Firm Vs Plush Mattress Toppers - A Detailed Comparison

Do you feel like your mattress is not as comfortable as it used to be? This is natural when you’ve used your mattress for several years and the structure has undergone significant deterioration. If you are worried you’ll need to break the bank to buy a brand-new mattress to continue sleeping in bliss, you might want to consider trying out a mattress topper first.

Firm Vs Plush Mattress Toppers - A Detailed Comparison

Mattress toppers are designed to enhance an existing mattress, making it comfortable once more. Toppers have become extremely popular because they can be used to bring back life to old mattresses, allowing them to be enjoyed for a long time. A mattress topper is a more economical way of improving the comfort level of your sleeping area effortlessly, as you won’t need to shell out a huge amount of money to replace your old mattress. Toppers are made from a wide variety of materials that offer various benefits depending on the users’ requirements and preferences. As you shop around for the best mattress toppers, you may be faced with choosing between a firm vs a plush topper. Both of these options have their unique set of benefits. You should get to know them so you can decide on the most suitable mattress topper to revive the life of your old mattress.

Firm Toppers

Firm Vs Plush Mattress Toppers - A Detailed Comparison

Firm toppers have dense structures that aim to provide outstanding support for the body. They can effortlessly provide much-needed stability on a mattresses’ surface to help maintain the body’s proper alignment in various sleeping positions. A firm mattress topper works to improve the feel of a sagging mattress by providing a supportive top layer that will prevent the sleeper from going deeper into it. Latex and memory foam are materials that are commonly used in firm toppers that can also cover lumps and bumps to make the mattress comfortable to sleep on again.

Pros And Cons

Firm Vs Plush Mattress Toppers - A Detailed Comparison


Delivers Additional Support

A firm mattress topper provides enhanced stability and helps maintain the correctly aligned position of the spine as you sleep for long hours at a time. This will allow you to continue sleeping in the position you prefer without feeling the pain that can be the result of your body being curved in unnatural ways as it tries to look for the most comfortable position on an unsupportive bed. This enhanced support can ensure you’ll wake up the next morning feeling completely refreshed.

May Help with Snoring and Sleep Apnea

As stated above, firm toppers will work to sustain the proper alignment of the body so that it does not curve unnaturally, which may happen when using a mattress that is too soft. A properly aligned spine maintains its natural curve so that the airways are left open, preventing problems associated with sleep apnea. Keeping the posture correctly aligned while sleeping can also stop the tongue from falling back and helps with snoring problems.

Covers Lumps and Depressions In the Mattress

The dense structure of a firm topper is the perfect way to cover a mattress’ signs of aging. The topper forms a barrier on top of the mattress so you can continue to use it without feeling the lumps and bumps that may have formed over the years. It can also be used to even out the surface of a mattress that has developed deep depressions. These can otherwise cause a great deal of discomfort .

Revives a Sagging Mattress

A firm topper offers an easy yet effective way of improving a sagging mattress. The topper’s rigid profile is designed to be placed on top of an old mattress so the sleeping surface becomes a lot more supportive, with a firmness that can make sleep experiences more pleasurable night after night. Instead of buying a new mattress, the firm topper can be used to make the sagging mattress comfortable again for restful nights of sleep.

Affordable Way of Enjoying a Firm Mattress

When your mattress starts to become too soft, the first option that may come to mind is to buy a brand-new one. The firm mattress topper provides you with a more affordable alternative of firming up your old mattress so it becomes more comfortable to use – and you will not need to go out of and way beyond your normal budget just to purchase a mattress replacement.

Enhanced Durability

The materials used for firm toppers are more durable compared to those used in plush toppers. This means that you can expect your firm mattress topper to withstand more than the normal wear and tear for years to come, allowing you to reap all the product’s benefits.


Can Feel Uncomfortably Hard

A firm topper may initially feel too hard, especially for people who have been sleeping on plush surfaces most of their lives. It can also be uncomfortable for people who have muscle or body pain, who will instead benefit from sleeping on a much softer mattress topper.

Heavy Structure

Firm mattress toppers are made with dense materials that can be significantly heavier compared to plush toppers. Placing and removing the firm topper may be a problem if you are not used to lifting heavy items or if you do not have anyone else to help you with this task. This heaviness can also be an issue if you plan on storing the firm mattress topper when it is not being used, since it may be too bulky to carry from one room to another.

