Leather Vs Linen Sleeper Sofa – Which One is For You?

If you are in the market for a new sleeper sofa, then one of the most important decisions you will have to make is about what material to choose. Two of the most common and popular materials in sleeper sofas are leather and linen.

In this guide, we will be comparing the two materials so you can be better educated about the topic. We’ve created a list of the pros and cons of each material so you can feel confident in your choice.

Leather Vs Linen Sleeper Sofa – Which One is For You?

Leather Versus Linen Sleeper Sofa

Shopping for a sleeper sofa can be a bit confusing, particularly if you aren’t sure about the kinds of materials, frames, and styles available as well as your inherent style.

Among other considerations like king or queen size, colors, and metal or wooden frames, you must also choose between the upholstery materials of the sofa. Another common question on your mind might also be: should I buy a leather or linen sleeper?

There is no right or wrong answer here. The choice entirely depends on your style of designing, the kind of effect you are looking for, and also the care you are willing to put into the sofa’s maintenance. Additionally, you may want to consider the sleeper’s cost, comfort level, as well as the durability of the sofa. After all, you want to use your sleeper sofa for a long time!

Furthermore, if you tend to have guests over often, then you would be using it not just for sitting, but also as an extra bed in case your guests plan to sleep over. Therefore, you must assess all of these needs and requirements and only then select the best sleeper sofa with the right material and frame.

Taking into account all the main features every sofa needs, we have listed the pros and cons of each type of upholstery. Later on, we have also presented the information in a tabular form so you can quickly get the strengths and weaknesses of each material.

Let us begin with leather sleeper sofas.

Leather Vs Linen Sleeper Sofa – Which One is For You?

Leather Sleeper Sofas

Leather has been valued not only as an apparel material but also as a commodity for making upholstery for centuries.

Even in early times, men would dry sheepskin and animal hide to create seating or sleeping surfaces to protect them from the cold, hard ground and the elements.

The popularity of leather continues to date.

Despite the plethora of materials available out there in furniture upholstery, people often prefer leather because of its plush elegance.

Leather Vs Linen Sleeper Sofa – Which One is For You?

Here are the advantages of leather sofas:

Advantages of Leather Sleeper Sofas

  • Classic elegance

No other material can give you that same classy aesthetic that leather can. It’s no wonder all top offices and firms have leather sofas and seating. So, if you want your room to look rich and elegant, opt for a leather sleeper.

  • Comfort

Your leather sleeper sofa is a piece of furniture you will use extensively. Whether you plan to spend time binge-watching those Netflix shows or you’ll have a guest sleeping on its pullout bed, you need to ensure that your leather sofa affords you the utmost comfort you deserve. Thankfully, with high-quality leather sofas, you need not worry about this issue. As leather ages, it gets softer and suppler and that increases its comfort level as well.

There is one key, though. Make sure you opt for genuine leather, not vinyl or plastic. These materials tend to absorb water and also retain heat and cold. Due to this feature, imitation leather sofas can feel very clammy and moist, making them a bit uncomfortable to sleep on.

  • Durability

As with any piece of furniture, you’d want your sleeper sofa to last you for several years. With pure leather, you won’t have to worry too much. Leather lasts long and is almost ageless. Because leather has a natural ability to ‘fix’ itself, it can last for years to come. It remains strong at the seams and also can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. With a leather sleeper sofa, you won’t have to worry about spills, so it is a great choice if you entertain often.

Another great advantage of leather is that it’s resistant to fading. So you can place it in an area that receives sunlight without worrying about its appearance.

  • Versatility

High-quality, natural leather sofas come in many colors that can suit any décor. Thus, even if you change your wall color every now and then, you need not change your sofa.

  • Great for allergy sufferers

Compared to other fabrics, leather is a better choice if you have family members with allergies. This material does not create lint or fibers which can cause sneezing, watery eyes, etc. Also, it resists dust and mold, making it a suitable choice for households having immune-compromised individuals, elderly patients, etc.

  • Cost

We know you are thinking leather sofas will lose in this aspect. After all, leather furniture is bound to be expensive. This is true, but only to an extent. The thing with leather is that it lasts for decades, so you won’t be sofa-shopping again for a long time. Plus, there’s no need for heavy-duty maintenance, which is often the case with other sleeper sofa materials.

Leather Vs Linen Sleeper Sofa – Which One is For You?

Disadvantages of Leather Sleeper Sofas

  • Cost

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the initial high cost of buying leather sofas. However, as explained above, a leather sleeper sofa will likely pay for itself many times over in the long run as there would be lesser maintenance as well as long-standing service.

  • Not for kids and pets

If you have an untrained dog or cat that likes to scratch, or kids that use the sofa as a trampoline, then leather sofas may not be ideal for you.

  • Comfort level for sleeping

While leather does soften over time and with age, as far as sleeping is concerned, leather might not be an ideal material. This might beat the purpose of a sleeper and many guests would prefer not to sleep on a leather surface due to the  inferior comfort it offers. Leather also tends to make noise when turning, which may also cause a bit of a problem for your guest(s).

However, you can always add a comforter or a throw over your sofa to overcome this issue.

  • You should know what you are getting

There are different types and grades of leather and they are not all the same. So, you should know your materials to feel confident in what you are buying.

Now, let’s move on to linen sleeper sofas.

Leather Vs Linen Sleeper Sofa – Which One is For You?

Linen Sleeper Sofas

A linen sofa is a versatile and attractive addition to any room. It can brighten up the room depending on its color and pattern. There is definitely a wider choice when you pick a linen sleeper sofa, and you can always find something that’s to your liking and suits your décor.

