Futon Sizes & Dimensions – Complete Guide

Futons take on the double duty of a couch and a bed in one piece of furniture. They are fantastic additions to your home because not only do they give you the functionality of two furniture pieces in one investment piece, but they will also take up only a fraction of the space that should be occupied by a separate sofa and bed setup. Futons come in several size options, and it will be up to you to choose the one that will give you the most benefits so you can fully maximize the size that you select without compromising the comfort of the occupant and without taking up too much of the available floor space in the room.

Futon Sizes

Futon Sizes & Dimensions – Complete Guide

Chair Futons – 28 x 54 inches

Futon Sizes & Dimensions – Complete Guide

Chair futons look like regular cushioned seats that can hold one person in a comfortable seating position. What makes this futon different from regular cushioned chairs is that the frame can be folded to lay flat when you need to use it as a sleeping area. As the futon chair’s frame is not long enough to accommodate a person in a fully reclining position for sleeping purposes, an ottoman is added to the end to provide an additional 21 inches of space. This extra length will make the futon setup more comfortable to stretch out and lie down on as a sleeping spot, but you can always remove the ottoman and put it elsewhere in the room to maintain the futon’s compact feature.



Chair futons are sized just like a regular cushioned chair in your living room or bedroom so they will take up only a small space. This is a crucial feature when you only have limited space available in your living room or bedroom, and the space will not be able to fit in larger furniture pieces. When not being used as a sleeping space the chair futon can be set up in the middle of other furniture or appliances where it can be enjoyed as a cozy seating nook that will not eat up a lot of floor area in the room.

Comfortable Seating

The futon functions as a comfortable seating area that can be transformed into a sleeping spot in a pinch. The chair futon is designed to have a deeply padded seat and back that you can use for hours of complete relaxation in an upright position that you can fully enjoy while watching TV, reading a novel, or online shopping on your laptop. When the desire or need to lie down hits, you can quickly adjust the futon frame so that it can accommodate your stretched-out position with the help of a removable ottoman.

Converts Easily into a Sleeping Area

The transformation to a compact sleeping area can be done by folding out the futon frame and then adding a padded ottoman on the foot area. The ottoman will serve to increase the length of the chair futon so it will be more comfortable to stretch out on and will not force you to keep your legs bent just to fit into the minimal length. The chair futon can accommodate one person in a snug sleeping area with thickly padded surfaces that will make the experience more enjoyable.


May Feel Cramped for some People

The chair futon is essentially a regular-sized cushioned chair that can be stretched out into a sleeping area. It has a compact design that works well as a seat but may feel too cramped as a sleeping space, especially when the occupant is used to large beds or tends to move around from one sleeping position to another in the middle of the night. The chair futon’s sleeping surface may also feel too small for persons with bulkier body structures who may find the compact space uncomfortable to use for long stretches of time.

Suitability of Chair-Sized Futons

Chair-sized futons are ideal choices for people who are looking for comfortable cushioned chairs that can occasionally be used as sleeping areas as well. This futon size’s compact profile makes it a suitable furniture piece for use in rooms that only have small spaces to spare in between other appliances or items that are already set up.

A chair-sized futon will be the perfect choice for accommodating a child in a comfortable sleeping area. The compact design, even without the ottoman, will have enough space for a small child to sleep on without the cramped feeling that can restrict natural movements, such as shifting from one position to another while sleeping.

Twin-Sized Futons – 39 x 75 inches

Futon Sizes & Dimensions – Complete Guide

Twin-sized futons come in low-profile designs that are great for small rooms because they will take up only a small area when set up as a sofa. The seating area can fit in two persons in upright positions while spending time with loved ones, watching TV, or engaging in other hobbies in the living room or bedroom. Twin-sized futons come in two options: a twin split and a twin lounger. The twin split futon has a futon frame sized at 39 x 54 inches, and the length can be improved by placing a 39 x 21-inch stand-alone ottoman at the foot area. Meanwhile, the twin lounger futon also has measurements of 39 x 54 inches, with the ottoman portion built into the frame that can be slid out to make the sleeping area lounger and can just as quickly be pushed back into the structure when the futon will be enjoyed as a seating area.