Plush Toppers

Firm Vs Plush Mattress Toppers - A Detailed Comparison

Plush toppers are great for making a too-firm mattress softer, so it becomes more comfortable to sleep on. They provide additional cushioning to the top layer of the mattress so it can cradle your body welcomingly. Plush mattress toppers are made with materials that are less dense compared to those used for firm toppers. These materials – including down, bamboo, polyfoam, and feather – bring an extra layer of softness to make the sleeping surface much more comfortable even when the mattress underneath has grown too hard and unwelcoming.

Pros And Cons

Firm Vs Plush Mattress Toppers - A Detailed Comparison


Softens a Hard Mattress

A plush topper works wonders in making a hard mattress more comfortable. It instantly transforms the sleeping surface. The plush topper provides more cushioning that can protect your body from feeling the pain that can result from sleeping on a mattress that is extremely hard and stiff.

Lightweight Structure

Plush toppers come with lightweight structures that are a breeze to carry around, so you won’t have a difficult time setting them up. Cleaning and/or maintaining the plush topper is quite easy and can be done without too much effort. If you need to remove the topper and store it in another room, the task can be done very conveniently.

Makes the Sleeping Surface More Welcoming

A plush topper can make a hard mattress feel cozier so that you can be comfortable while using it once more. The additional softness can deliver a cradling sensation that hugs the shape of your body as soon as you lie down and can make your sleep experience a more pleasurable one. Plush toppers are especially beneficial for people who have certain health issues including muscle pain, spinal cord problems, and arthritis.


Can Deteriorate More Quickly

As plush toppers are made with more lightweight and less dense materials, they tend to deteriorate quickly, especially when used regularly. This means that the life of a plush topper is expected to be much shorter compared to firm toppers made from denser materials.

May Not Provide Adequate Support

A plush topper may not be able to provide the support needed to keep the body in a properly aligned position when sleeping. While it softens a hard mattress, it may also bring some sort of discomfort when the surface becomes too soft and unsupportive.

Firm Vs Plush Mattress Toppers - Comparison

Firm Toppers Plush Toppers
Very Good
Very Good
Mattress Improvement
Adds firmness to a sagging mattress
Enhances the softness of a hard mattress

Key Takeaways

  • Firm and plush mattress toppers can revive the life of a mattress that has deteriorated over time so they can become comfortable again.
  • When choosing between firm and plush toppers, it’s important to consider personal comfort preferences to be able to make the wisest purchase decision.
  • Plush toppers are used to make a too-hard mattress softer and can cover lumps or bumps that may have formed on the mattress over time.
  • Firm toppers work to enhance the stability of a sagging mattress so that it can provide the necessary support to the individual using the sleeping surface.
  • A plush topper has a lightweight structure that is convenient to move around and store, but the materials may deteriorate quicker.
  • A firm topper can be quite heavy and bulky to carry but is made with dense materials that offer enhanced durability for long-term use.


Q: How does a firm topper improve a mattress?

A: The firm topper can make a sagging and too-soft mattress firmer so it can provide adequate stability to the persons using it as a sleeping surface.

Q: Can a plush topper improve the feel of a hard mattress?

A: Yes, a plush mattress is designed to make a hard mattress feel more comfortable by adding another layer of cushioning on top.

Q: Why does a plush topper tend to deteriorate more quickly?

A: Plush toppers are usually made with lightweight materials that are less durable than the dense materials used in firm toppers. As a result, plush mattress toppers are more prone to quick deterioration, especially with regular use.

Q: Is it uncomfortable to sleep on a mattress with a firm topper?

A: Sleeping on a firm topper may take some getting used to, and it can be uncomfortable for people who are used to sleeping on softer surfaces. However, with regular use, the strong support provided by the firm topper may even result in a more enjoyable sleep experience.


Firm and plush mattress toppers both provide numerous benefits when it comes to improving the functionality and comfortability of an old mattress. Deciding between a plush versus a firm topper will be made easier when you take the time to familiarize yourself with each option to determine which one will deliver the advantages you require.


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