Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2022 – Guide & Reviews

Depending on the improvements in mattress technology in current years, newly-made mattresses do not essentially Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020 - Guide & Reviews require box springs. In several cases, nonetheless, user is obligated by company warranty regarding the mattress. If a user is yet using a previously-bought, 2-sided king mattress or selects such design while making the subsequent mattress buying, mattress performance would suffer devoid of king-size box spring to present finest support and comfort.

A high-quality king-size box spring presents support for the mattress you sleep on, enabling getting in/out of bed easily, and lessens mattress abrasion. Since these well-built frames/foundations play a huge role in sleep quality, any choice of a king-size box spring must be done cautiously.

It must be sturdy, simple to assemble, and offers the bed the elevation required to allow easy climbing and descending which is grand if you contain any sort of chronic back pain or any other painful medical conditions. There’s an extensive warranty incorporated so if anything happens because of a flawed component or workmanship.

To simplify your decision-making procedure, you’ll find below 10 best product recommendations to determine what you need based on mattress and warranty, bed structure, and any bed foundation.

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What Characterizes A High-Quality King-Size Box Spring And Why Do You Require It?

What actually does a high-quality box spring do? Well, it works as a mattress foundation for numerous purposes. Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020 The first principle is to elevate bed height which enables you get in/out of bed pain-free. An additional motive for buying one of these is to lengthen mattress life. A high-quality box spring will serve as a good shock-absorber, so as you get in/out of bed, the pressure on bones/joints/muscles/spine is correctly supported.

From 1800s to early-/mid-1900s, the mattress bases were made by putting metal coils in rows on skinny iron straps fixed in position by attaching to each other with chunky wire. This creation/design was called bedsprings instead of box springs. While design fulfilled its rationale of being a shock absorber for mattress, it was imperfect.

Since there were numerous linking points amid iron straps, metallic springs, plus wire, the sound issue was noteworthy. Since coils were classically far spaced out, bedsprings sagged swiftly. As coils were placed closely together, lodged in wood frames, and then enveloped in fabric to offer enhanced functionality, the expression bedsprings was substituted with box springs.

Nowadays, box springs come in a broad diversity of styles. Contemporary makers have highly resourceful ways to generate ultra-lightweight support with/without springs. Those still assembled with coiled springs now enclose a much bigger quantity of coils which are independently-wrapped and expansively-padded for sound lessening.

Some king-size box springs work with new memory foam/latex mattresses replacing springs with wood slats prepared of beech/birch wood. These slats are connected to external frame by stretchy rubber bolt or joined mutually with woven straps so they are rolled for transport. All slat designs permit breathability and airing.

Countless mattress warranties need a box spring to retain validity. Acceptable foundations diverge with every mattress. The conventional box spring is prepared of coiled springs that imitate innerspring coils of typical mattresses. They work in identical way by absorbing shock and lengthening mattress life. Even if you don’t position Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020 one-sided non-flipped mattress over a foundation, it must be on a horizontal and accommodating surface.

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The expression box spring is now comparatively transposable with the word foundation. Box spring offers solid support and steadiness to mattress; creates a dense, horizontal surface over which mattress rests, and raises mattress loftiness to keep it off floor far from dust, dirt, or allergens. Stable base minimizes mattress sagging, lessens deterioration.

Box springs are accessible in dissimilar heights matching with mattresses. Standard alternatives are 9”+ in height, whereas “low-profile” choices are 5”-6”. The low-profile foundations work fine for anybody who doesn’t desire to sleep too elevated off floor or who favors a lesser, sleeker appearance for bed. These height distinctions have no effect on performance or mattress support, but are merely associated to aesthetics.

Box springs satisfy the needs of countless mattress warranties which are annulled if you don’t place mattress on suggested bases to be appropriately supported. Mattresses of older two-sided flipped structure need a good-quality box spring or mattress performance would suffer without it.

What Are The Different Types Of High-Quality Box Springs In King-Size?

