Dynasty Grand AtlantisBreeze Mattress Review

Do you wish to find the cool comfort with exceptional support? The 15.5″ Grand AtlantisBreeze is the latest thick cool Dynasty Grand AtlantisBreeze Mattress Review gel memory foam mattress from DynastyMattress that takes the comfort and ergonomic support to an entirely new level. It’s moreover an upgraded edition of 15″ Luxury Grand. As a bed from DynastyMattress, AtlantisBreeze comes into the category of the mattress brands, which is every mattress that includes high-density foam along with exceptional workmanship.

This new bed is manufactured with gel memory foam and three gel foam layers are 5.5″. Such a thick gel foam blend helps present people a cool night nap on hot days and avoids hot sleepers from getting sweaty. While it is all about the DynastyMattress, the super long 120 days trial is a must-have into consideration. It makes customers purchase their mattress online devoid of worries.

Go through this logical guide with all actual information. When you are familiarized to the mattress, you can resolve yourself if the built-in features of DynastyMattress are your requirements.

DynastyMattress Mattress – Full Review

The Grand AtlantisBreeze is the most iconic and most appreciated by every one of the customers. The sheer appearance of this beauty has all depictions of the pure royalty, high-quality, luxurious class. It comes with the imprinted simply astonishing Dynasty Crown. The mattress’s backed with a long 30-year limited warranty.

Material and Construction

This product is measured as one of the best gel mattresses offered on the web. It was manufactured with the finest quality of gel that is 7.5″ thick with memory foam with an extremely durable six-layer assembly. Furthermore, the 1.5″ thick of Cool Extra Comfort Gel’s cover prepared by a Quilted Euro Top to present a soft, plush, and extremely Dynasty Grand AtlantisBreeze Mattress Review comfy sleep plane. This luxurious with clean white among brown suede cover is not just a zipper cover, however, also a fire barrier. The DynastyMattress also features Memory Foam that is CertiPUR-US certified.

The top layers of AtlantisBreeze have 5.5″ of HD Cool Gel Memory Foam which couldn’t be found on other beds; it is a thick bed and simply has a 2 inches euro-top with 2″ comfort foam. The middle features contain 2″ HD memory foam with 2″ cool airflow support foam. The base has 6″ of the layer.

On the comfort scale, the AtlantisBreeze is medium to firm in the firmness grade of 7-8 (i.e. 1 – 10 from softest to firmest). Normally, the thicker mattress is softer and this 15.5-inch mattress has to be medium to soft. In fact, customers’ accounts medium to firm is more precise.

The mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. While it comes to safety and health, CertiPUR provides you the happiness of knowing that this foam is prepared devoid of ozone depleters, mercury, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, formaldehyde, lead, and other heavy metals, phthalates synchronized in Consumer Product Safety Commission, Low VOC emissions intended for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Comfort & Ergonomics

The chief advantage in sleeping on gel memory foam mattress is its capability to contour to the structure of the dissimilar body of the users in addition to its feature of withdrawing all kinds of pressure points. The foam reacts to the body heat with pressure of the sleeper since it softens as well as shapes, as separate to just bouncing the person’s body straight back, just as by the usual innerspring mattresses accessible in the market.

New and groundbreaking technology is being implemented by DynastyMattress with its new 15.5″ model. This product takes the comfort being given by memory foams toward the higher generation. The mattress is infused by innumerable miniature gel beads within premium memory foam for it to offer the most favorable solution to achieve a more relaxing sleep than ever even as combining huge comfort, support, and eliminate any pressure points intended for extra relief and a superior airflow to be able to present a cooler night’s sleep each time customers utilize Dynasty Grand AtlantisBreeze Mattress Review it.

Numerous owners stated that they found their spouse didn’t toss with turn too much at night. Together, they had a deep sleep by much less trouble as they changed to DynastyMattress. The enhancement of sleep quality is qualified to high-density premium foam. The higher the density is available, the best-suited cradling comfort as well as desirable support for the lumbar area to line up your spine naturally and decrease toss and turn at nighttime.

An extreme amount of layers aren’t bettered all the time. To avail more relief, the midpoints on the class of the layers differ in quantity. It’s spongy devoid of the sinking feeling and relaxing even as still being lively and supportive; it’s just correct for every sleeping position. The foam feels comfy and gives good pressure relief devoid of feeling too soft. Support layer presents the magnificent support for a whole night’s sleep. Its main selling point is certainly its HD gel memory foam. Gel memory foam technology has been integrated into mattresses, pillows, with mattress pads. It represents the next footstep in making mattresses comfier.

