MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper – Complete Review

Should you find a suitable mattress topper to guarantee proper sleep and ache-free comfort? The answer is MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper - Complete Review affirmative. Finding the accurate level of comfort you require to sleep profoundly every night can occasionally be fairly elusive. This is particularly true if you have a spouse to consider since double the comfort contemplation is now effective. With all the countless mattress considerations offered in the sleep industry, frequently, you might end up with a bed you like, but don’t really prefer, and when that happens, you require an easy solution.

Mattress toppers were created purposely for this difficulty, solely to deal with comfort requirements in an inexpensive, yet top-quality way. The Mattress Topper by Mypillow is one such alternative and offers a layered comfort for additional support along with joint cushioning.

Want to learn if it will go well with your sleep inclinations? Read on through this rational and exhaustive guide to establish if it’s worth purchasing for your bed.

About MyPillow

The MyPillow Company was essentially conceived by its founder, Mike Lindell, owing to his dissatisfaction with flat pillows and a deficiency of pillow comfort. With the internet boom and ease of development of new startups, he capitalized on the situation to commence his individual pillow design: MyPillow.

Mr. Lindell ran his business by himself, sewing and making the ideal fill until he had adequate overhead to open a warehouse for mass creation of his design. Since his preliminary launch, the corporation has branched into additional sleep industry gizmos, such as mattresses, sheets, mattress toppers, and even pet beds.

MyPillow has been in the business since 2004, but the brand first came to eminence following an extensively-viewed infomercial that debuted in 2011. MyPillow Mattress Topper debuted in 2019. MyPillow, the US mattress and bedding producer best known for its flagship pillow, now presents MyPillow Topper.

MyPillow operates brick-and-mortar stores in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. MyPillow merchandises are also sold at tons of stores countrywide. Amazon is an official and certified seller of MyPillow toppers.

MyPillow Three-inch Mattress Bed Topper – Full Review MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper - Complete Review

Mattress toppers are frequently required by users who feel their sleep surface is either too squashy or too hard. The topper extends the life of their mattress too, serving as both fortification and extra support. This meticulous MyPillow topper comes in a broad assortment of dimensions to accommodate any bed, is made with a top-quality foam-layered design, and distributes body weight more consistently. Considered a straightforward design, it does not possess too much bells and whistles but relies upon the material utilized and quality of design to provide the comfort where required. It helps with heat and temperature regulation without using wires, remotes, or tubes.

MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium-firmness measuring 6 on a scale of 1-10 firmness scale.
Warranty: 10-year product warranty
Type: Adaptive and transitional poly-foam along with phase-change material cover.
Ideal for: Back and stomach sleepers weighing well over 130lbs-230lbs+.

Good for wakeful sleepers and insomniacs who get up quite effortlessly since this recovers sleep pattern and maintains REM sleep cycles.Great for couples who necessitate motion-isolated firmer sleep surface to curb partner disturbance.

Good for users who want longer warranty coverage, adequate sleep trial period, and reassurance of sturdiness and high quality.

Good for sleepers needing medium-firm feel; particularly who own exceptionally soft mattress lacking good support.

Good for users prone to hives, rashes, asthma, and skin troubles since zippered, removable, hypoallergenic cover is soft, cozy and is easy to rinse.

Transportable, space-saving as well as lightweight mattress topper is idyllic for college students in dorms, RVs, guest rooms, single guys/girls, and urban couples who move a lot.

Sleepers who tend to sleep hot on all-foam surfaces.

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, RV Queen, King, and California King.
Quality of Materials: Patented and proprietary MyPillow adaptive and transitional poly-foam.
Differentiators: Patented cover constructed of Phase Change Material maintains body temperature regulated all night and offers properly personalized support.

Mattress topper creates no sound bestowing a serene environment for continuous sleep.

Comfortable, ground-breaking poly-foam material augments breathability and offers the cradling feeling of memory foam. Transitional foam distributes weight accurately to align your spine and alleviates pressure points.

Washable and detachable, hypoallergenic zippered cover presents a dirt-free, dry, and healthy sleep environment.

Doesn’t tear, crack, sag or form indentations; doesn’t lose shape owing to the firmer structure.

Comparable Mattress Toppers: ViscoSoft 4-Inch Pillow Top Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Rating: 4.3/5.0

Material & Construction

MyPillow Three-inch Mattress Bed Topper with a medium-firmness of 6 is made of 1″ adaptive poly-foam top layer, 2″ firmer transitional poly-foam bottom layer constituting the entire 3″ along with phase-change material cover.

The cover is prepared from phase-change material that soaks body heat from sleepers until they attain a definite temperature; at that point it maintains a constantly comfy temperature during the night. This permits the topper to sleep cooler than countless rival all-foam models. This topper is equipped with elastic straps at each of four corners which attach to mattress.

