Mattress Donation - A Detailed Guide

Investing in a new mattress is one of the best things that you can do to increase your sleeping comfort and enhance the appearance of your bed setup. Before you think of how to arrange the brand-new mattress in your bedroom, it is wise to think of what you will do with your old mattress so it will not get in the way of your comfortable room arrangement. Your old mattress may even prove to still be beneficial to others if it is still in good enough condition to be donated!

Mattress Donation - A Detailed Guide

The removal of an old mattress may not be one of the most enjoyable tasks to plan for, but it is a necessary step before setting up your new mattress. While your initial instinct may be to dispose of the mattress much like throwing away a huge pile of trash, there are other ways of dealing with an old mattress that can benefit other people while ensuring that the discarded mattress will not contribute to the burden that landfills across the country are already experiencing. A mattress takes up an average space of 40 cubic feet and will take up a large amount of space in an already overcrowded landfill, where it will be left to deteriorate slowly over the years. Depending on the condition of the used mattress, it can instead be donated to charitable institutions, places of worship, and individuals who may still be able to enjoy the advantages of the mattress for their own use.

Can All Used Mattresses Be Donated?

Mattress Donation - A Detailed Guide

While donating is a great way of preparing for a mattress replacement, not every used mattress will be suitable for donation. It is important to first check the condition of the mattress before even considering it. It should be in a condition that you yourself wouldn’t hesitate to use. Mattresses that have damaged fabric covers and edges or those that are stained or have significant lumps and depressions may be better off recycled or taken apart so that the components can be repurposed accordingly. Keep in mind that the goal of donation is to provide other people with a comfortable sleeping area, so the used mattress should still be in a condition good enough for that purpose. Also, charities and non-profit organizations will most likely not readily accept used mattresses that have signs of extensive damage, and these mattresses will probably be thrown out as well.

Why Is It Important to Donate a Used Mattress?

Mattress Donation - A Detailed Guide

When a mattress is discarded and thrown in a landfill, it occupies a huge amount of space in an area that is already filled to the brim with trash and other disposed items. With most of the used mattresses in the US ending up in overcrowded landfills, it is an excellent idea to instead consider donating the mattress if it is in a decent condition that can still be used as a comfortable sleeping surface. This way, your old mattress will not add to the environmental strain that landfills are experiencing. At the same time, you can share your blessings with others who may not have the means to purchase their own mattresses and give them the chance to sleep on a more welcoming spot. Planning a mattress donation will also prevent you from irritating your neighbors, who may not take too kindly to seeing your old mattress lying on the sidewalk or stuffed into the dumpster.

Where Can a Mattress Be Donated?

Mattress Donation - A Detailed Guide

International and National Charities

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that offers sustainable and affordable housing for people all over the world. While the mattress you donate may not be used directly by Habitat for Humanity, it can be sold to a ReStore center that sells building furnishings and supplies, with the proceeds going to help fund the continuous work of Habitat in local and international communities. The funds can help provide families with the experience of sleeping on more comfortable spots instead of on hard, cold floors, so donating to Habitat can be your way of paying it forward so other people can also be blessed with comfortable sleeping surfaces. It is best to contact the nearest ReStore home improvement center first to verify if they accept mattress donations because acceptable donated items may vary with every location. If the center welcomes a mattress donation, you can request for it to be picked up from your home or you can bring it to ReStore yourself.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army operates charity shops in over 120 countries around the world. Undamaged used mattresses that are still in good condition are accepted at Salvation Army depots or shops, or you can request for them to pick up the mattress. Donating to the Salvation Army allows you to deal with the used mattress without dumping it in a landfill, and at the same time, it can be used for tax deduction purposes.

National Furniture Bank Association

The National Furniture Bank Association works to donate furniture and other home essentials to more than 100,000 families yearly all across North America. There are local donation centers spread out across the country – you will need to check which one is the closest. However, many of the NFBA’s regional centers also offer pick-up services so you can schedule a time that is most convenient for you. It should be noted that the NFBA only accepts furniture donations that are gently and lovingly used, so old mattresses that have signs of extensive deterioration will not be welcomed.

Local Charities

Shelters or Places of Worship

You may not need to look far when you want to donate your old mattress. Search for shelters for abused women or the homeless in your local area or neighboring towns, as these places may welcome donations to provide more comfortable sleeping areas for women, children, and even entire families who may not experience the luxury of sleeping on comfortable beds. Churches and other places of worship may also welcome gently used mattresses that can still be used to provide a comfortable sleeping surface for the less fortunate. Check with these places so you can verify if you need to bring the mattress to their locations or if they can provide a pick-up service for your convenience.

Donation Town

Donation Town is a wonderful resource where you can find a list of local charities that offer free pick-up services for the mattress you wish to donate. It will help you quickly locate a local charity that will accept a used but still in a good condition mattress, as well as other household essentials. Donation Town takes the guesswork out of which place will accept your used mattress, so you won’t need to spend too much time and effort searching and wondering how to get your mattress to the charity.

Key Takeaways

  • Discarded mattresses take up a lot of space in landfills and can cause environmental problems in the long run.
  • Instead of dumping used mattresses in landfills, they can be donated so that others may still benefit from a comfortable sleeping area.
  • Mattresses that will be donated will need to be in good condition to ensure that they can still be used comfortably. Mattresses that are severely damaged may not be accepted by some organizations.
  • Some places that accept mattress donations can pick up your mattress for your complete convenience.
  • Aside from charitable institutions, churches and shelters may also be great places for donating used but still in good condition mattresses.


Q: What can you do with an old mattress?

A: One of the best ways to deal with an old mattress that is still in good condition is to donate it to charity or a local shelter.

Q: Do I need to bring the mattress to a place that will accept the donation?

A: In some cases, yes. However, you can check first if the place can pick up the mattress from your home instead so you won’t need to deal with the inconvenience of transporting the mattress.

Q: How do discarded mattresses affect landfills?

A: Mattresses take up large spaces in landfills and contribute to overcrowding. They cannot be compacted and not all the materials can be recycled, so the mattresses are left to rot in landfills for years.

Q: Can you still donate a mattress that has been used for several years?

A: Yes, as long as the mattress is still in good condition. A mattress that you won’t sleep on anymore because of severe damage and an overall uncomfortable feeling is not fit to be donated to any individual or charitable institution.


Your old mattress may have reached the end of its life in your home, but it can still be of use to others – provided that it does not have extensive damage. Your discarded mattress can provide others with a comfortable place to sleep, and may be your way to pass on blessings to those who need them the most.


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