Futon Vs Sectional Sofa - A Detailed Comparison

When it’s time to upgrade your living space with a sectional sofa or else a futon, you’ll surely find a wonderful fit for your space with a wide selection as there are no shortages of choices as it comes to diverse configurations, sizes, styles, and designs and each of them carrying a plethora of advantages.

Essentially, futons are modifiable sleep systems comprising of a fairly thin or thick padded mattress with an adjustable frame that folds up to look like a sofa or positioned horizontally as a bed. Conversely, as a more substantial option to regular couch, the sectional is absolutely worth considering if you contain a huge family or frequently host a large number of visitors. And while past traditional designs might have been downright cumbersome, today’s futons and sectionals are highly streamlined and sophisticated. Futons or sectionals are much more versatile at present, working in a small or a cavernous living area. Read on to discover everything you want to learn about sectionals and futons why they’re a vital in functional seating or sleeping comfort.

Futon Vs Sectional Sofa - A Detailed Comparison

What Are Futon & Sectional Sofa?

Futon and sectional sofas are vital furniture pieces for any home and go with all décor while serving a twin purpose.


Futons originally emanate from Japan but they are available globally and have a predominantly powerful fan following in the US. These are usually utilized as overnight guest-beds, although some users desire to utilize them as their prime sleeping bed, and during the day, it converts into a traditional sofa-like seating area with an easy folding mechanism. Regular Western-Style futon has the futon frame, futon mattress, and occasionally futon slipcover.

Measuring your floor space is one of the most vital steps before you buy a futon. After you learn how big or small a futon you can accommodate, you may choose from diverse sizes. Futons are generally available in full and queen sizes which take up very little space when folded off like a couch. The king-sized futons aren’t incredibly common, but are available.

Futon mattress materials usually contain micro-coils or memory foam. Micro-coils stay encased inside individual pockets form the ideal contour for supporting the whole body while maintaining its durability for years to come. Polyurethane foam is has good softness and lightness providing lighter support and a spongy surface to sleep on. Memory foam contours to the body shape cradling the body for comfort and slowly it recovers to its usual shape.

Futon Vs Sectional Sofa - A Detailed Comparison

Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are a perfect seating arrangement for medium to hefty-sized living rooms. The sectional sofa presents additional seating space to a large number of guests without placing people too close or too far apart. They adorn an open floor plan stunningly. Sectional sofas are essential to equipping a comfortable, intimate room for family-time or a sprawling living room. Most frequently, sectional sofas are seen in homes with larger families or people hosting guests often. These sofas can effortlessly accommodate 6 or greater number of people with the correct planning. Upholstery can be leather, faux leather, velvet, and tufted fabric. Mattress fillers can range from coil-foam, memory foam to different natural fillers too like bamboo, Aloe Vera.

Regarding the designs, there are mind-boggling numbers of alternatives as it comes to sectional sofas, so you can find precisely what you desire. Read on about the different styles to acquire a head start.


As its name designates, this sectional has an L-shape like two sofas combined jointly to shape a right angle. L-shape design is the most flexible of sectional sofas, sitting well-wedged into a corner or seamlessly floating in the center of any room. You can find a 3-cushioned style coupled with a 2-cushion form, although bigger 4- with 3-cushion styles are trendy too.


If you contain a gigantic area to fill or you just desire to obtain as much seating out of the sectional as achievable, go for the U-shape style. Moreover, it’s ideal for promoting friendly conversations due to its dual extended arms facing one another.


Chaise sectional is fundamentally a sofa connected to extended ottoman in one side. It’s a simplified version of L-shaped style.


Curved sectional fetches sculptural appeal to a room, acting approximately as a piece of fine art with its stylish outline. It’s not your finest bet for tiny spaces as it won’t sit leaned against the walls; you’ll need to situate it beyond the room corners.


Many sectionals arrive in compound pieces that are destined to be stationary and join merely in a distinct pattern. Modular styles can comprise multiple pieces to be rearranged artistically.


Multi-functional sectional can get even more practical by offering a sleeping surface too. Sleeper sofa additions are characteristically featured with the chaise-type sectionals.

Futon Vs Sectional Sofa - A Detailed Comparison

What And Who They Are Suitable For?

Sectional sofas and futon carry several advantages and are ideal for various purposes serving different inclinations of the users.