MyPillow Topper ships the item to all 50 US states for a nominal fee. The new 3″ MyPillow Mattress Topper is made up of 3 exceptional layers, layer 1 is MyPillow patented foam, in a firm piece, offers better-quality support and resilience. Layer 2 is transitional foam providing finest comfort, consistently distributes body mass and relieves achy pressure points. Layer 3 is cover made from Phase Change material to keep body temperature regulated through the night.

Zippered detachable cover is washable and dryable and there are no wires, remotes or moving parts for it to operate. MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper - Complete Review

Comfort & Ergonomics

The topper measures 3” thick and comprises a ‘medium-firm’ feel, which matches a 6 on 1-10 firmness scale. This makes MyPillow Topper fairly firmer than average, and top suited to back and stomach sleepers who weigh no less than 130lbs.

MyPillow mattress topper can be an outstanding comfort solution for a broad variety of needs. Whether you require additional support for body contour and size, are looking to alleviate pressure and joint tenderness, or have to renew your mattress surface, MyPillow Mattress Topper is worth considering.

Made with top-quality foam and a 3-layered composition that comprises a cooling, straightforwardly washable cover, weight allocation and comfort is deemed splendid by many customers who utilize it on an everyday basis. MyPillow Mattress Topper has close body conforming. The phase-change material cover averts foam from soaking or storing too much body warmth, allows users to sleep cooler.

When you sleep, it’s like floating over a cloud. MyPillow topper fits effortlessly and 4 straps slide beneath the mattress and stay put. It’s solid but spongy. It cuddles your structure flawlessly and it’s comforting. Even if you weigh 235-300lbs, you’ll have no difficulties at all and as you get up in the morning it instantaneously springs back and never pockets. Whatever your room temperature is at winter or summer, MyPillow topper stays steady and unchanging.

Initially, there may be a minor odor but after airing and propping it up for 24 hours, the trivial odor is gone and it is ready for bed. It is a much uncomplicated procedure, the straps are huge and well-built, and the non-skid bottom is a nice feature. The fitted sheet fits entirely but bear in mind you will require a fitted sheet with deeper pockets.

The 3-inch topper is prepared of a patented 3-layer design that integrates two dissimilar kinds of foam and a temperature-regulating cover. The peak foam layer is slender dense foam structured to constantly allocate body mass and distinctively relieves pressure points. The foundation foam layer is unyielding support foam that offers tender MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper - Complete Review contouring and allocation of weight from the uppermost layer. This is structured to get the rest you require for your general wellbeing.

The zippered, phase-change temperature-managing cover is an important component of 3-layer design. This material is structured to pull heat from body to disperse it away and permits for brilliant airflow- offering breathability and an added cooling effect. Additionally, it has a fine, concealed zipper to ease removal for laundering. The material is machine-washable and dryable; even though with any temperature-phase substances, it is finest to tumble dry on low or to hang dry.

Rather than generate a casing with no-skid plasticized foundation that can cut short airflow, or purely anticipating you to utilize the bedding to maintain topper in place, this merchandise has 4 corner straps that fit snugly underneath mattress to keep pad from moving excessively. The straps are sewn steadily to sides of cover to shun being stretched out or being pulled free particularly when utilized with an adjustable bed.

On an average, consumers rate this merchandise as a 4 out of 5 stars and assert it is worth considering. There are assertive claims to how well this topper structures to body to alleviate pressure points and offer first-rate joint cushioning. Consumers also talk about persistently that it sleeps cooler and breathes better. Overall comfort is rated highly, and it helps bring life to older, worn-out mattresses when buying a new mattress is not presently possible. Complaints demonstrating more individual taste leans more towards the topper being too solid rather than too spongy.

Durability & Warranty

US-made MyPillow topper has a 10-year warranty on all workmanship and/or material faults. MyPillow will reinstate the flawed product with a merchandise of equal or superior value. MyPillow will bear all shipping costs. Having this kind of declaration to fall back on is vital while making any kind of investment in merchandise which users are incapable of viewing or feeling in a store.

This warranty is completely non-prorated. Company will reinstate all toppers with material or craftsmanship MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper - Complete Review imperfections as long as warranty is valid. Financing is accessible on all orders greater than $200.

In the case of a warranty claim, the company covers all shipping and transport costs connected with the topper substitution. Owners could register for warranty online.

This warranty is non-transferable. It is wholly accessible to original owners who buy their topper from MyPillow or an endorsed retailer. Those who purchase or obtain their topper from original owner or a non-authorized seller don’t obtain warranty coverage.

MyPillow offers a 60-night sleep trial for the topper. This sleep trial doesn’t necessitate a break-in period. Customers might return their topper at any juncture of 60-night trial. Customers should pay all return shipping and hauling costs. With this 60-day guarantee, you get no-hassle return and capacity to bequeath your product if you don’t like it.

MyPillow issues complete refunds for every return. Customers must anticipate receiving their refund in 30 business days of returning the topper.

