Top 15 Most Durable Air Mattresses in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Sleep is the most important part of recovery from our daily work and struggles. If we aren’t rested well, we can’t Top 15 Most Durable Air Mattresses in 2020 - Ultimate Guide function properly or be productive. For this reason it’s of an absolute paramount importance to ensure a good night’s sleep. The conventional metal spring mattresses aren’t pliable along the body contours and the pressure generated via the coils can result in an uneven support causing further discomfort and body ache instead of relieving it. For this reason, the durable and sturdy air mattresses have an upper hand over the conventional spring mattress in offering flexibility, durability and comfort to send you off to the finest sleep!

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What is an Air Mattress?

Air mattress is an inflatable mattress, usually made of plastic, rubber or PVC material. These can be inflated via hand, mouth or an electric pump but many high end products can now self-inflate. The air mattresses Top 15 Most Durable Air Mattresses in 2018 have air chambers running through the course of their thickness instead of spring coils or foam, and are easily adjustable to the natural body contours to be customized according to your body type. This gives you a level of comfort that can’t be achieved with conventional coil or foam mattresses. The technology is well suited to support and comfort your body without causing any pressure or strains.

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Types of Durable Air Mattresses

Air mattresses can broadly be classified into three types based on the method of inflation and use.

Inflatable Air Mattresses are those that are manually inflated via mouth, hand or a pump. They have been around for several years now and are quite affordable and easy to use. They are very common and can also be used as a play toy in swimming pools. It is of course quite exhausting to inflate an air mattress through mouth, but electric pumps are now freely available and often come as a set with the durable air mattress for your convenience.

Self-Inflatable Air Mattresses are all the buzz right now. They are made of a much more resistant and resilient material and designed for permanent use. They have an open cell foam incorporated between the layers and this additional layering make it heavier as compared to the other inflatable varieties. It provides sufficient insulation and comfort. The intake valve inflates the mattress when it is opened and the amount of air can be adjusted according to preference.

Sleeping Pads are relatively narrower than the other two varieties and its main use is in camping trips and outdoor activities. They are constructed with foam and provide a very comfortable surface for sleeping. The thermal layer of the sleeping pads keep you warm and cozy, and since the pads are neither heavy nor thick, they can be easily rolled up and carried around for a convenient transport. They are constructed to be sturdy and rugged so as to provide a comforting and soft surface on an uneven and hard ground. The thermal layer provides an insulating surface between your body and the ground to cut down the conductive heat loss.

The air mattresses can also be classified as Temporary use and Permanent use. The Temporary use mattresses are inflatable and sleeping pads used for outdoor activities, pools and for guests and are made from plastic or PVC. The Permanent use air mattresses are made from a much more sturdy and durable material like vulcanized rubber or polyurethane.

Parts and Features of Durable Air Mattresses

The most durable Air Mattresses have air chambers incorporated within them along with an outlet or h Top 15 Most Durable Air Mattresses in 2018 ose for inflation and adjustment of air within the mattress. The air chambers are fitted within a cloth shell or tick. The hoses are linked to an air inflation device having two outlet valves and comes with a remote control which facilitates the adjustment of firmness according to your exact need. The firmness is adjusted vertically with a simply push of a button. Some have deflation plugs as well, along with an insulation layer. The permanent variety have certain exclusive valves with additional features like air release valves for rechargeable pump beds, elevations, memory foams and raised pillow rests.


The air beds can be conveniently moved and transported, making them ideal for camping. They essentially have very little weight due to the air component and can be deflated and folded when required. The rubber and PVC have elastic quality which makes the air beds durable and long lasting. Rubber makes it resistant to punctures and tears.


Pumps are either attached to the mattress or need to be purchased separately. The manual pumps can be a bit laborious but the electric pumps are very convenient as they blow up the mattress automatically. The battery operated electric pumps are rechargeable and a great choice for outdoor activities.


Air mattresses are designed with durable polyurethane or vulcanized rubber material that is sturdy and lasts a long while, especially the sleeping pads used for outdoor activities, as they are subjected to rough and uneven ground. The fabric is tough and robust and withstands wear and tear. There are many air locks systems featured in new and improved air mattresses that ensure minimum air leak over time even after several uses.

