manufacturing this mattress also make it an ideal choice for those who sleep in various sleeping positions as the components work seamlessly to bring you the most comfortable sleep experience possible.

However, some customers also noted that this mattress is too soft and does not offer the support and stability they are looking, so this may not be the best mattress choice if you are looking for a product with supportive firmness. In addition, there have also been comments regarding the mattress turning lumpy after a year or so of use, so you may want to consider this possibility if you are planning on using this mattress on a regular or frequent basis, for yourself or for guests. Also, the edge support on this mattress is not that extensive, so you may feel slightly unbalanced when you decide to stay on the edge of the bed or away from the center part.

About Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith organic mattresses are manufactured by Superior Importers, which also produces other lines of luxury mattresses and exclusively designed bed frames in a variety of materials and designs. The company was established in New Jersey five years ago and has since moved its operations to 2 other locations – Sacramento, California, and Trenton, New Jersey. The first products to be manufactured by Superior Importers were machine produced area rugs. Not long after, the product line expanded to include mattresses, platform beds, sofas, and dinettes. Superior Importers aim to use their excellent relationships with their factories with extensive product knowledge to be able to provide consistently great quality with the most reliable value to their clients. The company is known for finely designed products which are offered to customers at a great value, combining high-quality features with affordable prices. This product line includes the Oliver Smith line of exclusively designed organic mattresses which offer superior quality without the harmful components that other brands use for their mattresses – all at reasonable prices.

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