Currently coil models are a scarce variety, mattress brands are looking at a dissimilar kind of foundation which still bears the identical name. Yet every high-quality king-size box springs are diverse. Some are trivial and sophisticated, while others are heavy, low-set to ground and need countless assemblies. Take a look at diverse kinds here.

Steel Foundation/Box Spring Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020

A steel box spring has numerous advantages. These bases are naturally durable for any mattress style, but they’re lightweight and straightforward to move across rooms or on moving time. They’re reasonably-priced as the materials are economical. Some need zero assembly or some contain a tool-less assembly, which eases everything if you reside alone or can’t assemble it unaided.

These king-size box springs occasionally come with lofty legs, so you won’t require a rail bed frame for resting it on. This denotes you can locate these foundations in elevations around 14”, which provides you over 1’ beneath bed for storage. Only issue you might encounter is a foam mattress. The metal slats on these are customarily spaced apart, so you can’t utilize this foundation type singly. You might still utilize one and maintain your warranty legality by adding something such as plywood/Bunkie board to offer appropriate mattress support.

Wooden Box Spring

These perhaps look, feel, and act more customary. They’re typically made of resilient, but lightweight wood and are enfolded in a skinny fabric. These box springs present the support your mattress requires, offer elevation, and let mattress respire. Get this and you’ll likely validate your mattress warranty for long.

A wooden foundation is heavy because it’s made entirely of wood. It’s a hard-wearing surface for mattress and your mattress will feel idyllic.

Understand The Structural Differences:  What Suits Your Needs Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020 Best?

When you recognize what kinds are obtainable, it’s time to select the other characteristics of any king-size model that you may desire.

Standard vs. Split

Apart from height, decide on box spring type. Typical box spring foundations are amassed into a solitary piece for great solidity, but it’s complicated if you need to shift it as they don’t twist. So, you encompass the alternative of finding a split foundation. That may come in 2 sections, a split down in the middle and supports the mattress while also offering flexibility while moving.

Though a standard box spring comes in one complete piece, a split box spring eases issues in two sections to accommodate mattress size. Contrasting a mattress, a box spring won’t be squished into compliance to go through slim halls/doorways. If you have a king-size bed or bigger, and tapered halls in your house, you might have to acquire a split-king box spring. A split box spring is slightly overvalued than a single-piece model; nevertheless, the effortlessness of shifting them compensates for additional expenditure. A split box spring will necessitate support in bed frame center, so guarantee the bed frame will lodge this kind of box spring.

Low-Profile vs. High-Profile

For instance, you comprise the alternative of an unassuming king-size box spring, which is typically around 9” in height. When you couple this with the bed frame and 10-inch king mattress, it safeguards the bed appearance. Picking a sophisticated bed that’s higher may look peculiar if you comprise a bed frame and a lofty mattress. So constantly deem, if picking a high/low profile, the loftiness of the additional constituents.

FAQs On High-Quality King-Size Box Springs Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020

What does a box spring do?

Box springs elevate mattress height, making it simpler to get in/out of bed. They even act as shock absorber to diminish deterioration on mattress.

Do you necessitate a king-size box spring?

King-size box springs are quite a preferable item even if mattresses have sophisticated design technology. Almost every mattress requires some kind of solid support system, if it is over a box spring, a frame with internal supports, wood-based platform, or any flexible base.

What kinds of box springs are available?

The expressions box spring and foundation are virtually transposable. The diverse kinds comprise conventional box springs, platforms, low/high-profile box springs, Bunkie boards, plus modifiable bases.

Is there a distinction amid box spring and foundation?

Customary box springs might contain wrapped coils as a component of their structure, while a foundation is occasionally nothing greater than a firm, horizontal plane. The distinctions amid the two are getting lesser as king-size box springs are now constructed in nearly all cases devoid of coils or springs of every sort.

How large must a box spring be?

A box spring must be identical length and breadth as mattress while elevation may be based on inclination. Platform beds may be elongated and deeper than mattress if you choose that appearance for bed.

What sorts of mattresses necessitate a box spring? Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020

Mattresses constructed in customary, 2-sided structures that may be flipped entail any box spring. This is also accurate of any mattress whose warranty needs exclusively that any box spring be utilized.