Air mattresses used to be quite expensive when they came out in the market but now you can get them at a really good deal with new and innovative features to offer you maximum comfort, support and durability. There is a wide variety to choose from according to your needs and specifications. Air mattresses are comfortable and healthier for your body and promote a healthy sleep cycle and will last for years to come.

Health Benefits of Durable Air Mattresses

The durable Air mattresses can drastically improve quality of sleep especially for those who suffer from Top 15 Most Durable Air Mattresses in 2018 backaches and muscle soreness. Giving you full control over the firmness of the mattress, it easily accommodates all body types, weight and sizes and can aid in healing due to its flexibility. They can also be helpful for bed ridden patients and reduce the occurrence of pressure sores and ulcers. They are molded into your most comfortable sleeping postures and supports your backbone while you sleep. These durable Air mattresses are now made with nontoxic, ecofriendly materials to prevent allergies and promote a healthy environment.

Considerations when choosing a durable Air Mattress

 Temporary/Permanent Use –

If you need a temporary air mattress for guests or for outdoor activities, the best choice is to opt for an air mattress that is manually inflatable, easily deflated and cost effective and space saving, designed from a sturdy but cheap material. For a more permanent use in bedrooms, durable rubber and PVC is an excellent choice with a controlled hose for air adjustment and inflation.


The durable air mattresses are available in three sizes, twin, double and queen size. The king size might also be available but they are not suitable for outdoor use. Make sure you choose a size that suits your needs well.


Air mattresses are portable and doesn’t take up much space. They can be deflated and rolled up to carry along long hikes and camping. Make sure your air mattress is fully dried and decompressed before you fold and pack it to avoid the formation of mildew.

Height and Stability

There are many raised options with elevations, and the height and thickness of the mattress can be controlled via inflation to suit your needs. There are various weights and grips available to ensure the stability of the mattress when you move around or sit on it without causing any discomfort.



Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress
40 Air Coils $$$ 4.7
2. King Koil Twin Size Air Mattress
BUILT-IN 120V AC Pump $$ 4.5
3. Serta Raised Queen Pillow Top Air Mattress
35 circular coils $$$ 4.5
4. Insta-Bed Ez Queen Raised Air Mattress
Dimensions- 64 x 54 x 12.5 inches $$$ 4.4
Air Mattress FULL size - Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed 5. Air Mattress FULL size – Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed
1-year WARRANTY $$$ 4.4
6. Active Era Premium Queen Size Air Mattress
Dimensions of 60″ x 80″ x 20″ $$ 4.4
7. Con Premium Double High Support Rest Airbed
dimensions: 78 x 60 x 18 inches $$ 4.3
8. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress
TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material $$ 4.3
9. WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress
7 x 5 array of strong air coils $$ 4.2
10. Coleman 445; in 45; 1 Quickbed Twin/King Air Bed
45 comfort coils $$ 4.2
11. Ivation Premium Comfort Inflatable Air Mattress
Pump Features Auto Shut-Off Options $$ 4.2
12. SoundAsleep Raised Twin Size Premium Air Mattress
Dimensions of 73” x 38” x 18”, $$ 4.1
13. Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Queen
600-Pound capacity $$ 4.1
14. Canway Air Mattress
Extra 0.4mm thick PVC suregrip $$ 4.0
15. Lunvon Queen Air Mattress
Great Size with Big Comfort $$ 4.0

1. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Lazery Sleep Air Mattress – Raised Electric Airbed with Built in Pump & Carry Bag

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress is a heavy duty air bed with inflatable mattress best suited for guests and for camping and outdoor activities. It provides an outstanding support and comfort with versatility and adaptability. Whether you are hosting a sleepover or a slumber party for your kids or turning a spare room into a makeshift bedroom for guests, this durable and motorized mattress will give you the same comfort and feel of a traditional bed.

Features and Durability

The mattress comes with 40 internal air coils for inflation along with a double chamber design. You can select a firmness range according to your liking. It is highly flexible and sturdy and great for outdoor use. It is leak-proof and water resistant with built in electric pump and one touch remote operation that fills in the air within 4 minutes to give you a full functioning bed!

