High Vs Low Profile Box Spring - A Detailed Comparison

Your sleep experience is directly affected by how comfortable your bed setup is. It may not be obvious at first, but the height of the box springs you use can also have a significant impact on the comfort and support you will enjoy while lying in bed. Choosing between a low profile vs a high profile box spring may provide you with the solution that you have long been searching for in your quest for more restful nights of sleep.

High Vs Low Profile Box Spring

The box spring acts as a strong foundation for your mattress. It works to provide ample support to prevent premature mattress deterioration so you can enjoy the mattress for a long period of time. The box springs also provide the required elevation for your mattress so it will be easier for you to climb in and out of bed without stooping to a floor-level position. With the support that the box spring provides, the mattress can feel more comfortable and softer, especially compared to placing the mattress directly on a hard bed frame or the floor. A high-profile or regular box spring is usually 9 inches high, while the low profile alternative often comes at a height that ranges from 4 to 6 inches. Both options offer strong support and comfort and differ only in the resulting overall height of your bed. Learning more about the differences between the two height choices for box springs can help you decide on which option will work best to suit your needs so you can more easily achieve blissful sleep.

High Vs Low Profile Box Spring

High Profile Box Springs

High profile or standard box springs are often constructed with a 9-inch height, which provides a significant elevation for the mattress from its base on the bed frame. Conventional box springs can be built with a wooden frame to enclose steel coils that work to make a firm mattress softer for enhanced comfort and add a bounce to make movements easier to do on the mattress surface. Other box spring designs may involve the use of wires and wooden slats or a metal grid on top of the wooden frame; this option may be more suitable for heavier mattresses. The outer layer of high profile box springs includes padding materials that protect the inner layers while offering reliable cushioning for the mattress.

High Vs Low Profile Box Spring

Advantages of High Profile Box Springs

Mattress Elevation

High profile box springs can provide the required elevation for a mattress. This is especially beneficial for those who want to sleep on a bed that rests on a significant height off the floor for hygiene purposes and personal preferences. An elevated mattress will make it easier to climb in and out of bed, especially for those who are suffering from mobility issues that may make it difficult to bend their knees or back to stoop down to a lower bed level. High profile or standard box springs work well in elevating the overall height of the bed if you are using a thin mattress.

Strong Support

A high profile box spring delivers strong support for the mattress and its occupants. It keeps the mattress from becoming too soft or too firm, which can happen when the mattress does not have the right level of support on the surface where it is placed. By preventing problems involving sagging or extreme firmness, the supportive box spring also works to increase the life of the mattress so you will be able to enjoy its premium features for a longer time, compared to using it without a box spring. This strong support coming from the box spring will also help in preventing body pain from developing, especially when lying in bed for long periods. It can help maintain the proper posture even while sleeping so that discomfort can be kept at bay for more restful nights of sleep.

Bounce for Easier Movement

The construction of high profile box springs contributes to a supportive mattress that works with a bit of bounce. This bouncy characteristic can make movements easier to manage on the mattress. A mattress without adequate support can feel like quicksand that hinders natural movement, making a person feel like he or she is stuck on the surface in the same position. The bounce can also make other activities more enjoyable to do while in bed.

High Vs Low Profile Box Spring

Disadvantages of High Profile Box Springs

Can be Too Heavy

The taller or thicker construction of standard box springs results in a heavier profile. This may not be a problem if the bed will be kept in only one spot in your bedroom. However, if there’s a chance  you may be moving the entire bed structure several times during the coming months or years, you may encounter problems with regards to the heavy box spring structure. The complete bed setup may be difficult to maneuver across a room, especially if you are planning on completing this task by yourself.

Can Make the Bed Extremely Tall

A high profile box spring may not be a suitable option for tall mattresses. Using the standard box spring along with a thick mattress can make the entire bed setup too high. This, in turn, can make it difficult for you to get in and out of bed in a comfortable manner because doing so will involve an actual climbing task that will take too much effort. For people who have mobility or health issues, climbing in and out of a tall bed can be a painful or nearly impossible chore.