What sorts of bed frames necessitate a box spring?

The sole bed frames that necessitate a box spring are collapsible metal forms that contain nil support excluding outer frame edges.

How long might you anticipate king-size box springs to last?

The lifetime of a customary king-size box spring is 8-10+ years.

If you purchase a fresh mattress, should you also acquire a latest box spring?

If a box spring is not the identical size as the new mattress or it is demonstrating signs of abrasion, tear, and unusual sagging, you ought to spend in a new piece. You might also necessitate buying a new piece if the new mattress warranty declares it.

What Are The Features To Look For While Buying A High-Quality King-Size Box Spring?

Your needs/preferences of a high-quality king-size box spring steer you to precise selection with correct information. Notice these traits you prefer in a box spring and remember conditions of impending purchase. Since these box springs are huge purchases that last years, optimistically, you can follow the factors mentioned below for suitable, Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020 knowledgeable choice.

Material & Construction

If you have collapsible metal frames, you just need a box spring. These frames contain nil support for mattress except outer edges. With no box springs/foundation, mattress won’t be sustained correctly, will sag, and might plunge through to floor. In many examples, mattress warranty will get voided devoid of foundational support.

Box springs are sized equally like usual mattresses and are obtainable in double, twin, full, queen, king along with California king sizes. If you are unsure about mattress size, appraise it. King mattresses are 78”x80”. You’ll desire your box spring to be compliant with standard mattress, so purchase accordingly.

A top-rated king-size box spring adds height to bed. But, consider total height of box spring and mattress. The two regular box spring elevations are standard 9-inch plus low-profile 5-inch. With the reputation of memory foam toppers and high-profile luxurious mattresses, the totaling of a typical 9-inch box spring will make a relatively elevated bed.

If your mattress is by now at preferred elevation, find low-profile box spring. Even though low-profile box spring is much slighter in dimension, it still offers identical support and sturdiness as 9-inch box spring. The tallness of box spring won’t impact mattress’s performance in any manner. It’s just a matter of inclination and artistic value.

Buy a king-size box spring that fits bed frame. If you encompass an older inflexible frame, check whether box spring may slide in or situate over it. It’s fundamental to confirm that your bed frame is well-built and offers a firm fit with box spring. If it can’t fit bed frame, box spring can even lay on floor. A bed frame is not completely required when Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020 you utilize a box spring.

Box springs are normally prepared from wood and include a steel strengthening to supply strength. A chunky textile named ticking is put to sides, a skid-proof fabric is added to top, and base is covered with fabric dirt-barrier.

Comfort & Ergonomics

King-size box springs have numerous alternatives, counting ones with compactly-packed coils plus boxes with hypoallergenic materials, organic fabrics, along with natural fillers. Many box springs might become perfect areas for dust-mites and allergens if not cared properly. If you suffer from allergies, pick a box spring that has an allergen-resisting cover to decrease allergy attack possibility. Other alternatives contain box springs that are structured for particular requirements, for instance, additional support for those with chronic back/spine/joint/muscular problems.

Box springs having outstanding, unified spring structure normalizing themselves to weight and body structure. It balances weight as you move. It kowtows to altering contours, offering never-ending, vivacious support on each spot of body. The patented structures are supple enough so shoulders, back, head, legs and hips are submerged inwards, yet bendable enough to ascend and sustain lower back support. Fundamental pressure points are maintained in ergonomically-correct positions, allowing blood circulate generously while muscles unwind altogether.

Spinal alignment is fundamental to a calming night’s sleep when you’ve medical conditions or are exhausted. Side sleepers must concentrate on pressure relief since body edge bears extra weight and develops excruciating pressure upsurge. This leads to nightly uneasiness.

Correct body/back support is the most significant attribute for box spring. Ergonomic support is obtained through Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2020 horizontal, smooth surface encouraging normal and tough spinal alignment throughout sleep. It is fundamental for upholding a proper position to shun muscle spraining.

