Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed Review

In the past couple of years, the requirement for folding beds has increased very much. The Inofia Foldable Rollaway Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed Review Beds are the best temporary comfy bed for guests that are fulfilling in this range. This is because of their capability to assist you to save room among a lot of other incredible advantages.

By means of a foldable bed, you will no more need to worry regarding getting a region for those who fancy a sleepover. The guest who will be resting over at your home on a foldable bed you present will wake up the very next day feeling as if they spent the night time on a genuinely customary bed. And then you can just stow it away out of everyone’ sight and save ample space.

Read on through the following meticulous and detailed guide of Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed to determine your buying decision.

About Inofia

The brand Inofia has spent years studying the enchantment and science of sleep. The more they learn, the more they’re sure; majestic sleep changes everything regarding fitness and well-being. It makes users friendlier, smarter, faster, and even warmer. The mission of the brand Inofia is offering its customers ergonomic support, convenience of saving space and the aesthetic relief found in the minimalistic décor of the urban homes.

Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed – Full Review

Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed – Highlights
Price: $$$
Mattress Firmness: Medium-firmness measuring 5-7 on a scale of 1-10
Warranty: 5-year limited product warranty
Type: Strong metal frame with eco-friendly painting and caster wheels; Luxury Memory Foam mattress
Ideal for: Back, side, stomach and combo sleepers of every weight category.

Good for users seeking value and quality; because of its reasonably straightforward metal construction, this foldaway bed can be bought at a fraction of the price of a customary bed.

Great for families or single people needing ease and portability; casters enable moving it across hallways or inside the residence repeatedly, it doesn’t require much exertion.

Vital for users who frequently have guests over.

Good for urban families who have smaller apartments and need space-saving rollaway bed that can be stowed away out of sight if not in use.

Good for users who require a receptive, flexible, sinking and firm sleep surface.

Perfect for sleepers who toss and turn excessively because the memory foam absorbs and lessens movement extraordinarily.

Satisfying for consumers with sensitive olfactory sense, asthma, skin rashes, excess perspiration, hot flashes, and recurrent hives owing to improved and cooler airflow enabled by breathable and heat-dissipating mesh sides.

Good for sleepers necessitating immense pressure point relief and body pain alleviation in addition to accurate spinal alignment.

Sizes available: Twin Size.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified luxurious memory foam free of ozone-depleting chemicals, flame retardants, heavy metals and phthalates; Low VOC emissions give nicer indoor air quality.
Differentiators: Cool airflow enabled by heat-dispelling mesh sides easing ventilation.

5” memory foam construction with high-density supportive base foam for ample ergonomic support and notable body/back pain relief.

Memory foam mattress generates no noise creating a serene environment for continuous sleep.

Removable, washable, hygienic and soft bamboo cover.

Quality of Materials: Sturdy steel base construction, high-quality, dense foam padding, durable linen upholstery
Differentiators: 3 Height options, 750 lb lift motor, Wireless Remote Control with massage, zero gravity and anti-snore control, three massage intensities, backlit
Comparable Rollaway Beds: Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed, Milliard Universal Rollaway Folding Bed, and Serta Rollaway Bed.
Product Rating: 4.5/5.0

In life, there are numerous times while you require a mattress that doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be retracted at any moment while giving good sleep. Inofia folding bed, as well as folding mattresses, are developed and considered based on the customer’s basic requirements. High-quality materials, environmentally-friendly, durable, and entailing specific production processes, Inofia folding bed’s available in 5″ memory foam, thus you don’t have to worry regarding sleeping superiority.

Material and Construction

Inofia folding guest bed conquers the limitation of customary bed mattresses which are big and tricky to store. While this rollaway guest bed easily folds up, it comes with the frame together with the 5” memory foam mattress just Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed Review taking up a little room of 44″ x 38″ x 13.5. It’s a perfect extra bed for guests. Just take it out and put it together effortlessly whenever you need.

The Inofia folding guest bed has more in common with traditional beds than it does with typical rollaway. For instance, it features a tubular steel frame with 18 support bars. Those days are long gone where the middle bar bends off on you in the morning. This bed gives level, steady support across the complete extent of your body.

Overall, the foam features a dual-layer construction, including 3.5″ of thick, supportive, base foam. The middle layer includes 1.5″ of memory foam, making it sure it can accommodate many sleepers over the years and still keep its original form. The complete mattress is wrapped within a soft bamboo-rayon mattress pad so as to unzip for trouble-free washing.

