Double Pillow Top Queen Mattress- A Detailed Guide

The type of mattress you use can dictate how comfortable you feel when sleeping on your bed. All the materials that go into the construction of the mattress work to provide the support and comfort that you need for a pleasurable sleep experience. A mattress is made even better if you can enjoy both sides that feature a layer of material specifically designed to amp up your comfortability for blissful slumber night after night.

Double Pillow Top Queen Mattress- A Detailed Guide

A double pillow top queen mattress features a pillowtop layer on both sides. These layers work to enhance the cushioning of the mattress so your sleep experience becomes even more delightful regardless of the side that you choose. This padded layer will work to improve the support of the mattress to maintain your body’s correct posture while you sleep and at the same time acts as a soft surface that lovingly cradles your body. It works just like a mattress topper but is already integrated into the structure of the mattress so you will not need to worry it will slip off the bed with your movements. With both sides of the mattress featuring the supportive and comfortable pillowtop layer, you will have 2 sides to use alternately to help prolong the life of the mattress and prevent premature deterioration even with regular use. Some double pillow top mattresses have the same firmness level on both pillowtop layers, while others have varying firmness levels so you can customize (to a certain extent) the support or softness level.

Uses of a Double Pillow Top Queen Mattress

Double Pillow Top Queen Mattress- A Detailed Guide


Some double pillow top queen mattresses offer the versatility of having a different level of firmness on each pillow top layer. One side can feel extra plush while the other may have a higher level of firmness. If you need to change the feel of your sleeping surface, all you need to do is flip the mattress. With a double-sided pillow top queen mattress, you can enjoy the versatility of having two different firmness levels without the need to purchase 2 separate mattresses.


A queen-sized double pillow top mattress offers enough room for one person to have all the space needed to sleep in whatever position while enjoying a wonderful spaciousness to move freely. This size can also be used by up to two persons in cozier sleeping positions made even more pleasurable by the generous cushioning provided by the pillowtop layers on both sides of the mattress.


One-sided mattresses tend to show wear and tear a lot faster than two-sided mattresses. This is because the double-sided mattresses can be flipped, allowing the first side to rest and regain its bounce while the second side is being used and enjoyed with a similar pillow top layer. With regular flipping, each side of the mattress can maintain its quality and aesthetics for a longer period of time compared to a mattress that only has one side to bear the full brunt of regular use.

Pros And Cons


Comfort Top Layers on Both Sides

A double pillow top queen mattress comes with two sides that both have a special layer on top of the main mattress construction. This pillowtop layer adds another dimension of softness and support to keep your body cushioned in a more welcoming manner. These pillowtop layers will make the sleeping surface more comfortable so you can sleep for long hours while surrounded by wonderful cushioning that also works to provide strong support. No matter which side you use, you can be sure you’ll have the enhanced padding of a pillowtop layer that can bring you supreme comfort.

May Offer Varying Comfort Levels

There are some brands of double pillow top queen mattresses that come with different levels of pillow top firmness. With just one mattress, you can have the choice of flipping to the side that appeals to you at any given moment. Side sleepers may find it more comfortable to sleep on the side that has a softer pillow top layer because this allows the pressure spots such as the shoulders and hips to sink in gently to prevent discomfort. On the other hand, the firmer pillow top layer may prove to be more beneficial to those who have back pain, as the surface provides strong support to encourage the back to maintain its correct alignment while sleeping.

Reduces Motion Transfer

A double pillow top queen mattress works to absorb the effects of movements so they don’t travel to other parts of the sleeping surface. Your restless tossing and turning for hours will remain on your side of the bed and will not disturb the peaceful slumber of your loved one on the other side of the mattress.

Delivers Excellent Pressure Relief

The pillow top layer’s cushioned construction allows the body’s curves to gently sink into the surface. This works to keep the sleeper protected from the pain that can be the result of the body being pushed into an unyielding surface, which can, in turn, result in the development of sore spots on pressure-sensitive areas such as the ankles, shoulders, and the head. This reliable pressure relief provided by the pillow top layer ensures you’ll be able to sleep in your favorite position without waking up to pain the following morning.

Prolonged Mattress Life

The double pillowtop queen mattress is designed to be flipped easily, with both sides offering enhanced comfort and support with the pillow top layers on each side. This means that you can alternate between using the two sides so each has the chance to recover from being used for months at a time. With each side provided with a recuperation period, the original construction and high-quality features of the mattress can be maintained for a long time.


Flipping May be Challenging

While a double pillow top queen mattress is designed to be used on both sides, it can be difficult to flip, especially when you plan on doing so alone. Flipping from one side to the other will also be affected by the weight and height of the bed – the taller and heavier the mattress is, the harder it will be to flip it.

Availability of Sheets

Double-sided pillow top queen mattresses tend to be taller compared to normal single-sided mattresses. This is because the addition of the two pillow top layers will add a few more inches to the overall mattress construction. With the enhanced height of the mattress, it may be difficult to look for sheets that will properly fit over the generous proportions of the double pillow top queen mattress.

Key Takeaways

  • A double pillow top queen mattress features pillow top layers on both sides for enhanced softness and support. Some designs come with varying plushness levels for the pillowtop layers while some have the same firmness.
  • A double pillow top queen mattress can be flipped so you can change the feel of your sleeping surface while using only one bed.
  • This type of mattress can have a prolonged life compared to a mattress with only one side being used the entire time.
  • The mattress also absorbs motion for reduced sleep disturbance and delivers strong pressure relief.


Q: Why does a double pillow top queen mattress last longer than other mattresses?

A: This mattress is designed with two sides that can be used alternately. The first side can rest and recover while the second side is being used. This method can prolong the aesthetics and functionality of the mattress.

Q: Do both sides have the same firmness level?

A: The pillow top layer on both sides of the mattress can have the same softness level. However, some styles have one side with a plush layer while the other feels firmer to offer flexibility of use.

Q: Can the pillow top layer be removed?

A: No, the pillow top layer is permanently attached to the structure of the mattress. It is not like a mattress topper that can easily be removed from the top of the mattress.

Q: How does the pillow top layer make the mattress more comfortable?

A: It provides additional cushioning to make the top portion of the mattress softer and more supportive for a wonderful sleep experience.


A double pillow top queen mattress delivers the benefit of cushioning on two sides of the mattress so it will almost seem like you have 2 mattresses to (alternatively) use in your bedroom. This mattress can significantly upgrade your comfort level so you can look forward to blissful nights of uninterrupted sleep.


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