Earlier, memory foam and visco-elastic foam mattresses were infamous intended for retaining the heat that the body expels off while a person sleeps. Therefore, a lot of people complained that they ‘sleep hot’ which suffered them up all night. This is mainly a big concern all through the summer months, when even having an AC would not be adequate to solve the issue. Unlike a range of all-foam beds, models also keep hold of a small quantity of body heat as of sleepers and feel moderately cool; this is just from the gel elements of the comfort layers, as well as breathable cover.

High-grade foam is simply the specific blend of not too supple and not much firm, and provides you localized bounce thus you wouldn’t bother your sleeping partner. Gel memory foam for cooling and bounciness gives biddable comfort. Provides ergonomic back, supports your spine intended for a curative sleep.

Durability & Warranty

Dynasty Mattress beds are prepared from dissimilar types of memory foam as well as gel foam materials and Dynasty Grand AtlantisBreeze Mattress Review conditional on the quality and cost range, these mattresses as well have variable durability levels. The essential or deluxe memory foam categories have lower resilience with shorter lifespan compared to the high-quality hybrid gel memory foam differences that have higher density with base supports as well as comfort layers. Various hybrid beds that price in excess of a few thousand dollars are as well longer-lasting models while these are entirely equipped with the most modern technology by the CertiPUR-US seal for content, protection, and durability. These mattresses are sturdy, but it would mostly count on the model.

Every DynastyMattress accompanies a skid-free cotton cover with a zipper that is defiant to allergens. They are sent packaged compressed and rolled, while unwrapped they do have a smell – Dynasty declares that this is not harmful and characteristically dissipates following a few days. The company is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes a 30-year limited warranty with the detail that you may return the mattress for some reason in 120 days of purchase. They are marketed as retailers of high-quality, economical memory foam mattresses.


The Grand AtlantisBreeze comes in Twin XL size that has the dimensions of 80″ x 38″ x 15.5″ and weight of 78.7lbs. The other sizes are: the King size has dimensions 80″ x 76″ x 15.5″ and weighs 139lbs, the California King has the dimensions 84″ x 72″ x 15″ and weighs 140lbs, the Split Head King has the dimensions 80″ x 38″ x 15″ and weighs 80lbs, the Split King has the dimensions 80″ x 38″ x 15″ with 80 lbs of weight, and the Split Calking has the dimensions 80″ x 38″ x 15″ and weighs about 80 lbs.


The DynastyMattress models from the brand typically vary in pricing, mostly based on their construction, material contents, with the overall quality, and most reasonable standard memory foam mattresses coming to the lower end Dynasty Grand AtlantisBreeze Mattress Review of the price scale. There is moreover mid-range pure memory foam beds while hybrid mattresses of high-density and more durable constructions are radically more expensive than other mattress models from a similar brand. The company sells directly to the consumer.

For Whom Is This Mattress Ideal For?

Dynasty Mattress doesn’t accept straightforward two or three layers of construction like many other brands execute. They take apart the mattress to six layers, a 6″ HD base foam layer with five different foam layers on top and center. The major advantage of the structure is they can use foams of dissimilar firmnesses to provide support with comfort sleepers of diverse positions. That means despite you sleep on your side, stomach, back, or combined positions, you might get the accurate support you require. The five foam layers let you sink in ideal depth while you lie on the mattress. It assists to keep away from the issue habitually found inside dual-layer design mattress that is sleepers be inclined to feel hard or too soft on account of lack of firmness variation.

Hot sleepers for all time worry regarding the perspiration issue while they buy a memory foam mattress. AtlantisBreeze is using three divergent HD Cool Gel Memory Foam layers including 5lb of 1.5″, 4lb of 2″ and 3lb of 2″. That seems to resolve the heat retention. Most owners claimed that they didn’t detect an obvious temperature rise on the bed. But only a few still stated the problem.

It features firm support, not that hard. But for different people, they possibly will have a different feel. It’s the reason why several owners said it was too firm although some others felt just accurate. For people who get habituated to a soft bed, they possibly will not experience sinking feeling; nevertheless, for people who slept on a firm bed for years, they experience the bed wraps around their body along with being extremely supportive.


