Types of Mattress Toppers – Explained & Demystified 2022

Your mattress provides you with a comfortable place to relax and sleep on, but it will eventually start to lose its ability to keep you sleeping blissfully as time goes by. Mattress toppers can revitalize the look and feel of your existing mattress, providing you with the reliable cushioning and support to keep you slumbering peacefully ad pain-free, without the need to purchase a brand-new mattress, which will put a significant dent on your budget. They are different from mattress pads and mattress protectors, which are much thinner and primarily provide protection against dirt and accidental spills. The cost of a mattress topper is only a fraction of a new mattress’ price, so you will not worry that this enhancement to your sleeping surface will break the bank. Your mattress will immediately feel more comfortable when you place a high-quality mattress topper on its surface. This allows you to once again enjoy the most relaxing nights of sleep without totally giving up on your trusted mattress. The mattress topper can provide your mattress with the extra plushness or support that you need for blissful slumber night after night.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the most favored materials when it comes to mattress topper choices. A memory foam mattress topper provides enhanced cushioning that conforms to your body’s curves for customized sleep comfort that feels more enjoyable. The memory foam material also works to relieve pressure points by spreading the body weight evenly on the surface to prevent pain and discomfort as you sleep for the entire length of the night.


Customized Cushioning

The memory foam mattress topper is designed to follow the curves of your body so you will feel like the surface you are lying on is made exactly to accommodate your comfort requirements. Your body will sink in gently into the surface without pressing too firmly into the mattress topper. This results in excellent pressure relief that keeps you protected from aching body parts that can be the result when pressure spots develop when you sleep on an unforgiving, too-firm surface.

Enhanced Support

A memory foam mattress topper delivers strong support to keep your body in a properly aligned condition in any sleeping position you desire. This will also ensure that you can sleep peacefully without being bothered by pain that can be the result of your body being forced to twist or turn in awkward angles while you are sleeping. Memory foam mattress toppers are available in different densities and thickness options so you will find it easy to get to the firmness level that feels perfect for your body’s rest and relaxation needs.

Reduced Sleep Disturbance Among Partners

Memory foam works to limit the effects of movements only to the area where they were made. This means that even when you move frequently throughout the night, your partner can continue sleeping deeply on the other side of the bed without being bothered by your movements. A memory foam mattress topper works to significantly reduce sleep disturbance among partners to ensure that both individuals will get to reap the benefits of a deep, restorative sleep experience.


Can Retain Heat

Memory foam mattress toppers may retain body heat, so this can be a problem for people who tend to feel extremely warm, especially when staying in generally the same position for the duration of the night. With long-term use, the memory foam can trap heat, bringing discomfort that can disrupt your supposedly restful sleep with a sweaty sensation.

May Produce a Quicksand Effect

Some memory foam mattress toppers can make it feel like you are slowly wading through quicksand. This makes it difficult to move on the surface, such as when you need to shift to another sleeping position or when you need to get out of bed. This quicksand effect can also be an issue for people with mobility issues, who may need the help of another individual just to get successfully out of bed.

Suitability of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam toppers are suitable for people who want to avoid the discomfort that comes with pressure points because the material works to ease the pressure by distributing the weight evenly on the surface.

These are suitable memory topper choices for those who like the conforming feeling delivered by the memory foam, which produces a customized experience that will dramatically enhance the pleasure of a restful night of sleep.

A memory foam topper can significantly improve both the firmness and the plushness of an old mattress so you can continue to sleep comfortably on it without resorting to buying a new one.


Natural latex mattress toppers are made from the sap that comes from the rubber tree, while the synthetic latex options are crafted using synthetic rubber. The latex material adapts to your body’s shape just like memory foam, but it quickly responds to your movements by bouncing back to its original structure when you move. Latex mattress toppers can be quite costly, but their durability more than makes up for the higher expense.