There are many advantages to selecting linen sofas:

Leather Vs Linen Sleeper Sofa – Which One is For You?

Advantages of Linen Sleeper Sofas

  • Care and maintenance

It is fairly easy to care for high-quality linen sofas compared to other fabrics. These days, you also get removable linen covers which you can toss in the washing machine for easy cleaning. If you are fastidious about taking care of spills and drops, you can keep your linen sleeper looking good for years.

  • Comfort

Linen sleeper sofas are definitely a number one choice as far as comfort goes. It is a lot easier and more comfortable to sleep on linen materials than on leather. Leather and vinyl often get too cold in winter – a drawback that you can easily avoid with linen fabric.

  • Cost

Linen sleepers will clearly win in this aspect when you compare them with leather sofas. They’re much more affordable and you can always find something for your budget.

With the money they save on linen versus leather, many people even choose to buy matching chairs to go with their sofa!

  • Stylish

Linen sofas are very stylish and come in a plethora of colors. This makes it an excellent choice for any style of interior design. You can choose colors and designs to complement your rugs, lamps, throws, area carpets, and other décor elements.

  • Ecofriendly

Linen material is definitely better for the environment compared to many vinyl or leather sofas. Leather sofas are treated with flame retardants and formaldehyde which are known carcinogens.

Leather Vs Linen Sleeper Sofa – Which One is For You?

Disadvantages of Linen Sleeper Sofas

  • Susceptible to stains

When compared with leather sofas, linen is certainly more prone to stains and spills. You must spot treat these right away or else they can be permanent – depending on what you spill. Naturally, you may want to deep clean your linen sleeper. Or, you can select one with removable and washable covers so from time to time you can throw them in the wash or even have them deep cleaned or dry cleaned professionally.

  • Prone to mildew

Linen is not mold and mildew resistant. These elements can stain fabric and harm allergy sufferers.

  • Easy wrinkling

Linen is also prone to wrinkling and fading. If your sofa undergoes heavy duty usage or is placed in an area with a lot of sunlight, it could fade in a few years. The fibers also weaken when exposed to sunlight and that can lead to fraying of edges.

If you have kids or pets, then rough handling, sharp claws, and scratching can cause holes in the sofa.

  • Tougher maintenance

While the initial cost of a linen sleeper sofa is a lot lesser compared to leather, you may have to use dry cleaning and regular maintenance and upkeep to prevent the sofa from fading and wrinkling.

You must also vacuum it from time to time to remove food crumbs from its nooks and corners – especially when you have people sleeping over.

Key Takeaways: Leather vs. Linen Sleeper Sofa? Which One is the Winner?

There is no clear winner here. The choice between a leather or linen sofa is entirely a personal one.

Having said that, leather sleepers might last longer and they certainly impart rich elegance to your décor. Linen sofas, on the other hand, are more versatile with a greater choice of colors and patterns. With leather sofas, the initial investment is higher, but it will pay for itself over time. Maintenance is also a lot less with leather sofa.

In the end, the decision between linen and leather sofas is entirely based on your habits, lifestyle, and budget. Look for top-rated sleeper sofas in both categories before you choose.


Do leather sofas get cold in winter?

The answer depends from circumstance to circumstance. A leather sofa may appear cool to the touch in winter. However, when you sit on it, it absorbs your body heat and warms up. It also retains heat well. You can always use throws or rugs to warm up the leather as well.

Is linen a good fabric for a sofa? How does it hold up?

Compared to many fabrics, linen is a lot better as far as sofa materials go. This is because it is safer for allergy sufferers as it does not create too much fibrous lint. It is also versatile and durable and available in many colors and prints. Being one of the strongest plant fibers, linen is definitely a good choice in sofas and sleeper sofa materials.

Is linen mold and mildew-resistant?

Unfortunately, linen is susceptible to mold and mildew and needs regular cleaning to deter these pathogens.

How do you clean and maintain a linen sleeper sofa?

To clean and maintain linen sofas, you must regularly vacuum them. Spot-treat the sofa immediately if there are spills. You can dab excess liquid with tissues and then use some baking soda and vinegar to clear away the stain. Allow the baking soda and vinegar solution to sit on the stain before rubbing it clean with a damp cloth. You can also use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner on the stain. In case the cover is removable, you can toss it in the machine and wash it.

Every once in a while, get the fabric dry-cleaned. You can also steam clean the fabric if the manufacturer has recommended doing so.

Do leather sofas last longer than linen or other fabric sofas?

Yes, leather holds well and genuine leather sofas can last for many years. They are easier to clean and maintain and are also stain resistant. Leather also ages well and gets better (softer) with time. That’s why leather sofas can prove to be a worthwhile investment.

How long does a leather sofa last? How long does a linen sofa last?

Leather sofas can last for over a decade – in the range of 10-15 years. Linen sofas might need replacement within 8-10 years depending on the use, care, and maintenance you provide, and of course, the quality of the materials used.

How can you tell if a leather sofa is of good quality?

A high-quality leather sofa will look, feel, and even smell ‘rich’. Its texture will be soft yet firm, and it will have a distinct fragrance. On the other hand, a fake leather sofa might have a chemical odor to it. Its color will also be artificial and it will have a harder texture as well.

How can I know if a linen sofa is of good quality?

High-quality linen sofas are woven tightly and you can see that in their weave and material. When you select from a reputed sleeper sofa vendor, you are more likely to be assured of long-lasting durability as well.

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