The patented pump fills in the bed with air raising it 19 inches off the ground in no time. It is durable and comes with a one year warranty. The most distinctive feature is its LED remote which lets you choose the right level of firmness for your aching joints and backache with seven firmness options and easy adjustability. The sure grip bottom aids in stability and sturdiness and doesn’t let the bed slide during movements. The puncture resistant, thick waterproof layer sends you off to a well-deserved sleep without causing any discomfort or wear and tear on a rough, uneven ground.

Weight distribution

The air mattress has a cutting edge technology which distributes the weight evenly throughout the 40 air coils. This not only ensures a convenient and even weight displacement but also helps in air retention. The stability of the internal structure of the mattress doesn’t strain the seams so the development of leakage is prevented. The weight is distributed uniformly throughout the mattress and can hold up to 500lbs.


  • Inflates in under 4 minutes.
  • Can hold up to 500 lbs.
  • Seven firmness settings and LED remote.
  • Quick deflation and easy to use.
  • Durable and sturdy material.
  • One year warranty.


  • Air holding ability decreases with frequent use.

2. King Koil Twin Size Upgraded Luxury Raised Air Mattress King Koil Twin Size Upgraded Luxury Raised Air Mattress Best Inflatable Airbed with Built-in Pump

The King Koil Luxury Air Mattress is your ultimate snuggle buddy. Comfort has never been more luxurious and soothing. You will find all the finer elements of a durable air mattress featured in this product. The time-tested and durable materials brings you the ultimate first-class slumber experience. These robust air mattresses are even used in hotels owing to its durability and quality! It is endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association to promote a healthy posture and spinal support.

Features and Characteristics

This luxury air mattress utilizes the latest technology with coil-beam construction and built in pump, providing a firm surface for proper spinal alignment and a fit posture for aching backs and muscle pain. It is made from durable and ecofriendly PVC with a king koil enhanced bed technology. The quilt top is extra thick, making it leakage and water proof. The suede top keeps the mattress in place.

Along with a built in pump there is an additional external valve to use while camping. It is twin sized with 80x40x20 inches dimensions when fully inflated and also has patch kit if it is accidently punctured! The internal pumps are quite easy to use and can be easily clicked to inflate or deflate according to your level of comfort!


This customer friendly durable air mattress comes with a one year guarantee! The enhanced airbed technology with soft flocking layer and a built in pillow makes it stand out as compared to other products. It inflates within 3 minutes and the superior enriched coil technology provides adequate durability and sturdiness for overnight use and camping, keeping the mattress firm and stable. The puncture resistant material can hold up to 350lbs weight without any wear and tear.


  • Built-in easy to use pumps.
  • Durable and sturdy material.
  • One year warranty.
  • High quality coil design for spinal support.
  • Elevated raised air mattress for good posture.


  • Some of the air can escape while closing the valve.

3. Serta Raised Queen Pillow Top Air Mattress Serta Raised Queen Pillow Top Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

The Serta raised Queen Pillow Mattress is a durable and sturdy air mattress with a number of exclusive features and luxury design. It has built in pumps for consumer convenience with auto inflation and deflation while maintaining air pressure and a healthy spinal alignment. The air can be adjusted according to your need and comfort level and the mattress bends and molds around the natural body contours for firm and stable posture and comfort.

Parts and Features

The Queen sized mattress is about 78x60x18 inches in dimension, with an 18 inches raised elevation, making it easier to get out of bed without straining your back. The pillow covers can easily be taken off and are washable with 3 circular coils that provide a supportive and sturdy surface for sleep.

The quality materials used for the air mattress are durable and puncture and water resistant to make the product tough and long lasting. The durable flocked top is comfortable and soft, keeping the sheets in place and making the mattress stable during movements.

NeverFLAT pumps system and Auto Control

Serta’s original NeverFLAT pump system is a breakthrough in air bed technology. It doesn’t let the bed deflate under body weight or heat or even with pinhole leaks! The primary pump aids in quick inflation and deflation with control settings to achieve your desired level of firmness. The secondary pump constantly monitors and maintains the air pressure throughout your slumber!
The auto inflate feature shuts off the pumps when the air mattress is fully inflated and auto deflated features shut off the pumps right away when the bed is deflated to prevent any motor burnout and damage. Choose your comfort level from plush, medium or firm with a simple dial and the settings will stay intact throughout the night!