Latex has a responsive quality that allows it to bounce back to its original shape in reaction to your movements. This can make other activities made on the bed more enjoyable, and will also help you to get to the sleeping position you want without any difficulties – unlike with memory foam that can make you feel like you are being swallowed too deeply by the surface.

More Breathable than Memory Foam

Latex mattress toppers are more breathable compared to memory foam. This makes it a suitable choice for those who want the conforming qualities of memory foam but do not want to sleep on the material because it retains heat. A latex mattress topper allows air to pass through the material to prevent heat from building up, so you can sleep soundly with no disturbances from extreme warmth.


Latex has an inherent ability to bounce back quickly to its initial shape in response to your body’s movements on the mattress topper’s surface. This lends impressive durability to the material as it resists lasting body impressions and indentations. You can expect the latex memory topper to look and feel as if it is brand new, as it maintains its superb performance and appearance much longer than other mattress topper materials.


Can have a High Cost

Latex options are on the higher range of prices when compared to the other materials used for mattress toppers. It may not be a suitable choice for those who are looking for the most economical mattress topper options, or those who are on a tight budget.

Can Feel too Firm for Some Sleepers

Latex can feel too firm for some people, who may find it uncomfortable sleeping on such a surface for long stretches of time. This is especially true for people who are used to sleeping on lavishly soft surfaces, who may find it difficult to adjust to the latex mattress topper’s firmness.

Suitability of Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex mattress toppers are suitable for people who are looking for the most durable mattress topper and do not mind shelling out more for this benefit. The ability of the latex material to bounce back to the original shape means that the mattress topper will retain its remarkable aesthetics and functionality for a long time.

A latex mattress topper is an ideal choice for those who like the feeling of a surface that conforms to their curves but do not want the heat retention that can come from a memory foam product. Latex is more breathable compared to memory foam so it can prevent an overheated feeling from creeping in and disturbing your sleep with intense discomfort.


Wool is a natural material that is known for its temperature-regulating qualities. It offers an inviting softness that will keep you enveloped in the most comfortable manner through all the seasons of the year, so there will be no need to switch to another mattress topper to adjust to the varying external temperatures every season.


Moisture-Wicking and Breathable

Wool mattress toppers work to wick away moisture from your body, allowing you to continue your rejuvenating sleep without being bothered by an uncomfortable sweaty feeling. The wool material is breathable so it prevents heat accumulation by dispersing body heat so it does not have a chance to bring you discomfort that can spoil what should be a restful night of sleep.

Regulates Temperature

Wool has a natural temperature regulating ability in response to external temperatures. A wool mattress topper will feel pleasurably cool during the summer months to keep you comfortable and maintains an inviting warmth that surrounds you so you can feel absolutely comfortable during the colder times of the year.


Wool is one of the most durable materials that are used for the creation of mattress toppers. The soft material crimps naturally and is resistant to deep indentations that can be caused by body impressions. A wool mattress topper will keep on looking and feeling great for many years so you can look forward to enjoying its impressive features for a long time.


Can be Expensive

High-quality wool mattress toppers are costlier compared to other products that are made from different materials. This may be an issue for people who are trying to follow a strict budget when it comes to their mattress topper purchase.

May Not Provide Ample Cushioning

Wool mattress toppers may not be the best choice for those who want to significantly enhance the cushioning properties of the surface they are sleeping on. A wool mattress topper provides great comfort, but it does not match the cushioning abilities that memory foam or latex can provide.

Suitability of Wool Mattress Toppers

Wool mattress toppers are suitable for people who tend to feel overly warm especially during the summer months or when sleeping in only one position for the entire night. They have a breathable structure that disperses heat before they can accumulate to keep you sleeping blissfully all night long.

A wool mattress topper is a suitable selection for those who want to invest in a durable and high-quality product that will be able to provide superior comfort without deteriorating for a long time. It can be enjoyed for several years without traces of lasting indentations that may be present in mattress toppers that use other materials, especially with frequent or heavy usage.


