eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Complete Review

The eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress has been designed and constructed to focus exclusively on providing comfort at its best. The mattress is assembled by expert craftsmen in the United States, and very strict standards are followed.  The mattress provides a plush feel even though it is highly supportive. The mattress is shipped to the purchaser in compressed and rolled form to allow for convenience in handling and set up. It consists of gel-infused memory foam and a support foam base and as such is an all-foam mattress which provides both comfort and support. It creates a cool sleep environment and enables a perfectly calm, undisturbed and deep sleep throughout the night without any tossing ad turning due to discomfort. One out of 45 of these mattresses sold is donated to charity.

Materials and Construction

The mattress consists of two layers of foam. The topmost layer is that of 3-inch gel-infused memory foam, and the bottom layer is a 7-inch support foam base. The top layer is 3.0 lb. layer while the bottom layer is a 1.8 lb. Layer.  The top layer exhibits properties of both viscoelastic memory foam as well as gel-infusion. The gel-infused memory foam is obtained by infusing millions of gel particles into memory foam, and the insertion of this cooling gel provides extra comfort as it allows heat to be wicked away by a circulating airflow. This occurs due to the open cell structure of the gel-infused memory foam which allows air to go through it. The airflow not only creates coolness but also enables to keep the mattress and the body dry. This enables a very comfortable, cool and dry sleep. This is the case even in warm summer nights.  The infusion of gel in memory foam is in answer to certain complaints about regular memory foam that it makes the sleeper sleep hot. With gel-infusion, this complaint is more than adequately taken care of, and the gel-infused memory foam creates a very cool and thermally regulated sleep environment.

Gel-infused memory foam provides many other benefits besides keeping the body cool on top of the mattress throughout the night. It has got all the properties of regular memory foam as well. It features the signature plush feel of the regular memory foam which provides a lot of comforts.  The gel-infused memory foam layer cushions the body and relieves pressure points. In traditional beds, the mattress applies an upward force against the gravitational pull. This results in different parts of the body coming under severe pressure. These parts include the head, neck, hips, shoulders, and heels. Traditional beds are unable to relieve the pressure points resulting in the individual who sleeps on them waking up with numb arms and legs and sore muscles. The gel-infused memory foam layer takes the stress off these pressure points and relieves them. This way, the individual sleeps comfortably without being bothered by the discomfort associated with the pressure points.

The gel-infused memory foam layer cradles the body and molds around it. It gets compressed at places which are directly under the body and not in other areas. As the body weights shifts, the parts that are no longer under bodyweight regain their shape and the areas now under the body get compressed. This also prevents the body from rolling. However, the cradling and molding are such that the body does not feel as if it is ‘stuck;  It is merely prevented from rolling over the mattress. Traditional beds normally concentrate the weight of the body in areas under the body, and this also creates a lot of stress on pressure points especially, the gips, shoulders, and the head. The gel-infused memory foam layer distributes the weight of the body evenly across the mattress surface thereby taking the pressure off these body parts. As such, the even distribution of weight is another comfort giving feature of this mattress.

The infusion of gel into memory foam creates open cell structures which allow for constant airflow through them. The gel-infused memory foam layer repels allergens and dust mites and does not let them live and thrive in the mattress. The mattress becomes hypoallergenic as a result. The same is the case with the support foam base. Bot these foam layers are dense enough to not allow dust mites and allergens and as such the entire mattress becomes hypoallergenic. This feature is very helpful for those people who often get up on traditional beds with skin irritations or stuffed noses. Traditional beds with springs have empty spaces which house allergens and dust mites, and there could be over a million dust mites in a traditional bed. They might be harmless however; they do create a nuisance and cause allergies. On the gel-memory foam layer, people prone to allergies can get a very comfortable sleep throughout the night without fearing that they would be affected by either allergens or dust mites.

The gel-infused memory foam mattress in conjunction with the support foam allows for minimum motion transfer and maximum motion isolation. When couples sleep on the mattress, movement by one sleep partner will not disturb the other. As one partner gets up, the gel-infused memory foam layer under him/her would regain its original shape and form.  As no body impressions are created on gel-infused memory foam, the layer would only stay compressed under the partner who is still sleeping on the mattress. The motion would not be transferred, and the other sleep partner would not be disturbed. This motion isolation capability is ideal for couples who have different sleep schedules.

The eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress also contains Poly-blend Protective cover which has got a zipper and which can be opened and removed. This cover is machine washable. It has been constructed with a polyester weave. It has got an 80:20 ratio for polyester and Spandex. The addition of Spandex to polyester gives it eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Complete Review the required elasticity which helps in putting it on to the mattress and also while taking it off. It is highly durable and gives a very snug fit. When Spandex is mixed with polyester, it becomes a very useful and strong fabric which is both durable and very soft to touch.  The stretchiness of Spandex is the property that imparts higher elasticity to the blended fabric cover. It can retain its original shape as well.

