Egyptian Cotton Vs Cotton - A Detailed Comparison

After long and tiring days, you deserve to come home to a bed that can keep you completely relaxed. The quality of the bed’s sheets and pillowcases can have an immediate effect on your relaxation, so choosing high-quality bedding can be truly beneficial. When you want to upgrade the look and feel of your bed, you might want to check out the top-quality choices when it comes to cotton beddings.

Egyptian Cottons Vs Cotton

Premium quality beddings are synonymous with luxury and can improve the overall ambiance of the bedroom. Egyptian cotton and conventional cotton are materials that are used for beddings, with both options offering an inviting softness that can lull you to sleep in no time at all. These two options have their own distinct features and benefits that make them ideal for addressing various needs, especially when it comes to comfortability and cost considerations. Egyptian cotton may be thought of as the top choice. Meanwhile, bed sheets and pillowcases that are made with regular cotton are known for their dependable softness and strength and may be preferable for people who are looking for the most affordable option without giving up the features that make the bed setup a comfortable one. 

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton comes from cotton plants that can be found only in Egypt’s Nile River Valley, where the area’s climate is especially conducive to growing and cultivating fine quality cotton fibers. This type of cotton is used in luxury fabric products including but not limited to bedroom and bathroom essentials. To ensure the quality of Egyptian cotton products, the Cotton Egypt Association has a strict accreditation process for all manufacturers, guaranteeing continued transparency when it comes to the authenticity of the fabric using the latest technology. The triangular Egyptian Cotton label that comes with accredited manufacturers’ products will provide you with the assurance that you are investing in authentic Egyptian cotton bedding of the highest quality, and not just cotton sourced in Egypt (or other areas) that may be of lower quality.

Egyptian Cottons Vs Cotton


Luxurious Softness

Egyptian cotton comes with a supreme softness that is made possible by the way the cotton fibers are handled. From the moment the cotton is harvested, great care is made to preserve its quality. Egyptian cotton is handpicked so the long-staple fibers remain intact and do not lose their superior softness and strength. This is a marked improvement compared to the way regular cotton is harvested by machines. They handle the cotton plants roughly, resulting in the fibers being cut mercilessly. This causes them to lose a considerable amount of softness. Egyptian cotton beddings are known for their marvelous softness, making them the preferred material by luxury hotels and resorts, and by people who want to upgrade the feel of their beds to something more lavish. These beddings will also become softer with time, so you will be able to continue enjoying their fantastic qualities as the years go by.

Resistance to Fading

Egyptian cotton is a highly absorbent material, making it extremely receptive to dyeing. The material successfully absorbs bright dyes and keeps the color intact for a long time. Compared to conventional cotton that may fade more quickly over time, Egyptian cotton beddings can be used heavily or frequently for years without the color fading. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic aesthetics of the beddings for long-term use without the colors or prints fading, even with multiple washings to keep the sheets and pillowcases clean over the years.

Resistance to Pilling and Tearing

Egyptian cotton is made from unbroken, extra-long-staple cotton fibers that retain their strength and durability from the moment they are harvested until they are turned into beddings and other home essentials. This quality also contributes to the fibers maintaining a flexible structure that will easily adapt to the movement of the fabric instead of resisting it, which can result in damage. This flexibility can be seen in the way that Egyptian cotton can resist pilling and tearing. Instead of fighting the friction that the beddings are subjected to, the material exhibits the flexibility needed to be able to prevent pilling even with heavy usage and constant washing. The beddings can be enjoyed for years without signs of pilling that can be seen more easily and quickly in lower-quality products.

Increased Strength and Durability

The extra-long staple fibers of Egyptian cotton remain unbroken from the harvesting until its transformation to a top-quality fabric. This results not only in luxurious softness but also in incredible strength that keeps the material intact through numerous washings and years of use.


Egyptian cotton beddings are breathable and promote good ventilation to prevent heat buildup. With air being allowed to move through the fabric, the sheets and pillowcases can maintain comfortably cool surfaces that will protect you from feeling overheated, even with sudden temperature spikes during the night. The highly absorbent material also works to wick away moisture from the surface so your sleep will not be interrupted by a sweaty and sticky sensation.


Easily Wrinkled

The softness of Egyptian cotton makes it susceptible to wrinkling. This can be an issue when you want your bed to always look smooth and tidy even with continuous use. However, the problem can be solved by ironing.


