DHP Emily Futon Review

The DHP Emily Futon is a multi-functional piece of furniture that would be a great addition to your bedroom or any DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed Review other room in your home. It provides you with additional seating and sleeping space so you can easily accommodate guests in your home, without the need for a dedicated guest room or a bulky mattress. Setting up can be done in a few minutes, leaving you with more time to spend doing more important things.

This futon couch bed has a modern silhouette that will easily blend in with any room aesthetic. It has clean lines designed to give an illusion of spaciousness, which would be an additional benefit if this piece of furniture is placed in a room with limited space. The sleek design can also be used as an eye-catching accent to your living room or bedroom.

Split-Back Feature for a Customized Experience

This futon comes with a split-back design that allows two persons to enjoy a customized experience when they use it either as a sofa or a flat surface for sleeping. One person can leave the back on its upright position while enjoying several hours of watching a riveting series online, while the second person can opt to push the back to a completely flat position in preparation for sleeping for several hours through the night. This split-back design makes it possible for the two people using the futon to choose the most comfortable position for whatever activity they have in mind without sacrificing their personal preference. Also, the back can be placed halfway down so you can enjoy resting on a reclining surface without lying flat on your back.

Low-Profile Design for Small Spaces

The futon features a low-profile design that is ideal for living rooms or bedrooms that have small spaces. This makes DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed Review it possible for you to have a dedicated sleeping area for guests who arrive in your home for surprise visits, without the need for you to have a separate guest bedroom just for that purpose. The futon can easily fit into a small space in your living room where it can be used as a sofa when it is not being used for sleeping, making it an additional space where you and your loved ones can sit down on a relaxing surface. The sleek style blends in well with almost any room theme and creates a spacious vibe that will also be beneficial to the entire room’s aesthetic.

Advantages of a DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

You can enjoy the following benefits from this premium futon couch.

Comfortable Seating Area

This futon would be a welcome addition to your living room because it provides you and your loved ones with an additional seating area. When it is not being used as an additional sleeping area for your guests, this futon can act as a sofa. The linen upholstery feels soft and will invite you to relax for longer times on this piece of furniture while you watch your favorite TV shows or while reading a fascinating novel.

Additional Space for Sleeping

This futon can quickly be converted into a full-sized sleeping area so you can provide a comfortable place for your guests to relax in for hours, even when they come to your home without prior notice. When you have a DHP Emily futon in your home, you will not have to worry about where your guests will sleep. The futon makes it possible for you to have an additional sleeping area without the need to purchase a heavy mattress that can be a challenge to set up and store when not being used. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed Review

This futon offers a supportive yet comfortable surface for you or your guests to sleep on for hours at a time. The cushions are thick enough to support the back, so it maintains its proper alignment throughout the night. Your guests can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and without body pains, which can be a problem for unsupportive mattresses or couch beds.

Modern Design

The futon features a modern design that will look great with any room aesthetic. The grey upholstery can easily blend in with the existing décor in whatever room it occupies, without clashing with the furniture already in the said space. However, the futon can also stand on its own as a statement piece, with elegantly tufted cushions that invite you to enjoy hours of relaxation on its surface. The metal legs add an interesting flourish to the overall aesthetic of this futon while enhancing the strength and stability of this piece of furniture.

Space-Saving Feature

This DHP Emily futon comes in a low-profile design that will work well in areas with limited spaces. You can set up this futon in a corner of the living room where it will not disrupt other existing pieces of furniture as it offers additional space for lounging or sleeping purposes. The sleek lines of this futon also work to create an illusion of additional space in and around the area it occupies, so your living room or bedroom somehow looks bigger even with the addition of the futon. The futon leaves ample space around for you or your guests to move around without bumping into corners or other furniture.