The base support foam layer of the mattress instrumental in providing the required support to the upper layer of the mattress as well as the body. It is this layer which prevents the body from sinking into the mattress. This layer does not apply a strongly buoyant effect like that of spring but gently pushes the body back upwards. This gentle pushback is responsible for the support provided to the body as one lays down on the mattress. The combined effect of bot the top layer which provides comfort and the bottom layer which provides support is a highly comfortable and supportive sleep. The deep rest is both cool and pressure-relieving due to the cooling and stress relieving properties of the gel-infused memory foam. The availability of the support is a necessity for the comfort level as without the required support, the body would not be able to get comfortable and would tend to sink into the mattress. The high-quality elastic Polyester Spandex cover, the gel-infused memory foam layer as well as the base support foam layer, all of these contribute in part to make the night rest very comfortable, supportive, cool and pressure-relieving for the individual. The cool nature of sleep has vital importance because if the sleeper feels hot throughout the night, he/she will remain uncomfortable regardless of the pressure relief and support offered by the mattress. The gel-infusion makes it all possible as it creates a thermally regulated seep environment on top of the mattress by dispersing the body heat away from the body and ensuring to keep it dry and cool throughout the night as a result of its moisture-wicking properties.

eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Firm
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty, 120-night Free trial
Type: All Foam Mattress
Ideal for: People who prefer a firm feel.  All types of sleepers including side, back and stomach sleepers, People with allergies and sensitive skins as well as couples.
Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US certified foams
Differentiators: Cool, Temperature regulating, pressure-relieving, body-conforming, moisture-wicking, and supportive.
Comparable Mattresses: Arctic Dreams 10″ Quick Response, Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

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Rating: 4.2/5.0

Comfort and Ergonomics

The ergonomics in this mattress stem from the fact that it contains gel-infused memory foam layer on the top. This eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Complete Review layer exhibits all the properties of both the gel infusion as well as the viscoelastic memory foam. The memory foam is known to mold around the body ad cradle it gently by adjusting to the contours of the body. As such, the memory foam takes the shape of the body, and as soon as the body shifts its position on the mattress, the memory foam under the new body position gets compressed and adjusts to the contours while the part of the memory foam layer which was previously under the body regains its shape. All of this is done gently and as such does not give any uncomfortable feeling to the sleeper. This memory foam property also ensures that nobody impressions are left on the mattress.  The body-conforming nature of the gel-infused memory foam layer is the one that creates the excellent ergonomics which give a high level of comfort to the sleeper.

The regular memory foam provides a lot of benefits but in warm summer nights and even otherwise would tend to make the sleeper sleep hot as it does not pass air through it. The gel-infusion through the memory foam opens up the cell structure and enables a constant airflow which keeps the mattress cool and dry. The circulating air wicks away the sweat and moisture and allows the individual lying down on the mattress to feel very comfortable and pleasant as a result. It is very hard to sleep if one is sweating and if the perspiration is not drying. The use of a fan or air conditioner in the room can do a lot of good, but they do not tend to dry the portion between the lower part of the body and the mattress and as such the discomfort continues. With gel-infusion in memory foam, the matters itself aids in the sweat and moisture evaporation and ensures that both the mattress and the body remain dry and cool. This also helps to cut down energy costs as the sleeper would not need a lot of air conditioning to handle the issue of sleeping hot and the overall sleep experience would be of comfort and coolness.

Another source of comfort is the complete absence of such irritants as the dust mites and allergens. They might not do a lot of harm but would keep the sleeper disturbed and irritated all the time, thereby affecting his/her sleep and causing discomfort. Discomfort and lack of sleep in the night translate to the entire nex6 day spoiled as the individual does not feel fully rejuvenated and energetic to handle the requirements of the hectic day. This mattress ensures that there are no dust mites or allergens to disturb the sleeper and therefore he/she would have a very cool and completely undisturbed sleep throughout the night. The result is true comfort and a deep rest which recharge the individual to face the hectic nature of the day with a lot vitality and vigor.  Thus, the mattress acts as a recharger for a tired individual as it completely shields him/her from all sorts of irritants and sources of discomfort throughout the night.

The comfort level on this cool and pressure relieving mattress is further amplified by the presence of a high level of support which keeps the body in its desired position. The spine is aligned properly, and all the different parts of the body are fully supported. The mattress also ensures maximum comfort level to couples who sleep on this mattress. eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Complete Review They are assured minimum motion transfer as the mattress keeps their movements from disturbing one another. In traditional beds, when one partner gets up, the other one might even get jolted out of bed. Nothing like this would ever happen on this mattress as the mattress isolates their movements and does not transfer them to cause discomfort to either of them. There are many couples who have different working hours and as such need to have different sleep schedules and this mattress can fulfill their requirements very easily. When one of them would get up to leave for work, the other one would continue sleeping and would not be disturbed.

