Modway Aveline Mattress – Complete Review

The Modway Aveline mattress is a top-rated gel-infused memory foam mattress in a reasonable value. Aveline gives Modway Aveline Mattress – Complete Review premium-quality memory foam comfort and support at a price you can pay for. Sleeping soundly decreases pressure on your head, neck and spine and this is achieved easily by an open-cell memory foam mattress like Modway Aveline that assists to align your spine and diminish pressure on your hips, lower back along with shoulders.

Each day begins and ends with a relaxing night; while Modway is a sleep gadget to consider. Their gel-infused memory foam mattress is reasonable while still providing all bit of class you want from; well what’s perhaps the most central furniture in your home! It’s speedy to expand and trouble-free to unpack. In combination with the premium range knit cover, this is a mattress that is short in set-up, effortless in upkeep, and certain to be a great addition to your bedroom for many days to come.

Read on through the in-depth review to ascertain why you must go for the Modway Aveline gel-infused memory foam mattress.

About Modway

Modway goes to make the most of a viable market by sourcing directly a select set of trending products. The company’s bedding range has been featured on home decor outlets similar to HGTVDwell Magazine Traditional Home and Houzz. More than 98% of Aveline customers are satisfied by their purchase and obtain more as the requirement arises. Modway is a huge and well reputable company, whose biggest feat isn’t just setting up a diverse collection that can please just about anyone, however also as they’re a Hollywood favorite.

Through supplying sets time and again, Modway gets to demonstrate their favorite costs at their best. They are invested in making sure your house can appear its best, while still giving that much-needed comfort all home holds. Their mattresses are a particular point of pride, calculated to appeal to everyone. Modway’s goal for you is to lead life to the fullest, while that starts and ends by a good night’s sleep.

Modway Aveline Mattress – Full Review

The Aveline mattress backs the promise of providing its users the ideal firmness. Despite what class of sleeper you Modway Aveline Mattress – Complete Review are, the Aveline has you backed up. It moreover promises that their gel-infused memory foam will dispel your body heat and swiftly conform to your body weight along with the position.

Material and Construction

Take a deep breath and relax since you’ve found your alleyway to that ideal sleep with the Aveline 8″ memory foam mattress. Constructed with gel-infused memory foam to keep your body climate steady, this medium-firm twin mattress dissipates your body heat even as rapidly conforming to your weight with the position. Sleep calmly with an open cell ventilated memory foam solution that alleviates pressure points, decreases bounce between two sleepers and provides gracious relief from the aches as well as pains of conventional twin mattresses.

This 8″ twin memory foam mattress is presented vacuum-packed and rolled to fit into an effortlessly portable box. It requires 2 to 4 hours for the twin gel mattress from bed in a box form to inflate most of the way and a day to inflate fully. It comes with a removable stretch knit diamond patterned cover to make this product further appealing. Box spring or foundation is non-compulsory. Slatted bases must be less than 3″ apart.

The Aveline is prepared with several layers to ensure you’re 100% contented all night. The cover is prepared by a stretch knit fabric and zippers close to guarantee the foams stay intact. The gorgeous diamond-knitted design moreover adds a bit of sparkle to it.

The 2” Gel-Infused Memory Foam layer gives the cooling technology that will maintain your body temperature at a relaxed level throughout the night. It is meant to diffuse both body pressure and heat.

The 6” High-Density Foam relieves sleeping pains by providing you a best possible level of comfort and support. It Modway Aveline Mattress – Complete Review also supplies you a personalized whole body comfort.

Comfort & Ergonomics

While we talk about comfort, the Aveline denotes that their mattress gives a universal comfort. This denotes that it’s not too hard, not much soft, it’s just accurate. They are saying that despite what type of sleeper you are, this mattress will be comfy all night long.

The larger size would have prepared you to feel more supported. The Aveline comes with three layers of memory foam, everything of which are certified by CertiPUR-US. The mattress is backed by a layer of premium foam, which gives vital core support. It has a gel-infused layer of memory foam, which is exclusively designed to acclimatize to your body’s contours with the sleeping position, even as also dissipating body heat. This gives for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep, with the precise support your body requires. Further comfort is provided by the layer of high-density polyurethane memory foam, which decreases aches and pains. Besides, the mattress comes by a removable woven stretch cover, which includes a diamond pattern which makes pleasant sleeping even better.

