How to Fix a Squeaky a Bed – Complete Guide 2022

A comfortable bed should be able to provide you with a peaceful sanctuary at the end of the day, or whenever you How to Fix a Squeaky a Bed - Complete Guide want to enjoy relaxing moments. However, that restful experience can drastically change when the bed starts to squeak. These annoying sounds can disturb your sleep, especially when you tend to shift positions in the middle of the night. The squeaking can also disrupt other activities done while in bed and make them far less enjoyable. Knowing how to fix a squeaky bed will be the first step in bringing back the serene environment in your bedroom, so you can again look forward to enjoying the quiet moments without the irritating sounds produced by the bed with every slight movement.

What are the Causes of a Squeaky Bed?

The squeaking sounds can come from each of the components that make up your bed. To determine the source of the bothersome sounds, you should test the mattress, box spring, and bed frame separately by putting pressure on them to see where the sounds are coming from.


The type of mattress that you have on your bed can indicate whether it can be the source of the squeaking sounds. Foam or latex mattresses rarely produce sounds, so if you have these mattress types, you can start looking elsewhere for the squeaking source. A conventional innerspring or hybrid mattress that has steel coils inside may be checked for areas where the noises are coming from. You can do this by laying the mattress on the floor and rolling or walking on it to see if there are portions that produce the squeaking sounds when pressure is applied.

Box Spring

The box spring underneath the mattress is another possible source of the squeaking sound. To check if this is the case, lay out the box spring on the floor and, just like what you did with the mattress, apply pressure on all areas by walking or rolling on it. Pay attention to the exact spots that produce the sounds so you can pinpoint where they are coming from. Old springs inside the box spring may squeak when you put enough pressure or subject the bed to vigorous movements, but the sounds can also come from the wood parts rubbing against the springs or other materials inside the box spring’s structure.

Bed Frame How to Fix a Squeaky a Bed - Complete Guide

Make sure to remove the mattress and the box spring first if you want to check if the bed frame is the culprit for your squeaking bed. Once it is bare, lightly shake the frame while listening if the movements cause squeaking on specific parts, such as the headboard, footboard, or the sides. The bed frame’s joints are usually where sounds are produced, so it is best to pay extra attention to these areas so you can check if this is where the squeaking is coming from.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed

Once you pinpoint which bed component is producing the squeaking sounds, you can then proceed to fix it so you can again sleep and rest without the bothersome noises.

Flip or Rotate the Mattress

This move may work only if the squeaking is minimal and you are looking for a quick, temporary fix for the squeaking bed problem. By rotating or flipping the mattress, you can place the squeaking portion on an area that will not be exposed to too much pressure or movement, so this portion stays relatively silent. However, this option will not work if the mattress produces extensive squeaking.

Tighten Loose Joints

The bed’s frame’s joints are common sources of squeaking sounds, which can worsen if the joints are loosened with continuous bed use. Check to see which bolts and screws need to be tightened to ensure that the sounds are eliminated, and also to guarantee the stability of the bed frame so it can efficiently support the mattress and its occupants for a long time. If the screws and bolts stay loose even if you tried tightening them using a wrench, use a washer and place it between the bolt and the frame to make the connection tighter and more secure so that the squeaking sound can be solved once and for all.

Lubricate Squeaky Parts

Certain parts of the bed frame may need lubrication – instead of tightening – to solve the squeaking problem. Lubricating the components How to Fix a Squeaky a Bed - Complete Guide will eliminate the excessive friction which causes the bothersome sounds. Metal frames can be improved with oil or WD40 which also works to prevent rust and corrosion from setting in. Paraffin also works great for lubrication and should be rubbed on all the contact surfaces to prevent squeaks and other grating noises. If you do not have access to these lubricants, you can use candle wax as a temporary and easy fix to get you through a night without dealing with a squeaky bed.

Silencing the Springs

A squeaky box spring can be solved either by buying a brand-new one or by dealing with the springs, which is the more cost-effective solution. You can peel off the fabric that covers the springs or cut a small hole on the material to gain access to the springs, which should then be sprayed with WD40 for lubrication to stop the squeaking sounds. Use a heavy-duty stapler to reattach the fabric cover before using the bed again.

Sock It Up

Use old socks to create a barrier between the mattress and the bed frame if this area is the source of the squeaking sound. The slats of the frame should be lined with the socks or any other material that can be used as paddings, such as a shirt or a larger clothing item. This padding works by eliminating the excessive friction between the mattress and the bed frame’s wooden or metal slats when you move on the surface of the bed. With the sock padding in place, you will then be able to move freely on the bed without worrying that your actions will result in the bed producing annoying sounds.

Correct it with Cork

A wooden bed frame may not have loose joints or bolts that can be tightened, but you can still fix the squeaky bed problem with the help of cork. After determining the specific areas that need to be dealt with, you can fit in small pieces of cork in the areas where the mattress and the bed frame come into contact with each other to prevent the squeaking noises from coming back. The cork pieces serve to tighten loose areas and keep them well-padded for your noise-free bed enjoyment.

Fix the Feet

Check the feet of the bed frame to see if loose parts are causing the squeaking noise, or if the legs’ position on the floor is to be blamed for the disruptive sounds. If the legs are placed on an uneven portion of the floor, your movements on the bed will result in the legs repeatedly scraping the floor, which can lead to unwanted sounds and How to Fix a Squeaky a Bed - Complete Guide may even lead to permanent floor damage. You can place a piece of cloth or a towel on the bottom of the legs to ensure an even and stable contact point to eliminate the unwelcome movement that may be the causing the squeaking sound.


Dealing with a squeaky bed can be as easy or as complicated as it can get, depending on the source of the disturbing sounds. The important thing is to identify the exact source of the sounds so you will know how to fix the squeaky bed problem on your own, or if you will need a more drastic step such as purchasing a premium mattress, durable bed frame, or box spring. Once you solve this problem, you can once more enjoy blissful sleep without being bothered by the unwanted squeaking sounds.

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