Sectionals are ideal for:

  • There’s always room for more. The main intent of obtaining a sectional is clear-cut. It presents an abundant amount of seating space and is perfect for lounging for multiple users and even for frequent evening gatherings. Depending on the size, sectionals might offer space for quite a lot of people of all weights to sit than a standard couch.
  • It fits everywhere fitting all-sized rooms. Many people may imagine that sectionals will work only in outsized rooms but that’s not true. Sectionals will actually help capitalize on seating alternatives in tinier spaces, particularly when situated in a corner.
  • It characterizes an open floor plan adorning the needed airiness and arranging the space in a beautiful manner. A sectional’s broader size and structural shape can help produce distinctive rooms inside a bigger area.
  • It gives a freedom in choosing the styles according to the floor area. While buying an L-shape or chaise sectional, you can choose a left-facing or right-facing style. The distinctions are simple; just visualize you’re standing facing your sofa. If you desire the sectional to broaden out at right side, select a right-facing sectional; if you desire it to widen out at left, pick a left-facing sofa. If you want a bigger leg room, try a rounder or modular style which allows additional room for legs. Make sure it never upsets traffic flow.
  • The common placement can be against the wall, but for a sectional, you can spare a bit of real estate, you can float the extended arm or the whole piece out in the center of a room to visually blend things up is a grand manner. Never be scared to float this versatile piece.
Futon Vs Sectional Sofa - A Detailed Comparison

Futons are ideal for:

  • Futon mattresses carry immense seating and sleeping comfort to users by varying in terms of construction. The most common types include memory foam, high-density foam-and-coil construction. High-quality memory foam offers shape-conforming comfort and consistent support, molds finely to the body’s shape, and snap back into position slowly. This is comforting to side-sleepers, skinnier sleepers and kids. Pocket coils give exceptional joint support and pressure relief to heavy users, sleepers with health issues, and back sleepers.
  • Due to their lower profiles and balanced padding layers, nearly all futon mattresses fall between ‘Medium-Firm’ and ‘Plush’ supporting nearly users from all weight categories.
  • Removable armrests can be a plus point for taller futon sleepers who can otherwise find it tricky to fit comfily.
  • While futon mattresses may not be easy to air out regularly, they can be easy to keep clean. To ensure the mattress surface remains allergy-free and hygienic, most futon mattresses have detachable cotton and/or polyester fade-proof slipcovers which can be washed or dried in regular washing machines.
  • Price point of futons despite the construction and size are quite low for users wanting a good deal. While some may be a bit expensive option, most are highly affordable.
Futon Vs Sectional Sofa - A Detailed Comparison

Futon Vs. Sectional Sofa

Product Category Advantages Disadvantages
  • Foldable minimalistic structure taking up little space.
  • Perfectly fits with any decor.
  • Smart option to accommodate overnight guests.
  • Quick conversion from sofa to bed and vice versa.
  • Might have lower heights.
  • Thicker mattress dimensions set on a slatted wood/metal frame prevent regularly airing them out easily.
Sectional Sofa
  • Offers an abundant amount of seating space and urban/retro styles that’s perfect for lounging.
  • Depending on their dimension, sectionals offer room for multiple people than a conventional sofa.
  • Works best in larger rooms and also help optimize seating alternatives in tinier rooms.
  • Beautifies an open floor plan.
  • Broader size and structural form can create distinct visually-appealing sections within a larger room.
  • Sleeper options aren’t too abundant.
  • For certain sectionals, the corner seat might seem crammed for lounging legs if the entire sectional becomes occupied.
  • Might take up a larger space than imagined; users need to position it according to a measured-out plan.


Whether you buy a futon or a sectional sofa, you need to plan beforehand according to your needs and available space. Some users utilize futons as their chief sleeping surface at night or for naps, but they normally serve as guest beds to put up overnight sleepers. Futon mattresses are padded with materials like memory foam and some models contain a foam-coil combination as well to optimize comfort. Futons usually contain lower price-points in comparison to typical sofas and beds.

Before buying a sectional sofa, the most important thing you should do is to assess everything! Larger sectionals may simply overwhelm any room if you don’t correctly measure the space and just impulsively attempt to perceive how it fits inside a room. Just make sure you contain adequate room to appropriately move about the area before deciding to purchase. Purchasing the sectional sofa is a huge decision; if properly planned it will be a comfortable sprawling addition to the living room furniture!

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