How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed? – 10 Easy Ways

Nothing is more annoying than waking up in a bed with the sheets all wrinkled, crumpled, and untucked from the edges. Do you have an adjustable bed where, no matter how hard you try, the sheets just keep coming off?

How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed? – 10 Easy Ways

Are you finding yourself getting annoyed due to the fact that no matter how much back-breaking effort you put in while securely tucking them, your bed sheets come out? Worry not: a lot of people find themselves in this situation. And the problem is also easy to solve with some very simple solutions. In this guide, we will discuss various ways in which you can keep your sheets stable and well-tucked on an adjustable bed.

Before we move on to the methods to keep sheets on an adjustable bed, let us cover some basics terms we will use in this guide.

How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed? – 10 Easy Ways

How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed? – 10 Easy Ways

1.  Buy sheets made specifically for an adjustable bed

You can check out special adjustable bed sheets online or offline. These days, there is plenty of variety in sheets manufactured specifically for adjustable bedding.

These sheets are designed in such a way that they don’t come off despite the bed’s movement. Many sheets come with special fastening mechanisms that ensure keeping the sheets are securely fastened to the bed.

Avoid using regular sheets on your adjustable bed. They simply do not have the features that can help them stay tucked in on adjustable beds.

They are only suitable for use on regular flat beds that allow them to have minimal movement. Since an adjustable bed is mostly used for patients with disabilities, it is best to use special sheets for them as well.

2. Use sheets with deeper pockets than normal

Sheets with deeper pockets help you tuck them securely into the mattress from all four sides. This prevents movement even if you adjust the mattress or elevate the head or foot of the bed.

Look for sheets with pockets measuring up to 16-inches in depth. Always buy a size larger than the mattress size – this along with the deeper pockets will ensure a snug fit and prevent the sheet from coming off.

3. Use adjustable triangle mattress suspenders

You might think suspenders are just for holding one’s pants up! Definitely not the case!

Adjustable bed sheet suspender triangles are made using sturdy metal clips and elastic bungee cords that help the sheet securely fasten to the bed from all sides. Being adjustable, you can also elongate or shorten them as needed. The triangular design of the clips also provides greater stability.

Most adjustable suspenders come in 118-inch length with the ability to reduce to 39-55 inches. At the other end of the triangle is a metal clip that helps securely clip the sheet.

The best part is that you can use these suspender triangles not only for securing sheets to an adjustable bed, but also for fastening sheets on a couch or for securing table cloths to tables.

4. Use rubber huggers or bed-sheet holder bands

If you dislike using clips on your sheets because they might poke you, or worse cause holes in the sheets, then this is a great option for you. Imagine a giant rubber band running all around your sheet and securing it to your bed! The rubber hugger is exactly that. Rubber huggers are engineered to have embossed ribbing and a horizontal tension design that prevent wrinkling and movement of sheets.

Depending on your sleeping habits and/or needs, you can also add other bedding material like a rubber mat, different layers of sheets and comforters, etc. inside the band. This is a unique way of securing all your bed linen to the mattress and ensuring that the different layers remain in place.

5. Use bed bands

Bed bands, like bed suspenders, help you securely attach your sheet to the bed and they work on all kinds of sheets and beds, too.

Like bed hugger bands above, these individual bed bands work to help tuck in the four corners of the sheets and secure them to the bed. The best part is that you need not lift your heavy mattress and they are rather simple to install. They come with bungee cords and sturdy metal ‘alligator’ clips. The clips open up and you clamp them to the sheets and bedding and adjust (tighten or loosen) the cord.

If you have added a foam topper to your mattress, then these bed bands will be extremely handy in preventing the topper from moving about.

How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed? – 10 Easy Ways

6. Use bed sheet zippers

For people with kids and pets jumping on beds, bed sheet covers with zippers are a lifesaver! They secure the sheet to the bed and allow it to snugly stay fitted to the base. High-quality zippers will also come on/off quickly, resulting in easy installation and removal when you want to wash your sheets.

7. Use anti-slip grip pads

Anti-slip grip pads can stabilize the mattress and memory foam. While they are not used for the sheets per se, they do help prevent them from moving by preventing the mattress’s movement.

8. Place rough sheets under the main sheet

This little trick can also prevent your main sheet from moving. A sheet of slightly rough texture under the main sheet allows for better adherence and leaves less room for movement.

The downside to this method is that it can cause sweating and discomfort to some users as it heats the sleeper.

9. Attach safety pins

This isn’t the best of methods to keep sheets on an adjustable bed. Safety pins do secure the sheet firmly to the mattress, but they can cause holes and rips in both the sheet and the mattress.

10. Use percale sheets

Percale sheets are sheets with special weaves. They are soft and breathable. Their special weaves enable them to adhere to the mattress below and once tucked, prevent too much movement. If you look for percale sheets with deep pockets, then you can easily fit them on adjustable beds without having to worry about them moving too much.

Whichever sheet you select, make sure it is of the right fit. Many people end up with wrong sized sheets that do not fit their mattress’ dimensions, and that can cause them to get untucked during the course of the night.


What are the best sheets for an adjustable bed?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to buying sheets for an adjustable bed. Just make sure to buy the right size. It is also better to use sheets with pockets, but in this case, you need to buy a size up.

We recommend Percale weave sheets made of Egyptian or Pima cotton for their superior softness. They adhere better to the bed and also have superior durability.

You also get special sheets made specifically for adjustable beds. They usually come with deeper pockets to prevent movement from the mattress.

Why do I end up pulling off my sheets from the bed?

Many people end up pulling off their sheets from the bed because they toss and turn in their sleep. Sometimes, people who get too hot also end up kicking their sheets off in their sleep.

What kinds of sheets are best for a split king adjustable bed?

You can either buy a sheet set made of two twin sheets for your split king adjustable bed or go in for a single or one fitted sheet. There is plenty of variety these days as far as materials, colors, and sizes go.

How do you put sheets on an adjustable split king adjustable bed?

As stated earlier, you can choose a sheet set or a single sheet that is fitted for the adjustable king split bed. Make sure that the sheets have deep pockets for a better fit.

It is a good idea to measure the mattress first. Measuring the mattress will help you get an exact fit. You can secure the sheet set with bed scrunchies, clips, or rough pads underneath to prevent movement. You can also go in for a single large rubber band around the entire sheet and mattress to secure it firmly.

Conclusion – How To Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed

There are many different solutions for securing a mattress to an adjustable bed. You can use bed scrunchies, clips, anti-slip pads, bed bands, rubber huggers, and mattress suspenders.

The main thing to do is buy sheets that are specifically made with deeper pockets. This can help you tuck the sheets properly on the bed and that can reduce their movement as well. What really works for most people is clips and bed bands as they secure the sheet tightly to the bed.

Try out the different tips above and choose the method that works best for your needs.

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