Corner Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide

Your bedroom is most likely the best place for resting and relaxation in your home. After a tiring day, your instinct may very well be to go directly to your room to freshen up and/or get some rest. But there is no reason your bedroom should be the only place to unwind. You can make any chosen corner an unwinding spot – and you can easily do this with the help of a well-placed piece of furniture.

Corner Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide

Making your home look and feel more comfortable will be a lot easier if you know which furniture pieces to turn to for help. While comfort features are on the top of the list of must-haves, it is also important to consider the layout of the room and how the furniture will function and appear when given its dedicated space. Corner sofa beds provide the benefits of a sitting and sleeping surface in any area of your home you wish to enhance. They have a distinct look that sets them apart from conventional sofas and the more common sofa bed designs. These corner sofa beds also make bold statements due to their commanding presence and structure, making them great focal points in your living room or any other spot in your home that accommodate the furniture’s hefty build.

What are Corner Sofa Beds?

Corner Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide

Corner sofa beds are multifunctional pieces of furniture that will significantly improve the space they occupy. They come in a configuration that involves two sides running perpendicular to form a corner, unlike traditional sofas that come with one long side. Most come with a chaise to create a corner. However, some styles include free-standing stools that will work to offer more layouts, allowing you to customize the look and functionality to match your preferences and requirements. Corner sofa beds are available in left- or right-hand configurations so it won’t be difficult to find a style that will perfectly fit that specific corner in your home.

Pros And Cons

Corner Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide


Spacious Sitting and Lounging

Corner sofa beds offer more space for sitting than the usual sofa configuration. The generous proportions of this furniture make it a superb choice for those who like to entertain. The corner sofa bed encourages better socialization among guests since they can all stay in the same area in comfortable seated positions. The spaciousness of a corner sofa bed eliminates the cramped feeling that causes people to disperse to other seats farther away from one another, so you can look forward to not having to shout during conversations. The chaise portion of the corner sofa bed is an inviting spot to stretch out and relax while enjoying your favorite shows and other hobbies.

Convertible to a Sleeping Area

A corner sofa bed is designed to be converted easily into a sleeping area. When guests come over, the furniture can do double duty as a bed so you will not need to drag a mattress to the living room or give up your own bed just to be able to offer a comfortable sleeping spot. While the chaise already has enough room for a person to stretch out on, the entire corner sofa bed is constructed so it can be extended further to create a more spacious sleeping area. Some corner sofa beds are equipped with a mattress that needs to be pulled out from underneath the cushions, so the bed area becomes large enough to accommodate more than one sleeper. Other designs require the backrest to be pushed down. Transforming the sofa into a bed and vice-versa is a breeze, so you won’t need to tire yourself when setting up a comfortable bed for your guests to sleep on.

Striking Look

Corner sofa beds have a striking look that deviates from the usual appearance of a regular sofa. They have a bold presence that catches the eye as soon as one enters the room, regardless of where the corner sofa bed is placed. When positioned against the wall, the furniture beckons with a spacious area for spending hours just lounging and sitting with friends or family members. For a more daring look, you can also place the corner sofa bed in the middle of the room; this positioning may go against the norm, but it will result in a stunning focal point that will dramatically change the look and use of space.

Frees Up Space

A corner sofa bed is designed to be placed in a corner where it can hug two walls in the living room or other areas in your home. When it’s pushed against a corner, the furniture frees up the space in front and on the sides of it. This results in creating an image of increased spaciousness, with more room for people to move around freely. With the bulk of the corner sofa bed set on a corner, the space that is freed up around it can then be used for other furniture items or appliances that may otherwise not fit into the area.

Versatile Configuration

Some styles of corner sofa beds can also be considered modular because they often come with 2-3 sections to form a larger surface area for sleeping and sitting purposes. The sections can be placed to create a variety of configurations, so you can constantly change the look and functionality of the corner sofa bed to suit your mood and needs at any given time. You can enjoy an L-shaped layout that consists of the chaise and the main sofa structure. Depending on the number of sections that the corner sofa includes, you can also form a U-shaped furniture piece to encourage more intimate conversations with your friends and family.

Maximizes the Available Space

A corner sofa bed allows you to take full advantage of the available space in a room by offering the functionality of a sofa and a bed in one furniture item. The seat quickly transforms into a bed when necessary so you will not need to set up a separate mattress or bed in the area when you need to arrange a sleeping area for a guest. The corner sofa bed also maximizes the space by allowing you to adjust the layout easily through modular construction. You can make a small room seem bigger by separating one piece – such as one of the freestanding stools – and setting it up in a far corner to prevent an overcrowded feel. On the other hand, you can fill up the space in a large room by setting the corner sofa bed in between existing furniture pieces, such as 2 separate sofas. This arrangement can help eliminate the bare appearance that can ruin the aesthetics of a spacious room.


May be Too Bulky

A corner sofa bed offers an inviting area for comfortable lounging, but its generous size also has its downside. It eats up a lot of space in the area so it will not be a great choice for rooms that have space limitations. When you place a bulky corner sofa bed in a small room, you may be taking up the space meant for other furniture or you may be removing the much-needed free space dedicated for walking around.

Can Be Expensive

The corner sofa bed often comes with a higher price compared to a regular sofa. The price difference is due to the enhancement of the structure so it can be turned into a bed when needed. The built-in pull-out mattress, or the mechanism for pushing the backrest so the sofa becomes a large bed, are significant additions that can dramatically jack up the price of the furniture.

Key Takeaways

  • Corner sofa beds are multipurpose pieces of furniture that work as a sitting or lounging area and a sleeping space.
  • A corner sofa bed may be composed of 2 or more pieces that can be configured to suit the look and usage that you prefer.
  • The corner sofa bed is designed to be pushed against two perpendicular walls, but it can also be set in the middle of the room for a more striking layout.
  • This furniture piece can easily be turned into a sleeping area through either a pull-out mattress underneath the main sofa structure or by using a mechanism to quickly push down the backrest.
  • The versatile configuration of the corner sofa bed maximizes the available space, but the furniture can be too bulky and expensive.


Q: Why is it called a corner sofa bed?

A: The corner sofa bed is made up of at least 2 sofa sections that form a corner as they are positioned perpendicular to each other. This furniture is also designed to be placed against a corner that is formed by two walls.

Q: Is it comfortable to sleep on a corner sofa bed?

A: Yes. A comfortable bed is created by pulling out the hidden mattress or by folding down the backrest so the entire sofa structure can offer a larger sleeping area.

Q: How can you change the layout of the sofa bed?

A: You can rearrange the sections of the sofa bed to form a layout that is more aesthetically and functionally beneficial.

Q: Can a corner sofa bed be used in small rooms?

A: Yes, depending on the size of the room and the sections making up the sofa bed. Some of the pieces, such as the footstools, can be placed away from the main sofa structure so they can fit in smaller areas and create an illusion of a bigger space.


A corner sofa bed delivers multiple benefits both as a sofa and as a bed, making it a fantastic addition to your home for a variety of reasons. Learning about the features of this piece of furniture can help you maximize its best qualities as you get to fully enjoy the superb functionality and eye-catching aesthetics in your home.


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