  • 2 pumps system with easy inflation and deflation.
  • Automatic controls to shut off the pump.
  • Customized comfort adjust dial to inflate at any air pressure.
  • Durable and sturdy material with one year warranty.
  • Advanced support coil system with raised height.


  • The dimensions can slightly warp with time.

4. Insta-Bed Ez Queen Raised Air Mattress Insta-Bed Ez Queen Raised Air Mattress with NeverFlat

The Insta-Bed Raised Air Bed is designed with a Never Flat technology, making it easier to get in and out of the bed especially for people with an underlying back condition. It is a very comfortable and durable air mattress with exclusive features and innovative technology. The NeverFLAT technology enables the air mattress to maintain a steady air pressure throughout the night and the level of inflation can easily be adjusted with the control valve.

Parts and Features

The Insta-Bed Raised mattress is a queen sized bed with 78x60x9.5 inches dimensions when fully inflated. The height and raised elevation is 22 inches, offering great support to the spinal frame an aching muscles of the back. The durable air mattress comes with a two pump system with a patent NeverFLAT technology weighing 48.9lbs and keeping the air mattress inflated to your desired level all night long!
The primary pump inflates and deflates the mattress automatically within 4 minutes, while the secondary pump is responsible for the NeverFLAT feature. It monitors and sustains a steady air pressure at your comfort level for undisturbed sleep all night long. The durable flocked top makes the surface comfortable, soft and stable.

Auto Control and Durability

The auto control valve helps you to inflate the air mattress at your desired comfort level at plush, medium or firm. The self-deploying frame allows easy set up with a simple plug in. Please go through the instruction manual once before inflating the mattress as the material can stretch during the first few uses. Therefore it is advisable to inflate your bed an hour before you plan to sleep. The extra air needed to achieve full firmness can then be added automatically. The material is sturdy, durable and resistant to wear and tear. Carry bag is included along the air mattress for outdoor activities and guests.


  • Never Flat technology and user friendly.
  • Durable and Sturdy PVC Material.
  • Maintains air pressure throughout the night.
  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • Promotes spinal support and healthy posture.
  • One year warranty.


  • Includes only one air chamber.

5. Air Mattress FULL size – Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed

After 12 years of experience in air mattress construction, this brand is now fully equipped with all the necessary Air Mattress FULL size - Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed knowledge to bring you the best and most durable air mattress. Keeping all the past complains of lumps, leakage and defective pumps in mind, the new air mattress stands apart with no leak technology and a sleek new design.

Parts and Features

You won’t find an air bed tougher than this one! The raised support and firmness is excellent for backaches and good spinal alignment. Where other inflatable air mattresses collapse or stretch under pressure and weight, the Best Choice Air Mattress will offer you rigidity and full support for your aching joints. The edges are quite resilient and sturdy as well.
The mattress provides excellent back support, better than any other product in the market while being easy on the eyes! The Best choice is certainly the best looking product out there with stylish bed skirt along with a fitted top sheet setting a new fashion statement and providing an extra layer of comfort between the bed and you. It keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Durability and No-Hassle Warranty

After purchasing this durable air mattress you will have one year warranty along with a 60 days risk free satisfaction guarantee! This means that you can easily return the product within 60 days if you are dissatisfied or have any complains. You will be fully refunded along with shipping charges! The mattress can withstand a weight of over 400 lbs. when fully inflated.
The laminated vinyl material of the air mattress makes it leak resistant and prevents it from stretching too much. The seams are prevented from over stretching by the innovative design and sturdy material making it last twice the duration of a regular vinyl product, and also a good choice for camping.


  • Highly durable laminated vinyl material.
  • One year warranty and 60 days return policy.
  • Excellent back support.
  • No leakage through the seams.
  • Best Looking design.


  • None!

6. Active Era Premium Queen Size Air Mattress[ Active Era Premium Queen Size Air Mattress - Elevated Inflatable Air Bed

Active Era is top rated for their specialized product construction and design which is functional for both professional and recreational use. Their unparalleled customer service along with high quality and finest material makes their durable air mattress one of the most desirable product in the market. The air bed comes with a number of exclusive features and characteristics to make your sleep as peaceful and comforting as possible.