To pull together this rollaway folding bed is as effortless as ever. Follow the instruction; you can reach a sense of accomplishment in 5 minutes devoid of any extra tools. The wheel included makes the bed extremely handy to move anywhere you would like. Your guest can take pleasure in a happy sleeping right away. A little tip though; for the first time assembly, allow about 72 hours for the mattress to completely expand.

Comfort & Ergonomics

While the name implies, a folding rollaway bed is a dissimilar kind of bed that can be extended and folded speedily and they can be usually found in hotel rooms in the category of extra beds. The major advantage of these beds is they are lightweight as well as complement a folding mattress which remains attached to the bed’s frame while closing, making them extremely convenient.

Outfitted with 1.5’’ memory foam over 3.5’’ high-density supportive foam base, this foldable 5’’ rollaway bed comes with memory foam mattress that easily conforms to your body curve, as well as releases the pressure points. It is comfy to sleep on, neither extra-soft nor too firm, just accurately formed with adequate support. As a folding bed with thicker mattress, Inofia gives more comfort and support. In addition, the zipper cover is easily removable as Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed Review well as washable.

In common, by means of such a bed which is trouble-free in deploying by just putting a couple of pieces in position, you’ll say comfy without any extra effort. You perhaps will have in your mind that a folding bed isn’t a comfort item, but you are wrongly perceived; it’s a smart product instead. Despite their use by the house and personal utilization, these beds can be beneficial in a bunch of other places. From learning institutes toward small infirmaries to specialized workplaces; it seems to be practical to have one of these units.

One more prominent thing regarding these products is that they can offer about the same comfort as conventional beds, assisting the sleeper to find quality sleep. In short, despite the age of the user, this folding bed can be an ideal addition to any city apartment having limited space.

Even as a folding bed isn’t essentially a permanent bed, it’s one of the most extensively sold products because of the large-quality and features of reasons. The main aspects of the comfort and sturdiness of this product resides in the bed frame. The popularity of these beds is contained in its structure consisting of a metallic frame with 4-rollaway wheels which help them to be folded in the middle, making them tremendously handy to store. Whether you are in search of a folding bed for forthcoming guests or your individual use, it’s particularly significant to look for a higher quality of this model like Inofia to get the utmost durability and comfort.

Widely known as foldable beds, this form of rollaway beds are really useful in homes that lack space dreadfully. This product comes with dual features as you can make use of it as a bed and on other furniture products while a cabinet or desk while folded and placed.

These well-packaged items commonly come with a handle that assists you to direct it in aid of your needs. Nevertheless, wall folding beds take up an important amount of time to install because of their complex system.

Durability & Warranty

The bed’s hardwearing casters lock into position, making a stable night’s sleep. While the morning comes, the bed Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed Review folds, with a handy mesh belt locks it into position, giving you the capacity to roll it into a small space corner or shift in closet. The Inofia brand is so certain you will appreciate this bed that they put forward a 100-night trial period. Moreover, it comes with a 5-year warranty. Feel free to contact the company at any time and they’ll respond within 24 hours.

It features the durable and portable metal frame on wheels which is prepared of strong metal and coated by eco-friendly painting, which lets them become rust-proof intended for long-term use. The wheels are of exceptionally premium range, extremely durable and flexible to move around.

Despite these, higher class models lower the odds of the bed frame winding up causing an accident because of faulty construction. Having this bed with a robust, well-built bed frame for the construction will not only guarantee maximum comfort and resilience but the product will stay strong and tough for years to come as well.

One of the most vital elements of this folding bed is the mattress as this will decide the level of support with comfort the user will get. Usually, mattresses are prepared from two varieties of foams; the memory foam as well as polyurethane foam.

As we know memory foam has a dense composition and can modify its shape on behalf of the sleeper’s shape. Moreover, this costly material gives a sinking effect that adds more worth to it. In contrast, polyurethane is a low-cost material and gives less durability than memory foam. A mattress prepared from polyurethane is perfect for people to look to get a good amount of comfort even as staying on a budget.