Durability & Warranty

Users with medical conditions struggle with getting in/out the bed or standing up, predominantly with joint imbalance. A bed with a supportive and ample king-size box spring might help settling/elevation into sitting/standing position, without any sliding off.

Thick king-size box spring is an indicative of toughness, and these last longer than other smaller counterparts. Consider inner materials while buying so you locate a box spring that lasts a solid span and beyond warranty. Most models come with a long or lifetime warranty.

Short time inside a retail store won’t inform you much compared to some days of regular use. Many box spring brands alleviate anxieties about buyer’s remorse by trial policies before buying. Deem return policies and pick-up charges.

Throughout sleep trial, the consumer may test out box spring regularly; if not satisfied, they may return it for a full/fractional refund. Sleep trials may last about 30-nights to longer spans, depending on model, and they may or might not encompass an obligatory break-in phase before the consumer is permitted to claim refund.

Look warily at brand’s warranty policy while going for claims, paying for repairs, or find user testimonials that facilitate seeing how other buyers have dealt with company while reporting harms/defects both immediate and over years. Investigate any limitations the warranty policy might have and ways you could accidentally void the warranty, like exceeding weight limit, unauthorized fixes, or using wrong bed frame/mattress.

Top 10 Best King-Size Box Springs in 2022

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Zinus Victor 9-Inch Quick Lock Smart Box Spring (Top Pick)
5 year limited warranty $$$ 4.8
2. Zinus Jayanna 4-Inch Low-Profile BiFold Box Spring
4 inch height $$$ 4.8
3. AmazonBasics Mattress Foundation/Smart Box Spring

Durable steel frame and horizontal slats

$$$ 4.7
4. Zinus Armita 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring
Easy assembly $$$ 4.6
5. Zinus Dawn 14 Inch Box Spring
12.5 inches of Clearance under the frame $$ 4.6
6. Zinus Keenan 14 Inch Free Standing Smart Box Spring
Strong and Sturdy steel structure $$$ 4.5
7. Zinus Edgar 4-Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring
4 inch Height $$ 4.5
8. Spinal Solution 8 inch Traditional Wood Box Spring
Fully Assembled $$$ 4.5
9. NOAH MEGATRON 7 Inch Box Spring
Highest quality microfiber, shrink and wrinkle resistant $$$ 4.4
10. Greaton 8-Inch Split Box Spring
Weighs-24 lbs $$$ 4.3

1. Zinus Victor 9-Inch Quick Lock Smart Box Spring (Top Pick)

Sleep in an ergonomically-supported position with Zinus Victor 9-Inch Quick Lock Box Spring! Zinus Victor 9-Inch Quick Lock Smart Box Spring (Top Pick)

Zinus is in the commerce of generating harmony. Its downy furniture pieces are trouble-free to assemble and simple to unwind or fall asleep.

Enjoy the tough support and expediency of novel 9” quick-lock stylish high-profile Zinus Victor box spring. It’s a comfort improvement from Zinus. It offers the appearance and functionality of conventional box spring, but prepared of steel for long-lasting robustness.

Compact packaging eases moving through taut interior spaces like stairs and hallways. Quick-lock effortless assembly is possible with all required tools incorporated.

Material & Construction

60.5lbs king-size Zinus Victor has strong and robust structure with lesser than 3-inch spaces amid steel slats. It has suitable and compressed packaging with quick-lock structure for speedy and trouble-free assembly. Bed frame is sold discretely.

Foam padded tape is affixed to steel frame for noise-less usage. 9” height is ideal for low-profile mattresses. It measures 79”x75.5”x9”.

Comfort & Ergonomics

With Zinus Victor, you can just zip the fabric cover and situate it comfily inside a bed frame. It’s very rock-solid and contains about 3″ spaces connecting slats, so it easily supports a regular king-size mattress of any kind.

Users can be assured about back/body/joint support it offers enabling sound worry-free sleep and good blood flow, how unyielding it feels, and it never squeaks or makes any clattering sound as you lay on bed. It is easy to dismantle and pack if you desire to move.