Parts and Features

The Queen Size air mattress is 80x60x20 inches in dimension with a powerful and portable built in electric pump. The integrated raised pillow incorporated within the mattress gives excellent neck and head support while the 35 structured coils placed throughout the mattress offer comfort and stability to back muscles and spine.

It has a soft touch, leak proof and waterproof flock coating making it durable and sturdy. It has a 15 gauge puncture resistant material excellent for camping and outdoor activities. The structured coil technology used in the construction of this durable air mattress offers the best stability for even weight distribution. The integrated electric pump is user friendly and inflates the mattress in less than 3 minutes, and can be deflated with a flick of a switch!


The comfortable and steady surface of the air mattress is designed with an extra hard and thick, wearing and waterproof flocked layer on the top, with multi-layer design and 15 gauge puncture resistant material, making it impervious to wear and tear and waterproof. The leakage proof surface is sturdy and tough and can be used on hard and uneven grounds during camping.
The package also includes a storage bag for convenient transport and storage along with cord storage. The soft flock is comforting and provides stability during movements. The mattress can hold up to 500lbs weight when fully inflated.


  • Built in pillow with excellent neck support.
  • Built in pump with easy inflation and deflation.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Air coil technology for equal weight distribution.


  • Deflation can take time.

7. Con Premium Double High Support Rest Airbed

Coleman is a brand that specializes in materials and equipment that make your outdoor activities a safe and fun experience with high Con Premium Double High Support Rest Airbed w/Built in Pump quality and durability ensured. Make memories with Coleman’s Premium quality Air Mattress which is an excellent product for camping and recreational activities. You will find yourself in a comforting bliss with the luxurious pillow top and soft mattress molding according to your body contours, sending you to one of the most finest sleeps of your life.

Parts and Features

It is a white, queen sized durable air mattress with 78x60x18 inches dimension when fully inflated. The double high height of the air mattress makes it very easy to get in and out of the bed without any displacement or discomfort.
There is a 120 volt built in pump along with a double lock valve for easy and quick inflation and deflation within minutes. The air tight system ensures no leak and the material is sturdy and water proof. It comes with a convenient wrap n roll storage system to take it along anywhere you go!

Durability and Comfort Strong Coil Construction

This durable air mattress comes with a one year warranty and is factory tested before hand, rendering it leak free! The double lock valve feature further aids in the non-leakage design by sealing points that prevent any air seepage during the removal of pump. It also locks in and holds the air to your desired level of inflation throughout the night.
The coil outlines the natural body contours for firm support and stability and reduced bulging. This ensures a safe and secure sleeping surface. The sleep surface of the air mattress is treated with antimicrobial agent to resist mold, mildew, odor, fungus and damages when used on uneven ground or wet, mushy surfaces. The durable and sturdy air mattress can easily hold up to 500-600lbs weight when fully inflated.


  • Enhanced coil construction for added comfort and back support.
  • Double lock valve for leak free system.
  • Air tight and waterproof mattress.
  • One year warranty.


  • Can develop a slow leak over time.

8. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel

Lightspeed Outdoors are famous for their highly durable and user friendly products which are excellent for outdoor activities and personal use. It doesn’t matter if you plan your camping trip around hilly and rocky areas or the wet sands stretches of the beachside. The PVC-Free Durable air mattress will ensure an exceptional and comfortable night’s sleep with its patented stabilizing system. It Is a reliable and durable product that will give you comfort for years to come.

Parts and Features

The PVC and Phthalate free air mattress is ecofriendly and the queen sized sheets can accommodate two persons. It is 80.1×55.1×7.1 inches in dimension when fully inflated and weighs only 5.6 pounds which makes it easy to be carried around.
It has a two way Boston valve which holds it to the desired level of firmness and air pressure and forms a patented stabilizer system. It comes with a battery operated pump (battery not included with the product) and oversized storage bag to wrap and carry it around when deflated.

Superior Durability and TPU

The PVC durable air mattress is abrasion resistant, water proof and temperature stable, making it more stable than the regular PVC air mattress. The high-grade polyester oxford is bonded with Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) making is a superior material. The stretch and ballooning caused by PVC air mattress is also prevented. TPU has exceptional durability and is puncture and leak resistant with superior abrasion and prevents wear and tear.