Plenty of mattresses have done their research when it comes to the center of the bed. It will be accommodating and have all the required extras, such as gel and firmness. But as soon as you wander away as of the center, you’ll find yourself losing support. Modway Aveline mattress is constantly firm everywhere, giving you the support you are worthy of no matter how you sleep.

Mattress is backed with the CertiPUR-US certificate exhibiting this mattress conforms to all North American standards intended for healthy mattresses that will give a healthier life for you. You can be assured that you or your loved ones won’t be exposed to unsafe materials on this ecological mattress.

It’s a gift for those living in hot climates or anyone who wishes a blanket so as to sleep properly, cooling gel is a perk you can adore enough. Modway implements a cooling gel in their Aveline mattress to compose your nights much more contented when it’s too warm to getting some shut-eye. All know just how a great deal of heat and humidity can destroy a good night’s sleep, but warm sleepers won’t have to fret about that by this mattress.

Durability & Warranty

It’s vital that your mattress is well manufactured to guarantee the longevity. If you buy a new mattress, you are going Modway Aveline Mattress – Complete Review to want it to last, despite how much you pay for it. When you look these over, you check for loose threads, pulls in the fabric, how fine the zipper works, areas that may be prone to defects, etc; for all such cases the Aveline mattress has well-stitched Foams that are durable.

The Aveline seems to be brilliantly well-constructed. They seemed to be well designed, which is really vital for durability. The cover doesn’t have any pulled fabric and the seams are all together. The zipper is pleasant and tight to guarantee the cover would stay closed in order that no bugs could get in. If you need extra defense for any reason, mattress protectors are just right.

Aveline cooling gel twin mattress features CertiPUR-US certification by qualified independent testing laboratories, thus you can be sure that the memory foam is manufactured devoid of ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, along with other heavy metals with PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, along with being low on VOC.

You get 10-year warranty to show that a company has your back must anything goes askew. With the Modway Aveline mattress, you get warranty to protect against any damages within manufacturing and craftsmanship and you can rest trouble-free knowing you are buying a durable quality mattress at an exceptional price.


The three different options are accessible for thickness and height: 6, 8, and 10 inches. The dimensions detailed for the Aveline’s mattresses are Twin size measuring 75″ x 39″ x 10″ and weighs 37lbs, the Full size dimension is 54″ X 75 X 10″ and weight of 50 lbs, the Queen size dimension is 80″ X 60″ X 10″ and weighs 58lbs, the King dimension is 80″ X 76″ X 10″ and weighs 76lbs.


The Modway Aveline mattress might just be the finest cheap memory gel-infused memory foam mattress accessible, allowing you to sleep better even while on a budget. Its reasonable and competitive pricing makes it an ideal contender to buy in your favorite list.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal For?

This mattress is a fairly soft one and thus is immense for pressure relief. It is recommended for heavier people. But Modway Aveline Mattress – Complete Review somebody above 222 lbs might like to look elsewhere while they recline on this bed and there can be a bottoming out as a result. The mattress covers all the sleep position types so you can rest assured with this mattress.

The mattress would be a great mattress for someone who is in search of something simple that’s going to keep them cool, comfortable, and usually supported. The mattress would be perfect for an adjustable bed frame since of the thickness as well as the flexibility of it.

This mattress is a superior fit for people who are moving to their first home, students who are going to a dorm, or those who require substituting an old mattress, be it in your own bedroom or a guest room.

As much as heat retention goes, it is standard for a foam mattress. The cooling gel certainly helps but since it conforms well, you will get more hug which denotes that you will be more enveloped via the mattress. Not only does it guarantee you sleep cool, but it also guarantees that you are comfy. This mattress alleviates sleeping pains and it gives personalized full-body comfort. The foams speedily conform to your body weight with the position, keeping you comfortable the entire night long. The Premium Aveline foam as well provides core support to alleviate pressure.