  • Comes with a fire barrier cover with zipper
  • Features high-end luxurious gel memory foam
  • Completely equipped by Sleep Cool Technology for a comfortable sleep all night long
  • The luxurious cover appends to the plush cushioning even as the 1″ comfort layer
  • Features 2″ cooling airflow component
  • 7″ HD base foundation support layer to provide to different variety of sleepers
  • Includes breathable, ventilated quilted foam layers
  • Body-contouring memory foam
  • Comes with affordable and mid-range cost
  • Gives free shipping
  • Comes with gifted pillows on selected orders
  • Accredited with CertiPUR-US Certified accolade
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Backed with 30-year limited warranty for mattresses with a 120-day free trial money-back guarantee


  • Buyers with sensitive olfactory senses reported he could detect some smell
  • A number of people complain it’s too firm
  • A few owners account their mattress sags and shapes body impressions over time
  • The 15.5″ mattress is too high for a number of people and they have to hop onto the bed


On the whole, the brand DynastyMattress is one of the finest bedding manufacturers on the market by the average Dynasty Grand AtlantisBreeze Mattress Review customer base along with a reputation that is yet to be more proven in the ground of quality mattress beds. The brand provides a limited variety of mattress beds as well as models with gel memory foam. With years of extensive retailing experience, the manufacturer is now selling online, therefore, widening their customer reach.

You will by no means go wrong with the Grand AtlantisBreeze Gel Memory Foam mattress. Yes, this memory foam mattress is fairly costly, but users are happy that they did make the right decision with the purchase. Construction of the uppermost layer of the mattress is an extremely plush and soft material that makes you feel comfortable as you lay on it. Then comes the memory foam which gives notable benefits. It is fairly a dream bed to be asleep on, according to happy customers.

The Grand Atlantis-Breeze’s has dozens of benefits; the requirements of the users of tossing and turning when they sleep are diminished since they would experience with their traditional mattress. As an outcome, with memory foam, a much improved, deeper healthier quality of sleep is achieved every night, consequently waking up more energized. Be a proud owner of this mattress.

About DynastyMattress

Dynasty Mattress INC is a bedding manufacturing company that produces the finest mattresses with adjustable bases. It goes by just one mission in mind of providing a quality night’s sleep without getting to spend thousands above big name brands.

The company started the e-commerce store selling their mattresses online in 2007. By the mattresses prepared from the finest memory foam, reasonable pricing, along with mattress-in-a-box convenience, the brand quickly gained the love and attractiveness of countless online customers. Today, they have thousands positive reviews and high ratings rating.

The DynastyMattress took the industry by storm when they introduced the ground-breaking cooling technology, the range of CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattresses, which decreases mattress heat to make you cooler. These days, the company sells further than just mattresses. They also offer adjustable beds, pillows, and toppers; about everything to put you to slumber.

Dynasty Mattress is incessantly growing with improving the products to guarantee the latest technology with maximum quality used thus their customers can wake up recharged and revitalized from a good night’s sleep.

A Quick Summary

Below you can encounter the extraordinary benefits and qualities of the DynastyMattress reiterated in a brief tabular form.

Dynasty Grand AtlantisBreeze Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Medium to firm measuring 7-8 on a scale of 1-10
Warranty: 30-year limited product warranty
Type: Gel Memory Foam Construction
Ideal for: Back, side, stomach and combo sleepers of all weight categories.

Good for couples who need a responsive, supple, sinking yet rather firm sleep surface to minimize partner annoyance and amorous activities as well.

Perfect for users who toss and turn too much since it absorbs and reduces motion remarkably.

Great for users desiring top-rated resilient mattress at a wallet-affable price-point.

Pleasant for consumers with receptive olfactory senses, rashes, asthma, hives, skin troubles, and respiratory illnesses owing to better and cool airflow and since there’s no unbearable chemical smell.

Good for users who sweat a great deal and are prone to insomnia or hives as it is made of gel-infused memory foam with cool airflow support foam.

Good for sleepers necessitating massive pressure point and pain relief plus accurate spinal alignment.

Sizes available: Twin, King, California King, Split Head King, Split-King and Split Calking.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified foam prepared free of ozone depleting chemicals, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, formaldehyde, lead, heavy metals, phthalates marked by Consumer Product Safety Commission; it has Low VOC emissions intended for better indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).
Differentiators: Extremely supple gel-infused memory foam supports spinal cord and body mass with ergonomic comfort and softness.

HD gel memory foam prevents heat upsurge for a cooler sleep surface.

Cool airflow support lowers mattress temperature and facilitates ventilation.

15.5” construction for massive ergonomic support and remarkable joint/muscle/body/back pain relief.

6-layer technology supports the heaviest individuals needing ample support.

Mattress generates no sound creating a tranquil environment for uninterrupted sleep.

Comparable mattresses: DynastyMattress 10-inch CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress RV Size, Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress, DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress and BedStory 12 Inch Gel Hybrid Mattress.
Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

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