How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need? - A Detailed Guide

Preparing for your baby’s arrival will involve a lot of planning and purchases to ensure you’ll have everything you need for your young one’s safety and cleanliness. Crib sheets may not be the first on your list of things to buy, but they are definitely must-haves if you want to keep your baby’ sleeping area hygienic. Deciding on the number of sheets you need will help you become fully prepared for any eventuality when it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy space for your baby to enjoy.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need? - A Detailed Guide

Your baby will spend most of their time in the crib sleeping – when he or she is not eating – during the first few months. This is why it’s important to ensure the crib is always the cleanest and safest environment for your baby. Crib sheets are designed to keep the crib mattress protected from being directly and overwhelmingly soiled by drool, sweat, excretions, and even spilled milk. These sheets also work to keep your baby’s sleeping area as clean as possible. preventing irritations from disturbing your baby. Changing the sheets often can prevent bacteria and germs from growing on the crib’s surface and can help ensure your baby’s continuous safety and comfort.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need? - A Detailed Guide

Factors to Consider when Deciding on the Number of Crib Sheets You Need

Frequency of Crib Sheet Change

Crib sheets, just like regular beddings, need to be changed regularly. These sheets may need to be changed more often compared to the sheets on an adult’s bed because the possibility of crib sheets being soiled is much higher. How often you will need to change the crib sheets will depend on a lot of things. Even when you try to keep a regular changing schedule, you may find yourself deviating from that schedule to change the sheets more often, such as when your baby throws up or during instances when the diaper leaks. It is important to change the crib sheet immediately when it becomes wet or soiled so your baby will not have to stay on a dirty surface. Each time you change the sheet, you will need to have a clean one on hand, ready to be used to protect the crib mattress once more.

Number of Babies in the Home

More babies in your home mean there will be more crib mattresses to clean and maintain – and you will naturally need more crib sheets. When you have twins, you will need twice the number of crib sheets on hand to prevent the need for emergency laundry sessions.

Your Baby – Swaddled or Not?

Do you keep your baby swaddled or uncovered? Cribs used by babies who are swaddled tend to stay cleaner and may not need sheet changes for a longer time, since there is no direct contact between the baby’s skin and the sheets. In this case, the sheet may need to be changed only every three days or so, except in cases when the diaper leaks or when your baby is sick and either throws up or perspires heavily enough to soak through the sheets.

Baby’s Skin Sensitivity

Your baby’s skin is sensitive, but there are cases of skin being even more sensitive than what is normal for babies. Babies with extremely sensitive skin will need extra care to prevent irritations and rashes from developing. Aside from using hypoallergenic products, more frequent sheet changing can help ensure that your baby is protected from being irritated by dirty or soiled sheets. In this case, you may need more crib sheets on hand to account for the more frequent changing.

How Many Crib Sheets Will You Need?

Having enough crib sheets will ensure you always have a clean one on hand to replace the sheet that has just been soiled and removed from the crib. If you are planning on changing the sheets weekly, you may need only 2 crib sheets. However, if you plan to change the sheets daily due to personal preference or to deal with your baby’s hypersensitive skin, you may need 4 to 7 crib sheets to ensure you’ll always have clean sheets while still maintaining your regular laundry schedule. Having 7 crib sheets will also make you prepared for more frequent or unexpected sheet changing needs, such as when huge messes are made on the crib.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need? - A Detailed Guide

Things to Consider when Choosing High-Quality Crib Sheets


Fitted sheets are safer to use for cribs because their tight fit prevents them from being removed from around the crib mattress. This can help keep your baby safe from being smothered by all that additional fabric if the sheet were to loosen. Fitted crib sheets will also ensure your baby won’t feel the discomfort of lying on sheets that are bunched up under them.


Crib sheets made from breathable materials will help keep your baby comfortable for long hours of peaceful sleep. The breathable materials allow proper airflow to dissipate heat, so it does not build up on the surface of the crib mattress. Breathable crib sheets prevent overheating so your baby will not perspire and feel too uncomfortable, especially when lying down in mostly the same position for a long time.


Machine-washable crib sheets are more convenient to clean and maintain compared to those that can only be cleaned with hand-washing. These crib sheets can quickly be popped into the washer as soon as they are soiled, and you won’t need to exert too much effort in making them clean and ready for use once more.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need? - A Detailed Guide

Key Takeaways

  • The number of crib sheets you need will depend on your personal preferences as well as your baby’s needs.
  • Crib sheets need to be changed regularly to keep your baby’s sleeping environment clean and safe. Extra sheets may be needed so you can prepare for unexpected changing requirements.
  • In general, you will need only 2 crib sheets for weekly sheet changing. If you plan on changing the sheets daily, you will need up to 7 crib sheets on hand.
  • Crib sheets used by babies with hypersensitive skin will need more frequent changing to protect the skin from being irritated by dirt and allergen accumulation.
  • The best crib sheets are machine-washable, breathable, and have a fitted design to ensure the continuous comfort and safety of your baby while inside the crib.


Q: Is it important to have extra crib sheets?

A: Yes, you will need extra crib sheets to make sure you’ll always have a fresh and clean one on hand to replace a soiled sheet.

Q: When should I replace the crib sheet?

A: You can have a regular schedule – such as weekly – to change the crib sheet. However, the schedule can change because it is important to replace a sheet immediately when it gets soiled.

Q: Why is it important to have fitted crib sheets?

A: The snug fit of fitted crib sheets will prevent them from loosening and smothering your baby. These sheets also will not be bunched underneath your baby and cause discomfort.

Q: What is the best way to clean crib sheets?

A: The best crib sheets can easily be cleaned in the washer. However, stubborn stains may need more delicate or intricate removal, depending on the substance that was spilled.


Following the general guidelines on the number of crib sheets to have on hand can help you prepare for any eventuality when it comes to keeping your baby’s crib clean. However, you can also follow your instincts and go for the number of bed sheets you feel is right, to give you peace of mind of knowing you’ll always have clean sheets for your baby’s sleeping area.


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