Complete Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review The day begins with waking up from sleep and it ends with falling on your bed, for a good night’s sleep, because rest is the most important for a healthy and productive life. But have you ever encountered the problem of not being able to fall asleep soon on your bed because it is too stiff, or too uncomfortable or plainly too bumpy? The struggle is real.

Touted as an effective solution to most sleep problems – the Leesa mattress, which is a 100% American made sleep product and provides maximum comfort for the material used in the mattress is Avena and the best memory foam mattresses adapt to your sleep style, be it for your personal use or sharing with a partner. Avena has been found to be better in performance than latex on all quality standards, be it bounce or durability. The exclusive quality makes for its superior performance coiled, stuffed and latex mattresses cannot match.

The Leesa Mattress has been designed by people who have faced sleep issues and also who know the industry in depth, in order to realize that most of the “stuffing” in the mattresses is just increasing the cost but not the quality.

Leesa Mattress Review

Materials, quality and design

Leesa mattress is made up of 3 layers of high quality, high performance foam which give the appropriate cooling effect and take the stress or pressure off. The top layer is about 2 inches thick and it is the revolutionary Avena foam layer. This layer has perforations for better air flow and bounce and the convoluted surface provides balanced cushion and sink. The mattress comes with a polyester Lycra striped printed cover, and an optional design too, which is created by a former homeless artist Scott Benner. The cover is seamless for utmost comfort and avoiding pinching corded seams which disturb sleep. The mattress is designed to provide a universal feel, meaning, it will mold itself to the user’s body unlike most other mattresses.

The bottom layer is 6 inches thick and is supportive foam for the mattress which sustains people of all sizes without leaving any scope for discomfort. The mattress weighs nearly a hundred pounds.

Mattress performance

Leesa is the better new mattress in more senses than one. It claims to be a luxury mattress brand which promises total comfort and is still priced below a thousand dollars, and less than a third of the popular mattresses providing similar features and comfort. The mattress is a high quality premium product which utilizes the best material for construction and the design is focused on providing best comfort no matter what the body type, shape and size. Buying this mattress is also a very comfortable experience because everything is online so there are no creepy salesmen peering down o you while you try the mattress before buying, the mattress comes packed up in a small cuboidal box and delivered to your doorstep, absolutely free of cost. The mattress comes with a 100 day trial period and the used can return the mattress if not satisfied, within those 100 days, no questions asked. The refund is initiated immediately.

The design ensures minimal partner disturbance. Who doesn’t wake up in the night for a drink of water or a visit to the washrooms? But this should not mean the mattress shaking and creaking so much that the partner in bed is disturbed. This technology has been named minimal motion transfer for limited partner disturbance. This is absent in most coiled and foam mattresses and causes noise or pull which can break the deep sleep cycle of a partner sharing your bed.

Special features

The Leesa mattress is definitely packed with many superior features and constructed using the best, state-of-the art material and scientific design which offers maximum comfort. What has not been said about the mattress is, Leesa works on the concept of a good sleep for everyone, so as a social initiative; they donate a mattress to a homeless person on every ten mattresses sold.

This thought is simple yet endearing, just like the mattress itself. One might express some doubt over the compression process and its effect on the mattress – how can you fit an entire king size mattress in a small box while shipping – but this process actually increases life of the product!

Pros and cons

Filled with many positives, the Leesa mattress is a genuine product which can get comfort into your daily routine sleep pattern. It is pretty to look at, simply but smartly designed and delivers the mattress to your doorstep – what more convenience can you expect! The pricing is right too. All in all, the product is quite attractive and it makes sense to invest in the Leesa mattress for a good night’s sleep.

It is a no – nonsense product – no frills and no unnecessary stuffing, just genuine goodness which leads to proper, happy sleep time.

A slightly negative feature of the mattress is that it doesn’t work too well if your bed has flexible slatting or box spring. The surface on which to put the mattress needs to be solid and firm. Also, the slats must not be more than 3 inches apart else the mattress doesn’t perform.

Verdict of Leese Mattress Review

Lets face it, selecting the best mattresses available in the market is not the easiest job when so many options are available in the market and there is a bewildering array of materials, techniques and terminologies but when you want to keep it simple and the sole purpose of a mattress is to provide comfort and a good night’s sleep, Leesa is a very decent choice. One can consider the overwhelming customer reviews that have been given to this product before making up one’s mind; it is being loved on every mattress review website and portal! Nearly 2000 five star reviews make it a strong contender for your bed! The features are great value for money and the best part, the hassle of going and picking a mattress in a store is completely surpassed, and that is quite an awkward experience. All in all, it is worth investing in for a great sleep and fresh mornings.

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