Comfortable Seating and Sleeping Area

Twin-sized futons do double-duty as seating and sleeping areas, making it possible for you to get the benefits of these 2 furniture pieces while investing in only one multifunctional product. These futons will serve as comfortable spaces to spend hours on when you prefer to spend your leisure time in a relaxed upright position, which can quickly be turned into bed by pulling on the built-in ottoman, or by placing a separate ottoman on the foot of the futon’s structure.

Low-Profile Design

The low-profile design of twin futons allows you enjoy the functions of a sofa and a sleeping spot in one piece of furniture that can fit into small rooms or even in tight corners of the bedroom or living room. A twin-sized futon can be set up in the room without the need to remove or adjust the position of the other furniture pieces or appliances that are already in their dedicated spaces.

Easy Conversion

Twin-sized futons are designed for quick conversion from a sofa configuration to a bed, and vice-versa. You can enjoy the comforts of a supportive and plush couch that can quickly be modified so that it serves as a flat sleeping surface, with the task being completed in only a matter of seconds. The twin split design has a frame that folds out into a flat area which can then be made longer by placing an ottoman at the end. On the other hand, the twin lounger can be folded out and the built-in ottoman pulled to lengthen the sleeping area.


Twin futons come in compact designs that have lower prices compared to the bigger futon sizes. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable lounging area that can easily be modified to become a sleeping space, but you will not need to spend a lot on this piece of furniture. The low-profile design is usually offered at a reasonable price that will allow you to take advantage of the premium features even with a limited budget.


Can Only Accommodate One Person for Sleeping

The twin-sized futon has enough space for one person to sleep in comfortably but may be too small to fit in two adults in comfortable sleeping positions. This may be a problem when there are two people who need to be accommodated with extra sleeping spaces in your home.

Suitability of Twin-Sized Futons

Twin-sized futons are suitable choices for those who are looking for space-saving furniture items that have multifunctional benefits. These futons will work wonderfully in small living rooms or bedrooms where they can be arranged among the existing appliances and furniture pieces without occupying a lot of the available floor space. A twin-sized futon will also work well in a guestroom where it is ready to welcome guests for their rest and relaxation moments.

A twin-sized futon is great for accommodating one person in a comfortable sleeping position without too much effort and time involved in arranging the sleeping area. The bed can be set up quickly by laying the futon frame flat and either placing a stand-alone ottoman at the foot or by pulling out the attached ottoman so that the entire sleeping surface becomes longer and more comfortable to use.

Full-Sized Futons – 54 x 75 inches

Futon Sizes & Dimensions – Complete Guide

Full-sized futons may be the most popular size for a sofa that converts into a sleeping area which does not take up too much space in any room it is set up in. The full-sized futon is great for a person who wants more space to enjoy while sleeping. There are 3 style options when it comes to full-sized futons: full, full split, and full lounger. The regular full-sized futon comes with a full-sized futon mattress when the frame is opened fully into a sleeper position. The full split option comes with a frame and mattress that spreads to a 54 x 54-inch size, which can then be extended with the use of a 54 x 21-inch detachable ottoman. The full lounger structure resembles the full split option, but with the ottoman built into the frame and ready to be pulled out to increase the length of the sleeping area.


Bigger Space for One Sleeper

Full-sized futons have sleeping surfaces that are bigger compared to the twin or chair futon sizes. This wider area can provide enhanced comfort to one person who will have the room to move or shift positions freely on the futon without being forced to remain in one cramped position for long hours at a time due to space limitations. In a pinch, the full-sized futon may even be used to accommodate up to two persons to share the sleeping space, depending on the comfort preference and body size of the occupants.

Spacious Seating Area

The full-sized futon is an inviting spot to rest and relax on while in an upright position in whatever room in the house the furniture is arranged. The sofa seating can accommodate up to three persons who can comfortably sit side by side while watching riveting shows on TV, or while enjoying deep conversations for hours at a time. It can also be enjoyed by one person who wants the spacious seating area for stretching out a bit while engaging in leisurely activities.