Quick Assembly and Conversion

The futon is designed for quick assembly, with easy to follow instructions as well as all the needed hardware including in the product packaging when it is shipped to your home. The legs already come with the screws that are needed so you will not have to spend precious time trying to find the correct screws to go in specific positions. The legs will then have to be attached to the frame using the hardware included, and the futon will be ready for use by DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed Review you, your loved ones, or guests after a few minutes.

These convenient features and inclusions make it possible for you to set up the futon without too much effort and time involved, and this holds true with the conversion as well. The futon quickly transforms from a sofa to a sleeper (and vice-versa) in just a few minutes. Setting up additional sleeping space for surprise guests will be a breeze to do, and fixing things after your guests have gone is just as easy to manage with this futon.

Affordable Futon Option

The DHP Emily futon offers great value for money, being one of the most affordable options compared to futons from other brands with similar features. This high-quality futon couch bed makes it possible for you to enjoy premium sofa and sleeper features without having to spend too much money for the experience.

Material & Construction

The DHP Emily futon is constructed with strong metal legs that provide maximum durability and stability to the entire structure. These legs also work to provide an attractive modern vibe to the futon’s structure as the shiny chrome finish beautifully contrasts with the calming shade of grey upholstery.

It is protected with linen upholstery with a tufted design that adds a touch of elegance to this futon.

DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness: Firm
Warranty: 1 year
Type: Convertible futon
Sizes available: As a sofa, can be used by 3 people

Easily converts into a full-sized sleeper for up to 2 persons

Ideal for: People who want a high-quality futon with an affordable price

Those who want a futon that can easily be assembled and converted to a sleeping area

People who prefer a modern design in a futon

Quality of Materials: High-quality linen upholstery, high-density foam filling, sturdy frame, and metal legs
Differentiators: Features a split-back design for customized use

Comes with shiny metal legs that contrast with the elegant grey upholstery

Has a low-profile design ideal for limited spaces

Comparable products: Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa

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Rating: 3.8/5.0

Comfort & Ergonomics

This futon couch bed offers a firm yet welcoming surface where you or your guests can enjoy several hours of DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed Review relaxation or sleeping. It is supportive enough to maintain proper alignment for your back even if you stay in mostly one position throughout the night when you sleep, without sacrificing your comfort so you can wake up feeling refreshed and without any body pains to deal with.

The ample foam filling ensures that you will not feel the hard frame or legs when you sit down or lie down on the futon even for an extended period, so you can only look forward to a comfortable time without feeling discomfort.

The linen upholstery offers a comforting surface for you to sit or sleep on, with a soft texture that will welcome you to spend hours enjoying the most relaxing experience. The linen also works to blend in harmoniously with the rest of the décor in any space the futon occupies, so you will not have to worry that the futon will disrupt the aesthetics of your living room or bedroom.

The futon is equipped with a split-back design that allows two people to fully maximize the benefits separately at the same time. One person can choose to push the back to a flat position in preparation for several hours of napping or sleeping, while the second person can enjoy a few more hours of being awake doing other activities as half of the back is maintained in an upright position. The back can also be adjusted to a reclining angle if you want to enjoy relaxing but do not want to do so in a fully flat position.

It easily transforms from a sofa to a sleeping area (and vice-versa). This means that you can quickly set up a full-sized bed for surprise guests in just a few minutes, so you can offer them a comfortable place to rest on without spending too much time in the process. Putting the futon back to its original setup as a sofa when your guests leave will be just as easy to manage and will also take only a few minutes of your time.

This futon can quickly be assembled, with everything you need for assembly already included in the product packaging as it arrives on your doorstep. All that is needed is for you to attach the legs to the frame with screws that are already attached to avoid confusion, and the futon is ready to be enjoyed after a few minutes without taking too DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed Review much of your time and energy.

Durability & Warranty

This high-quality futon comes with 6 metal legs that provide strong support and stability for the structure as well as for the persons who will use it for lounging or sleeping purposes. The legs are positioned in the back, middle, and front portions of the futon’s body to maximize the supportive nature and enhance durability, ensuring that you will get to enjoy this futon for years to come.