Durability & Warranty

It’s simple to assemble in 10 minutes and it actually isn’t a 2-person job. If users are overweight, Zinus Victor is sturdy to bear excessive weight. Slats won’t be breaking/cracking. This is all-metal and slats are quite closer together, making it ultra-supportive and durable.

Zinus warrants the product against flaws in workmanship and structural flaws in components. Your product shall be replaced or you shall obtain a pro-rated refund, at company’s option, if it’s defective.

This warranty is for manufacturing faults only and won’t cover harms due to misuse. The new Zinus Victor product has 5-year limited warranty starting on purchase date. No warranty would be honored lacking an original sales receipt.

Manufacturing faults comprise conditions where product has broken under regular usage and no longer offers appropriate support for mattress. Correct support is characterized as smooth, horizontal, stiff surface. This warranty pertains only if product has been correctly utilized by customers who bought it from a sanctioned dealer as a fresh product.

Proper usage means foundation is on a plane with an equivalent prescribed weight allocation and it hasn’t been abused by customer.


  • Quick-lock high-profile box spring
  • Strong steel structure
  • Easy assembly
  • Worry-free 5-year limited warranty


  • Sheets may not stay tucked in with just the metal frame

2. Zinus Jayanna 4-Inch Low-Profile BiFold Box Spring

Say farewell to wakeful nights by buying Zinus Jayanna 4-Inch Low Profile Bi-Fold Box Spring! Zinus Jayanna 4-Inch Low-Profile BiFold Box Spring

Zinus Jayanna 4-inch low-profile bi-fold box spring is a godsend for users who can’t get in/off an elevated bed due to chronic medical conditions.

Material & Construction

Measuring 79”x75.5”x4”, low-profile bi-fold 50.8lbs Zinus Jayanna box spring is an innovative folding mattress foundation structured for mobility and utter functionality. Customary box springs are tough to maneuver through residence, particularly upstairs and through slim doorways, but bi-fold box spring is simple to utilize in taut areas.

It is tougher than it appears; it offers design and practicality of a conventional box spring but prepared of heavy-gauge steel for long-lasting robustness. No assembly is essential, merely unlock box, slide foundation and spread out, it will instantly release to box spring shape. It’s a ground-breaking comfort offering from Zinus.

It has plush Poly-Jacquard cover with heavy-gauge steel frame; it compresses for trouble-free transportation and storage. 4” height is ideal for higher-profile mattresses.

Comfort & Ergonomics

If you put Zinus Jayanna on a guest bedroom, you won’t get any complaints from guests sleeping over it. It looks well-built, ergonomic, and ideal height for any platform bed. It has an alluring look and is easier for aged guests to get in/out of bed. Users who don’t desire a full-height too-elevated box spring due to chronic back/body tenderness or respiratory issues will see this as just right.

This box spring can go above wooden slats or conventional bed frame. It’s designed for any type memory foam (gel or others), innerspring and/or hybrid mattresses. It can be utilized on floor, if required. For top support, it ought to be utilized with bed frame. Along with ergonomic benefits, it gives pioneering potency, strong support, and versatility.

Durability & Warranty

Durable Zinus Jayanna comes with free shipping. There’s 100-night free trial for risk-free purchase and use. It is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

It holds up finely, and mattress works quite nicely with it. It is very sturdy and no sagging, clatter, or squeaking is reported.

Zinus presents revolutionary comfort through its unique shipping procedure which conveys your new sleep gadget straight to doorstep.


  • Sturdy steel structure
  • No assembly necessary
  • Worry free 5-year limited warranty


  • Metal wires are quite thin and can’t support excessive weight independently

3. AmazonBasics Mattress Foundation/Smart Box Spring

Find total ergonomic comfort and exceptional engineering with AmazonBasics King-Size Mattress AmazonBasics Mattress Foundation/Smart Box Spring Foundation/Smart Box Spring!

AmazonBasics 5-inch smart box spring for king-size bed gives easy tool-free assembly for a stress-free rest and comfort every day.

