How to Build a Pillow Fort – 2 Super Simple Methods!

As children – especially teenagers who start experiencing life in middle school and learn how fragile their individuality is in the face of the big, bag world out there –  the small and manageable world inside a fort can seem so calm and reassuring.

How to Build a Pillow Fort – 2 Super Simple Methods!

Indeed, every child needs a quiet nook in their yard or bedroom where they can let their imagination run wild. And what better way to do that than building a pillow fort!

A cozy little pillow fort is the perfect place to go to let adults know you need some quiet time! Although adults can certainly join in on the fun. When grownups participate in pillow-fort building activity, it can be a great way of bonding with children. Young adults can build romantic pillow forts for Valentine’s Day and spend some cozy time with their sweetheart.

In this guide, we will study 2 extremely simple methods of building a pillow fort.

Before we move on to the methods, though, lets us consider some benefits of pillow fort building and how kids and adults alike can make great memories with this activity.

How to Build a Pillow Fort – 2 Super Simple Methods!

Benefits of Pillow Fort Building Activity

Quiet me-time for kids

Every child needs to have a comfortable and cozy place for some downtime. A pillow fort can provide a safe-haven for a child to relax after school. A well-made and cozy pillow fort can create a relaxing place for some quiet “me-time” for kids.

Versatile uses

There is a myriad of uses for a pillow fort. Children can spend time in the pillow fort playing, reading, napping, or snacking. There are no limitations on how one uses this nook. One can even use it to do their homework. Even adults can build pillow forts for a romantic evening with their beloved in front of the fireplace, the TV, or on the bed!

Create happy memories

There is nothing better than a pillow fort to create happy memories. A pillow fort is an integral part of childhood that every child must use for lasting memories of the wonder years of growing up.

Great way for parents to engage their children

Busy parents will do anything to get kids to settle down for an hour or two. By helping them make a pillow fort, parents can occupy active and energetic kids so they can relax or get their chores done.

Enhance cognition and motor skills

Another great aspect of building pillow forts is that kids can learn a great deal through this activity. They can enhance their cognitive as well as motor skills. They will learn how to patiently build and rebuild, and plan, and design. Who knows: this can foster a way to a great career in architecture or civil engineering as well!

Learn the laws of physics

Yes! Pillow fort building activity is ideal for teaching children the basic laws of physics such as gravity, tension, compression, forces, etc.

With these important benefits out of the way, let us move on to the methods of building an easy peasy pillow fort.

How to Build a Pillow Fort – 2 Super Simple Methods!

How to Build a Pillow Fort

Decide on your crew

Decide whether you will build the pillow fort yourself or take help from family members/siblings/friends. Accordingly, you can talk to the people you have in mind regarding the activity and ensure they are free to join you on the project.

Plan the fort’s design

Take a rough sheet and some pencils or crayons. Draw a couple of basic pillow fort diagrams to create a template. This template will help you figure out exactly what materials you’ll need. You can seek help from an adult or brainstorm with your friends about the pillow forts design. There are many photos of pillow forts available online as well to guide you.

Gather the materials

Now, scout the house for pillows, strings or ropes, clips, sheets, etc. These materials will vary based on the size of the fort, any extra embellishments you want, etc.

Assemble the material

By this time, we hope you have decided where you will build the fort. Make sure you have adequate room for the size you have in mind. Avoid places that have heavy foot traffic as you don’t want to obstruct people from coming and going.

Make a pile of pillows on the floor and jump on it! It will help you test the resilience of the materials and is an important part of intelligence gathering!

Time for some discussion

Now step back and discuss. Assess your materials and re-work the design.

Get some milk and cookies in case you are hungry. This will provide some vital brain fuel for new ideas.

Revisit your sketches. Make changes. You can also decide if the fort will be used for attacking or defending or simply for relaxation. If needed, take a lunch break and come back to it.

Here are 2 super simple fort building methods:

Method one  – Using chairs

How to Build a Pillow Fort – 2 Super Simple Methods!
  • Place a comforter on the floor. Make sure you choose the thickest and plushest comforter. This will form your base or floor of the fort.
  • Place four chairs on four corners of the comforter. Make sure that the chairs are pointed away from the center of the comforter. The distance between the chairs should not exceed the length of your largest pillow.
  • Now place pillows in between the chairs, as many as the height of the fort you have in mind.
  • Ideally, you will use as many pillows will cover the gap between the chairs.
  • Now cover the entire assembly with a sheet. This will form the tepee or cover of your fort. You can secure the sheet with clips/rubber bands/strings/ropes to prevent it from slipping.
  • Make necessary adjustments like building a door.
  • If the sheet is an old one, you can also cut out windows in it.
  • Personalize: Add some lights, old blankets, soft toys (if you like that kind of stuff!), and other necessities inside the fort. Don’t forget to stock up on snacks!

Method Two – Without chairs

How to Build a Pillow Fort – 2 Super Simple Methods!
  • Take a couple of old mattresses. Seek help from an adult if these are too heavy.
  • Place one mattress on the floor against a wall. The wall will form the back of your fort.
  • Place three to four pillows on either side of the mattress.
  • Place the second mattress over the topmost pillows on both sides.
  • You can use an old sheet to place over the entire assembly or leave it as is.
  • To make the door of the fort, add in some more pillows at the front.
  • Also add in smaller, comfier pillows inside to make your backrests in case you want to read or nap inside the fort.

FAQs on How to Build a Pillow Fort

What is the best way to make a pillow fort?

The easiest and best way to make a pillow fort is with chairs (method one above). Chairs enhance the fort’s stability and also prevent the fort from breaking easily.

Can I build a fort in my bed?

Yes, it is very easy to build a pillow fort in bed. Simply place a pile of pillows stacked on each other on either side of the bed and cover them with a blanket or sheet. Secure the blanket to the bed’s headboard for greater stability.

How do I make a romantic fort?

A romantic fort is best made over a bed or a couch. You can also include a TV in case you plan to watch some romantic films with your sweetheart.

  • Attach some pipes/ropes from one wall to the other. Secure them with nails or hooks. Place sheets over the pipes and secure them with clothespins.
  • You need a similar arrangement over the other side to enclose the bed or the couch from all sides and form a tepee or tent-like structure.
  • Add some paper hearts all over and heart-shaped pillows on the inside for extra romance!
  • Lights can also enhance the fort’s romantic atmosphere.

What household materials can I use to make a fort?

In addition to pillows and sheets, you can use old boxes, comforters, blankets, large pots, old wooden furniture parts, planks, thick books, mattresses, etc. Get creative!

What is the biggest pillow fort ever built?

The Guinness Book of World Records registered a Portland blanket fort measuring 6,736 square feet and 146 square inches as the biggest pillow fort built.

Conclusion – How to Build a Pillow Fort

The best way to build a pillow fort is using four chairs placed over a comforter or a mattress in four corners. Place pillows in between the chairs, covering all sides. Throw a sheet over the assembly, and voila! You’re done!

We hope this brief guide helps you build a pillow fort with ease!

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