Likewise hybrid mattresses, hybrid mattress toppers combine two or more materials to produce the best in terms of quality, performance, and aesthetics. The materials that are most commonly used for crafting hybrid mattress toppers include foam, latex, fiber fill, and memory foam with a cooling gel. The combination of these materials complements the strengths and weaknesses of one another to come up with a mattress topper with the most beneficial features.


High-Quality Materials

Hybrid mattress toppers are created using only high-quality materials that have the goal of combining their individual strengths to counter each other’s weaknesses, producing a topper that brings the best of both worlds to revive the life of your old mattress and give you the most comfortable sleep experience possible.

Balanced Comfort and Support

A hybrid mattress topper provides the right balance of support and comfort to ensure your continuous pleasure as you sleep for the rest of the night. These mattress toppers offer a welcoming softness to keep you surrounded with an enticing structure while you sleep while ensuring a firm enough structure to keep your posture correctly aligned regardless of the position you prefer to stay in throughout the entire night. This wonderful balance promotes deep sleep that will not be spoiled by discomfort due to an awkward sleeping position or the development of pressure spots.

Temperature Regulation

Hybrid mattress toppers feature materials that work together to ensure that you stay comfortable no matter what temperature the bedroom exhibits while you are sleeping. For example, a firm memory foam layer may be combined with a top layer of gel memory foam that works to maintain a cool sleeping surface for you to enjoy, while ensuring that you will maintain good spinal alignment all night long. Another popular combination for hybrid toppers uses memory foam and a fiber layer for that firm and plush feel that delivers outstanding comfort.


May have a High Cost

Hybrid mattress toppers are commonly by combining the highest quality materials to provide superior comfort and support for all types of sleepers. The use of only excellent quality materials may result in a higher price compared to the simpler construction used for the more affordably priced mattress topper options that are available in the market.

Suitability of Hybrid Mattress Toppers

Hybrid mattress toppers are suitable products for those who are looking for the best way to revive their old mattresses without scrimping on quality. While these types of mattress toppers may have a steep price range, they also come with superior quality to guarantee your continuous comfort night after night, for a long time.

These mattress toppers are suitable for people who want a balance of comfort and support while avoiding a heat retaining sleeping surface. Most hybrid mattress toppers offer wonderful plushness without compromising on adequate firmness to maintain good posture while sleeping. They are also constructed to dissipate heat before it can build up, so you can be protected from the discomfort of an overheated feeling.


Feather or down mattress toppers source the fill materials from geese or duck. The down or feather material provide a luxurious softness that can remarkably improve the feel of an old or too-firm mattress, allowing you to sleep continuously in the most blissful way possible – as if you are sleeping on a brand-new mattress.


Lavish Plushness

Feather or down mattress toppers deliver a remarkable softness that instantly elevates the comfort level of your existing mattress. They can quickly transform an old or extremely firm mattress to one that feels more inviting and pleasurable to sleep on so you can get the restorative sleep that you have always dreamed of without feeling discomfort.


Down or feather mattress toppers offer enhanced breathability that allows generous airflow to move through the structure. This stops heat from building on the mattress topper to keep you away from the overwhelming heat that can ruin your peaceful sleep experience.

Does Not Hinder Natural Movement

Mattress toppers that are made from down or feathers will not prevent you from moving naturally on the surface, unlike memory foam that can make you feel like you are slowly being swallowed by your body’s indentations every time you move.  Down and feather mattress toppers allow you to move unhindered for non-stop comfort, making it much easier for you to shift from one sleeping position to another or to get up from the bed without too much effort involved.


Allergy Issues

People who are allergic to down or feathers may be uncomfortable when using feather or down mattress toppers. The materials can trigger allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to down and feathers, and this reaction can in turn result in frequent sleep interruptions or in worse cases, sleep loss.