Material & Construction

It offers appearance and practicality of conventional box spring, but steel-finished for longer-lasting sturdiness; it is strapping enough to hold up any innerspring/memory foam/hybrid mattress. It measures 79”x75.5”x5”.

New frame construction permits uncomplicated assembly in moments without tools. Foldable steel frame is packed in a stylish package delivered swiftly to doorstep. 40.5lbs box spring may be utilized with a customary bed frame for additional, elevated support. You can completely encase assembled frame with built-in 2-piece fabric cover.

Comfort & Ergonomics

It gives additional comfort level. Each good night’s sleep begins with a first-rate AmazonBasics foundation. Benefit from robust, consistent support for any identical-sized mattress. Even more, nevertheless, it merges resilient steel construction with flawlessly-spaced horizontal slats for exceptional strength, longevity, and performance.

The comfy box spring is grand for a teen’s bedroom/guest room/master bedroom. It is comfortable with added ergonomic support.

You can put it on floor or low-platform horizontal-surface for complete body support alleviating chronic pain. Despite bars, you wouldn’t feel them while sleeping.

Durability & Warranty

It’s for ideal positioning beneath a similarly-sized mattress. Durable steel frame and level slats offer well-built, dependable support for any identical-sized mattress. It’s well-built, sturdy and straightforward to assemble with easy-to-comprehend directions.

2-piece fabric top/bottom covers zip steadily together for complete coverage. Cover is detachable for spot rinsing. It’s backed by AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty. This box spring is completely silent.


  • Tool-free effortless assembly
  • 5-inch king-size box spring
  • AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty


  • Putting cover with zipper is tricky
  • Too short if not using anything beneath it

4. Zinus Armita 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

Cater to your pain-free sleep requirements with Zinus Armita 9-Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring! Zinus Armita 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

Box springs aren’t identical, and some things set Zinus Armita apart from competition. Strong steel runs the length of frame to offer the support and steadiness your mattress requires.

Material & Construction

45lbs. Armita has strong and well-built steel structure shipped with expedient and compacted packaging with included tools for straightforward assembly. It’s obtainable in Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and Cal King. It measures 79”x75.5”x9”. You can move it through taut interior spaces like staircases and tight hallways.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The easy-zip cover provides extra support for mattress particularly with spaced-apart slats. Extra-robust steel and lack of traditional springs bring about levelheaded support and extra comfort for noise-free uninterrupted sleep.

This provides much body/back support for overweight users with medical conditions. Users could not realize they were lying on metal and it gives your mattress the true sum of firmness and comfort.

The steel slats plus sides are tough and welded at joints tightly and has high-quality craftsmanship. There is no squeakiness/noise at all while sleeping on bed, tossing/turning, getting out of bed, or bouncing around even if a heavy mattress is used.

Durability & Warranty

Armita has stress-free 5-year limited warranty. So, if you happen to find some flaw, create a warranty claim and obtain a pristine piece or a repair. Moving to different houses with this piece isn’t difficult and maintains its durability.

Made of steel, the extremely-durable box spring has a massive 2,400lbs weight capacity. As you factor in mass of mattress, you’re getting over a ton of weight limit. That denotes you, your spouse, pets, and kids may all crawl over bed, the box spring will effortlessly sustain the weight.


  • Strong steel construction
  • Tools incorporated
  • Simple to assemble
  • 5-year warranty


  • A bit heavy
  • May need 2 persons for assembly
  • Slating is too slender and spaced far out, it doesn’t satisfy requirements of numerous foam/memory foam brands
  • Without any cover, frame gets bare, and could potentially harm your mattress

5. Zinus Dawn 14 Inch Box Spring

Make every bed presentable with Zinus Dawn 14-Inch Box Spring! Zinus Dawn 14 Inch Box Spring

Zinus has been in the business for making harmony; Dawn 14” mattress foundation/box spring is an ideal solution for your bedroom that is trouble-free to assemble as they are to rest or fall asleep on.