It has a leak-free durability and reliability even after repeated use. TPU is also 40% lighter making it easier to carry around. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the air mattress with patented stabilizing system. The stabilizers link the top and bottom of the air mattress which minimizes displacement and bouncing movements. The product comes with a one year warranty and is ideal for camping and sleepovers.


  • Patented stabilizing system with minimum bounce and displacement.
  • Battery operated pumps.
  • Light weight and durable.
  • Eco friendly TPU material.
  • One year warranty.


  • No batteries included with the pump.

9. WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress with DreamCoil Supporting Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

Wonder Sleep brings you the best durable air mattress to enjoy a sound restful slumber anywhere and anytime! This inflatable air mattress is resilient and durable, whether you set it up in your bedroom or carry it along for camping and stay over guests, you will not be disappointed by its soft and comfortable surface and molding capabilities according to your body’s natural contours.

Parts and Features

The Wondersleep inflatable air mattress is Queen sized with 78x58x20 inches dimensions and double the height of a regular mattress, giving you the feel of a real bed. It has a powerful rotary pump incorporated within it, giving the mattress a full inflation within 4 minutes.
The air mattress is designed with a Dream Coil Technology consisting of 7×5 array of strong air coils that supports the back and promotes a healthy spinal alignment. The bed remains stable and firm even during movements.

WonderSoft Design

The air filled columns running throughout the thickness of the mattress are structured like honeycombs layered on top of each other. This gives a natural support to the body and keeps your back firm and stable. There are rounded grooves around the edges of the air mattress, enabling the fitted sheets to stay in place.

The manual air valve is externally placed so that you can manually inflate and deflate the air mattress without depending on a wall outlet. It’s fairly easy to deflate it and roll the mattress for storage and carrying around with a weight of only 20lbs.


The durable air mattress is made of an extra thick base which provides and added layer of protection and makes it puncture resistant, even on uneven grounds with debris and dirt. The product also comes with an air leak repair kit in case of a leakage or wear and tear so you are good to go.


  • Durable and sturdy material.
  • Easy inflation and deflation.
  • Comes with an instruction manual.
  • Superior coil technology.


  • Needs to be inflated and deflated a few times before use.

10. Coleman 445; in 45; 1 Quickbed Twin/King Air Bed

The Coleman brand is famous for its versatile and durable products, making your camping experience worthwhile, safe and Coleman 445; in 45; 1 Quickbed Twin/King Air Bed comfortable. The QuickBed, as its name suggest, is a quick fix for you and is perfect for home use and to take alongside for outdoor activities, hiking and camping! It is a lightweight air mattress and fairly easy to carry around and use. After every usage, just fold, roll and store! It’s that simple and convenient.

Parts and Features
The QuickBed has two durable air mattresses with 74x39x5 inches and 74x39x8.5 inches dimensions that can be joined together or used as two separate air beds. You can also stack one on top of another to increase the height and make it a double high twin bed or zip it aside and make a king sized mattress.
The double lock valve is an excellent feature to ensure that the air remains sealed with full and firm air inflation at all times. The leak free valve also allows easy inflation and deflation within minutes. The Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system makes it very easy to fold the mattress and store it. Once fully deflated, it weighs only 12.2lbs.
The soft plush top is very comfortable to sleep in, and 45 comfort coils are dispersed throughout the mattress for quality support and restful sleep. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage.


The air mattress has an air tight system of double lock valves which ensures that the mattress holds air throughout the night and can hold a weight of around 400-500 lbs. when fully inflated. The sturdy and robust material is excellent for outdoor usage without causing any leaks or punctures. You can use it on a rough or uneven ground and still have a firm and stable surface to sleep on. It is a versatile 4 in 1 air mattress with 2 beds for 1 price!


  • Durable and leak proof.
  • Comfort coils placed for back support.
  • Versatile mattress that can be used as twins, king, or double high twin bed.
  • Double lock valve.