The thickness of this mattress is another thing that matters greatly when it comes to giving comfort. One of the notable contributions by the new improvements in skill is the rollaway folding bed. Since the name implies, these products are able to be rolled and kept anywhere when not to make use of. This feature makes this product tremendously useful for people lacking sufficient space within their homes. The hinged metal frame features casters at the middle to roll.


Inofia foldable rollaway bed comes in only one Twin size as extended frame size has 75″ x 38″ x 11.5″ dimensions, Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed Review weight of frame is 34.59lbs, Package size is 40.36″ x 23.11″ x 17.52″, package weighs about 63.94lbs, with mattress size being 75″ x 38″ x 5″, mattress weighs about 19.85lbs.


These folding beds have key advantages of the rollaway bed you are deciding to buy to make the most out of your investment. It comes with a slightly mid-range price tag compared to the one that comes with a thinner mattress. The whole thing that you purchase costs something. You get the quality and depending on your budget it will be worth a buy for the long run as this will be the best fit for you.

For Whom Is This Rollaway Bed Ideal For?

Sleeping preferences differ from person to person; weight is one of the major vital factors to influence the sleeping experience. The foldable bed has an easy assembly that saves space. Just similar to most of the traditional beds, size comes for folding beds too. Prior to you zeroing in on the bed; be certain to check the dimensions of the item when it’s unfolded. If you are somebody who is more than six feet tall, evaluating the length of the bed is an obligation. This folding bed could bear over 300lbs of weight.

Furthermore, if you have a large person, the bed has to be ample enough to put you up comfortably. It’ll assist you to get a lucid idea of whether it can be accommodated in a storage region or closet or even the car’s trunk. If you are hesitant regarding what would be the finest bed size to provide for your reasons. But today’s contemporary lifestyles require well-organized use of space and that’s most likely the biggest motive for which the idea of beds has changed radically over the last two decades.

Even as a folding bed can come tremendously handy on innumerable occasions, this product is available now and Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed Review that makes the range of a perfect folding bed. When you’re buying the bed, there’re some essential things that you have to bear in mind.

The mattress quality; it’ll directly decide your quality of sleep. Mattress thickness of this bed that comes with a sufficiently 5″ thick dimension is manufactured from memory foam. With the expediency of fold-up as for conserving space, it’s vital to go for one that can be folded to compact size with no trouble as well as stored easily.

The frame type of the bed depends how much you can spend further; just go for a bed that comes by a durable metal frame as it tends to be more comfy, supportive, and sturdy. Even though it will not take up a lot of space; however, it will be finest on your end to position an area for the bed.


  • Durable for lasting performance
  • Memory foam mattress conforms to your body curvature with releasing of pressure points
  • It has a portable twin-sized bed that easily folds to save space
  • The bed comes included with a 5″ thick comfortable memory foam mattress
  • Features zippered mattress cover that’s removable and washable
  • The bed is constructed by the tubular-metal frame that folds in half for effortless storage
  • Features wheels on the bottom that enables easy mobility and have the ability to lock in place
  • Maneuvering wheels for easy movement
  • Space-saving extra bed for guests
  • Comes with easy to setup mechanism
  • Comes with a 100-night trial period
  • Backed with a 5-year limited warranty


  • Comes only in one size
  • Limited leg support for some heavier users
  • Might feel annoying metal bar underneath the mattress
  • Mattress is slightly more on firmer side
  • Slightly heavy


Inofia folding bed is comfy, durable, safe, and useful. Another key aspect that can make or break the usefulness of Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed Review these products is installation. The products are ready to use by unfolding straight from the box.

Here, the vital thing is whether you can have the installation on your own, devoid of needing any assistance. If it requires professional help or even too much effort, next it’s definitely not the finest folding bed.

Usually, it shouldn’t take in excess of a few minutes to unfold. Thus, while you are out there to buy one, this product is best among other brands. The majority of the users appear to like it fairly a lot and the foremost point of admiring seems to be the high quantity of support and relief it offers. It seems to be a bit superior in those regards than the majority other rollaway beds out there.

Something that receives important praise as well is the strength of the bed as it seems to snug well, even with normal use. However, this usual bed is slightly pricey and at times entirely impossible to get in contemporary homes, mainly in urban settings.

Inofia has resulted in the continuing enlargement of compact, portable, and reasonable options to usual stationary furniture – the roller bed. The beds can be put together or collapsed and transported. This means you are capable of making the most used of the minimal space accessible in your house.

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