Material & Construction

Dawn 14” box spring measures 76”x80”x14” and weighs 45.1lbs. No requirement for a traditional frame, benefit from strong, sturdy support intended for your spring, memory foam, or latex mattress by trouble-free assembling. SmartBase gives strong steel support, trouble-free setup and 12.5” of clearance for underneath bed storage.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Dawn SmartBase is an innovative mattress foundation by Zinus that is convenient to put together. Providing perfect mattress support, you’ll have silent sleep pattern, also the metal frame is extremely strong to support the weight that has multiple points of contact towards the floor for even level support, and it removes body aches and rejuvenates the body strength and energy for an active life each day.

Durability & Warranty

Dawn mattress foundation manufactured with a strong steel structure protects your mattress by giving strong level support; the product’s backed with 5-year limited warranty, a perfect product that gives future-proof durability.


  • Removes the needs for a conventional bed frame
  • Compact design moves easily in tight spaces like staircases/doorways
  • Sturdy steel structure
  • 5-year warranty


  • Given instruction is not the easiest to follow

6. Zinus Keenan 14 Inch Free Standing Smart Box Spring

Reassure into sleep delight with Zinus Keenan 14-Inch Free-Standing Smart Box Spring! Zinus Keenan 14 Inch Free Standing Smart Box Spring

Zinus Keenan is an excellent choice for mattress foundation with 9 legged support, that is extremely solidly-built and performance to surpass your expectation, it requires effortless assembly.

Material & Construction

14” Keenan measures 76”x80”x14” and weighs 53.9lbs. Take pleasure in the strong support and expediency of new Keenan 14″ high free-standing smart box spring proudly manufactured by Zinus. It features 9 support legs and heavy-duty steel structure.

Compact packaging lets entering tight interior spaces like stairs or hallways. Assembly is necessary and all required tools are included. Zinus has ground-breaking comfort through its proprietary shipping procedure which brings your new sleep products straight to your front door.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Keenan free-standing smart box spring, the new handy and all-in-one mattress foundation solution comes with legs so no extra frame is needed. This mattress foundation is another comfort innovation from Zinus, a perfect pioneering comfort you can trust.

Durability & Warranty

It’s made with extremely strong and sturdy steel structure, ensuring long-lasting performance, also backed with a 5-year limited warranty from manufacturer’s side.


  • Convenient and compact packaging
  • All tools incorporated for assembly
  • Neatly shipped
  • Hassle proof 5-year limited warranty


  • Some buyer experienced slight squeaky noise from bed frame

7. Zinus Edgar 4-Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring

Attain restful time with Zinus Edgar 4-Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring/Mattress Foundation! Zinus Edgar 4-Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring

Zinus Edgar box spring is easy to setup and is quite relaxing; another comfortable and innovative product that you’ll cherish over time.

Material & Construction

Edgar 4” box spring/mattress foundation measures 75.5”x79”x4” and weighs 51.9lbs. It features strong and sturdy wood mattress support. The product is available in twin, queen, full, king for every mattress type. Easy assembly is required and is done in minutes. 4” height is just right for higher-profile mattresses. Bed frame is sold separately.

Comfort & Ergonomics

4” low-profile wood box spring is a ground-breaking mattress foundation designed for well-built mattress support with ease of use. Traditional box springs are hard to maneuver throughout your home, particularly upstairs and through doorways; however, the wood box spring is shipped with manageable pieces for trouble-free assembly in minutes. It’s extremely thin and makes your bed placed pleasantly and low.

Durability & Warranty

The mattress foundation is manufactured with the finest engineering from Zinus, which customers express as both lightweight and well-built. You get a worry-free 5-year limited warranty.


  • Strong and Sturdy wood mattress support
  • Easy assembly in minutes
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • 4-inch height is perfect for higher-profile mattresses


  • Middle board is a bit weak

8. Spinal Solution 8 inch Traditional Wood Box Spring

Sleep soundly and wake refreshed in Spinal Solution 8-inch Traditional Wood Box Spring! Spinal Solution 8 inch Traditional Wood Box Spring

Spinal Solution is a proud producer of optimum quality mattresses and box springs comprising highest standards in robustness, quality, comfort, and beauty. Each product is manufactured in the US to guarantee that you deserve the best.

