Mattress America Frost Memory Foam Mattress Review

The America Frost 13-Inch, Gel Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress has been equipped with the manufacturer’s individually wrapped coil system which provides a feeling of luxury. It is the manufacturer’s bestselling mattress which uses high-quality pocketed coil springs. The coils are instrumental in providing an undisturbed sleep, enhanced edge, and lumbar support providing protection against any feeling of being rolled off the bed or even falling into the middle of the bed. All these characteristics are made available to the purchaser at a very affordable price. The movements of the sleep partners are not transferred to one another, and if one partner gets up from the bed, the other one would not be bothered. The pocketed coils do not transfer the motion and isolate it. Gel-Infusion technology adds support and enables a very cool and comfortable sleep. It maintains coolness and a well-balanced temperature throughout the night and also lets the muscles to fully breathe and heal. It is eco-friendly and is certified for healthy sleep.

Materials and Construction

The America Frost 13-Inch, Gel Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress has been equipped with a highly breathable and thick woven fabric cover which enables a sweat-free and moisture-free sleep experience as it lets air through the fabric to keep the top of the mattress cool. The air circulation wicks away both moisture and sweat. The mattress has got a Euro Top design and is equipped with edge support as well. The layer of gel-infuse memory foam is 0.5 inches thick, and it ensures perfect coolness on top of the mattress. Immediately under the gel-infused memory foam layer, there is a 1-inch thick layer of quilted comfort foam. This layer acts as a transitionary foam layer between the comfortable and luxurious top of the mattress and the supportive layers at the bottom of the mattress. The comfort foam has a density more than the gel-infused memory foam, but it is lower than that of the higher density support foam. Under this transitionary comfort foam layer, there is a 1.5-inch thick layer of high-density support foam. This foam has a density higher than 5 lb./ft3. The high-density foam provides both durabilities as well as support for a perfectly supportive sleep. Immediately under this support foam layer, the mattress has got 10-inch thick pocketed coil springs layer which provides the ultimate support and durability to this mattress. Mattress America Frost Memory Foam Mattress Review

The topmost foam layer of the mattress is that of the gel-infused memory foam. The gel-infused memory foam has got all the characteristics of memory foam. It is body-conforming and takes the shape of the body to cradle it and mold around it. This gives a very luxurious and comfortable feel. The memory foam under the body is compressed, and as soon as the bodyweight shifts, the memory foam layer regains its shape. The memory foam layer also aligns the spine properly and provides pressure point relief. The shoulders, hips, neck, and head normally develop a lot of pressure on traditional foam, and this stress is relieved by the memory foam. The pressure-relieving and body-conforming properties of memory foam are fully exhibited by the gel-infused memory foam layer in this mattress. The infusion of gel introduces extra beneficial properties which include the ability to provide a cool and gentle sleep and enhance the breathability and temperature regulation of the mattress. With this layer, the mattress provides a very cool microclimate on top of the mattress, and it aids in further increasing the air circulation through the mattress. This happens as gel-infusion in the memory foam enables an open cell structure within the foam layer. This open cell structure increases the breathability of the memory foam and results in enhanced air circulation, and temperature regulation as this layer enables quick-wicking away of sweat and moisture from the mattress.

Gel-infused memory foam is either obtained by adding gel beads into the memory foam or adding in liquid gel while the foam is molded during its processing. The latter is considered a better technique. The extra coolness and comfort provided by the addition of gel to memory foam have made it very popular throughout the world. The conventional memory foam could result in sleeping ‘hot’ especially in summer nights as it could trap body heat, but the addition of gel eliminates this possibility even with those people who sleep hot. The enhanced air circulation through the open cell structure of the gel-infused memory foam ensures a perfectly cool microenvironment on top of the mattress, which provides a perfectly comfortable and undisturbed sleep throughout the night. The gel-infused memory foam layer in this mattress provides perfect cushioning support as well. It gives a signature plush feel. The pressure points are relieved regardless of the sleep pattern. The gel-infused memory foam layer is also supportive. This layer also isolates motion. As one sleep partner gets up from the bed, the gel-infused memory foam under him/her regains its shape, and thus the motion stays isolated. It is not transferred to the sleep partner. If one sleep partner tosses and turns, the other one would not be disturbed either. This is especially beneficial for those who sleep on their side as apart from keeping these sleepers very comfortable and cool; the gel-infused memory foam layer also provides pressure point relief on their hips and shoulders. These body parts are the most severely stressed in case of the side sleepers. Their spine is also held the correct position by this layer of gel-infused memory foam.