Feathers can Poke

The quills of the feathers that are used in these mattress toppers may poke through the mattress topper’s casing. When the quills poke through, they can cause an uncomfortable surprise, especially when the incident happens while in the middle of peaceful slumber. The hard quills can also cause discomfort when they are pressed on body parts that are particularly soft or sensitive and may even cause injuries if the quills break through the mattress topper’s fabric encasement.

Can be Noisy

Feathers often produce a crinkling sound that some sleepers may found to be annoying. While the sound may not bother some sleepers, others may find them sleep rudely interrupted by the crinkly sounds, which are often made with movements such as when changing sleep positions in the middle of the night, when no other noise should be present in the sleep environment.

Suitability of Feather or Down Mattress Toppers

Down/feather mattress toppers are suitable for people who are fond of the sumptuous softness that only these materials can produce. These toppers can instantly elevate the luxuriousness of even an old mattress to bring you a heavenly sleep experience that other materials may not be able to fully imitate or equal.

These mattress toppers are ideal for those who want to sleep on a soft surface that does not accumulate even with long hours of slumber. The feathers and/or down inside the mattress topper allow air to freely pass through so body heat will not have a chance to build up within, keeping the sleeping surface cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Memory Foam with Cooling Gel

Memory foam with cooling gel mattress toppers bring together the best features of a memory foam material with the heat-dissipating properties of a cooling gel infusion. These mattress toppers will keep you supported and comfortable all night long without worries about heat retention that can ruin a deep and rejuvenating sleep.


Remains Comfortably Cool

The infusion of a cooling gel into the memory foam results in a mattress topper that offers all the fantastic benefits without the heat retention problems associated with the memory foam material. This type of memory foam mattress delivers continued support and comfort without exposing you to the potential sleep disturbances that can be caused by overheating.

Conforms to Body’s Shape

Memory foam with cooling gel mattress toppers are designed to follow the shape of your body, providing you with a remarkably comfortable feeling as soon as you lie down on this inviting surface. this ability to adapt to your curves also works to deliver excellent pressure relief to keep you sleeping pain-free in any sleeping position you prefer.

Limits Motion Transfer

The memory foam with cooling gel material works to limit motion transfer by trapping the effects of movements only to the specific area where they originated. Any movement that you made from your side of the bed will not be felt on the other side of the mattress topper, so you and your partner can continue sleeping deeply or doing other activities individually without bothering each other in the process.


Can Degrade Faster

The infusion of the cooling gel material can cause the memory foam material to degrade faster. This means that the mattress topper may have a shorter lifespan compared to a traditional memory foam product that has not been enhanced with the cooling gel.

More Expensive

Memory foam mattress toppers that are enhanced with a cooling gel may have a higher price tag than a conventional memory foam mattress topper. This may be an issue with those who prefer to have the most affordable type of memory foam mattress topper to improve the performance of their existing mattress.

Suitability of Memory Foam with Cooling Gel Mattress Toppers

Memory foam with cooling gel mattress toppers are suitable for people who want to have the benefits of a memory foam product without the risk of experiencing an uncomfortable warmth while sleeping. the cooling gel enhancement keeps the heat dissipated to maintain a sleeping surface that feels comfortable and cool for long hours of deep, reviving sleep.

Down Alternative

Down alternative mattress toppers are referred to as such because they are designed to resemble the softness of real down mattress toppers. They use polyester blends or fiberfill that will not trigger allergy attacks, unlike authentic down or feathers that can cause allergy flare-ups in people who are sensitive to these materials.



Down alternative mattress topper are much more affordable compared to the real down options. This is because the polyester or fiberfill material is much easier to procure compared to sourcing the duck or geese down that is needed for down mattress toppers. You will not need to break the bank with the expense that a real down mattress topper requires when you can have a reasonably priced down alternative mattress topper instead.

Softness Mimics Real Down

A down alternative mattress topper can quickly bring a welcome softness to a mattress that feels too firm, allowing you to sleep in comfort all night long. This mattress topper can make your old mattress feel like new again or can add a luxuriousness that will make your sleep more enjoyable for a completely reviving experience.


