Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress Review

There is a strong connection between the mattress you use and your sleeping habits. Think of one and the other one Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress Review pops up automatically in the mind. A good sleep is what makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. A person functioning on sleep for less than 6 – 8 hours tends to make mistakes, gets irritate very easily and generally, is not fun to be around. It is imperative to use a good mattress, with a comfortable yet unyielding pillow, to pamper your body with the much deserved sleep.

Live and Sleep works on the same lines. They create mattresses which are so comfortable that sleep becomes your best friend. Just the right plush with medium firm foam is what makes ‘Resort Sleep Ultra’ an amazing product. With usage of certified and environment friendly materials, you can be sure of a high quality mattress. Live and Sleep has a unique idea of removing high retail margins and shipping in economical boxes to cut down on costs. This speaks volumes of the customer eccentric approach, which this brand follows. We have already written complete guides on two other best brands, best Dynasty Mattresses and best sealy mattresses as well.

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress Review: Making of the mattress

Resort Sleep Ultra by Live and Sleep is scientifically constructed for a perfect sleep. If you look at its design, it comes with 2.5 inches of Premium air flow visco foam on top of an inch of gel infused memory foam, with 8.5 inches of extra thick high density support base. The foam used is deep, dense, solid and comfortable at the same time. The entire 12 inch mattress profile provides a luxuriating feeling of child-like pamper.

The perfect contour of deluxe cushion provided by the visco foam beautifully cradles a sleeping body in the ideal posture. This prevents all sorts of aches and muscle soreness due to sleeping in a bad posture. An inch of gel memory foam in the middle also gives a breathable quality to the mattress, which keeps one in a state of extreme relaxation throughout the night.

Resort Sleep Ultra mattress comes fitted with a stretch knit cover. This cover is made of the softest world class textile, which provides great comfort to the person sleeping on this mattress. This knit cover is also fitted with a zip, for easy removal and washing purpose. This mattress is designed and crafted in the USA with a manufacturing unit outside of US to keep costs down. This results in the end user getting a premium US product at almost half the cost.

All materials used in the construction of Resort Sleep Ultra mattress are US certified with hypoallergenic, antibacterial and dust mite resistant qualities. A person sleeping on it can be sure of no toxins and absolutely no smell from the mattress. Weighing around 76 pounds in the queen size variety, Live and Sleep has ensured convenience and comfort. The mattress is packed rolled up in an economical box which makes it quite easy to lift. 

Mattress Capabilities

Resort Sleep Ultra mattress delivers great quality sleep, just like other visco-elastic mattresses, at almost a fraction of the cost. Even though the mattress comes rolled up, it tends to expand and stretch over the bed within a day. This results in a cozy and snug sleep from the first day itself, with absolutely no time wasted on sleep pattern adjustment.

The mattress has a soft top with an unyielding bottom base, which serves the dual purpose of posture and ease. The memory foam gel between the two acts as a cushy barrier which also allows the mattress to breathe and removes excess heat. An ideal height of 12 inches allows enough room over box springs. Also, the mattress comes with a free memory foam pillow that offers incredible support around the base of neck and shoulders.

The unexpected mix of soft and firm is a boon for people suffering from stiff joints. It is extremely uncomfortable to sleep on orthopedic mattress. Even though Resort Sleep Ultra mattress does not fall under the same category, it proves to be quite useful for stiff joints and sore muscles.

The memory foam used in the mattress prevents formation of body impressions. This has proved to be extremely helpful during guest sleep overs. The specially designed knit cover made from world class textile aids in maintaining hygiene. The easy to remove zipper is very convenient when you want to wash the cover and put it back on. Many mattress covers are non-washable, which automatically defeats the purpose of a cover. However, this proves that Live and sleep has definitely put some thought into their design and development of this mattress.

Last but not the least, Resort Sleep Ultra mattress is lightweight and extremely convenient at only 76 pounds for a queen size. Availability of all these features, that too at only half the cost of a premium mattress, is the reason for high ratings and extremely good reviews. 

Pros of Resort Sleep Ultra Mattress

Live and Sleep has made an unmatched mattress with Resort Sleep Ultra. There are many advantages to this mattress. Few of the glaring ones are: –

  • Tremendous support

Use of 8.5 inches of high density support base provides good support to the back and other joints. The cushion on top and memory foam used adds a nice touch to the cradle like feel one receives.

  • Firm yet soft

Resort Sleep Ultra Mattress has medium firmness with an unyielding softness which works wonders on all body types. The foam and cushion with memory gel in between tend to provide a nice, firm and comfortable posture.

  • Warranty

Live and sleep provides a whopping 20 year warranty on Resort Sleep Ultra Mattress. This proves the trust and confidence which the manufacturers have in this product. This also highlights the customer eccentricity of this brand.

  • Costing

An innovative idea to cut out the middlemen with a direct to customer selling approach has helped the Resort Sleep Ultra mattress to be priced below competition level, which is a big advantage for this product. The unique way of packaging in which this 12 inch in width mattress is rolled up has aided Live and Sleep in reducing costing as well.

  • No smell

Many new mattresses have a smell of gas and materials used, which tends to wear off after a couple of days. But Resort sleep ultra has absolutely no smell. It is fresh and easy to sleep on from the first day itself.

  • Weight

The mattress is lightweight and can easily be lifted by one person. However, due to the bulky nature of a mattress, it is advised that two persons handle it. A queen sized mattress weighs only 74 pounds, which makes changing of covers easy and convenient.

  • Mattress cover

Resort Sleep Ultra mattress is one of the few mattresses which come with their own knit cover. Many times finding a cover for a mattress becomes difficult. This problem is avoided by customer centric thinking of Live and sleep brand.

  • Freebies

After a mattress, the next thing which a person buys is a pillow. Live and Sleep helps one to save on that extra cost by providing the best Memory foam pillows, absolutely free of cost, with the purchase of Resort Sleep Ultra Mattress. 

Cons of Resort Sleep Ultra Mattress

Even though this mattress is a great product, like anything else, there are some areas where it could have been better. A point to be noted here is that many of these features are not available in premium mattress as well. A few areas in which Resort Sleep Ultra mattress lacks are: –

  • Needs Box-spring

The mattress does not come equipped with box springs and one has to purchase them separately.

  • Sinks at the edges

As the top layer is cushion foam, the mattress tends to sink at the edges. It makes changing shoes or tying shoelaces cumbersome.  This disadvantage is however, offset by the comfort which a soft cushion and firm base provides while sleeping.

  • Gel cooling

Like other mattresses, gel memory foam used in the middle lacks the cooling effect.

  • Spring vs. foam

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress Review People who are used to sleeping on spring mattresses find it difficult to adjust to foam. This disadvantage is based on the habits which a person has. Those who are used to spring mattress have found sleeping on memory foam difficult has memory foam cradles the body as compared with the rigidness which a spring mattress possesses.

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Mattress Review: The Verdict

Resort Ultra Sleep mattress by Live and Sleep is definitely a great product. The price is competitive with an added pillow thrown in. The mattress is comfortable and good for posture. Layered design of cushion, gel and firm base manages to keep weight even throughout the mattress. Soft cushion on top and a firm base also manages to provide the support which shoulders and back needs with the softness which is craved for a comfortable, long and undisturbed sleep. You may also check the best mattresses for backpain.

A mattress claimed to be hard as per one person’s standard would be soft for a person with chronic back ache. Resort Ultra Sleep mattress has proven to be good for all body types. . Being at par with other premium mattresses in the same category, Resort Ultra Sleep mattress, is definitely a must buy.

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