  • The material is treated with

11. Ivation Premium Comfort Inflatable Air Mattress

When you buy from Ivation, rest assured of the high quality and durability of the product! With years of experience Ivation Premium Comfort Inflatable Air Mattress and excellent customer service, the Ivation Queen sized air mattress is premium quality and the highest rated product with good durability and resilience. Built with the best materials and innovative features, you will get incredible comfort and superior durability at an affordable rate.

Parts and Features
It is a Queen sized durable air mattress of 78x60x20 inches dimensions. The air mattress is made with a super strong PVC material which further add years to the durability of the product and prevents leakage and holes when handled with care. The built in air pump is easy to use and inflates the mattress within 4 minutes. Inflation of the mattress can be controlled for adjustment of firmness. It is 20 inches high when fully inflated and has a single air chamber construction. The non-slip bottom holds the mattress in place during movements and is fairly easy to deflate.

Innovative FirmaCoil Technology
The FirmaCoil is a new type of air coil technology system which has an exclusive and innovative figure 8 design. These large and closely placed coils support the back and align the spine for a healthy posture. It makes the air mattress super comfortable with 28 dual coils dispersed along the thickness of the mattress.

Durability and Specifications
PVC Material is highly durable ad sturdy material with minimum chances of leakage or holes. It is puncture resistant and waterproof that withstands pressures and weight up to 500lbs when fully inflated without any loss of air pressure. The multilayer flocked cushion mattress top provides extra comfort and softness with a non-slip bottom. The product comes with a PVC patch repair kit and user guide.


  • Superior FirmaCoil Technology.
  • Sturdy and durable PVC material.
  • Easy inflation and deflation.
  • Comes with a patch repair kit.
  • Water resistant and leakage proof.


  • Can form deep pockets with repeated usage.

12. SoundAsleep Raised Twin Size Premium Air Mattress SoundAsleep Raised Twin Size Premium Air Mattress

SoundAsleep premium air mattress is a twin sized changeable mattress with unique features and easy to use design. It can be used side by side as a twin bed as well as a double heighted raised air bed. The comfortable flocked top with soft snugly material and comfort coil technology makes it the best option for a restful night of undisturbed slumber.

Parts and Features

This durable air mattress comes with an original 1-click easy to use internal pump, making the inflation and deflation process quite simple and quick. It is specifically designed for in home use especially as an extra bed when guests come over or for slumber parties. The air mattress reaches its full inflation in under 3 minutes! You can then use the external pump to ensure quick top up of escaped air.
The twin sized inflated mattress is 73x38x18 inches in dimensions.

ComfortCoil Technology

The durable air mattress has 21 internal air coils, adding durability and support and rendering the bed stable and firm during movements. It is excellent for back support and outlines the natural contours of the body without causing any strain on the neck and back.


This durable air mattress is made with hard-wearing PVC material, which is extra thick and water proof. The multilayered, puncture-resistant material makes it sturdy and leak-proof. It comes with a one year warranty with excellent customer support. The PVC material is ecofriendly without any harmful chemicals and the SureGrip bottom makes the air mattress highly durable and lasts several year. The sheets fit well around the mattress just like a regular bed with secure edges and a sleek design.


  • Eco-friendly and durable PVC Material.
  • Easy inflation and deflation with a 1 click internal pimp.
  • Comfort Coil Technology for stability and comfort of back muscles and spine.
  • One year warranty and excellent customer service.


  • This air mattress is not for everyday use and can’t be used in place of a traditional bed.

13. Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Queen Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Queen

Intex brings you the classic downy airbed for your everyday needs, town guests and outdoor activities. You can’t go wrong with this durable air mattress. The cozy and snuggly bed will send you off to the finest sleep with steady and firm air inflation all night long, delineating every curve and contour of your body to comfort your back muscles and spine. The comfy and waterproof-flocked sleeping surface of the air mattress prevents any distortion or slipping during movements. The uniform sleeping surface and flexibility will leave you highly satisfied and well rested.

Parts and Features

It is a Queen sized air mattress with 60×8.75×80 inches dimensions and a capacity to hold up to 600lbs weight! It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The soft and plush waterproof flocked top has a wave beam construction design offering maximum support and comfort. If your airbed is brand new, it might take up to 72 hours to ‘break in’ and fully stretch it in full air capacity before you use it.