The comfort foam layer under the gel-infused memory foam layer acts as a transitionary layer between the top gel-infused memory foam layer and the support foam layer underneath it. The comfort foam layer has a higher density as compared to the gel-infused memory foam layer, but its lower than that of the support foam layer.  The comfort layer provides comfort to the body and helps in aligning the spine and keeping it in a neutral position.  The support foam layer under this quilted comfort foam layer is very strong and durable as it has density is higher than 5 lb/ft3. This level of density makes this foam layer very robust and of high-quality. It offers perfect support to the body and does not let the hips, shoulders, neck, and the head fall or sink into the mattress. The pushback effect of the support foam layer also adds to the ultimate support offered by the 10-inch thick layer of coil springs.

The ultimate support to the upper part of the mattress as well as to the body is provided by the 10-inch coil springs layer which contains hundreds of individually pocketed coil springs. The coil springs are individually pocketed to make sure that only those coil springs are compressed which lie directly under the weight of the body. Those who are not under the body keep their original shape and are not compressed. Like the weight of the body shifts when the body moves on top of the mattress, the area that comes under the new body position gets its still springs compressed while the area that has been vacated by the body would have the coil springs in it returned to the original position. This way, the mattress enables a high degree of motion isolation. This is beneficial for those couples who have different sleep patterns. When one partner has to leave and gets up from bed, the other partner is not disturbed at all. When one partner feels disturbed in the night and tosses or turns, the other partner would not be disturbed either.

The coil springs are also instrumental n providing a high level of durability and strength to the mattress. The mattress has, in fact, all the characteristics of the accumulated effect of all the individual layers present in the mattress.  The comfort is from the top players, and the support, strength, and durability are from the bottom layers. On the whole, the mattress is breathable, cool, gentle, comfortable, temperature regulating, moisture-managing, supportive, and highly durable.

Mattress America Frost Memory Foam Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Soft
Warranty: 25 year limited warranty
Type: Hybrid Mattress (Foam plus Coil Springs)
Size Available: Full, Queen, King
Ideal for: All types of sleepers including side, back and stomach sleepers, People with allergies and sensitive skins
Quality of Materials: High-quality foams and Coil Springs
Differentiators: Very Cool, breathable, moisture-wicking, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, and supportive.
Comparable Mattresses: Olee Sleep 13-inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Comfort & Ergonomics

The Comfort level of this mattress is very high due to the employment of a breathable woven fabric cover, perfect Mattress America Frost Memory Foam Mattress Review edge support, Euro Pillowtop, and the gel-infused memory foam layer on top of a comfort foam layer. All of these acts together to provide a high level of comfort to the body. Despite being extremely comfortable, the body does not sink into the mattress as it is supportive enough to push back the body upwards. The gel-infused memory foam is central to provide enhanced comfort as it creates a perfectly cool microenvironment on top of the mattress. It has an open-cell structure which enhances the airflow through it and thus helps to accelerate the wicking away of sweat and moisture from the body and the mattress. The body stays cool throughout the night and does not toss and turn.

The pressure point relief and the ability of the mattress to take the stress away from the hips, shoulders, and other body parts instrumental in providing relief to the body. The spine is kept in a neutral position, and this leads to a lot of comforts. The body-conforming feature of the mattress cradles and molds around the body to further enhance the comfort level. Due to the provision of the edge support, the body does not feel that would roll over the mattress. This is important for people who tend to roll a lot on the mattress. The body-conforming nature of the mattress enables perfect ergonomics in this mattress.

The temperature regulation of the mattress, which is also a source of great comfort stems from the gel infusion in the memory foam mattress. This enhances the breathability of the mattress and provides enhanced air circulation within the mattress. The sweat and the moisture are wicked away by the accelerated airflow, and the body is kept cool and dry. The creation of a cool microenvironment on top of the mattress enables a perfectly comfortable sleep throughout the night. Due to this enhanced airflow, the mattress also remains clean and sanitary.

The gel-infusion in the memory foam enables the memory foam to become highly hypoallergenic as well.  The mattress does not allow dust mites, allergens, mildew, and mold, etc. to live and thrive within the mattress. The gel-infusion ensures that people with allergies and skin issues, etc. would sleep comfortably on this mattress. They can sleep comfortably on this mattress throughout the night without fearing that they would wake up with stuffed noses or skin irritations. The comfort foam and the support foam are also high-density foams and the higher the density of the foam, the more it resists allergens and dust mites as it does not allow them to live inside the foam layers.  This way, the mattresses ideal for use by people who have allergy issues, and they can spend the night very comfortably Mattress America Frost Memory Foam Mattress Review without getting any disturbances due to their allergies.

The high level of support provided by the support foam and the coil springs adds to the comfort feel. Without such support, the body would sink into the soft upper layers of the mattress. The gel-infusion in the memory foam layer eliminates the ‘stuck’ feeling of the regular memory foam and enables e body to easily roll over the mattress and not feel locked in. The mattress cradles and molds but does not make the body feel that it is stuck in the mattress.  The pushback offered by the mattress enables the body to stay on the mattress in a very comfortable manner.  The coil springs have a certain level of bounce back action which creates buoyancy in the mattress which compensates for the sinking feeling in the mattress. On an overall basis, the mattress offers perfect ergonomics and a high level of comfort.

