LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review

Sleep experts recommend an added layer of comfort is forever a fine idea. Thus, LANGRIA mattress toppers LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review providing additional comfort layer on mattresses and foams are simply indispensable for urban homes. The collection features dissimilar dimensions and depth of mattress topper so you can choose the one that fulfils your needs. Furthermore, the gel-infused mattress toppers competently dissipate heat and offer cool and well-ventilated bedding to sleep on.

The LANGRIA gel-infused mattress topper is designed ergonomically and constructed of finest quality material to guarantee the optimum quality and a permanent comforting topper on any mattress. It’s easy to set up and take out, and can be rinsed expediently. With a mattress topper on lavish bed, you get comfy and warm surface, and your luxurious foams are secured from dirt, deterioration, blemishes, and liquid spills, keeping the sumptuous mattress and bedding secure and spotless.

Is LANGRIA 3-inch mattress topper vital for your comfort? Read on and assess its benefits to decide for yourself.


LANGRIA brand was constructed on the thought of minimalism, level-headedness, and affordability. The brand offers an all-embracing range of classy home and workplace furnishings online designed to save space, without costing a lot. It doesn’t pursue trends but designs, creates and sells solicitous pieces that are enduring and effortless to balance any interior design, delivered just to your doorstep.

Founder James, son of a renowned local craftsman inherited his father’s interest in diverse cultures globally; he toured with his father to share those unique experiences. After having traveled to Italy, Spain, and many other nations to be familiar with different cultures, James and his father put into practice what they learned on voyages to the furniture designs rendering a warm and relaxed feeling to homes, based on gathered design ideas.

Though the furniture they made was simple, they focused on expediency, practicality, and rapid assembly. James was inspired and became enthralled by various customary styles every culture had to present in interior decoration and furnishings. LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review

In 2015, James established his individual furniture brand called LANGRIA. The brand concentrates on storage/panel furniture and home textile merchandises, supplemented by commercial establishment furniture and other furniture-associated merchandises for sale. James made LANGRIA to be exceptional in furniture design, but more prominently, to pursue a straightforward technique; that is to generate a comfortable and welcoming brand concept.

This philosophy and quest for incessant innovation lead James and his managers to tour to different countries for design motivation. LANGRIA furnishings are currently sold in two-thirds of world’s nations and regions.

LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper – Full Review

Shouldn’t you have an improvement from your existing mattress? LANGRIA 3-inch mattress topper is a secure and finer upgrade to a mattress. Simply put LANGRIA’s topper on existing mattress, and enjoy augmented comfort straight away. With CertiPUR-US certification, this topper is made with no mercury, flame retardants, lead-heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates for a safer, healthier sleep experience. Read on to know why it’s so unique.

LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium-soft measuring 5-5.5 on a scale of 1-10
Warranty: 12-month product warranty
Type: Gel Memory Foam Construction
Ideal for: Back, side, stomach and combination sleepers of all weight categories.

Good for lightweight sleepers and insomniacs.

Great for couples who need motion-isolating sleep surface to curtail partner disturbance.

Good for users who perspire profusely at night and particularly during hot/humid summers as topper has gel-infused beads.

Good for sleepers needing substantial pressure point and pain relief with precise spinal alignment.

Good for users prone to hives since hypoallergenic bamboo cover is soft, cozy and is easy to rinse and clean.

Sizes available: Twin, Full, Queen, King and 2-Inch Queen.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified foam lacking ozone depleting substances, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, heavy metals, phthalates; it has Low VOC emissions (less than 0.5 parts/million).

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Differentiators: Exceptionally supple gel-infused memory foam topper aligns spinal cord and body weight with ergonomic comfort and smoothness.

Mattress topper generates no noise creating a serene environment for continual sleep.

Infusion with gel beads lessens trapped body heat; captures and disperses heat for temperature regulation, offering cooling sleep and avoiding overheating.

Comfortable memory foam augments airflow and gives non-sinking sleep. It distributes weight consistently to line up the spine and alleviates pressure points.

Washable and antibacterial cover with fitted zipper allows mattress topper to be completely-covered and detachable for machine wash. Hypoallergenic cover offers a clean and fit sleep environment.

Non-slipping bottom design keeps topper in place over your mattress.

Comparable Mattress Toppers: Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam 4-inch Dual-Layer Mattress Topper, LUCID 3-inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper, and ViscoSoft 4-Inch Pillow-Top Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper.
Rating: 4.4/5.0

Material and Construction

LANGRIA 3-inch mattress topper has CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam with detachable zippered hypoallergenic bamboo cover along with non-slip bottom.