The durable air mattress is incorporated with a 2 in 1 valve along with an extra wide opening making it fairly easy to inflate and deflate within minutes. It has a 14 gauge vinyl beam alongside a 15 gauge sides and bottom. It is compatible with most electric and manual pumps. The standard size of the queen air mattress is a good fit for tailored sheets.


The robust material of this durable air mattress is leak proof and waterproof, making it a great fit for camping without any wear and tear. The wave beam construction design further adds to the durability of the mattress. The durable heavy gauge vinyl will make this comfortable air mattress last a good few years. It can hold up to 600lbs weight when fully inflated without any air leakage. It is quite easy to deflate and fold in compactly for storage and carrying around.


  • Crafted with tough and durable heavy gauge vinyl.
  • Waterproofed cozy flocked top.
  • 2 in 1 valves for easy inhalation and deflation.


  • Pumps are not included with the product.

14. Canway Air Mattress

Canway is a very reliable and trustworthy brand that brings nothing but the best for its customers. Quality is the most important aspect and their durable air mattress doesn’t disappoint.
Canway brings you the best inflatable mattress with latest generation technology and features and the thickest PVC material! The comfortable and durable air mattress is multipurpose and will be your best friend for years to come, whether you need it for traveling, camping, as an extra bed for guests or even as a replacement for the wood bed, Canway Air Mattress will always be there to save the day!

Parts and Features

This durable air mattress is Queen sized with 80x60x22 inches in dimensions when fully inflated. It stands at a height of 22 inches with proper elevation to support your neck and spine. The size is quite suitable for the bedroom, camps and storage. It comes with an electric high-powered pump incorporated within the air mattress, aiding in quick inflation and deflation within 3 minutes.
The PVC layer provides the necessary insulation and comfort and renders the product high quality and easy to clean.


The plush flock surface is waterproof and stays dry, giving you the tender and snug feel for a good comforting sleep. Double layer construction of the air mattress with 0.6mm thick layer of PVC ensures that the mattress stays puncture resistant and maintain its original form. It also prevents unnecessary sliding and displacement during movements.

The last generation wave veins construction makes this durable air mattress sturdy and long lasting. It is able to hold up to 650lbs weight when fully inflated without leakage or losing any air. The ergonomic streamlining design comforts and relaxes the whole body and you can achieve the desired level of firmness with the touch of a button. The product comes with a 2 years warranty and excellent customer service!


  • Durable, thick layered PVC.
  • 2 years warranty and a great customer service.
  • Comfortable, flocked top design.
  • Provides ideal body support


  • The manual fill cap can sometimes get loose and let some air escape.

15. Lunvon Queen Air Mattress

Luvnon’s durable air mattress is made with ecofriendly nontoxic PVC material and is easy to use collapsible air Lunvon Queen Air Mattress mattress for your everyday needs. It will help you save up space and always have an extra bed in case of guests and slumber parties. It is easy to fold and store and very comfortable to sleep in.

Parts and Features

The Queen sized durable air mattress is 80x60x18.5 inches in dimensions and made of thick ecofriendly PVC with a soft flocked material on top. The built in air pump is 120V AC and has a control dial to regulate the level of firmness. It is fairly easy to inflate and deflate owing to the built in pump which auto inflates in less than 4 minutes.

It is best to set up the bed in a flat and smooth, dry surface without any sharp objects in the vicinity. The dial should be turned OFF after the desired inflation is achieved to prevent any air leakage. It is flexible and elastic and it’s normal for some of the air to escape after the set up. Make sure that the pump is given time to cool off and not used continuously for too long.

Spinal 3-point first-line Repair Massage Technology

The ergonomic simulation incorporated within the air mattress demarcates the spinal alignments, ensuring comfort, and good sleep with proper back support. Avoid sleeping near the edges of the mattress to avoid any swaying, tipping or rolling while you are asleep.


The high quality ecofriendly PVC is certified by RoHS and is healthy, comfy and durable. The water roof and leak proof material with double layer construction adds years to the durability of the product and can hold up to 500lbs weight when fully inflated. It comes with a 2 years warranty and lifetime customer support!


  • Spinal support and comfort.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Durable thick PVC layer.
  • Easy inflation and deflation.


  • None.

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