Compact Style

The full-sized futon has a compact construction that makes it a fantastic choice for small living rooms or bedrooms where you want to set up a couch that can quickly be turned into a sleeping area for house guests or loved ones to enjoy. The low-profile design allows you to save whatever space you have available in the room while making the most of the space that is occupied by this multifunctional piece of furniture. When you have this space-saving full-size futon, there will be no need to remove some of the furniture and appliances that are already arranged just to ensure that the futon can fit into the room.


Too Small for 2 Sleepers

While the full-size futon offers a spacious area for one person to sleep on, it may still not be enough to accommodate 2 persons in comfortable sleeping positions. The 54-inch width of the full-sized futon mattress leaves only 27 inches of space for each person to use for sleeping, which will feel too restrictive especially when one or both of the sleepers tend to shift sleeping positions throughout the night.

Suitability of Full-Sized Futons

A full-sized futon will work great for people who are looking for a comfortable seating area for up to 2 persons that can easily be converted to a bed when the need arises. The sleeping area can be enjoyed by one person who will have the extra room to stretch and move around while sleeping for continuous comfort all night long.

It will be a terrific addition to the living room where it can offer hours of total relaxation when it is used as a couch and can also be set up in guestrooms to provide multifunctional benefits to the friends and loved ones you will be welcoming for a night or two in your place.

This futon size is perfect as an everyday couch where you and your family or friend can spend long hours enjoying each other’s company without being too far apart from one another. It ensures that you can spend time together with loved ones as you engage in your favorite activities without being crowded into a tight space.

Queen-Sized Futons – 60 x 80 inches

Futon Sizes & Dimensions – Complete Guide

Queen-sized futons offer spacious seating and sleeping areas in any room in your home. Depending on the configuration of the queen futon, it can accommodate 2 to 4 persons when it is used as a couch where you can spend hours of relaxation in an upright seated position. The futon can be converted to a queen-sized bed that can be used by up to 2 adults without their movements being restricted by a cramped space, which can happen when using smaller futon sizes.


Generous Lounging Space

Queen-sized futons offer a spacious seating area when they are in their couch configuration. This is a popular size that works superbly as a sofa that can fit in up to 4 persons depending on the style of the futon, so you can be sure that more people can simultaneously enjoy the furniture without the need to transfer to other seating spots in the surrounding area. The futon size has generous seating but also takes up only a small space in any room it occupies.

Spacious Sleeping Area

A queen-sized futon is designed with the space where 2 adults can lie down and stretch comfortably without feeling overcrowded, which may be the case with futons that are smaller in size. Depending on the preference and body structure of the occupants, the futon may also be used by up to 3 persons, such as 2 adults and 1 child or 1 adult and 2 children sleeping on the futon in comfortable positions.


This futon size offers a practical space solution that can be used as a regular sleeping area, which will address space constraints in the home or in small spaces to be used for rest and sleeping. It is an affordable bed setup that costs much less compared to a regular mattress and bed frame combination, allowing you to save money while enjoying the premium features of a multipurpose furniture piece.

Comfortable for Daily Use

Queen-sized futons are built with premium materials and generous sizing that allow them to be used as everyday sleeping futons that will not compromise your comfort. Even when they are regularly converted from a sofa to a bed and vice-versa, the construction is designed to withstand the frequent adjustments so you can be sure that the futon will remain strong for a long time. The furniture is also designed for your long-lasting comfort so you can spend long hours of peaceful slumber night after night without body pains to ruin the experience.


The queen-sized futon is perfect for 2 persons sharing the bed, which can easily be transformed back to its couch arrangement to save even more space and so it can be enjoyed as another piece of furniture that does not take up too much space.


May Not Fit into Smaller Spaces

The bigger size of the queen futon may not be able to fit into cramped rooms that have limited space. As such, this size may not be the best option if you are looking for the smallest multifunctional furniture piece available.