Down alternative mattress toppers are hypoallergenic so you can enjoy the wonderful softness of your sleeping surface without the allergy risks that come with using real down beddings. These mattress toppers will allow you to have a peaceful sleep throughout the night without the irritations, sniffles, or skin itching that accompanies an allergy attack.


May Turn Lumpy

Polyester or fiberfill mattress toppers can turn lumpy when used frequently or heavily, especially for extended periods. This means that the functionality and appearance of the mattress topper may not be expected to last as long as the other mattress topper materials, such as feather and down.

May Not Offer Enough Cushioning

Although down alternative mattress toppers can provide enhanced softness, they may not have the ample cushioning that some people need to be able to sleep comfortably. These mattress toppers may also not be supportive enough to ensure continuous proper spinal alignment while you sleep.

Suitability of Down Alternative Mattress Toppers

Down alternative mattress toppers are suitable for those who are looking for a more affordable way of enjoying the luxurious softness of authentic down products. Using polyester blends or fiberfill, these mattress toppers have an inviting softness that comes with a lower price tag, making them cost-effective choices for revitalizing the life of an old mattress.

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

Bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress toppers bring together all the incredible qualities of memory foam along with the goodness of bamboo charcoal. This bamboo charcoal infusion produces a fresher and cooler sleeping surface that will have a remarkably positive impact on the overall feel of the existing mattress that you are trying to revive.


Moisture and Odor Regulation

The bamboo charcoal infusion in these mattress toppers works to keep the moisture regulated and then wicked away from the surface so you can continue to sleep in a delightful manner without an overheated sensation. The bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress topper also regulates odor to preserve the freshness of your sleeping surface, ensuring that your deep sleep will not be disturbed by unwanted smells.

Temperature Regulation

This mattress topper keeps the temperature on the surface continuously regulated so you can be sure that you will always be surrounded by a cool and comfortable sensation while you sleep. The bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress topper works to ensure that you will always be protected from the buildup of intense heat that can disrupt a peaceful slumber.


These mattress toppers are naturally hypoallergenic so you will not need to worry that sleeping on these surfaces will result in allergy attacks or irritations. The bamboo charcoal memory foam material is also resistant to bacterial growth so you can be sure that your sleep environment will be as clean and safe as possible.

Eliminates Pressure Spots

A bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress topper works to eliminate pressure points by distributing your weight equally on the surface and by conforming to your body’s shape as soon as you lie down. This alleviates pressure and protects you from the pain that comes with the development pressure spots.


May Require Special Cleaning

Some bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress toppers may not be suitable for machine washing. These products may need to be dry cleaned and may require more attention for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Suitability of Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress toppers are suitable for people who want to have a fresh-smelling surface to sleep on that will retain that property for a long time. The bamboo charcoal infusion keeps bad odors away to maintain a clean-smelling mattress topper for you to enjoy along with your blissful sleep.

These mattress toppers are suitable for those who like the conforming feel of a memory foam product but do not the heat buildup that is associated with the material. The bamboo charcoal infusion helps dissipate heat so the surface continues to feel comfortably cool for your sleeping pleasure.


Water mattress toppers are used to improve the softness of an old mattress so you can sleep more restfully night after night. These mattress toppers are filled with water that instantly adapts to your movements to bring you the comfort and support you need to be able to relax and sleep without interruptions.


Easy to Clean

Water mattress toppers come with a waterproof encasement that can be cleaned and maintained easily. You will not have any difficulties in keeping the mattress topper clean so it will be more convenient for you to preserve the prod

Eliminates Pressure Points

The water filling works though water displacement to protect pressure-sensitive body parts from feeling discomfort. The water keeps the weight of the body evenly placed throughout the mattress topper so pressure can be alleviated and stopped from disturbing your deep sleep.