Revitalize your bed without spending much. LANGRIA memory foam mattress topper sits atop your mattress flawlessly and creates comfy and restful place to sleep. Formed out of 3-inch deep memory foam, this is designed to augment sleeping quality.

Bamboo outer cover draws away surplus moisture and perspiration released by body. Inner cover has polyester knitted fabric providing additional protection, making the mattress topper more soothing, soft and comfy. With the first-rate delicate fabric, this quintessential eco-friendly mattress topper is safe for users and the planet, allowing you LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review to stay warm all night and sleep deeply. The mixture of 2-layer covers makes it tremendously durable and long-lasting while securing the memory foam core from sweat, stains, and fluids.

It relieves pressure points reducing tossing and turning by conforming to body contour and mass. It properly charts spinal alignment.

Breathable outer cover with delicate bamboo fabric features excellent workmanship, first-rate quality and constancy. This mattress topper is detachable and machine-washable; ensuring a spotless and fresh sleep environment.

Made of supple memory foam, this mattress topper can be effortlessly compressed, rolled, and boxed. This allows you to pack it effortlessly and stock it up into storage space for simple shipping and handling. The topper has a non-slip fabric, which keeps it in place over the mattress. It can be stored making it grand for guest rooms. It has elastic corner straps to reduce shifting of foam and zipper for straightforward removal cleaning.

There are care directions for bamboo fabric cover. Correct well-timed machine-wash cleaning at 86-140 degrees F is compulsory for longer use. Don’t iron, dry clean, or bleach. Tumble dry in low heat.

There are 3 steps to unroll and flatten out new topper. Carefully remove plastic bag, tenderly unroll it on horizontal surface and permit 24 hours to completely expand. After receiving unrolling topper, it is 3”-4” inch shorter but memory foam will expand and fit bed completely.

Innovative quick-drying temperature-regulated lightweight bamboo fabric breathes healthier than stifling tightly-woven elevated-thread-count cotton. Cutting-edge engineering gives ultra-soft surface that feels extremely soft on skin giving a serenely peaceful night.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Why must you buy LANGRIA 3-inch mattress topper? You can enjoy customized sleeping comfort without altering mattress. You get extra support to back and neck to diminish discomfort. Moreover, it protects mattress from getting stained or saggy. LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review

Material is bamboo fabric + TPU. It is 5-sided 100% waterproof. The gel-infused memory foam confines and dispenses heat, permits airflow and regulates sleeping temperature thereby keeping you cool and relaxed when you sleep. An open-cell construction defers longer-lasting, more durable foam that won’t leave long-term body impressions. Largely, it instantaneously makes any mattress more soothing, comfy and supportive.

It is perfectly medium-soft with a 5-5.5 rating on a scale of 1-10. Topper contours to body curves and distributes mass consistently, keeps your spine aligned and alleviates pressure points. If a topper’s too soft, body is saggy and resultant meager spine alignment aggravates back pain. If a topper’s too firm, it supports merely heaviest body parts leading to spinal misalignment with pressure points on shoulder and pelvis.

Moisture-wicking breathable cutting-edge structure generates better ventilation to capitalize on air and moisture discharge and reduces sweating by keeping the body cool all night long. It allows your slumbering body to physically cool down; it reduces night sweating by creating rejuvenating relaxation that supports profound, more curative sleep.

Bamboo cover transfers body heat much more efficiently than customary cotton and breathes practically better to diminish nightly sleep-disturbing temperature fluctuations. It keeps you cool and dry in hot/humid weather as air circulates freely. With good sleep, your body performs at peak every day. You never wake up damp or perspiring with swifter evaporation.

LANGRIA 3-inch mattress topper stretches and conforms to any mattress, achieving a brilliant fit on mattresses of every size. It’s cool to touch and incorporates superior heat and moisture transfer through better construction.

Durability & Warranty

Longer-lasting wrinkle-less dent-free durability is guaranteed with lustrous LANGRIA mattress topper that stays softer year after year. Engineered not to create foam bunching, fading, tearing or pilling, you get a product scoring well in durability. LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review

Need to utilize the topper somewhere else or momentarily? Roll it and relocate it to another mattress, or just store it away if not in use. In addition, you can take out and wash outer bamboo cover which absorbs moisture, ensuring the product is spotless after numerous uses.

The memory foam mattress topper is folded and compressed for expediency. After unwrapping, it might take about 24 hours to return to anticipated size. There might be a trivial odor due to the exclusive manufacturing procedure, rest assured that odor is harmless and dissipates in 2-3 weeks.

Alterations in temperature cause memory foam to become firmer. If you sleep on softer mattress topper, warm up room by leaving the heater on prior to going to bed.