Egyptian cotton beddings are considered the most luxurious cotton sheets and pillowcases – and this luxury comes with a correspondingly high price. Egyptian cotton is more expensive than conventional cotton, which can be an issue for those who prefer the most affordable option available.

Egyptian Cottons Vs Cotton

Regular Cotton

Cotton is a strong and durable material that’s widely used for beddings, towels, clothes, and other fabric essentials. Regular cotton is grown and processed using a conventional method that involves the use of heavy machinery to harvest the cotton fibers from the plant. It also uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides to protect the plant from being ravaged by pests. Regular cotton beddings offer an affordable way of enjoying the benefits of cotton without having to break the bank for the experience.

Egyptian Cottons Vs Cotton


Easy to Wash

Cotton beddings can easily be cleaned by placing them in the washing machine and letting them go through the normal washing cycle. They will not need special steps or procedures such as hand-washing or dry cleaning, so you won’t need to spend too much time and effort to keep them clean.

Strong and Durable

Cotton beddings will remain strong even after being washed multiple times. Unlike delicate materials such as rayon that can easily be torn apart when it gets wet, cotton actually becomes stronger when wet, so there will be no problem keeping it clean with frequent laundry sessions. The material also keeps its structural integrity even with continuous use throughout the years and can resist damage from long-term use.


Conventional cotton beddings cost less compared to more luxurious options such as Egyptian cotton. They are a great choice for people who prefer affordable cotton sheets and pillowcases that will still provide the comforting softness for their beds without the accompanying exorbitant price.


Not as Soft as Egyptian Cotton

Conventional cotton is soft but does not have the wonderful softness of the higher quality cotton options. If you are looking for pillowcases, sheets, and blankets that can provide you with the luxurious softness that can make your bedroom feel like a 5-star hotel suite, you may want to choose Egyptian cotton bedding instead.

Can Feel Too Warm

Regular cotton has a breathable structure, but it can feel a bit stifling, especially in warm weather. Egyptian cotton offers increased breathability that allows air to easily move through to prevent overheating even with hours of sound sleep in mostly the same position.

Egyptian Cottons Vs Cotton

Egyptian Cotton Vs Cotton - Comparison

Egyptian Cotton Regular Cotton
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Breathable
  • Resistant to pilling and tearing
  • Resistant to fading
  • Stronger and more durable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to wash
  • Strong and durable
  • Expensive
  • Wrinkles easily
  • Can feel extremely warm
  • Not as soft as Egyptian cotton

Key Takeaways

  • Egyptian cotton and regular cotton beddings can both make your bed comfortable, but they come with varying levels of softness and durability.
  • Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile River Valley and the fibers are picked by hand. This results in extra-long-staple fibers that retain their supremely soft and durable structure until they are transformed into top-quality fabric.
  • The heavy machinery used in harvesting conventional cotton can harshly cut the cotton fibers so their softness and strength can be diminished in the process.
  • Egyptian cotton is luxuriously soft and does not easily fade, pill, or tear over time even with multiple washings.
  • Regular cotton beddings are more affordable options, but they are generally not as soft and durable as Egyptian cotton.


Q: What makes Egyptian cotton softer than regular cotton?

A: Egyptian cotton is picked by hand, so the fibers retain their length and superior softness until they are transformed into luxurious fabric. On the other hand, regular cotton is harvested by machines that cut the fibers into shorter lengths, which can decrease the softness and strength of the resulting fabric.

Q: How can Egyptian cotton resist fading?

A: Egyptian cotton is an extremely absorbent material. When the dye gets absorbed by the cotton fibers, they stay intact, which means the material is resistant to color fading or bleeding even with repeated washings and continuous use.

Q: Which one is more comfortable to use – Egyptian cotton or regular cotton bedding?

A: The luxurious softness of Egyptian cotton beddings can make the sleep experience a more comfortable one. This cotton type is also more breathable, so it can bring enhanced comfort to those who tend to feel warm when sleeping.

Q: Why are Egyptian cotton beddings stronger than the conventional cotton option?

A: The extra-long fibers of Egyptian cotton remain unbroken when they are picked by hand. These fibers retain their flexibility and strength, with the fabric resisting pilling and tearing even with long-term use.


Egyptian cotton delivers an excellent softness that makes it the top choice for luxurious bedding. This material may come with a higher price compared to regular cotton, but that difference in overall quality and strength will more than make up for the jump in price between the two cotton types. Egyptian cotton and regular cotton both have their benefits, and knowing these will help you more easily decide which cotton type to enjoy on your bed.


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