This Modway Aveline mattress comes with a cover that sits snugly about your mattress, providing extra support and adding up years of life to the bed. Together, it’s very smooth, making it trouble-free to pull any added covers over it devoid of annoying snags.

This cover is removable thus when it comes the time to clean your bed, it won’t be an annoyance. You’ll be able to toss it into the wash, or hand-wash it along with all your other bedding to save time. While this is immense news for those who like to get pleasure from midnight munchies or drinks into bed, it will also be relaxing for those with kids or pets.

If you’ve just ever slept on a memory foam mattress, with the top cooling gel layer may throw you off during your first night. Even as you do sink within your mattress a little bit, the dense foam layer gives a great deal of support to keep your joints free of pain. The thicker mattresses enclose more foam, so reflect on investing in one of these if both support and sturdiness are high on your consideration.


  • Provides accurate pressure relief and a decrease in back pain
  • Customer service is quick, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly
  • Well supportive for the back without sinking
  • The spine is extra aligned as users sleep
  • Supports every type of sleepers dependent on weight
  • The cover is soft, comfortable
  • Independently tested and CertiPUR-US certified
  • Gel-infused memory foam is for reducing perspiration in hot or humid weather
  • Mattresses come compressed for easy bed setup
  • Hard to beat the superior quality on a great price
  • Comes with 10 years of warranty


  • A few complaints about the lack of support for hips
  • Initial chemical odor
  • A few buyers found the mattress not quite bouncy as innerspring options


Ultimately, Modway has managed to produce a mattress that can please about everybody. By professionally Modway Aveline Mattress – Complete Review combining the cooling gel with dense memory foam, the mattress is efficient at providing a soothing night for a good price.

There are a number of incredible features that make it noticeable from other mattresses within that range, making it even more pleasing. Once you open it, you must definitely let it air out for a day or two, possibly more if you are sensitive to smells. The Aveline is positively a sound investment if you wish for a comfortable, durable, and breathable supportive bed.

It gets even more reasonable than that. This is ideal for the college students. It would be a great option for a budget-minded shopper that may not be in any one place for a long time that doesn’t want to invest in a higher-end mattress. The longevity of this mattress will be pretty much. However, even if you get 3 to 4 years out of it, the value is still there, specified the price.

By two layers that play mutually to create a most favorable sleeping experience, the mattress has all the ingredients to be the finest memory foam mattress on the marketplace. The first layer is vital in guaranteeing your body temperature stays regulated all through the night. This is as well the part of your mattress that assists to prevent pointless sinking over the following weeks.

The second layer the mattress has is the foam base, with a dense layer of packed foam that gives support to your joints. Since this is the element that packs all of the heat, it wants the cooling gel to offer you the benefits devoid of any cons. Moreover, the cooling gel wants the foam base to guarantee you get support. The two materials are at their finest when users share a bed. Pull out a blanket and make the best rest there is. The Modway Aveline gel-infused memory foam mattress is all set for your service.

A Quick Summary

Below you can come across the remarkable traits of the Modway Aveline hybrid mattress summarized concisely.

Modway Aveline Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium firmness of 5-5.5
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Type: Construction comprising layers of gel-infused memory foam and high-density base foam.
Ideal for: Back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers.

Good for users needing pressure relief thanks to a gel-infused soft memory foam surface.

Consumers needing virtually cooler, well-ventilated surface for constant worry-free sleep.

Good for users who like to have midnight snacks or drinks in bed, or for those with kids or pets owing to the removable cover.

Good for partners requiring zero motion transfer and total silence at night.

Superior fit for users who are moving to their first apartment/house, students who are going to a dorm.

Sizes available: Twin, Full, Queen, and King.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US certification means qualified autonomous testing by laboratories making the memory foam devoid of ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, heavy metals, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, and low on VOC.
Differentiators: Plush softness of gel-infused memory foam blended with high-density ergonomic-support of base foam.

The mattress satisfies stringent worldwide health standards with its genuine CertiPUR-US certification and purifies indoor air.

Removable woven stretch-knit cover includes a diamond pattern for pleasant, lush feel on skin and allows better air circulation.

Supports heavier or overweight users flawlessly.

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