High Vs Low Profile Box Spring

Low Profile Box Springs

A low profile box spring is a thinner or shorter version of the standard (or high profile) box springs. With a height that ranges from 4 to 6 inches, it is a suitable partner for the newer mattress models that come with thicker or taller constructions. The result is a bed that is lifted off the floor but still manages to maintain the right height that feels comfortable to climb in and out of without too much difficulty. Low profile box springs made with high-quality materials offer the same strong foundation and support that high profile box springs deliver, but the former option results in a decreased bed height overall.

High Vs Low Profile Box Spring

Advantages of Low Profile Box Springs

Easy to Maneuver

The thinner structure of a low profile box spring weighs less compared to a standard box spring, so it is will be much easier to move around the room if necessary, such as when you want to rearrange the furniture and prefer a different position for the bed. Transferring the bed will be easier to do when you are using low profile box springs that are lighter, compared to the heavier high profile box springs that may take more than one person to drag around.

Getting In and Out of Bed Made Effortless

Low profile box springs are designed to keep the bed setup closer to the ground. With this lower bed setup, you can get in bed without the need to tiptoe and pull yourself up with great difficulty. Getting down from the bed will also be effortless with no jumping required to get your feet on firm ground.

Great for Tall Mattresses

Premium quality mattresses are now being offered at increasingly thicker and taller profiles. A low profile box spring will work wonderfully with these thick mattresses because the result will be a bed setup that has just the right height for comfort and convenience. If you use a tall mattress with a high profile box spring, the resulting bed structure may be too high, and getting in and out of bed can become a challenging chore to deal with on a daily basis.

Creates the Illusion of Spaciousness

A lower bed setup can create the illusion of a bigger space. Without the increased height, the room can look more spacious and less cluttered. This feature will work to your great advantage if the room already has limited space available, as the low profile box springs will not do anything to increase the presence of the bed setup in the area that it occupies.

High Vs Low Profile Box Spring

Disadvantages of Low Profile Box Springs

Low Profile May be Uncomfortable

The decreased height resulting from using a low box spring can be uncomfortable for some people, including pregnant women, older people, and those who are suffering from illnesses that affect their mobility. Bending down too low to get into bed can be challenging and even painful for these people, who will benefit more from a bed setup that sits higher from the ground.

Offers Limited Motion Absorption

The thin structure of a low profile box spring may not be able to provide the strong motion absorption offered by a standard box spring. This means that movements made by another person sleeping on the other side of the bed can be felt more easily and can result in sleep disruptions.

Key Takeaways

  • High and low profile box springs are made with the same components but have a significant height difference.
  • High profile box springs are often 9 inches tall and are used to enhance the elevation of thinner mattresses.
  • The strong support and bounce offered by high profile box springs can make sleeping more comfortable, but the structure can be too heavy to move around.
  • Low profile box springs come in 4- to 6-inch heights that are suitable for use with tall mattresses for a comfortable bed setup, but may not be the best in motion absorption.
  • A low profile box spring will be a suitable choice for a bed that you plan to move from time to time since the structure is lighter and easier to maneuver across spaces.


Q: Will a high profile box spring work well with a tall mattress?

A: Using these components together can result in a bed that is too high, which may make getting in and out of bed more difficult. The combination will work if you have no problem with the bed’s increased height. Otherwise, it may be better to oft for a low profile box spring.

Q: What is the difference between a low profile and a high profile box spring?

A: The main difference is their heights. The high profile box spring is usually 9 inches tall, while the low profile option has a height that ranges from 4 – 6 inches. Both choices can be made from the same high-quality materials.

Q: Can the high profile box spring be moved from its original spot?

A: Yes, although doing so may require two or more people because of the increased weight. If you are planning on moving or rearranging your bed regularly, you may want to consider a low profile box spring that weighs less and can be moved around more easily.

Q: It is okay to use a low profile box spring with a thin mattress?

A: Using these two together will result in a mattress that sits too low – which is a good thing if this is your goal. However, this configuration can be uncomfortable to get into for pregnant women, older individuals, and those with mobility or health issues.


Low and high profile box springs are made up of similar materials that offer strong support and foundation for a mattress. The significant difference between the two options lies in their height, with a difference of a few inches. The most suitable choice will be the one that matches your specific requirements for a bed setup for your complete comfort.


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