May Cause Accidental Spills

With the water filling, a water mattress topper is prone to accidents especially when it is accidentally poked with a sharp object. This can cause a mess on your sleeping environment and can even damage the mattress underneath.

Suitability of Water Mattress Toppers

Water mattress toppers are suitable for people who like the pressure-relieving properties of such as product and want this to be enjoyed continuously on their sleeping surface.


Q: How can a mattress topper improve my old mattress? Types of Mattress Toppers - Explained & Demystified 2020

A: A high-quality mattress topper can provide enhanced cushioning and support to improve the feel of an old mattress. It can add firmness to a mattress that has become too soft over time or provide a cushioned surface that elevates the comfortable feel of a mattress that is too firm.

Q: Is a mattress topper the same as a mattress protector?

A: No, they are different. A mattress protector is much thicker compared and provides ample cushioning and support to improve the feel or a mattress. On the other hand, a mattress protector has a thinner profile and works mainly to keep the mattress protected from dust and accidental spills that may damage the mattress underneath.

Q: What makes memory foam a popular material for mattress toppers?

A: Memory foam makes an old mattress feel more comfortable by lending a contouring feel that enhances the pleasure of a sleep experience. The material also works to alleviate pressure and maintain proper spinal alignment for continuous comfort all night long.

Q: What is the advantage of a memory foam with cooling gel mattress topper over t Types of Mattress Toppers - Explained & Demystified 2020 he one made with regular memory foam?

A: The memory foam with cooling gel mattress topper has temperature regulating properties that will keep the surface feeling pleasantly cool while you sleep. This is a significant improvement over the heat retaining tendencies of conventional memory foam.

Q: What mattress topper can improve the feel of an extremely hard mattress?

A: A too-firm mattress can be improved by placing a soft mattress topper on its surface. Down and down alternative mattress toppers are known for their plush profiles, so these options can lend a significant improvement on the softness of your sleeping surface.

Q: How can a mattress topper help with body pains that are related to sleeping on a too-soft mattress?

A: You can opt for a mattress topper made from a firm material that will provide ample support and keep your body in proper alignment while you sleep. Memory foam or latex will work well in firming up your sleeping surface so you can be spared from the nightly body pains.

Q: How thick should a mattress topper be?

A: It depends on your body structure and overall comfort preference. A 3-inch mattress topper provides enough cushioning and support for people with average body structures. If you feel like you need more support according to your body structure or personal inclinations, you can choose a thicker model, such as a 5-inch mattress topper Types of Mattress Toppers - Explained & Demystified 2020 instead.

Q: What size of mattress topper should I choose?

A: It is important to get a mattress topper that corresponds to the size of your mattress. If your mattress is queen-sized, for example, go for a queen mattress topper as well. This ensures that all the surfaces of the mattress underneath will be covered by the topper, and it will not flop along the sides (which will happen when the topper is bigger than the mattress.

Q: What makes a bamboo charcoal infusion a great enhancement for memory foam mattress toppers?

A: A bamboo charcoal keeps bad odors away from your sleeping surface, so your mattress topper feels and smells fresh for a long time. It is also hypoallergenic and regulates temperature so you can enjoy blissful slumber night after night without being bothered by allergy triggers or heat buildup.

Q: Why is a down or feather mattress topper considered a luxurious choice?

A: Mattress toppers made with down or feathers deliver a sumptuous softness that other materials may not be able to provide. This plushness gives the sleeping surface a luxuriousness that can promote a more wonderful sleep experience. The air of luxury may also come from the high price associated with down and feather mattress toppers (compared to the other materials used).


Mattress toppers provide affordable and convenient ways to improve the feel of your old mattress. They are made with different materials that cater to varying requirements and comfort preferences to suit almost every type of sleeper’s needs. These options will help you see which ones will address your needs in the most positive way, so you can be on your way to sleeping pleasurably again without the need to purchase a brand-new mattress.


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