Durability and Warranty

The durability of the mattress is directly related to the durability of the materials which are used in its construction. Starting from the mattress covet, it is very durable as it is made out of polyester, which is a highly durable material and blended with Spandex which is equally durable as well. The blend of these two ensures that the cover would not just be durable because of the individual materials used in making it but also because of the elasticity produced in the cover with the addition of Spandex which makes it very convenient to use.  The ease of use of a product also makes it more durable as it is less likely to get damaged due to intense use. The cover is very easy to take off and put on not just because it has got a zipper but also because it is elastic and can easily be manipulated while taking it off the mattress or while putting it on it.

The foam layers used in the mattress are highly durable as well. Both the foam layers are CertiPUR-US certified and as such carry a third-party independent laboratory certification assuring that the mattress does not contain any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, PBDEs, mercury, lead, other heavy metals, fire retardants or ozone depleters, etc.  The certification also ensures that the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are well under control and within acceptable limits.  The CertiPUR-US certification is about both content and performance. This leads to the assurance of high durability as well.  The absence of such harmful chemicals and low emissions portend that the mattress would be durable and would last for a very long time.  The low level of emissions also means that the room air would remain clean and this is a great benefit in terms of health and wellness. This property also assures the purchaser that he/she can use it for all of its long life without worrying about replacing it for health or wellness related reasons, etc. Thus, it is durable from this aspect as well.

The dense nature of the gel-infused memory foam, as well as that, ensure that of the support foam ensure a high level of quality. The dense the foam, the better is its quality. If the quality of the foam is good, it will tend to last for a long eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Complete Review time and not degrade over time. This feature of the two foam layers in this mattress also contributes directly to making the mattress very durable. The absence of dust mites and allergens due to the gel infusion as well as the dense structure is another reason behind the durability of the mattress as it stays odor-free and does not allow these irritants to live and thrive inside it.

The mattress needs to be maintained well to support its durability and make its life even longer. It needs to be placed on a solid surface like a bed frame or a foundation to prevent it from sagging. It should also be held firmly so that it does not wobble or slide. It can only be spot cleaned with water-based products, and no bleach or chemicals should be applied to it. If it gets a liquid spill, a piece of cloth can be pressed against the spill to ooze the liquid out and then it can be cleaned with water-based products. After cleaning, it can be air-dried as application of heat could disturb the body-conforming properties of the gel-infused memory foam layer. Heating pads and electric blankets need to be avoided. After unpacking, it should be placed in an airy location and allowed to regain its shape and give out the process gas which would be replaced by the cleanroom air. This would make it odorless. With such precautions and maintenance, the mattress would last for a very long time.

The warranty for this mattress is ten years. It is a limited warranty which covers effects due to materials and workmanship.  The warranty claim requires proof of purchase, and the warranty starts from the date of purchase of the mattress. Defects due to cuts, burns, wear and tear are not covered. The damage due to issues during transportation or mishandling is not covered either. The manufacturer offers a 120-night free trial as well.


The mattress is 10 inches thick, and once it is placed on the bed frame or foundation, the total sleep system height would be this height plus the height of the base of the foundation or the bed frame. If it turns out to be more than desired, a lower foundation or bed frame could be used. The mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. The Twin size is 42.3 x 19.1 x 19 inches and weighs 49.6 lbs. The Twin XL weighs 49.5 lbs., and it is 75 x 39 x 10 inches in size. The Full size is 89 lbs. in weight, and its dimensions are 75 x 54 x 10 inches. The Queen size weighs 80 x 60 x 10 inches while the King size is 80 x 76 x 10 inches. Finally, the California King size is 42 x 21.5 x 20.5 inches and weighs 90 lbs.

Who is it Ideal for?

The eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is good for all types of sleepers regardless of whether they eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Complete Review sleep on their side, back or on the stomach.  It is good for couples as it prevents motion transfer and people with allergy issues can use it too as it repels allergens and dust mites.  It is also liked by people who prefer eco-friendly products and care for room air quality.


  • The mattress provides a very cool and comfortable sleep surface.
  • The mattress provides pressure relief and body-conformance.
  • The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified.
  • The mattress is assembled in the United States.
  • It is highly supportive and durable.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic.


  • Some people find it too firm for their taste.


The eLuxurySupply 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress provides a cool, dry, and comfortable sleep surface. It relieves pressure points and distributes body weight evenly. It is temperature regulating and highly supportive. It also provides motion isolation which is especially beneficial for couples. It is hypoallergenic and keeps allergens and dust mites away.

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