Mens Bedroom Color Ideas. A Detailed Guide

Since times immemorial, mankind has divided colors into feminine and masculine. Even if these color ideas force us into a mold, they also help create a comfortable space for the gender in question.

Mens Bedroom Color Ideas. A Detailed Guide

When it comes to men’s bedroom color ideas, certain colors are timeless classics; you simply cannot go wrong with them. While most men are minimalists when it comes to their room’s interiors. There is no reason why one cannot use masculine colors to add class, character, and style to a room.

If you are confused about which men’s bedroom colors to select in 2021, then the following guide can help.

Best Men’s Bedroom Color Ideas for 2021

Mens Bedroom Color Ideas. A Detailed Guide

How do you select the best color for men’s bedrooms, particularly if the man in question does not really care much about design and decorating?

It might seem like a monumental task, but you can take on this project by sticking to some of the timeless colors that scream masculinity. Here are the top contenders:


Black is a bold and versatile choice in men’s bedrooms and it is definitely very masculine. You can never go wrong with this color for a man’s room.

Go in for black or dark grey walls or simply use black as accents with white or gold or other classic colors. A black bed against a simple red brick wall also looks fantastic, and you can easily add in black hanging lamps with a black bedspread or comforter to create an industrial look.

A room with black walls can appear too dark, so you definitely need to add in lighter elements. You can do so with white bedspreads, pillows, or rugs. Alternatively, you can also throw in red cushions, vases, or wall art to add pops of color.

For black walls, you definitely need fun wall art pieces to cut through the monotony and add an element of drama. Thankfully, there’s a myriad of choices today in wall art pieces to suit different budgets.


Brown is another neutral color choice for bedrooms. It can be used on the walls, bedspreads, rugs, and definitely in wall art. The best part about brown is that it can be paired with many other masculine shades such as blue, red, black, and orange, as well as neutral colors like white, green, beige, or yellow.Brown and white is one of the classic and most romantic color combinations for men’s rooms. Whether you have white walls with brown accents or completely brown walls with white trimmings, you simply cannot go wrong with this pair.

The same is the case with brown and blue. There’s a myriad of ways to use this pairing in men’s bedrooms – you can go in for pastel blues with hues of dark or light brown for a subtle environment, or use dark blues with lighter browns for a lively and bold bedroom.


Blue is another classic and timeless color for men’s bedrooms. It is a mellow color that adds tranquility to your interior. The best part about using blue is that it’s available in various hues like aquamarine or turquoise, dark navy blues, as well as classic light blues.

Blue combines well with white and greys to create a magical room décor. If your room is small, go in for the lighter shades of blue paired with whites and LEDs to create an illusion of space.

Blue totally lets you be classic cool, zen, or minimalist.


Another timeless and masculine color for a man’s room is gray. You can pair it with whites, blues, or mustard yellow, as well as other contrasting and complementary colors. Darker grays like charcoal and ash gray are especially suited to the man that enjoys the finer things in life.

How to Choose Men’s Bedroom Colors?

Mens Bedroom Color Ideas. A Detailed Guide

Here are some factors to consider when selecting men’s bedroom colors:


The availability of space plays a huge role in the colors you select. Take into account the room’s shape, ceiling height, door and windows placements, locations of electrical outlets, etc.

If your room (or house) is still under construction, then ask your architect to provide you a 3D or virtual drawing of the room.

Architectural elements

Are massive beams crisscrossing your ceiling? Are floor coverings and ceiling height impacting how your room is perceived? All these elements can also help you decide if you need lighter or darker colors.


Does your room get plenty of natural light? Or are you relying upon artificial light? If the room is already dark, you might want to stay away from darker colors for the walls. Also take into account how light and shadows travel through the room during the day, afternoon, and evening.


This is another important consideration to make when selecting men’s bedroom colors. How do you plan to use the room? Is it a shared or private space? Is it a place for activity or rest?

FlowThe flow of the room is its relation to other rooms in the house. How does your room “flow” with others near it or above/below it? How will your color choice impact the other rooms in the house?

Understanding Colors and Mood

Mens Bedroom Color Ideas. A Detailed Guide

The men’s bedroom colors you select will determine how the room is perceived. Lighter, cooler colors make the room appear bigger while darker shades make the room look smaller and cozier.

Know the three groups of colors

Let’s go back to some basic color lessons. We all know that colors fall into three categories:

  • Primary – These include red, blue, and yellow. They are pure colors that cannot be formed by mixing any other colors.
  • Secondary – Green, orange, and purple – these are colors that you get after mixing two primary colors in equal proportions.
  • Tertiary – Blue-green, yellow-green, and blue-purple. These are colors that you get by mixing one primary and its closest secondary color.

Colors can also be differentiated as warm or cool.

  • Warm colors – These include red, orange, and yellow. They stimulate, energize, and inspire creativity.
  • Passive or cool colors – They include blues, greens, and purples. These colors have a calming, relaxing effect.
  • Neutrals – Many masculine colors pair well with neutral colors such as brown, taupe, beige, and white. Black itself, while being masculine, is also neutral and defines, disciplines, and creates boundaries.

You can use these colors and their textures and temperatures to create a cohesive and interesting look.

Identify a focal point

In addition to knowing what colors to choose, you must also select a focal point for the room. It can be a construction element, a piece of furniture (the bed), or an accessory such as wall art or a lamp.

Once you have selected your focal point, you may want to select colors that highlight the focal point instead of drawing attention away from it.

Acknowledge proportion and scale

When selecting a room’s color, you must acknowledge the proportion and scale of all objects in the room and especially the chosen focal point. Understand that horizontal lines emphasize length and have a calming effect while vertical lines emphasize height and have an enlivening effect.

Choose patterns and textures

You can choose from small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale patterns. Once you have selected your main color, ensure that it comes in every pattern. The featured color you select should also be prominent in some patterns while used as an accent color in others.

Put it all together

Mens Bedroom Color Ideas. A Detailed Guide

Armed with the above information, you can now consider paint and fabric swatches and peruse catalogs. Fill your room with the colors you like – after all, you should feel good in the room and it should offer you a place to unwind at the end of a long day.

FAQs on Men’s Bedroom Color Ideas

1. What are the most popular colors for men’s rooms in 2021?

Most designers believe that classic and timeless colors like blue, grey, black, and brown will remain hot and trendy in 2021 for men’s bedrooms.

2. What colors do most men like?

In a survey, researchers found that most men loved shades like blue, black, green, brown, and red best.

3. What elements are must-haves for men’s rooms?

Men’s rooms need a good bed with a high-quality mattress, with sheets in matching or complementary colors. There should be a rug, some wall art pieces, and lamps or table lamps. Cushions can help add some pops of colors and also break the monotony.

4. What colors can make a man’s room look bigger?

When decorating a man’s room that has space limitations, you can opt for lighter shades. Select lighter masculine hues such as light gray, light blue, light brown, etc. You can also go for neutral colors like whites and softer tones of green. When coloring the trims and moldings, opt for whites, beige, or other light and neutral shades.

5. What is the manliest color in 2021?

There is a surprising new entry in the list of the manliest colors and it is magenta! Others like red, orange, black, and blue are also considered quite masculine.

Conclusion – Men’s Bedroom Color Ideas

Your interior colors can perform a multitude of roles and can impact your moods, emotions, and energy levels. They can also affect the sense of order or disorder, or set the tone and make the room seem formal or informal.

The main contenders in the list of men’s bedroom colors include timeless classics like blacks, grays, browns, and blues. However, colors like magenta, purple, and red are also seen as masculine and sexy.

We hope this brief guide helps you select your men’s bedroom colors with ease.

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