MyPillow ships toppers anywhere in US and Canada. The shipping policy for MyPillow states that topper deliveries within contiguous US incurs a flat shipping fee. Clientele in Alaska or Hawaii pay a greater flat shipping rate. Canadian consumers are subject to delivery fees as well, which differ by location.

All MyPillow deliveries are synchronized via FedEx Home Delivery or neighborhood postal couriers. Most US customers who select standard delivery obtain their topper in 10-14 business days. Buyers can even select expedited shipping for an added charge. These shipments typically reach the destination within 2-5 business days.

In addition to deliveries in US and Canada, MyPillow presents shipping to Armed Forces sites in Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and South Pacific. MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper - Complete Review


The company presents a broad variety of sizes to fit nearly any bed you have. Presently, the topper is offered in the following dimensions such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, RV Queen, King, and California King.

Dimensions of different variants of MyPillow 3-Inch Mattress Topper are Twin (37.5” x 74.5”), Twin X-Long (37.5” x 79.5”), Full (53.5” x 74.5”), Queen (59.5” x 79.5”), King (75.5” x 79.5”), and Cal King (71.5” X 83.5”).

For whom it’s ideal?

Based on purchaser feedback, MyPillow Topper has obtained the subsequent grades amid sleepers of dissimilar weights and favored sleep positions. These ratings are prejudiced, and everybody has changeable experiences on diverse toppers. Sleeper ease and spinal support are the most vital factors in selecting a topper.

For lightweight users weighing lesser than 130lbs, it gives inadequate support for side sleepers, average support for back sleepers and extremely poor support for stomach sleepers. For regular weight users weighing amid 130lbs-230lbs, it gives average support for side sleepers, and good support for back and stomach sleepers. For heavier-weight users weighing larger than 230lbs, it gives average support for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

MyPillow Topper is top suited to sleepers who weigh at least greater than 130 pounds. This is mostly due to topper’s ‘medium-firm’ nature, which provides ample support to users in average and heavy-weight groups. Lighter individuals might find the topper doesn’t match strictly enough to assuage pain or pressure points. Furthermore, side sleepers looking for extra cushioning for shoulders and hips might find it too firm.

MyPillow Topper with the most advanced sleep technology is recommended to users preferring thicker toppers with ‘medium-firm’ feel; sleepers owning excessively soft mattress lacking support; users whose sleep partners wake up simply owing to movement or noise in bed; users who sleep hot particularly on all-foam surfaces and consumers who move a lot and need easy-to-transport sleep gizmos.

RV size option is available. Like the majority toppers, this comes vacuum sealed/rolled, it expands when released. MyPillow Three-Inch Mattress Bed Topper - Complete Review Making it rolled as taut as it came is an unfeasibility, but due to simple design, it can effortlessly fold to be moved out to a camper/RV, or placed in a car trunk to carry when traveling if sleeping comfort is a worry elsewhere.

Zippered removable cover is washable and dryable and is convenient for people prone to allergies, asthma, and infection. MyPillow Topper gives temperature regulation, pressure point relief and total ergonomic support.

MyPillow patented foam, in a rock-solid piece, provides greater support and robustness. Transitional foam gives optimal comfort, consistently distributes body weight and helps alleviate pressure points. Patented cover made from Phase Change Material keeps body temperature regulated all through the night.


  • Medium-firm feel with ample comfort and support
  • Adaptive poly-foam top layer, 2″ firmer transitional poly-foam bottom layer
  • Four elastic corner straps for additional stability hold topper in place, works with any mattress
  • Portable and can be taken to dorms, hunting, camping, RV’s, trucks
  • No wires, remotes, fans, hoses or movable parts
  • Comes in seven convenient sizes
  • Cooling phase-change cover for sweat-free sleep
  • Total motion isolation for zero disturbance
  • Zippered detachable cover is washable
  • Suitable for average-weight and heavier users
  • 60-night trial with full product returns and 10-year warranty


  • Too firm for some users who prefer softer surfaces
  • ‘F’ rating from Better Business Bureau
  • Might sag slightly for heavier users
  • Very inconvenient for lightweight stomach sleepers
  • Packaging is not convenient for easy return


75%-80% owner experiences demonstrate consumers have had a constructive experience with MyPillow. As any customer deems a product while researching it, the topper assessments logically involve comparisons with other comparable products and how MyPillow Topper measures up to other toppers.

Since MyPillow Topper is made from poly-foam comfort and transitional layers and phase-change cover, the foam layers function mutually to produce a balanced, ‘medium-firm’ feeling, that is firmer than average. It makes this topper finely suited to heavier users and back/stomach sleepers.

The phase-change cover allows topper to sleep moderately cool compared to similar all-foam toppers, and elastic straps in both corners guarantee the topper stays attached to mattress during the night. At 3” thick, its profile is deemed regular and therefore the product is worth giving a shot.

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