Durability and Warranty

The Mattress America Frost 13-Inch, Gel Infused Memory Foam / Pocket Coil Hybrid Mattress last for decades as it is highly durable. The durability of the mattress is directly related to the quality of the materials used in the mattress as well as its build quality. The manufacturer uses expert craftsmanship to manufacture the mattress, and the materials used in it ar all high-quality.  The gel-infused memory foam, as well as the comfort foam and high-density support foam, are extremely durable. The higher the density of the foam, the better is its quality, and the higher is its durability. The density of the high-density support layer is higher than five lb//ft3, and this ensures that the support layer would last for a very long time. The coil springs are made out of steel, and these are instrumental in making the mattress very durable. The springs are very flexible, and this increases their robustness.

The coil spring base offers a high level of support and is the most durable part of the mattress. It is 10 inches thick and enables the entire mattress to last a very long time. The mattress needs to be properly maintained and cleaned frequently to ensure that it is durable. The mattress can only be spot cleaned with water-based products, and it must be ensured that no chemicals or bleach are used during the cleaning process. If there is a large liquid spill, the mattress can be cleaned with a piece of cloth by applying pressure on it so that the liquid oozes out of the mattress. Mattress America Frost Memory Foam Mattress Review Afterward, it can be cleaned using water-based cleaners.  It can air-dry as applying heat is not recommended.  Heat can damage the memory foam and make it lose its properties, which include the ability to conform to the body shape or relieve pressure points.  That is why it is not recommended to use electric blankets or heating pads on this mattress.

The durability of the mattress is also affected by the hypoallergenic nature of the mattress. The absence of allergens and dust mites allows it to be sanitary and clean. The cleanliness and the sanitary status of the mattress ensures a higher level of durability as allergens and dust mites are not allowed to live and thrive within the mattress. Both the gel-infusion in the memory foam as well as the high-density foam layers discourage the presence of allergens, mildew, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. The high density of the comfort and support layers does not leave enough space within the foam to let the allergens and dust mites live and thrive within them. The overall effect is that of higher durability and long life of the mattress.

The mattress is placed on a solid foundation, and therefore, it must be ensured that the bed frame or the mattress foundation is solid. This would ensure that the mattress would not sag and maintain its shape. The bed frame or the foundation should be able to hold the mattress properly so that it does not wobble or slide. With such proper care and maintenance, the mattress would be highly durable. When the mattress arrives in a compressed and rolled form, it must be kept in an airy room, preferably with the fan turned on. It should be left to off-gas for at least 24 hours so that the process air inside it is replaced by room air which is clean. This would ensure that the mattress would lose its initial smell and also regain its shape completely. The mattress can be preferably left to off-gas and expand for more than 24 hours and a period spanning 2 to 3 days is just ideal.

The mattress is delivered to the customers with a 25-year limited warranty. This warranty duration reflects the trust and confidence of the manufacturer in the build quality and materials of the mattress. The limited warranty covers defects due to materials and workmanship but does not cover such defects, which are the result of damage during handling or transportation.  Cuts on the mattress, wear and tear and burns are not covered either. Mattress America Frost Memory Foam Mattress Review


The Mattress America Frost 13-Inch, Gel Infused Memory Foam / Pocket Coil Hybrid Mattress is 13 inches high, and the total height of the sleep system can be calculated by adding this height to the base of the bed frame or the foundation. In case the total height is too much, a low bed frame or a low foundation can be used. The mattress is available in Full, Queen, and King sizes.

Who is it Ideal for?

The Mattress America Frost 13-Inch, Gel Infused Memory Foam / Pocket Coil Hybrid Mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers regardless of whether they sleep on their side, back or on the stomach.  The side sleepers usually face the highest stress on their hips and shoulders on a traditional foam mattress. This mattress takes the stress away from the hips and shoulders as well. It is also suitable for people who have allergy issues or have sensitive skin. They can sleep comfortably on it due to its hypoallergenic nature.


  • The mattress has got a breathable woven fabric cover.
  • The mattress has perfect edge support.
  • It is equipped with a comfortable Euro-top.
  • The mattress creates a cool, comfortable, breathable, and supportive sleep environment.
  • The mattress regulates temperature and disperses body heat.
  • The mattress wicks moisture and sweat away from the body.
  • The mattress has got a high level of support due to the coil springs.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic.


  • Some people find it a bit too firm.
  • Some people find the stitching wanting.


The Mattress America Frost 13-Inch, Gel Infused Memory Foam / Pocket Coil Hybrid Mattress is breathable, cool, temperature regulating, moisture-wicking, comfortable, body-conforming, pressure-relieving and supportive. It has all the qualities of a good hybrid mattress and is very durable due to the use of the 10-inch coil springs layer. It creates a very comfortable, cool, and supportive sleep environment.

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