This futon has a sturdy frame that can support a maximum weight of 600 lbs., which means that it has enough space and strength to accommodate an average of 3 adults in comfortable seating positions.


This futon has enough seating space for an average of three persons. When the back is completely pushed to a flat position, the futon transforms into a full-sized bed that can accommodate up to two persons in a comfortable sleeping position.

Who is this Futon Ideal for?

This is an ideal futon for people who are looking for a high-quality product that will not hurt their budgets. It is an affordable option compared to futons from other brands that have similar features.

It is an ideal choice for those who want the additional seating and sleeping spaces but only have a small area to fit the futon into their home. The low-profile design of this futon makes if great for placement in living rooms or bedrooms with limited space, and it will not disrupt mobility in and around the room. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed Review

This futon is an ideal choice for people who do not want to spend too much time with assembly and every time the futon needs to be converted to a sleeper set up and back to a sofa for relaxing in an upright position. It takes only a few minutes to assemble this futon when it arrives on your doorstep, and only a few minutes as well for transforming it into a sitting or a sleeping space.


  • Easy to assemble with all tools and hardware needed already included in the packaging
  • Features a split-back design for customizable enjoyment for 2 people using the futon at the same time
  • Equipped with a sturdy frame that can hold a maximum weight of 600 lbs.
  • Comes with shiny chrome legs that offer additional support and aesthetic contrast to the grey upholstery


  • Some customers complained about the lack of armrests on this futon


The DHP Emily futon is a great choice for people who want a futon featuring a split-back design. This style makes it possible for 2 persons to adjust the settings of the back to suit their personal preference without affecting each other. One person can leave the back in an upright angle to spend more time online or watching TV, while the other person can start preparing for a restful night of sleep by pushing the back to a fully flat position. The ability to customize the futon using experience is a huge plus for customers who want this feature for themselves and for their loved ones or guests.

This is a good product for those who want a firm surface to sit or sleep on. The firm cushion filling provides strong DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed Review support for the persons using it as a sofa or as a bed. The back is maintained in a properly aligned position for the duration of the night while sleeping to prevent body aches that can be a problem when sleeping on a surface that does not offer ample support.

It is a wonderful futon for those who want a modern design that would blend in well with existing room décor. The elegant grey upholstery will work well with almost any color scheme in a living room or bedroom, yet it can be an eye-catching detail that makes this futon a standout in any space it occupies. Meanwhile, the shiny metal legs add a striking contrast to the muted color of the upholstery and boost the sleek aesthetic of this futon to keep the modern vibe alive in whatever room it is in.

This futon is a great choice for people who want a durable product they can use for years to come. The sturdy frame is strong enough to support a maximum of 600 lbs., so the futon can be used by an average of 3 persons at a time without worrying that the structure is unable to hold the combined weight. The frame and the chrome legs work together to keep the futon steady so the persons using it can feel safe and fully supported all the time.

However, some customers had concerns about the lack of armrests on this futon. This may not be an issue when the futon is being used as a sleeping area but may be more noticeable when it is being used for lounging and relaxation while on a sitting position. Without a stable and dedicated structure to provide support for the arms, things can get awkward and uncomfortable when sitting on the futon for long hours at a time. This means that this may not be the most ideal futon to choose if you plan on using this piece of furniture mainly for lounging in an upright position and you are used to having armrests for added support and comfort.


DHP or Dorel Home Products is a leading supplier of home furniture in North America. The company features several brand lines, each with a unique set of products designed to provide great value in high-quality items with competitive prices. DHP is well-known for manufacturing products that are space-saving to maximize small living spaces without sacrificing multi-functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. These products are constructed to provide all the features that customers are looking for in mattresses, futons, dining tables, and beds for all ages – all with prices that will not break the bank. In addition, the furniture lines are created for easy assembly to make things easier for you to set up once the product arrives at your doorstep.

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