Suitability of Queen-Sized Futons

Queen-sized futons are excellent choices for use as everyday sleeping futons instead of a regular bedframe and mattress setup that will eat up almost all the available space in small rooms. The generous sizing can accommodate 2 adults in comfortable sleeping positions and may even be big enough for 3 persons, as for 2 adults + 1 child or an adult + 2 children using the futon as a bed. These futons are also comfortable enough to be used on a daily basis, so you will not need to worry that using them regularly will lead to body aches.

These futons are affordable options to traditional mattress and bed frame combos that can take a big chunk out of your budget. You can enjoy the high-quality features of 2 furniture pieces – a bed and a couch – with just one investment piece that will work wonderfully in any room in your home.


Q: Can a chair futon be used as a bed?

A: Yes, especially if you add an ottoman to the mix. The chair futon can accommodate a child in a comfortable sleeping position when its structure is folded out, but the ottoman makes it a more ideal sleeping space for an adult to stretch out on.

Q: Which futon sizes are the most popular ones?

A: The most readily available and popular are the full and the queen sizes, which are spacious enough to accommodate a few people comfortably when used as a sofa in the living room or in another spot in your house. These sizes also provide comfortable space for sleeping for friends and loved ones to enjoy when staying overnight in your place.

Q: Do I need to get an ottoman along with the futon?

A: It depends on your need. The ottoman works to extend the length of the futon so it will be an important component to make the sleeping area more comfortable to sleep on. The ottoman also serves as an extra seating area that can be placed away from the futon when it is not being used as a sleeping surface.

Q: What futon size is the most comfortable?

A: This will depend on who will use the futon and how it will be used. A chair futon can be a comfortable option for one person in a seated position and may be a relaxing sleeping spot for a child but may feel too cramped for an adult to sleep on. As the sizes go bigger, larger spaces are also offered by the futon for both seating and sleeping purposes that can bring enhanced comfort to more occupants.

Q: Which sizes are the most affordable?

A: The futons that usually have the lowest prices are the ones with the smallest sizes, such as the chair or the twin-sized options. These sizes allow you to maximize the available space with a piece of multipurpose furniture without spending too much for the experience.

Q: What futon size can be used daily as a comfortable sleeping area?

A: Depending on the materials used to construct the furniture, all futon sizes can be comfortable enough to be used daily. However, the full- and queen-sized futons may offer a higher level of comfort because of the larger sleeping surfaces, especially for the queen size that can be used as a bed regularly by 2 adults without feeling discomfort.

Q: What size should I choose for my living room?

A: It is important to measure the available space in your living room to ensure that the futon will fit in well without intruding on the space of the surrounding furniture and appliances but should also work well aesthetically by not looking too small or too big in the room. The right futon size should bring comfort as a seating and sleeping area while maximizing the space available in the room.

Q: Why are king-sized futons not that common?

A:  Futons are built to be space-saving furniture pieces that offer multifunctional benefits. This is the reason why king-sized futons are not available because such a size will take up too much space in the room where it will be placed in and will defeat the goal of delivering the benefits of 2 furniture items in one product without eating up all the available floor space.

Q: What is the most suitable spot in the room setting up the futon?

A: Any spot in the room that can fit in the measurements of the futon and where it can be enjoyed by the occupants will be a great one for the futon. However, it is important to ensure that some space clearance is provided at the back and front portions of the futon to accommodate the furniture’s conversion into a bed, which involves stretching out the frame to form a flat sleeping surface, and then maybe the addition of an ottoman.

Q: Can a full-sized futon accommodate 2 adults for sleeping purposes?

A: Yes, but the sleepers may feel a bit cramped when sleeping on a twin-sized futon, depending on their body structure and comfort preferences. If you are looking for a futon that has enough space for 2 adults to sleep comfortably, it is better to choose the queen-sized option as it offers a more generous surface to stretch out on for all-night comfort.


High-quality futons come in different sizes that cater to customers’ varying needs. The most suitable futon size should address your need for comfortable seating and sleeping areas while maximizing the available space in the room to ensure both functional and aesthetic benefits. The best products in this category have been selected to help you decide on the option that will suit your requirements as well as the size availability in the room where you are planning to set it up.

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