This product is CertiPUR-US tested and certified for harmless materials, environmental strategy and performance. It’s free from damaging chemicals with lesser than 0.5 parts/million VOC emission along with no formaldehyde, mercury, lead, heavy metals, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP (Tris) flame retardants and ozone depleters. It’s Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

All items shipped by LANGRIA have productively passed Quality Control inspection to confirm it is defect-free. However, if you aren’t pleased with the product or the service, you can return and get free substitution or complete refund based on policies.

You can return the topper for a refund within 30 days of delivery. Return shipping costs pertain; the item should be in original condition and packaging to be received. If you receive merchandise with misplaced parts or fault, please contact after-sales team.

All items sold directly by LANGRIA or its authorized resellers are covered by 12-month warranty, starting from purchase date. Buyer must provide adequate proof of purchase. LANGRIA must document what ensues when buyers troubleshoot the item.

More than one kind of purchase proof might be necessary to process a warranty claim such as money transfer receipt LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review and address confirmation where product was originally shipped to. Warranty claims for product flaws expire 90 days after initiating warranty claim.

Warranty coverage isn’t valid in the case of products with no sufficient proof of purchase, misplaced or stolen products, items expiring their warranty period, free products, non quality-associated issues, repairs via 3rd parties, damage from external sources, damage from mishandling of products like drops, severe temperatures, water, operating devices inappropriately.

While returning items with a prepaid shipping label given by LANGRIA, the company takes full accountability for any harm or loss sustained in transit.

All orders are shipped free to American and European countries. Limited to the warehouse locations, LANGRIA just ships to United States, Mexico, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia and other limited EU Countries. If users reside out of available countries, they must pay extra shipping fee.


USA-designed LANGRIA 3-inch mattress topper is available in various sizes such as Twin, Full, Queen, King and 2-Inch Queen.

For Whom Are These Sheet Sets Ideal?

LANGRIA 3-inch mattress topper is perfect for all sleeping positions and sleepers of every weight category.

It’s good for kids and sensitive users with health issues because 3-inch wide CertiPUR-US certified memory foam adds comfort layer to mattress and is free from detrimental chemicals with lesser than 0.5 parts/million VOC emission. The outer bamboo cover is 100% antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture-soaking, and detachable; guaranteeing the topper always stays fresh, cool, and brand new.

The topper is spacious enough for couples/partners and isolates nearly all motion making it wonderful for light sleepers and insomniacs. It conforms to body shape and fuels pressure points to assuage pain and is thus helpful to elderly users, sleepers with chronic back/body pain, Restless Leg Syndrome and muscle tenderness, and patients recovering from surgery. LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review

The topper provides a compelling mix of high-performance and comfy feel. The bamboo fabric features substantial breathability that facilitates body’s normal procedures of temperature regulation. It feels silky and soft against skin, creating a warm bed surface. It wicks moisture away from body and allows sufficient airflow. The consumers who perspire a lot report that it keeps you cool all night. You won’t wake up in a cold sweat during night.

LANGRIA mattress topper feels soft-to-touch and never snags on body during sleep. Users with sensitive skin find it high-performance, luxurious, and soft.

It doesn’t fit too loosely or is over-stretched on mattress since this can lead to insomnia and discomfort issues. The multi-directional stretch allows it to effortlessly fit practically any mattress. Tight elastic bands in corners keep it taut so that there’s no accidental pulling it off the bed.

Keeping it clean is vital for good sleep hygiene. How simple it is to clean can influence whether or not it’s a fine purchase choice. Cleaning the cover is straightforward and trouble-free with easy-to-follow guidelines.


  • Good for chronic back pain, Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Polyester knitted fabric inner cover
  • Non-slip bottom
  • 100% antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing separable outer bamboo cover
  • Isolates motion, conforms to body curves
  • CertiPUR-US checked and certified, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping to US and European countries
  • Hassle-free maintenance and strong resilience
  • Can be stored away if not in use


  • Plastic side that’s supposed to keep topper stay in place may slightly slide off the mattress
  • Might take a longer time than expected to expand fully
  • Sensitive users might prefer something a tad softer
  • Has a faint smell that goes away after a few days


Nearly 9 out of 10 consumer experiences reveal an optimistic experience with LANGRIA mattress topper irrespective LANGRIA 3-Inch Mattress Topper Review of their mattress type, comfort inclinations, and sleep position.

As any user does with merchandise he’s deeming; the expert bedding appraisals unsurprisingly entail comparing them with additional analogous products. Be it build, user experience, or durability, LANGRIA mattress topper has an edge over rival brands.

LANGRIA has created a levelheaded mattress topper that gives immense pressure relief with a height of just 3”. The gel-infused topper keeps you cool and your bed fresh. If you comprise a mattress that still has fine support but is a tad too firm, this would be a brilliant choice.




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