Material & Construction

The box spring is split in two to effortlessly pass through narrow hallways/doors. The product ships in 2 Boxes, the item weight’s 50lbs, and product dimension is 79”x60”x8” each box. It’s manufactured with strong traditional wood composition, made of light/dense lumber which avoids the box to loosen up and crack along with keeping mattress in ideal shape.

This box spring is superior for all mattresses. It’s shipped completely assembled and is ready to use, simply open box and mattress is all set to use. The product’s delivered compactly resulting in fast and trouble-free shipment.

Comfort & Ergonomics

This product is part of our Sensation Collection; this box spring is exclusively designed to give you the kind of uninterrupted sleep nature intended. The continental box goes with federal standards 1632 and 1633 fire code. 8” box spring will provide an ideal height for your mattress.

Durability & Warranty

The Spinal Solution box spring is strong and sturdy that made of lightweight but dense lumber which averts the box to slacken up and fracture.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Split in two to effortlessly go through narrow hallways and doors
  • Proudly manufactured in USA


  • Some buyer reported about of flimsy wooden support

9. NOAH MEGATRON 7 Inch Box Spring

Get delightful sleep hours with NOAH MEGATRON 7-Inch Box Spring King! NOAH MEGATRON 7 Inch Box Spring

Noah Megatron brings you convenience of strong mattress foundation that acclimatizes to every room perfectly, the sleeping bed yet becomes comfortable and luxurious that will last for long.

Material & Construction

Low-profile king size box spring measures 79.5”L X 75.5”W X 7”H and weighs 55lbs. Trouble-free assembly mattress box spring can be simply-free set up in 20 minutes with every included tool; no bed frame is included. The box spring cover is included; the fabric cover is manufactured of premium-quality microfiber, it is shrink-/wrinkle-resistant. The handy and compact packaging comes in a small parcel within a compact package, suitable for tiny spaces.

Comfort & Ergonomics

It is a strong arrangement mattress foundation; Constructed of sturdy Steel Structure, which gives noise-free, outstanding support for your mattress. It can support about 3000 LBS with 7-Inch structure. The mattress foundation gives the best possible support for a good night’s sleep by removing pressure points.

Durability & Warranty

Brilliance comes from hard-wearing box spring made with durable stainless steel with premium craftsmanship. You get 5-year warranty; inside the warranty period, the replacement for any faulty part will be supplied free of cost.


  • 7” height is perfect for higher-profile mattresses
  • Comes with box spring cover
  • Eco-friendly 100% recyclable box spring
  • 5-year warranty


  • Assembly is slightly time-consuming

10. Greaton 8-Inch Split Box Spring

Improve your sleep pattern with Greaton 8-Inch Split Box Spring! Greaton 8-Inch Split Box Spring

Greaton brings you convenience of sleeping while redefining into 8” split box spring that easily accommodates in any space and effortlessly assembles for defining your comfort to one more step further.

Material & Construction

King-size 8” split box spring is perfect for all mattresses; it measures 80”x78”x8” and weighs 24lbs. The split box spring is extremely compact resulting in quick and easy shipment; it has an ideal height for your mattress.

Comfort & Ergonomics

This product is part of Sensation Collection; this box spring is exclusively designed to provide you kind of uninterrupted sleep nature. Box spring will give a perfect height for your mattress and give strong support for bed, so you have a relaxing sleeping time. The box spring comes split in two beds that lets you maneuver with ease. The box spring is outfitted with continental box meeting federal standards 1632 plus 1633 fire code.

Durability & Warranty

Greaton is a proud manufacturer of the premium quality box springs, by the highest standards in toughness, quality, comfort, and beauty. The products are manufactured in the USA to guarantee that you get only the best!


  • No assembly is required
  • Work perfectly with lower profile mattress
  • Highly sturdy materials
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA


  • Slightly heavier

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